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A bridge too far for artificial intelligence?: Automatic classification of stanzas in Spanish poetry

Álvaro Pérez Pozo, Javier Rosa, Salvador Ros, Elena González‐Blanco, Laura Hernández, Mirella Sisto
2021 Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology  
This classification of the inner structures of verses in which a poem is built upon is an especially relevant task for poetry studies since it complements the structural information of a poem.  ...  In this work, we analyzed different computational approaches to stanza classification in the Spanish poetic tradition.  ...  Therefore, it seems that this task is certainly a bridge too far for artificial intelligence at this time and more research on the models and ways to encode the verses and their structural information  ... 
doi:10.1002/asi.24532 pmid:35873356 pmcid:PMC9290520 fatcat:pwwbju4gzbg3zlnyjf66z7rfrq

Automatic Detection of Enjambment in English Poetry

Eulalie Monget, Pablo Ruiz Fabo
2020 Zenodo  
In this context, this study aims to provide a tool to automatically detect enjambment in English poetry.  ...  Specifically, a detailed syntax-based typology of enjambment was adopted, which was originally created for Spanish and was adapted in this work to better fit English syntax.  ...  type was too broad in Spanish.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4312901 fatcat:77panvsjujabvnowfuhtkvdfae

Constructing the criollo archive: subjects of knowledge in the Bibliotheca Mexicana and the Rusticatio Mexicana

2001 ChoiceReviews  
In the first stanza, he emphasizes the dramatic, transcendent character of the topics he has treated thus far in a brief recap of the first six books (7.1-5).  ...  hands too numb for work with Scythian cold, but men and beasts alike enjoy a favorable climate.  ...  For a consideration of the specificities of the Spanish case, see . 2. Differing accounts of poststructuralism can be found in the works of Dews, Smith, and Harland.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.38-4628 fatcat:h6nn2rxv6bbynbg7hh3tfcjrcu

Melodies unheard: essays on the mysteries of poetry

2003 ChoiceReviews  
Acknowledgments The author and publishers are grateful to the following persons and publications for permission to reprint essays and parts of essays by the author:  ...  But in stanza , this answer, too, is rejected.  ...  The view was all in lines Straight up and down of tall slim trees Too much alike to mark or name a place by So as to say for certain I was here Or somewhere else: I was just far from home.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.41-0788 fatcat:ug6zg62wjreinnupegdvapdbki

Migration, imagination, poétique. Le paradigme transnational chez Marie-Célie Agnant

Antje Ziethen
2015 Études littéraires  
, if Cook's emphasis on the damage caused by such labelling goes a bit too far.  ...  Giving a critical reading of the poetry about the Spanish Civil War in New Frontier does not stand in for a comprehensive critical history of the journal as a whole, but it does allow for a reading that  ...  In fact, an underlying premise of the volume seems to be that direct personal experience with the concrete physical world is a catalyst for intelligent reflection and abstraction.  ... 
doi:10.7202/1035087ar fatcat:6akvwyzwqjbrzis4favs2u57ga

Linked open data to represent multilingual poetry collections. A proposal to solve interoperability issues between poetic repertoires

Elena González-Blanco, Gimena del Rio, Clara Martínez Cantón
2016 Zenodo  
Th is paper describes the creation of a poetic ontology in order to use it as a basis to link different databases and projects w orking on metrics and poetry.  ...  It has been built on the model of the Spanish digital repertoire ReMetCa, but its aim is to be enlarg ed and improved in order to fit under every poetic system.  ...  Since 2013, our work on OLiA has been partially supported by the LOEWE cluster "Digital Humanities" at the Goethe-University Frankfurt (2011-2014) and a DFGfunded project on a Virtual Library for General  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2551595 fatcat:4nbzl534ebgnbort742fhfoqam

What Every English Teacher Should Know

Lois V. Arnold, J. N. Hook, Paul H. Jacobs, Raymond D. Crisp
1970 English Journal  
are dialectology, grammars, misconceptions concerning the teaching of language, the process of writing, audience consideration in composition, reasons for teaching literature, necessary literary background  ...  An introduction points out the importance of a teacher who is aware of children's needs and feelings, and recounts the typical development of an English teacher from a young child to a college graduate  ...  He can teach literature more intelligently, too, if he knows the history of words and constructions. Colleges have included too little English language instruction in their offerings for teachers.  ... 
doi:10.2307/814166 fatcat:wec6rkywdrdyhm7t3liac5yvey

The King's Threshold: Manuscript Materials, edited by Declan Kiely, Yeats in Manuscript Series (Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2005), pp. lxi + 620 [chapter]

Richard Allen Cave
2013 Yeats's Mask  
He has found, after the manner of his kind, Mere images; chosen this place to live in Because, it may be, of the candle-light From the far tower where Milton's Platonist Sat late, or Shelley's visionary  ...  , 80 I would like to thank the following people who kindly assisted me with the research for this article: James Campbell; Anita Carrico of the Enoch Pratt Free Library; Diane Ducharme of the Beinecke,  ...  referred to Yeats as the vessel for messages from another world and another time, delivered with far too much haste and too little sense of their contents.  ... 
doi:10.2307/j.ctt5vjtxj.25 fatcat:vnj53t4ejva2zhj4jwnzohnjri

6. Contracting Time [chapter]

Lily Dessau
2021 Romanticism and Time  
in the objects of classification.  ...  But so too is Rocco, for he too (or so it turns out) is waiting for the proper moment to make a difference-a loophole of agency.  ...  Kevis Goodman, University of California, Berkeley This volume considers Romantic poetry as embedded in and reflecting on the march of time, regarding it not merely as a reaction to the course of events  ... 
doi:10.11647/obp.0232.06 fatcat:qvh2tzl2ozayhiomktspox42qi

Complete issue of 9.1 (2014)

Editor Editor
1969 Textual Cultures  
In honor of David Greetham's retirement as a Distinguished Professor from The Graduate Center, I was pleased to offer a few remarks about his influence on my work and a few anecdotes about the highlights  ...  For the ceremony itself in March 2014, I was excited to receive an invitation to revisit my alma mater, the place where I discovered how glorious it is to do research down the street in either direction  ...  "Charles" is italicized in the second stanza and "Phantom" at the very end of the stanza. Verses 35-37 are also connected with a bracket.  ... 
doi:10.14434/tc.v9i1.20509 fatcat:wn6yc2ef5ffr7dots75umgikoi

No Small World: Visions and Revisions of World Literature

Michael Thomas Carroll
1998 College composition and communication  
The essays are focused on four primary goals: to map the conceptual and cultural problems inherent in common educational approaches to the subject which sometimes see world literature as a metanarrative  ...  of Western culture; to suggest new genres and perspectives; to consider specific curricular and pedagogical issues; and to introduce "new" texts for consideration.  ...  for getting herself artificially inseminated.  ... 
doi:10.2307/358566 fatcat:nw7r6vr3irdrbnftcpeuxuwe34

Twentieth-century southern literature

1998 ChoiceReviews  
So far it is too early to say which, if any, of these newer writers has the genius or the staying power equal to those who made the Southern Renaissance a reality.  ...  These pieces, published in 1974 as Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, have made available an aspect of the southern world that far too many, including southerners themselves, take for granted, brought Dillard universal  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.35-3725 fatcat:4uf6c4c5wbh55puasq5n6b2m7m

Philosophy in Literature

Joseph H. Marshburn, Julian L. Ross
1950 Books Abroad  
Polonius' rule of life is "don't go too far."  ...  Robert Jordan, a teacher of Spanish in an American university, enlists in the Loyalist army during the Spanish Civil War because he feels that, as a member of the human race, his duty is to oppose fascism  ...  is still the man of the middle-class who has earned a slight means of economic independence, who has done a little, but just a little, for mankind, and who is slightly distinguished in the community,  ... 
doi:10.2307/40089633 fatcat:xd3xtdgf5jdtznz6gaepmmka6m

Semiotics of the 20th century

Vyacheslav V. Ivanov
2008 Sign Systems Studies  
In the 21st century one may hope for closer integration of semiotics and exact and natural sciences.  ...  Semiotic and linguistic studies of the 20th century have been important mostly in two senses — (1) they have opened a road for comparative research on the origin and development of language and other systems  ...  Combining research in artificial intelligence with neurosciences promises to yield in the foreseeable future automatic devices of a new type to solve problems (for example, the perception of visual signs  ... 
doi:10.12697/sss.2008.36.1.10 fatcat:rvtqg37lcffnph3rbpgg3beu5y

After Conversion. Iberia and the Emergence of Modernity

Trevor J. Dadson
2018 Hispanic Research Journal  
Brill Open offers you the choice to make your research freely accessible online in exchange for a publication charge. Review your various options on  ...  Typeface for the Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic scripts: "Brill". See and download: issn 2468-4279 isbn 978-90-04-32431-2 (hardback) isbn 978-90-04-32432-9 (e-book)  ...  fe).65 His remark is far from naïve: Jamete's dismissal of that precise iconography was articulated, as we can see, as a polemical rejection of Mary's co-redemption.66 Interestingly enough, Jamete tried  ... 
doi:10.1080/14682737.2018.1467866 fatcat:f7hyppnzxnhwvg3ezzjx7x3zpq
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