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A View-Based Hypermedia Design Methodology

Heeseok Lee, Jongho Kim, Young Gul Kim, Seon H. Cho
1999 Journal of Database Management  
This paper presents a methodology for designing hypermedia applications based on users' views. In designing hypermedia applications, view support is highly desirable.  ...  The methodology consists of five phases: requirement analysis, data modeling, view design, navigational design and mapping.  ...  A View-Based Hypermedia Design Methodology II.1 VHDM Architecture We base our data model on RMM (Relationship Management Methodology).  ... 
doi:10.4018/jdm.1999040101 fatcat:6osqeck7bjcndd25jjkxk43u2m

A scenario-based object-oriented hypermedia design methodology

Heeseok Lee, Choongseok Lee, Cheonsoo Yoo
1999 Information & Management  
The methodology consists of six phases: domain analysis; object modeling; view design; navigation design; implementation design; and construction.  ...  This paper de®nes an object-oriented methodology for developing hypermedia information systems.  ...  A view based hypermedia design methodology (VHDM) has been proposed by Lee et al. [16] . Views are used to represent users' perception of hypermedia requirements.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0378-7206(99)00011-7 fatcat:tdche2omvzdkfbrwnunxabl364

Hypermedia modeling for linking knowledge to data warehousing system

J Kim
2003 Expert systems with applications  
Hypermedia can be used for effective coordination and sharing of knowledge. This paper proposes a methodology for capturing knowledge by the use of hypermedia model.  ...  A real-life case for a medical data warehousing system is illustrated to demonstrate the usefulness of the proposed methodology.  ...  & Yoo, 1999b) , index-driven hypermedia design methodology (IHDM; , and workflow-based hypermedia development methodology (WHDM; ).  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0957-4174(02)00088-x fatcat:ovrcshh2qjfnrhkzyakdaqwlei

Evaluation of hypermedia application development and management systems

S. P. Christodoulou, G. D. Styliaras, T. S. Papatheodrou
1998 Proceedings of the ninth ACM conference on Hypertext and hypermedia : links, objects, time and space---structure in hypermedia systems links, objects, time and space---structure in hypermedia systems - HYPERTEXT '98  
A HADMS consists of a hypermedia application development and management methodology and the respective environment. In this work, we propose and classify a set of evaluation criteria.  ...  We address the need for HADMS capable to efficiently support the main users involved in the life cycle of hypermedia applications, namely designers, programmers/implementers, authors/administrators and  ...  Global views provide an over-all picture and can also provide entry points for local views. Local views provide a detailed view of the local neighborhood of a node. C10.  ... 
doi:10.1145/276627.276628 dblp:conf/ht/ChristodoulouSP98 fatcat:52sz5u3ebrcfxmt3yzkhrmrnfe

A methodology for building content-oriented hypermedia systems

Woojong Suh, Heeseok Lee
2001 Journal of Systems and Software  
This paper proposes a methodology for building a content-oriented hypermedia system. Hypermedia contents are typically structured in the form of hierarchies.  ...  To demonstrate its practical usefulness, the methodology is applied to developing a hypermedia system. Ó  ...  and Rossi, 1994 , 1995a ,b, 1998 , and View-Based Hypermedia Design Methodology (VHDM) (Lee et al., 1999a) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0164-1212(00)00092-3 fatcat:nqi4cuagdjbljbx73wvcmtrlrq

Partitioning the Navigational Model: A Component-Driven Approach [chapter]

Stephen Kerr, Daniel M. German
2003 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The NSUs are an abstraction of a navigational model and are the basis for a methodology to design hypermedia applications based on the Model View Controller Architecture.  ...  This paper proposes using a Component Approach to model navigation in a hypertext application.  ...  In many design models the notion of a view over the hyper-base can be considered as a partition.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45068-8_82 fatcat:nsdqzpejdvdbtna6mtmtxodvru

Integrating hypermedia design concepts with a systems analysis and design methodology to develop manufacturing web applications

RE Giachetti
2005 International journal of computer integrated manufacturing (Print)  
This article presents a web application design methodology that explicitly incorporates hypermedia authoring considerations into a traditional systems analysis and design methodology.  ...  The primary contribution of this article is the development of a web application design methodology that considers both hypermedia design issues as well as information system design issues.  ...  In Section 2 a review of the latest concepts in developing design for manufacturing (DFM) systems, hypermedia development methodologies and web-based manufacturing systems is conducted.  ... 
doi:10.1080/09511920512331317818 fatcat:q3llcvpxcvb5xos5uuiids7uw4

Hera: Development of Semantic Web Information Systems [chapter]

Geert-Jan Houben, Peter Barna, Flavius Frasincar, Richard Vdovjak
2003 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Hera is a model-driven methodology supporting WIS design, focusing on the processes of integration, data retrieval, and presentation generation.  ...  As a consequence of the success of the Web, methodologies for information system development need to consider systems that use the Web paradigm.  ...  Most WIS design methodologies focus primarily on presentation generation. A lot of models that consider adaptation do so only in the context of adaptive hypermedia documents.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45068-8_99 fatcat:gfs4l2odq5bhxntns6bgt2nruq

A case study in systematic hypermedia design

Venkatraman Balasubramanian, Michael Bieber, Tomás Isakowitz
2001 Information Systems  
This case study details our successful application of relationship management methodology (RMM), a hypermedia systems analysis and design methodology, to ACM SIGLINK's LINKBase.  ...  Hypermedia structuring and navigation requires design methodologies different from those developed for standard information systems.  ...  [26] , have proposed hypermedia design methodologies based on the object-oriented paradigm.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0306-4379(01)00022-9 fatcat:cwehuwrf2vcovd3ui4hwwt4c2i

Towards Variability Modelling for Reuse in Hypermedia Engineering [chapter]

Peter Dolog, Mária Bieliková
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper we discuss variability modelling for hypermedia applications. Inspired by domain engineering, we propose a domain engineering based method for hypermedia development.  ...  Several established modelling views of hypermedia application are discussed from the variability point of view.  ...  The example of such approach is RMM-Based Methodology for Hypermedia Presentation Design [9] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45710-0_31 fatcat:wkoa3pjx6vhlxp5w7en574svbi

An agile hypertext design methodology

Gary B. Wills, Noura Abbas, Rakhi Chandrasekharan, Richard M. Crowder, Lester Gilbert, Yvonne M. Howard, David E. Millard, Sylvia C. Wong, Robert J. Walters
2007 Proceedings of the 18th conference on Hypertext and hypermedia - HT '07  
While a number of hypertext design models exist, they do not address the issue of the requirements and analysis process that normally feeds the design process.  ...  Customers are driving down lead times for software, especially for Web applications, to only a few months.  ...  SOHDM (Scenario-based Object-oriented Hypermedia Design Methodology) [13] is another OO-based approach focusing on process-oriented hypermedia systems to support organisational processes.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1286240.1286295 dblp:conf/ht/WillsACCGHMWW07 fatcat:7nrec4s2ezhxnlhhxmei6vegyq

A framework for extending object-oriented applications with hypermedia functionality

Alejandra Garrido, Gustavo Rossi∗
1996 New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia  
features in a different layer, allowing to augment the application functionality without polluting the base model.  ...  The navigational features were included as components of an OO framework, and were defined by abstracting the major concepts of current hypermedia design models.  ...  In order to design the framework's components over the basis of a unified core model, many hypermedia design methodologies have been surveyed and studied, as (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) .  ... 
doi:10.1080/13614569608914672 fatcat:xpdj2nuvj5foxdiiobvym6prlu

Specification of Adaptive Behavior Using a General-Purpose Design Methodology for Dynamic Web Applications [chapter]

Peter Barna, Geert-Jan Houben, Flavius Frasincar
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper we show and demonstrate the similarity between the dynamics in web applications and adaptive hypermedia systems using a general purpose model-driven web design methodology (Hera).  ...  Methodologies for the design and engineering of web applications evolve to accommodate the increased dynamic nature of modern web applications.  ...  a specific aspect of the web application: Figure 1 shows a view of a system hosting dynamic web applications based on the Hera architecture.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-27780-4_33 fatcat:j3tnhn5wefazzobuwt3yks5lh4

Modeling User Input and Hypermedia Dynamics in Hera [chapter]

Geert-Jan Houben, Flavius Frasincar, Peter Barna, Richard Vdovjak
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
By means of Hera it is shown how one can define this extended user input and capture the functional aspects related to the hypermedia dynamics in the RDF(S)-based design models.  ...  Methodologies for the engineering of Web applications typically provide models that drive the generation of the hypermedia navigation structure in the application.  ...  Hera Methodology The Hera methodology [8, 9] is a model-driven methodology for designing WIS.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-27834-4_9 fatcat:sbjufbdp4jbqpccg6n5m6dnuem

Increasing the usage of open hypermedia systems

Nikos Karousos, Manolis Tzagarakis, Ippokratis Pandis
2003 Proceedings of the fourteenth ACM conference on Hypertext and hypermedia - HYPERTEXT '03  
and methodological manner.  ...  This paper argues that the existence of a developer support framework is a critical issue to the usage of Open Hypermedia Systems (OHSs).  ...  The authors would like to thank Siegfried Reich and Niels Olof Bouvin for providing many insightful comments on a preliminary draft of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1145/900080.900083 fatcat:5nk2lioml5ddnnllw2iy2fkkbe
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