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A very weak square principle

Matthew Foreman, Menachem Magidor
1997 Journal of Symbolic Logic (JSL)  
It deals with a principle dubbed "Not So Very Weak Square", which appears close to Very Weak Square but turns out not to be equivalent.  ...  In this paper we explicate a very weak version of the principle □ discovered by Jensen who proved it holds in the constructible universe L.  ...  . §6 Not So Very Weak Square In this section we revisit Very Weak Square and discuss the principle we have dubbed "Not So Very Weak Square".  ... 
doi:10.2307/2275738 fatcat:szasnnvmj5cd7aigaszj46pn5a

A Survey on Knowledge, Dispositions, and Performances of Pre-service EFL Teacher Training Programs in Iran

Hassan Soleimani, Hajar Zanganeh
2014 Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences  
Strong and weak points and the related INTASC principles were analyzed at the end.  ...  Three questionnaires of 34, 37, and 52 items consisting of INTASC model standards were administered to 147 teachers in a five-level Likert scale in three successive sessions, each lasting an hour.  ...  They play very important roles in ELT programs and should be reconsidered very carefully. A good mentor-mentee structure can provide opportunities to learn from experienced teachers.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.03.609 fatcat:ir6fdrygknez5ftenwknyh33eu

On Ideals Related to I [λ]

Todd Eisworth
2005 Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic  
We describe a recipe for generating normal ideals on successors of singular cardinals. We show that these ideals are related to many weakenings of that have appeared in the literature.  ...  For our next example, we take a look at an ideal associated with the very weak square principle of Foreman and Magidor [3] . Definition 5. Let λ = µ + where µ is singular.  ...  The difference between very weak square and not-so-very-weak square is that the latter requires almost all of the C α to be closed.  ... 
doi:10.1305/ndjfl/1125409328 fatcat:x3hxzzuw55am3osz2x3rqakoku

Two-dimensional Dirac fermions and quantum magnetoresistance in CaMnBi2

Kefeng Wang, D. Graf, Limin Wang, Hechang Lei, S. W. Tozer, C. Petrovic
2012 Physical Review B  
The in-plane transverse magnetoresistance exhibits a crossover at a critical field B^* from semiclassical weak-field B^2 dependence to the high-field unsaturated linear magnetoresistance (∼ 120 temperature  ...  The non-zero Berry's phase, small cyclotron resonant mass and first-principle band structure suggest the existence of the Dirac fermions in the Bi square nets.  ...  The whole curve follows the function of | cos(θ)| very well (red line in Fig. 2(a) ).  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevb.85.041101 fatcat:egxiq75bjfeirma6p24twrkcii


2015 International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering  
The proposed converter includes absolute value circuit, squarer/divider circuit, low-pass filter and square root circuit which employ CMOS transistors operating in weak inversion region.  ...  In this paper a low-power current-mode RMS-to-DC converter is proposed.  ...  CONCLUSION In this paper, a very low-power, low-voltage currentmode RMS-to-DC converter based on MOS translinear principles operating in weak inversion region is presented.  ... 
doi:10.47893/ijeee.2015.1149 fatcat:cou47uanvrhmri4na6skk3i67q


2011 International Journal of Modern Physics E  
These predictions are only achieved by allowing the principle of minimization of the imaginary part of the action SI(history) to to a certain extent adjust some coupling constants in addition to the initial  ...  The new evidence is that some more unexplained coincidences are explained in our model: 1) The "scale problem" is solved because the Higgs field expectation value is predicted to be very small compared  ...  far as we in our earlier work [26] used the multiple point principle as a supposed principle to argue for the top-Yukawa coupling to have to have the critical value at the weak scale, and used that  ... 
doi:10.1142/s0218301311019726 fatcat:4ahrwjg7p5h2zbdcfe5b6ws4ry

Design of Low Power Current Mode Square-Root Circuit

Bindu Thakral
2015 International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing  
In this paper, using exponential current-voltage relationship of MOS transistor when biased in subthreshold-mode, a square-root circuit is proposed.  ...  Analog circuits have been viewed as a voltage dominated type of signal processing.  ...  (iii) The proposed square-rooting circuits are very suitable for MOS IC technology. (iv) The proposed square-rooting circuits provide a wide dynamic range.  ... 
doi:10.5815/ijem.2015.04.03 fatcat:4tryxz2375eqtetmwxg6jvjwtm

Influence from Future, Arguments [article]

Holger Bech Nielsen
2015 arXiv   pre-print
Anthropic principle may be considered a way of simulating influence backward in time.  ...  In our own "complex action model" we suggest a version in which the "goal" according to which the future is being arranged is to diminish the integral over time and space of the numerical square of the  ...  square or the weak scale.  ... 
arXiv:1503.07840v2 fatcat:dilgjvsxh5fpjd24ixpkfx3qca

The Gaps in Legal Systems: A Deontic Assesment

Vadim Verenich
2017 Law Journal of the Higher School of Economics  
We introduce logical principles underlying two main types of legalism -Anglo-Saxon and continential ones.  ...  From logical point of view, it is worth discussing problem of legal gaps that is very important in the analysis of legal systems.The article belows contributes to the the analisys of so-called legal gaps  ...  To promote clarity in ambiguous matter of obligation, we should once again to distinguish between a strong principle of obligation and a weak principle of obligation version.  ... 
doi:10.17323/2072-8166.2017.4.59.72 fatcat:enol5pzelbemljgmiay76s2j7m

Page 5457 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 98I [page]

1998 Mathematical Reviews  
very weak square principle.  ...  The Very Weak Square Principle (VWSP) holds for « iff for any closed unbounded set of ordinals a<x«* there are unbounded sets C, C a@ such that for all bounded countable x C C, there is a y<a with x =  ... 

Intervention-point principle of meshless method

JianJun Yang, JianLong Zheng
2012 Chinese Science Bulletin  
The viewpoint is likely to give a reasonable explanation for the inaccuracy and instability of the collocation method. Based on the principle, a design process for a new scheme was demonstrated.  ...  It is worth noting that a kind of uniformly defined intervention point is used in many existing schemes. Therefore, the intervention-point principle is proposed.  ...  For example, weak form methods need integral point, and least square method maybe need auxiliary point.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11434-012-5471-x fatcat:ioiey7rx35cm5lfakhvctzeh2m

Structured variable selection and estimation

Ming Yuan, V. Roshan Joseph, Hui Zou
2009 Annals of Applied Statistics  
We show that the methods are very easy to compute and enjoy nice theoretical properties.  ...  In this paper we propose non-negative garrote methods that can naturally incorporate such relationships defined through effect heredity principles or marginality principles.  ...  In both situations the feasible region is a convex polyhedron in the three dimensional space. Weak heredity principles.  ... 
doi:10.1214/09-aoas254 fatcat:ykm5p2vclzdnvgztnbdo2jmbzi

Page 286 of The Cornhill Magazine Vol. 63, Issue 375 [page]

1927 The Cornhill Magazine  
Pee a ne ae ee ee a ee ae ae a ae  ...  The period of ten years of partial self-government was very strongly resented by the majority of Indians, who looked upon it as a period of probation and considered it therefore as an insult.  ... 


2005 International Journal of Modern Physics A  
scale, enforces a hierarchical scale ratio between the fundamental and weak scales of order 10^16 -- 10^20.  ...  We propose a unification of some fine-tuning problems -- really in this article only the problem of why the weak scale is so small in energy compared to a presumed fundamental scale, being say the Planck  ...  The predicted existence of a new phase at the weak scale and the value of the top Yukawa coupling g t | phase transition at the phase transition provide, in principle, a very clean test, since it only  ... 
doi:10.1142/s0217751x0502416x fatcat:ggcimqungrh45b4okndlh3rjpu

Page 4 of Calcutta Journal, or Political, Commercial and Literary Gazette Vol. 5, Issue 214 [page]

1822 Calcutta Journal, or Political, Commercial and Literary Gazette  
It is a fact, well known to experienced Naval Officers and Naval Architects, that a ship’s stern, constructed on the square principle, is not only extremely weak and defenceless, compared with the rest  ...  the weakness of that part was uniform.  ... 
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