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Multi-view Modeling and Pragmatics in 2020 [chapter]

Reinhard von Hanxleden, Edward A. Lee, Christian Motika, Hauke Fuhrmann
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper, we argue that both approaches will have growing influence on model-based design, in particular for complex cyber-physical systems, and we identify a number of general developments that seem  ...  Modeling pragmatics also entails constructing different views of a system, but here the focus is on syntactic/pragmatic aspects, and the views are constructed automatically by filtering and drawing algorithms  ...  However, as is customary for today's editors, Ptolemy's graphical Vergil editor was not developed with externally provided automatic layout in mind.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-34059-8_11 fatcat:frgrdfiayvhktg2tivnhz2akui

Advanced Local Checking of Global Consistency in Heterogeneous Multimodeling [chapter]

Harald König, Zinovy Diskin
2016 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This set of models is called a multimodel, and it must satisfy a set of global constraints regulating interaction of the multimodel components.  ...  Being a natural definition for global consistency, these steps can not be used algorithmically because of two major practical drawbacks: they involve costly (meta)model matching to specify overlaps, and  ...  We are sincerely grateful to anonymous reviewers for useful comments and suggestions.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-42061-5_2 fatcat:z7icqvwl3fabbnry4vvr3dpdue

Editorial for the special issue of knowledge discovery and management in engineering design and manufacturing

Ying Liu, Jenny Harding
2008 Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing  
A series of challenging topics have emerged, including for example, the effective management of design knowledge in global contexts (e.g. outsourcing) at both personal and enterprise wide levels, knowledge  ...  This Special Issue is therefore dedicated to innovative, state-of-the-art research, technology development and applications of knowledge discovery and management in the broad context of design and manufacturing  ...  The paper stresses the increasing industrial awareness of the benefits of harnessing data mining as a powerful tool for extracting useful information and knowledge intelligently.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10845-008-0209-y fatcat:q6elkxqu2rfgdeupwj3qn4jole

Exact decomposition of the algebraic Riccati equation of deterministic multimodeling optimal control problems

C. Coumarbatch, Z. Gajic
2000 IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control  
In this paper we show how to exactly decompose the algebraic Riccati equations of deterministic multimodeling in terms of one pure-slow and two pure-fast algebraic Riccati equations.  ...  The Newton method is perfectly suited for solving the nonsymmetric reduced-order pure-slow and pure-fast algebraic Riccati equations since excellent initial guesses are available from their ( ) perturbed  ...  The results obtained in this paper represent very powerful tools for simplified derivations of the optimal multimodel control and strategies.  ... 
doi:10.1109/9.847124 fatcat:jkgyexkc3beqvj7mczwiwrk43q

The rube Framework for Personalized 3-D Software Visualization [chapter]

John F. Hopkins, Paul A. Fishwick
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Consequently, users have the freedom to develop their own representations. The rube framework's general approach to software modeling and representation are discussed.  ...  A unique aspect of rube is that it does not tie developers down to a set of predefined symbols, objects, or metaphors in their visualizations.  ...  It is important for readers to note that rube does not implement a 3-D "programming" GUI that, for instance, allows a user to construct a network of 3-D objects that would be parsed by the GUI to automatically  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45875-1_29 fatcat:apcftucfkbdapgiab75qkxflzy

An OWL-Based Ontology Structure for representing Multimodel Process Improvement Framework

Editor KJIS
2021 Kafrelsheikh Journal of Information Sciences  
Besides, recent work in Artificial Intelligence is discovering the use of formal ontologies as a way of identifying content-specific agreements for the sharing and reuse of knowledge among software entities  ...  A particular challenge is the multitude of models for requirements and quality, which can get time consuming and error prone to trace, change, and verify.  ...  For the formalization validity, a number of test cases for the scenario of automatic determination of the maturity level were developed [19] .  ... 
doi:10.21608/kjis.2021.22087.1007 fatcat:qj6b24e7fbcufn5cpgf7wnps64

Advanced BIM Applications in the Construction Industry

Tatjana Vilutiene, M. Reza Hosseini, Eugenio Pellicer, Edmundas K. Zavadskas
2019 Advances in Civil Engineering  
each paper in a timely and professional manner. e lead editor particularly thanks all the editors for their contribution in reviewing and assigning reviews for the submitted manuscripts.  ...  applications in the construction industry. ey would like to thank the authors who have submitted manuscripts to this special issue and the referees who have put in time and effort generously to review  ...  and formats; thus, it is clear why there is a need to focus the development of HBIM applications with a heterogeneous multimodels' interoperability with a standardized approach.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2019/6356107 fatcat:k22fkkeidzbm3pqp7t5mibcl2m

Realistic load testing of Web applications

D. Draheim, J. Grundy, J. Hosking, C. Lutteroth, G. Weber
2006 Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR'06)  
We present a new approach for performing load testing of web applications by simulating realistic user behaviour with stochastic form-oriented analysis models.  ...  The approach is implemented in an existing architecture modelling and performance evaluation tool and is integrated with existing methods for forward and reverse engineering.  ...  They can be used for the automatic generation of large randomized test suites with a high coverage of operational paths.  ... 
doi:10.1109/csmr.2006.43 dblp:conf/csmr/DraheimGHLW06 fatcat:in64qexuebfpfd6jpnqy7cuul4

Using the ResearchEHR platform to facilitate the practical application of the EHR standards

José Alberto Maldonado, Catalina Martínez Costa, David Moner, Marcos Menárguez-Tortosa, Diego Boscá, José Antonio Miñarro Giménez, Jesualdo Tomás Fernández-Breis, Montserrat Robles
2012 Journal of Biomedical Informatics  
The work reported here describes how the platform allows for the edition, validation, and search of archetypes, converts legacy data into normalized, archetypes extracts, is able to generate applications  ...  Different international organizations are working on the definition of EHR architectures but the lack of tools that implement them hinders their broad adoption.  ...  section 5.1): A multimodel editor for creating archetypes is included in the ResearchEHR platform.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jbi.2011.11.004 pmid:22142945 fatcat:wna3ey67jbckfbranzmp6hk7p4

A Statistical Adjustment of Regional Climate Model Outputs to Local Scales: Application to Platja de Palma, Spain

A. Amengual, V. Homar, R. Romero, S. Alonso, C. Ramis
2012 Journal of Climate  
For the climate projections, daily data generated by an ensemble of regional climate models (RCMs) have been used.  ...  Projections of climate change effects for the System of Platja de Palma (SPdP) are derived using a novel statistical technique.  ...  The Spanish Agency of Meteorology (AEMET) is also acknowledged for providing the automatic weather station data.  ... 
doi:10.1175/jcli-d-10-05024.1 fatcat:bngnvswwejgwdjz36ruc6sl6jm

Quality Assured Model-Driven Requirements Engineering and Software Development

László Lengyel, Tamás Mészáros, Márk Asztalos, Péter Boros, Attila Máté, Gábor Madács, Péter Hudák, Kristóf Kovács, András Tresch, Hassan Charaf
2015 Computer journal  
The method is based on the modeling of the software requirements in a way that these models can be used to automatically generate several artifacts during the engineering process.  ...  A significant part of software projects is short on appropriate requirements engineering, communication, development and testing method, furthermore, verification and validation processes; i.e., not the  ...  Common elements of the DSLs The four DSLs have a common tree view editor interface, a table view and a more intuitive graphical view for visual editing.  ... 
doi:10.1093/comjnl/bxv051 fatcat:t2hjaudzo5dxfiqmfkuzfg7iry

Descriptive approach to image analysis: Image models

I. B. Gurevich, V. V. Yashina
2008 Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis  
The DAIA provides the conceptual and mathematical basis for image mining, with its axiomatic and formal configurations giving the ways and tools to represent and describe images to be analyzed and evaluated  ...  image models and solving recognition problems, construct models to solve recognition problems in the form of standard algorithmic schemes that allow, in the general case, moving from the initial image  ...  of Sciences ("Descriptive Image Algebras with One Ring over Image Models" project within the "Algebraic and Combinatorial Methods of Mathematical Cybernetics" program for fundamental research), and the  ... 
doi:10.1134/s1054661808040020 fatcat:yjwvaapmuvbfffcfxcabxv5awa

Descriptive approach to medical image mining. An algorithmic scheme for analysis of cytological specimens

I. B. Gurevich, V. V. Yashina, I. V. Koryabkina, H. Niemann, O. Salvetti
2008 Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis  
The present paper is devoted the development and formal representation of a descriptive model for an information technology to automate the morphological analysis of cytologic preparations (a tumor of  ...  The theoretical basis of the model is a descriptive approach to image analysis and understanding and its main mathematical tools.  ...  of Sciences ("Descriptive Image Algebras with One Ring over Image Models" project within the "Algebraic and Combinatorial Methods of Mathematical Cybernetics" program for fundamental research), and the  ... 
doi:10.1134/s1054661808040032 fatcat:je3b3nl7f5colixwhryme2zjwi

The model multiplicity problem: experimenting with real-time specification methods

M. Peleg, D. Dori
2000 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering  
Object Modeling Technique (OMT), the main ancestor of the Unified Modeling Language (UML), extended with Timed Statecharts, represents a family of such multimodel object-oriented methods.  ...  We establish empirically that a single model methodologyÐOPMÐis more effective than a multimodel oneÐOMTÐin terms of synthesis.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors would like to thank Professor Ayala Cohen for her professional help in the statistical analysis.  ... 
doi:10.1109/32.879812 fatcat:4xdgw4jelndjpgm6ndaizmxmu4

On the Pragmatics of Model-Based Design [chapter]

Hauke Fuhrmann, Reinhard von Hanxleden
2010 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
A key enabler here is the capability to automatically and quickly compute the layout of a graphical model, which frees the designer from the burden of manual drawing.  ...  This capability also allows to compute customized view of a model on the fly, which offers new possibilities for interactive browsing and for simulation.  ...  The developer specifies the meta-model of the DSL and the textual syntax and the framework generates parsers and textual editors.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-12566-9_7 fatcat:a45autflo5egdfzxxttczns2zy
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