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Probability and Statistics [chapter]

Lloyd Fisher
1990 Handbook of Applied Mathematics  
1 General goals of the course The course should provide a high level overview on a wide range of statistical methods, data analysis, parameter estimation, test theory and on stochastic processes.  ...  ., Adventures in Stochastic processes, Birkhäuser, Basel 1992. [10] Ross, S., Stochastic Processes, John Wiley, New York 1996. [11] Schuss, Z., Theory and Applications of Stochastic Processes, an Analytical  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4684-1423-3_21 fatcat:pc4db77o3nfdzmssvb6du2r7wu

Frontmatter [chapter]

1961 Contributions to Astronomy, Meteorology, and Physics  
LAJOS TAKÁCS, The transient behavior of a single server queueing process with a Poisson input. K. URBANIK, Generalized stochastic processes with independent values. DAVID M. G.  ...  HER-MAN CHERNOFF, Sequential tests for the mean of a normal distribution. Y. S. CHOW and HERBERT ROBBINS, A martingale system theorem and applications. D. R.  ... 
doi:10.1525/9780520323438-fm fatcat:vcigncvlenfrjls2tbc2hmfyz4

Page 4448 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 87h [page]

1987 Mathematical Reviews  
R. (6-KARN); Deshpande, Sunita K. (6-KARN) Testing for Markov process vs semi-Markov process. Comm. Statist. ATheory Methods 15 (1986), no. 8, 2375-2382.  ...  Summary: “We obtain a nonparametric test for testing the null hypothesis Hp that the given realization is from a Markov process against the alternative hypothesis H, that it is from a semi-Markov process  ... 

An integrative framework for stochastic, size-structured community assembly

J. P. O'Dwyer, J. K. Lake, A. Ostling, V. M. Savage, J. L. Green
2009 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  
The second ingredient is Hubbell's Neutral Biodiversity Theory (1), which makes general predictions for the distribution of species abundances in a community, based on the effects of demographic stochasticity  ...  the effects of demographic stochasticity relative to other forces, and to generate a broader range of predictions more closely tied to process.  ...  The second ingredient is Hubbell's Neutral Biodiversity Theory (1), which makes general predictions for the distribution of species abundances in a community, based on the effects of demographic stochasticity  ... 
doi:10.1073/pnas.0813041106 pmid:19336583 pmcid:PMC2663776 fatcat:btkpywg6lnbbfewasa3nk5uw5i

Page 6516 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 87k [page]

1987 Mathematical Reviews  
In the distribution theory the fundamental concept is “the number of points in a set” and a realization of a point process is interpreted as a measure.  ...  This approach works for point processes in spaces as general as Polish spaces.  ... 

Page 7244 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 98K [page]

1998 Mathematical Reviews  
A long list of examples from the general exponential family of stochastic processes is considered in detail, covering a broad range of stochastic process models ranging from Markov chains with a finite  ...  For this purpose, the first part of the book is based only on classical theory of stochastic processes, while tools from stochastic calculus are used later in the book.  ... 

Page 4499 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 93h [page]

1993 Mathematical Reviews  
General theory. Comm. Statist. Stochastic Models 8 (1992), no. 2, 193-219.  ...  The authors derive expressions for the transition den- sities of the Markov processes in general in terms of the Laplace transform of the innovation distribution.  ... 

Page 5216 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 98H [page]

1998 Mathematical Reviews  
Summary: “This paper discusses an approximate score test for test- ing randomness of environments in a branching process without observing the environments.  ...  V. (6-PNA-S; Pune) A test for randomness of the environments in a branching process. (English summary) Statist. Papers 38 (1997), no.4, 409-421.  ... 

Page 954 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 56, Issue 3 [page]

1978 Mathematical Reviews  
Degerine, Tests on the dispersion parameter in von Mises distributions (pp. 403-408); Michel Delecroix, Central limit theorems for density estimators of an L?-mixing process (pp. 408-414); C.  ...  Walk, An invariance principle in stochastic approximation (pp. 623-625); J. Demongeot, A stochastic model for the regulation of cellular metabolism (pp. 655-662); A.  ... 

On Surrogate Data Testing for Linearity based on the Periodogram [article]

J. Timmer
1995 arXiv   pre-print
The method of surrogate data is a tool to test whether data were generated by some class of model.  ...  Based on the theory of linear systems we suggest an alternative procedure to obtain the correct distribution of the test statistic and discuss problems of this approach.  ...  Acknowledgements: I like to thank A. Fraser for many clarifying discussions and J. Theiler for comments on an earlier version of this paper.  ... 
arXiv:comp-gas/9509003v1 fatcat:ujugdfceb5b6tod3pd2frll3me

Page 6368 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2004h [page]

2004 Mathematical Reviews  
For a measure-valued stochastic process the so-called covaristic function is introduced as a kind of generalization of the character- istic function of the finite-dimensional distributions.  ...  *4 »-/2(1 + o(1)). a B\=1 A simple procedure for finding the critical level of the size € test as n — oo is constructed.  ... 

Page 115 of The Annals of Mathematical Statistics Vol. 22, Issue 1 [page]

1951 The Annals of Mathematical Statistics  
In this paper, we do not use the distribution of a serial correlation coefficient itself, but normal regression theory, and will give the general testing method for an autoregressive stochastic process  ...  a simple Markov process for the inversely directed time scale.  ... 

Page 2760 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 81G [page]

1981 Mathematical Reviews  
M.]} 81g:6214 | Probabilities of errors in testing similar hypotheses for diffusion — processes. (Russian) Theory of random processes, No. 7 (Russian), pp. 62-71, 131, | “Naukova Dumka’, Kiev, 1979.  ...  The paper concludes with | an outline of a general class of “regular nonergodic stochastic process” models for which similar concepts are meaningful.  ... 

Page 5096 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 87i [page]

1987 Mathematical Reviews  
87i:60002 processes. The author’s aim is not always the greatest possi- ble generality; sometimes the theory is explained by means of examples. The exposition is generally clear and well organized.  ...  {The papers are being reviewed individually. } PROBABILITY THEORY AND STOCHASTIC PROCESSES * Proceedings of the seventh conference on 5096 87i:60005 probability theory.  ... 

Page 1395 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 57, Issue 4 [page]

1979 Mathematical Reviews  
and Elzbieta Hys, On a class of bi- and multivariate distributions generated by marginal Weibull distributions (pp. 73-81); Vincenzo Capasso, On the general stochastic epidemic with immigration in large  ...  Gani, A Markov chain for type counts in vocabulary subgroups (pp. 155-162); Peter Ganssler, On the realization of Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes 57 #10751 60 stochastic processes by probability  ... 
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