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A Survey on Location-Driven Influence Maximization [article]

Taotao Cai, Quan Z.Sheng, Xiangyu Song, Jian Yang, Shuang Wang, Wei Emma Zhang, Jia Wu, Philip S. Yu
2022 arXiv   pre-print
(2) the diffusion models to evaluate the influence propagation, and (3) a comprehensive study of the approaches to deal with the location-driven IM problems together with a particular focus on the accelerating  ...  Influence Maximization (IM), which aims to select a set of users from a social network to maximize the expected number of influenced users, is an evergreen hot research topic.  ...  The structure of this survey. This paper focuses on providing a comprehensive survey on existing location-driven IM studies.  ... 
arXiv:2204.08005v2 fatcat:63thhyykevhbzl23pl4kgo3cue

Modeling timber mill procurement influence effects on interstate sawlog exportation

Eric M. White, Andrew D. Carver
2004 Forest Policy and Economics  
This research models, in a spatial environment, timber mill procurement influence within southern Illinois and the surrounding region in an attempt to understand how the location of mills is a partial  ...  While the exportation of sawlogs has adverse impacts on the Illinois wood products manufacturing sector and local forest landowners, little research has been conducted to understand how the spatial arrangement  ...  Acknowledgments This research was funded, in part, by the Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research (C-FAR) Rural Community Development Strategic Research Initiative.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1389-9341(03)00002-9 fatcat:xph3uofcxfarbc7im5hepyf6da

Page 1069 of Water Environment Research Vol. 27, Issue 9 [page]

1955 Water Environment Research  
have direction. of test is in a southerly premise a series driven on several perpendicular planes to the ground-water flow, just south of An at tempt was made to determine the width of the the a pths where  ...  flows ol then parallel pattern and finally converges con taminant the diverges in ground under the flows influences water, if in a somewhat at Spielman Ave. under the influence of ground-water dilution  ... 

Page 842 of Communication Abstracts Vol. 21, Issue 6 [page]

1998 Communication Abstracts  
If media are driven to maximize their audience, then journalists should be located near the middle of the space.  ...  The results support the expectation that journalists are driven to maximize their audience in the same way that politicians maximize voters and, thus, are located near the center of the ideological space  ... 

End to end influence maximization for HIV prevention

Bryan Wilder, Laura Onasch-Vera, Juliana Hudson, Jose Luna, Nicole Wilson, Robin Petering, Darlene Woo, Milind Tambe, Eric Rice
2018 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence  
This work aims to overcome the challenges in deploying influence maximization to support community driven interventions.  ...  While many algorithms have been proposed for influence maximization, none can be feasibly deployed by a service provider: existing algorithms require costly surveys of the entire social network of the  ...  Problem description Motivating domain: Our work is designed to overcome the challenges in deploying influence maximization techniques to support community-driven interventions.  ... 
dblp:conf/ijcai/WilderOHLWPWTR18 fatcat:2bvsyvjrgzdlvin3jx7yx5i6aa

Page 1202 of The Journal of Applied Ecology Vol. 44, Issue 6 [page]

2007 The Journal of Applied Ecology  
A 1-km line transect (Fig. lb), following a minor road bisecting each survey square (Fig. Ic), was driven at 15-25 kmh '.  ...  (a) Northern Ireland’s five ESA regions (shaded grey) with the area of each in parentheses and the locations of 200 associated survey sites (black squares), (b) A 1 -km’ survey square, (c) A 1-km line  ... 

Climate-Driven Bedrock Incision in an Active Mountain Belt

K. Hartshorn
2002 Science  
the presence of widelyspaced planes of weakness in the rockmass influence erosion rate and style.  ...  Measurements of fluvial bedrock incision were made with sub-millimetre precision in the East Central Range of Taiwan where long-term exhumation rates and precipitation-driven river discharge are independently  ...  Black circles represent location of transect drilled and measured on quartzite, and black diamonds represent location of schist transect.  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.1075078 pmid:12242438 fatcat:u3rgnpy6nbc7bah53bc7d27xae

A Community-Driven Usability Evaluation: The Case of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region Digital Library

Robyn Stobbs, Ali Shiri, Sharon Farnel, Cathy Cockney, Dinesh Rathi, Sandy Campbell
2018 Proceedings of the Annual Conference of CAIS / Actes du congrès annuel de l'ACSI  
as a result of the evaluation.  ...  This paper reports a usability evaluation study of the Digital Library North prototype that wasconducted in May 2016.  ...  Work on multilingual options is on-going and directly influenced by data collected during both the early data collection and usability testing periods.  ... 
doi:10.29173/cais1034 fatcat:f43pobi7t5gqnkkllw6k5ka3ty

Statistical physics of language maps in the USA

J. Burridge, B. Vaux, M. Gnacik, Y. Grudeva
2019 Physical review. E  
Here we investigate this connection by comparing data from the Cambridge Online Survey of World Englishes to the behaviour of a generalised zero temperature Potts model with long range interactions.  ...  Spatial linguistic surveys often reveal well defined geographical zones where certain linguistic forms are dominant over their alternatives.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS J.B is grateful for the support of a Royal Society APEX award 2018-2020. The authors are grateful to Marius Jøhndal for curating and supplying the survey data.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreve.99.032305 fatcat:xbm2rj4dyfbnzbjsxqpx2n3tmi

Maximizing transformation between people and information using ontology: Discovering anaerobic microbiology through ontological relationships

Yi Myongho, Cecelia Brown
2009 Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology  
Upon development of the anaerobic microbiology ONTOIR system, the influence of the incorporation of ontology on the success of a search for research articles from the system will be tested.  ...  Upon finishing the searches participants will complete a printed survey about their opinions of the anaerobic microbiology ONTOIR system.  ...  Upon development of the anaerobic microbiology ONTOIR system, the influence of the incorporation of ontology on the success of a search for research articles from the system will be tested.  ... 
doi:10.1002/meet.2008.1450450329 fatcat:4xhq25bsjfbnvblffrk4pqnkde

Optimal allocation of invasive species surveillance with the maximum expected coverage concept

Denys Yemshanov, Robert G. Haight, Frank H. Koch, Bo Lu, Robert Venette, D. Barry Lyons, Taylor Scarr, Krista Ryall, Brian Leung
2015 Diversity and Distributions: A journal of biological invasions and biodiversity  
One model maximizes the expected number of transmission pathways that are covered by survey locations and the other maximizes the expected number of survey locations that have one or more pest introductions  ...  The model is a maximum expected coverage problem (MECP), which maximizes the expected number of origins that are covered by the survey system, where an origin is covered if at least one of its transmission  ...  survey locations, while the second PP model maximizes the expected number of survey locations that have one or more pest introductions.  ... 
doi:10.1111/ddi.12358 fatcat:cicynapzhvgp5gzcteb345kn5i

Balancing Urban Biodiversity Needs and Resident Preferences for Vacant Lot Management

Christine Rega-Brodsky, Charles Nilon, Paige Warren
2018 Sustainability  
We propose a shift in this perception to locations of urban potential, because vacant lots may serve as informal greenspaces that maximize urban biodiversity while satisfying residents' preferences for  ...  Collectively, we propose that vacant lots with a mixture of remnant and planted vegetation can act as sustainable urban greenspaces with the potential for some locations to enhance urban tree cover and  ...  Carpenter, A. Savage, J. Bos, E. Suzuki, C. Griffith, and S. Scully.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su10051679 fatcat:l25twxylhvebrggc2p656xt2ry

Identifying Project Value Interests: A Binary Logit Model

Molly Gunby, Ivan Damnjanovic
2012 International Journal of Architecture, Engineering and Construction  
This paper presents a binary logit regression model for identifying initial value interests based on project characteristics.  ...  The model was developed using survey data and tested to ensure that it provides results that are logical and comparable to recommendations made by survey participants.  ...  In addition, we would like to thank CII and the Construction User's Round Table for assistance in distributing the survey.  ... 
doi:10.7492/ijaec.2012.014 fatcat:gdrismq54rh4fbascfcli7664q

Simulation and Formation Mechanisms of Urban Landscape Design Based on Discrete Dynamic Models Driven by Big Data

Ke Cao, Jing Xiao, Yan Wu, Gengxin Sun
2022 Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society  
Finally, this article puts forward its thinking and outlook on the design of the big data-driven discrete dynamic model in the interactivity of urban landscape design, hoping that artists will strengthen  ...  Urban landscape design as a contemporary art embodies postmodernist philosophical thinking, aesthetic thinking, and breaking the traditional concept of art, and it is a new way of creating and presenting  ...  are needed, such as soil bearing capacity survey, water quality survey, visitor use survey, vegetation cover survey, and housing quality and use survey.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/1012900 fatcat:65oqh73jejeydghwyj4gzz5aqy

Effects of Simulated Forest Cover Change on Projected Climate Change – a Case Study of Hungary

GÁLOS, Borbála, JACOB, Daniela, MÁTYÁS, Csaba
2011 Acta Silvatica & Lignaria Hungarica  
For 2021–2025, the climatic influence ofthe potential afforestation based on a detailed national survey has been assessed.  ...  The potential afforestation has a very slight feedback on the regional climatecompared to the maximal afforestation scenario.  ...  The survey shows that climatic conditions cannot be influenced meaningfully by potential afforestation on regional scale.  ... 
doaj:d7deae8d9b084bf8a54e588540f8f835 fatcat:jke3io4pmnhffd7rtrf4f2zjza
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