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Systemic Design for the innovation of home appliances The meaningfulness of data in designing sustainable systems [article]

Acknowledgements Systemic Design for the innovation of home appliances  ...  weight sensors and so on).  ...  through weight sensors and so on).  ... 
doi:10.6092/polito/porto/2710829 fatcat:hf5gmvlcurgrdaqmmg2clta5iq

Smart food sharing across smart cities: concepts, processes and infrastructure

Konrad Steiner, Eva Kühn
Thus, the thesis models the coordination parts of food sharing with the Peer Model, implements them for its Java runtime environment and a simulation shows that the model works.  ...  Everybody needs food to survive and therefore an appropriate supply of all people with foodstuff is of enormous importance.  ...  Probably the reduced prices and adapted features have opened be a bigger market for smart fridges. In any case, meanwhile there are more and more manufacturers selling smart fridges.  ... 
doi:10.34726/hss.2017.45607 fatcat:bttoc2yjzvbnhdqboy4sqzs2oy

Modeling and Improving the Distribution Processes of a Greek Supermarket Company utilizing DMAEV Methodology and Digital Transformation [article]

Angeliki Bousoula, National Technological University Of Athens
Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot are voice enabled devices and through Alexa and with smart Athens 2021 fridges Table 2 -9: Impact of breakthrough technologies on Supply Chain processes Supply Chain Processes  ...  Again, Samsung's smart fridge and smartphones allow customers in stores to check what runs low in the fridge and buy it or order it (Wang et al. 2019)ives such as chatbots and robotic guidance to customers  ...  Every week, the Fleet Management System creates a report with the services for the next week and the reports are sent to the Fleet Manager.  ... 
doi:10.26240/heal.ntua.22189 fatcat:tqlnlmdgtvg7xkrnomuy7he53u

The expert in the aisles: exploring supermarket narratives in Coles and Woolworths magazines from 2009-2018 using machine learning techniques

Kathryn Elliott
thesis uses a combination of topic modelling, a type of machine learning, together with close reading to analyse the supermarket narratives found in the Coles and Woolworths magazines, Coles Magazine  ...  Finally, my research highlights the benefits and analytical richness to be gained from combining topic modelling and close reading when performing content analysis on a large corpus of text  ...  He argued that a meal arrives at the dining table through channels, for example the grocery store, the garden and the fridge.  ... 
doi:10.25949/19431554 fatcat:rdzr5nnghrdt7hjfnf3tp7k5za

collective processes

Paolo Plotegher, Bue Hansen, Emma Dowling, Manuela Zechner, Mara Ferreri, Amitabh Rai
The book in your hands maps out some of those, and offers a toolbox for grappling with them in your coltlectivities, relations and movements. The nanopolitics group began in London in 2010.  ...  What we present here is tools, strategies and practices for navigating this as a playing field, and a terrain of struggle.  ...  Women tend to speak with a higher-pitched voice when they could actually speak with a lower voice and men tend to speak with a lower-pitched voice even when they could speak with a higher voice.  ...