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A Service Based Architecture for Multidisciplinary IoT Experiments with Crowdsourced Resources [chapter]

Panagiotis Alexandrou, Constantinos Marios Angelopoulos, Orestis Evangelatos, João Fernandes, Gabriel Filios, Marios Karagiannis, Nikolaos Loumis, Sotiris Nikoletseas, Aleksandra Rankov, Theofanis P. Raptis, José Rolim, Alexandros Souroulagkas
2016 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this work, we present a service based architecture for IoT testbeds which (a) exposes the operations of a testbed as services by following the Testbed as a Service (TBaaS) paradigm; (b) enables diverse  ...  facilities to be federated in a scalable and standardized way and (c) enables the seamless integration of crowdsourced resources (e.g. smartphones and wearables) and their abstraction as regular IoT resources  ...  This work was supported by the EU/FIRE IoT Lab project -STREP ICT-610477  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-40509-4_13 fatcat:dyvjhpcljrd5xadfdcalyuobfu

Guest Editorial Special Issue on Internet-of-Things for Smart Cities

Jia Hu, Kun Yang, Sergio Toral Marin, Hamid Sharif
2018 IEEE Internet of Things Journal  
A standard-based approach to design and implement a new fog computing-based framework, namely FogFlow, for IoT smart city platforms is proposed in the paper "FogFlow: Easy Programming of IoT Services Over  ...  This paper provides an architecture with gateways for paving a way for sensor networks to become a part of the ICN.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jiot.2018.2792885 fatcat:xkahwqy22rharmsdusz2n4kowi

Co-Creating the Cities of the Future

Verónica Gutiérrez, Evangelos Theodoridis, Georgios Mylonas, Fengrui Shi, Usman Adeel, Luis Diez, Dimitrios Amaxilatis, Johnny Choque, Guillem Camprodom, Julie McCann, Luis Muñoz
2016 Sensors  
Furthermore, a novel architecture is proposed that enables this organic growth of the future cities, facilitating the experimentation that tailors the adoption of new technologies and services for a better  ...  Observatory to explore data assets, and an annotations component to indicate quality of data, with a particular focus on the city-scale opportunistic data collection service operating as an alternative  ...  Projects like IoT-Lab investigate crowdsourcing and IoT services for supporting multidisciplinary research tasks [4] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/s16111971 pmid:27886069 pmcid:PMC5134629 fatcat:alyfzzrr4zfwvfm6jhc5lc35vq

Book Reviews

2020 IEEE wireless communications  
The authors describe a framework for deploying UAV based antenna array for providing wireless service to ground users.  ...  The V-IoT is improving the visualization and intelligent level of emerging applications and industrial experiences, solving the burden of a massive amount of IoT devices and mass multimedia data, covering  ... 
doi:10.1109/mwc.2020.9241877 fatcat:h7sr5ge5d5f7rdxvgxcsjlsj3q

Coastal marine data crowdsourcing using the Internet of Floating Things: Improving the results of a water quality model

Diana Di Luccio, Angelo Riccio, Ardelio Galletti, Giuliano Laccetti, Marco Lapegna, Livia Marcellino, Sokol Kosta, Raffaele Montella
2020 IEEE Access  
Our results show that integrating crowdsourced bathymetry data in the workflow numerical model setup improves the accuracy of the final results, allowing for a more detailed spatial distribution pattern  ...  While the everything as a sensor is a typical data gathering pattern in the Internet of Things (IoT) applications in contexts such as smart cities, smart factories, and precision agriculture, among others  ...  An IoT core system is an integrated and multi-functional navigation device based on open technologies designed and developed by a multidisciplinary team in order to maximize the benefits and the advantages  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2996778 fatcat:4zknl63nrrhapbhs7aq7kvoymq

Knowledge co-creation in the OrganiCity: Data annotation with JAMAiCA

Aikaterini Deligiannidou, Dimitrios Amaxilatis, Georgios Mylonas, Evangelos Theodoridis
2016 2016 IEEE 3rd World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT)  
Numerous smart city testbeds and system deployments have surfaced around the world, aiming to provide services over unified large heterogeneous IoT infrastructures.  ...  We believe that knowledge creation in smart cities through data annotation, supported in both an automated and a crowdsourced manner, is an aspect that will bring additional value to smart cities.  ...  The system performed without any problems for the whole duration of the experiment, on a virtual machine with limited resources (8GB of hard disk, 2GB RAM and 2 CPU cores) proving the system's scalability  ... 
doi:10.1109/wf-iot.2016.7845492 dblp:conf/wf-iot/DeligiannidouAM16 fatcat:nybu576n2famhc7kv63zkoekty

The Rising Role of Big Data Analytics and IoT in Disaster Management: Recent Advances, Taxonomy and Prospects

Syed Attique Shah, Dursun Zafer Seker, Sufian Hameed, Dirk Draheim
2019 IEEE Access  
We classify a thematic taxonomy with several related attributes and inspect the prevalent solutions to propose a conceptual reference model for the deployment of BDA-and IoT-based disaster management environments  ...  The recent development of big data analytics (BDA) and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies create a huge opportunity for both disaster management systems and disaster-related authorities (emergency  ...  There are a number of web-based and mobile applications for enabling active crowdsourcing in a disaster-affected area.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2913340 fatcat:ndylscl3dfb3renpzpkg2g2bme

Empowering Citizens Toward the Co-Creation of Sustainable Cities

Veronica Gutierrez, Dimitrios Amaxilatis, Georgios Mylonas, Luis Munoz
2018 IEEE Internet of Things Journal  
and making the co-creation concept a reality, with an eventual impact on government policies.  ...  Urban ecosystems are becoming one of the most potentially attractive scenarios for innovating new services and technologies.  ...  Each service deployed in the context of OrganiCity is a standalone application that uses a central authentication service [7] (based on OAuth2.0) and provides either a user interface for end-users or  ... 
doi:10.1109/jiot.2017.2743783 fatcat:xzna3ufqqbhgtlubvztudnq2xi

Design Of An It Capstone Subject - Cloud Robotics

Kieren Lim, Jayantha Katupitiya, Ka Ching Chan, Mary Martin
2018 Zenodo  
Cloud robotics, a broad multidisciplinary research area, requiring expertise in all five pillars with mechatronics, is an ideal candidate to offer capstone experiences to IT students.  ...  experience.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The authors would like to thank La Trobe University for the financial support through a special research grant scheme to aid regional research.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1483079 fatcat:mwqo55ukjfawjbc4dpwgkn4qai

TCitySmartF: A comprehensive systematic framework for transforming cities into smart cities

Kaya Kuru, Darren Ansel
2020 IEEE Access  
of life (QoL) and enable a more sustainable future for urban life with increasing natural resource constraints.  ...  planning and interaction for the robust community-and citizen-tailored services.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments enabling them to improve the quality of this paper further.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2967777 fatcat:pudeopvidbfm5mogdintu3ayt4

SmartAirQ: A Big Data Governance Framework for Urban Air Quality Management in Smart Cities

Akshara Kaginalkar, Shamita Kumar, Prashant Gargava, Neelesh Kharkar, Dev Niyogi
2022 Frontiers in Environmental Science  
Considering the potential of these technologies as enablers of environmental sustainability, a conceptual urban computing framework "SmartAirQ" for UAQM is designed.  ...  The framework has integrated science cloud and urban services aiding in translating scientific data into operations. It is a step toward collaborative, data-driven, and sustainable smart cities.  ...  Authors appreciate the time and efforts of the editor and the reviewers for their valuable suggestion to improve the quality of the paper.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fenvs.2022.785129 fatcat:n74qwu37rven5a72ksylc3txwi

Learning in a Smart City Environment

R. Nikolov, E.Shoikova, M. Krumova, E. Kovatcheva, V. Dimitrov, A.Shikalanov
2016 Journal of Communication and Computer  
Universities benefit from these thinking "out of the box practices" by equipping students with work force experience that involves more hands on task with real life infrastructures.  ...  The purpose of this paper is to overview a foundational framework and provide models for the planning and implementation of smart learning environments.  ...  SOA (service-oriented architecture) is a software design and software architecture design pattern based on distinct pieces of software providing application functionality as services to other applications  ... 
doi:10.17265/1548-7709/2016.07.003 fatcat:crxaxjvervdhtoeaz6ot5cvws4

Architecture and Operational Model for Smart Campus Digital Infrastructure

Risto Jurva, Marja Matinmikko-Blue, Ville Niemelä, Suvi Nenonen
2020 Wireless personal communications  
This article proposes a technical architecture for future Smart Campus consisting of 5G and IoT networks complemented by distributed computing and data analytics.  ...  To tackle this question, a novel operational model for the Smart Campuses is presented based on the recently proposed micro operator concept.  ...  To view a copy of this licence, visit  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11277-020-07221-5 fatcat:e7vpf4ifinfdxgwydetk6wprda

Future Trends and Current State of Smart City Concepts: A Survey

Ayca Kirimtat, Ondrej Krejcar, Attila Kertesz, M. Fatih Tasgetiren
2020 IEEE Access  
Intelligent systems are wanting for cities to cope with limited spaces and resources across the world.  ...  With the proposed approach, recent advances and practical future opportunities for smart cities can be revealed. INDEX TERMS Smart city, floating cities, IoT, survey.  ...  Petra Maresova, a Principal Investigator of LTC INTER COST Project.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2992441 fatcat:dbaz6h6iczeu7g6jld5ri77n4i

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Future Generation Smart Cities Research—Part II: Services, Applications, Case Studies, and Policymaking Considerations For Well-Being

Miltiadis D. Lytras, Anna Visvizi, Akila Sarirete, Miguel Torres-Ruiz, Tugrul U. Daim
2021 IEEE Access  
He belongs to the National Research Program with level 1 in the area of engineering and technology, granted by the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología.  ...  He has served as a Guest Editor and an Associate Editor in international refereed journals.  ...  In the article ''IoT service recommendation scheme based on matter diffusion,'' by Wang, a service recommendation scheme based on a tripartite graph with matter diffusion and use of the habit feature as  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3057809 fatcat:pnabbkjy3jcgtlxp3w33uuzlme
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