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Real-time tracking and mining of users' actions over social media

Ejub Kajan, Noura Faci, Zakaria Maamar, Mohamed Sellami, Emir Ugljanin, Hamamache Kheddouci, Dragan Stojanovic, Djamal Benslimane
2020 Computer Science and Information Systems  
This paper discusses such tracking and mining through a system called Social Miner that allows companies to make decisions about what, when, and how to respond to users' actions over social media.  ...  With the advent of Web 2.0 technologies and social media, companies are actively looking for ways to know and understand what users think and say about their products and services.  ...  To achieve the reversal analysis, we adopted gSpan algorithm for mining labeled graphs [37] .  ... 
doi:10.2298/csis190822002k fatcat:2koelp7xgvgp5kq7fu236upmwm

Finite-Sample Analysis of Decentralized Q-Learning for Stochastic Games [article]

Zuguang Gao, Qianqian Ma, Tamer Başar, John R. Birge
2021 arXiv   pre-print
In particular, we establish the finite-sample complexity of fully decentralized Q-learning algorithms in a significant class of general-sum stochastic games (SGs) - weakly acyclic SGs, which includes the  ...  In the tabular setting, we analyze the sample complexity for the decentralized Q-learning algorithm to converge to a Markov perfect equilibrium (Nash equilibrium).  ...  Figure 1 shows the strict best reply graph of a weakly acyclic game. A node with no outgoing edges is an equilibrium policy (π5 and π6 in this graph).  ... 
arXiv:2112.07859v2 fatcat:2walexd2tzambcwwqyonqjne74

A machine-checked model for a Java-like language, virtual machine, and compiler

Gerwin Klein, Tobias Nipkow
2006 ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems  
The following aspects are formalised: a big and a small step operational semantics for Jinja and a proof of their equivalence; a type system and a definite initialisation analysis; a type safety proof  ...  of the small step semantics; a virtual machine (JVM), its operational semantics and its type system; a type safety proof for the JVM; a bytecode verifier, i.e. data flow analyser for the JVM; a correctness  ...  We also thank them and the referees for commenting on draft versions of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1146809.1146811 fatcat:v3q5knrgpbcajjbpnrcjiidl2i


James Turner, William H. Kautz
1970 Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences  
use of graphs for modeling in social sciences.  ...  This report describes the results of a comprehensive technical survey of all published Soviet literature in graph theory and its applications--more than 230 technical articles appearing up to June 1968  ...  max inum possi ble' I2 -A m, n 1 2.......erv m and ni are the delri t ls of the two lgraphsi oakng upl the union.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1749-6632.1970.tb56496.x fatcat:cbb5x22w2farrnw5sijyovn66i

Theory of Communication Networks [chapter]

Gopal Pandurangan, Maleq Khan
2009 Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook, Second Edition, Volume 2  
Instead hosts, called as peers, communicate directly and a peer can act both as a client (while requesting information) or as a server (when servicing requests for other peers).  ...  The understanding of different layers of the stack allows us to tie the theoretical and algorithmic results that will be discussed to specific functions and protocols in the Internet.  ...  Theorem 4. 3 3 In a directed acyclic graph, with any greedy scheduling and any adversarial packet generation with rate ρ = 1, a network system is stable.  ... 
doi:10.1201/9781584888215-c27 fatcat:3ha5tns5jfcaznow7avii53pze

Networks, uncertainty, applications and a crusade for optimality

Eduardo Álvarez-Miranda
2015 4OR  
In the graph G d , a subgraph T d = (V T d , A T d ) that forms a directed tree rooted at r is called a rooted Steiner arborescence.  ...  A subgraph T SA of G SA that forms a directed tree rooted at r such that for each node i in T SA there is a directed path between r and i, is called a Steiner arborescence and is a feasible solution of  ...  Construction of a Feasible Solution In the case of a single scenario, an algorithm for the Minimum Cost Flow (MCF) problem can be used to solve RND as follows: we define a directed graph having the same  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10288-015-0281-z fatcat:vpvyyvyj3nax3jjg5gqx3il44q

Minimum color‐degree perfect b ‐matchings

Mariia Anapolska, Christina Büsing, Martin Comis, Tabea Krabs
2020 Networks  
Schrader, and Graphs III (Wed 20, Room PP, 9:30-10:30) chaired by R. Cordone. Session chairs must remind speakers to load up slides on laptops, and keep the sessions on time.  ...  then possibly someone will ask a question just to fill in the horrible silence, and then other questions may follow.  ...  On the way to obtaining the kernelization algorithm, we also provide a 2-approximation algorithm for γ-matching.  ... 
doi:10.1002/net.21974 fatcat:4qgtutmxrrcy7anvxks4fivcii

Fake BTS Attacks of GSM System on Software Radio Platform

Yubo Song, Kan Zhou, Xi Chen
2012 Journal of Networks  
In the second paper, "A Graph Clustering Algorithm Providing Scalability" by Lei Huang, Jiabing Wang and Xing He, proposes a new scalable graph clustering method called APANC (Affinity Propagation And  ...  While for the illegal receivers, because a wrong secret key results in a wrong puncturing mechanism, and the Turbo decoder is sensitive to the puncturing mechanism, they will get a totally wrong decoding  ...  TORA is basically an algorithm under reactive protocols for routing data across wireless mesh networks [4] . It is an on-demand routing protocol based on a directed acyclic graph (DAG).  ... 
doi:10.4304/jnw.7.2.275-281 fatcat:3ejjimllcvewjeifopbvhl3zmi

Constraint-Based Layout-Driven Sizing of Analog Circuits

Husni Habal, Helmut Graeb
2011 IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems  
Acyclic Routing Network Graphs of Maximum Edge Number It is recalled from Section 4. 5 .2 that the vectors {R v |v ∈ V} construct vector R, and that the domain of possible values of R is dependent on  ...  The construction of χL+ v in (4.60) is dependent only on the number of graph terminals, |T v |, and not on the graph structure or edge resistances.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcad.2011.2158732 fatcat:schj7wh4fnfazepnii5cgywpfa


L.A. Zadeh
1975 Fuzzy Sets and their Applications to Cognitive and Decision Processes  
For example, "Stella is young," where young is a fuzzy subset of the real line, translates into R(Age(Stella)) = young.  ...  R(A(x)) = P, where A(x) is an implied attribute of x, R is a fuzzy restriction on x, and P is the unary fuzzy relation which is assigned to R.  ...  Morita for his valuable discussion.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-775260-0.50006-2 fatcat:zhkupyhimzcaffxqgadlfom2zq

High level synthesis of neural network chips [chapter]

Meyer E. Nigri, Philip C. Treleaven
1993 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
ENTITY bg : o r 2 g a t e USE ENTITY w o r k .o r 2 g a t e ( b e h a v i o u r ); •FOR st: 3 t o r a g e _ m o d u l e USE ENTITY w o r k . d _ f r v _ p h end_bkw _ph e u _ e n _ c n t r _ a d d e u  ...  u t p u t -> m r_ a n d _ ls b s a n d l : a n d l g a t e PORT MAP < i n p u t l -> m r _ a n d _ ls b s , i n p u t l -> p h i l , o u t p u t -> m r _ p h il a n d l : a n d l g a t e PORT MAP < i n  ...  250 /3 b 6 : o r 2 g a t e PORT MAP ( c u . t x , e u . t x , t x ) ; b 7 : o r 2 g a t e PORT MAP ( c u . r e s e t . p t r , e u . r e s e t . p t r , r e s e t . p t r ) ; b8 : o r 2 g a t e PORT MAP  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-56798-4_186 fatcat:l44fgibfd5hl7dzcnzmpk7zyqe

An Executable and Extensible Formal Semantics for UML-RT

Stefan Leue, Wei Wei
2009 Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems  
Model Driven Software Development (MDSD) uses precisely defined domain specific models that are transformed into executable code by a sequence of model transformations.  ...  It needs to be augmented by other documents and artifacts including a system-specific argumentation such as a safety case (see e.g. [RDG07]).  ...  Acknowledgement We thank the dSPACE GmbH for their support to develop the presented results and Oliver Niggemann, Joachim Stroop, Dirk Stichling and Petra Nawratil for their support in setting up and running  ... 
dblp:conf/mbees/LeueW09 fatcat:gheczjjosvd7nhftqriafseyqa

Routing in Flying Ad hoc Networks: Survey, Constraints and Future Challenge Perspectives

Omar Sami Oubbati, Mohammed Atiquzzaman, Pascal Lorenz, Md. Hasan Tareque, Md. Shohrab Hossain
2019 IEEE Access  
Moreover, several flying constraints and the highly dynamic topology of FANETs make the design of routing protocols a complicated task.  ...  A classification, descriptions, and comparative studies of an important number of existing routing protocols dedicated to FANETs are detailed.  ...  TORA creates and maintains a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) between the communicating UAVs where several routes exist between them.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2923840 fatcat:cg2767npendjrdhydislc7uixu

Paradigms and puzzles in the theory of dynamical systems

J.C. Willems
1991 IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control  
on their values, and 8, a family of f ( t f + t ) .  ...  N~~ define, for E p, s,: 2 -, by W-valued time trajectories.  ...  the input terminals of the delays defines a DAG (a directed acyclic graph). 6) Consider the aforementioned graph but with the branches from the inputs to the output of *e delays deleted.  ... 
doi:10.1109/9.73561 fatcat:m3547dn6t5gmfcma4fgfqpzyci

Statistical shape modeling in virtual assembly using PCA-technique

Björn Lindau, Lars Lindkvist, Alf Andersson, Rikard Söderberg
2013 Journal of manufacturing systems  
A special thanks to Samuel Lorin PPU at Chalmers and Carl Angervall at VCC for constructive discussions on the subject.  ...  Special thanks to Prof ElMaraghy W. for his invaluable support and supervision. Also, we would like to thank Dr ElGeddawy T. for sharing with us his expertise in manufacturing system co-evolution.  ...  All subnets must be organized in a hyper tree structure ii. A Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) must be used to represent each agent's knowledge.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jmsy.2013.02.002 fatcat:eaucg4ewmre3lefsbiihax6tza
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