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Character Recognition, Orientation, and Scale Estimation Thanks to the Fourier Mellin Transform [chapter]

Sébastien Adam, Jean Marc. Ogier, Claude Cariou, Rémy Mullot, Joël Gardes, Jacques Labiche
2000 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper, we consider the general problem of technical document interpretation, applied to the documents of the French Telephonic Operator, France Telecom.  ...  More precisely, we focus the content of this paper on the computation of a new set of features allowing the classification of multi-oriented and multi-scaled patterns.  ...  The aim of the interpretation of technical maps is to make the production of documents easier by proposing a set of stages to transform the paper map into interpreted numerical storage [1] [2] [3]  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-44522-6_49 fatcat:eq36cj3lb5fkpj2is3okn67fna

How do I do it? Speckle-tracking echocardiography

Manish Bansal, Ravi R. Kasliwal
2013 Indian Heart Journal  
The present document aims to provide the basic understanding of myocardial deformation as relevant to the application of STE and then describes the step-by-step approach to the performance, interpretation  ...  A number of echocardiographic parameters have been developed over the years to accomplish this task.  ...  The present document aims to provide the basic understanding of myocardial deformation as relevant to the application of STE and then describes the step-by-step approach to the performance, interpretation  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ihj.2012.12.004 pmid:23438628 pmcid:PMC3860973 fatcat:tw5eo4kmyfedndanvor7slj6s4

Visualizing the Planimetric Accuracy of Historical Maps with MapAnalyst

Bernhard Jenny, Adrian Weber, Lorenz Hurni
2007 Cartographica  
It also introduces isolines of equal scale and rotation, a new type of accuracy visualization. The last section interprets sample visualizations for an eighteenth century map.  ...  MapAnalyst is a new software application for the visualization and study of the planimetric accuracy of old maps.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank the following individuals and institutions: Martin Rickenbacher and swisstopo, Bern (for providing the control points and the scan for Figure 2 ); Jana  ... 
doi:10.3138/carto-v42-1-089 fatcat:agng57e6fzcbfcthqb3u7g74gm

Evaluation of Model Parameterization Through Laboratory Investigations

Roland KAITNA, Dieter RICKENMANN, Johannes HUEBL
2016 International Journal of Erosion Control Engineering  
Though a rheologic interpretation of bulk flow behavior seems feasible at the laboratory scale, extrapolation of rheologic parameters to prototype flow situation for direct use in numerical simulation  ...  We estimate parameters for the Bingham model from a suite of laboratory experiments in different setups.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT: We thank Matthias Olbort and Andreas Macho for experimental data and Friedrich Zott for technical support.  ... 
doi:10.13101/ijece.9.130 fatcat:whhpzsywjvel3klfbo6k4mo5im

Annotated bibliography of three-mode factor analysis

Pieter M. Kroonenberg
1983 British Journal of Mathematical & Statistical Psychology  
Method I is a straightforward application of the basic formulae. Method II and III are applicable to the analysis of data with one (very) large mode.  ...  In particular the available multimeasures multistage method matrix of correlations with estimated eommunalities \\as used \\ith Tucker's Method III (19666), Extensive information on and interpretation  ...  An iterative method to solve large and complex mode-Is by breaking up the total number of parameters into a number of'groups, each of which can be estimated conditional on the fixed values of the parameters  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.2044-8317.1983.tb00766.x fatcat:srlgl322snehdmbuwxy6djg54y


Andrzej Grządziela, Marcin Kluczyk
2013 Journal of KONES Powertrain and Transport  
Identified orders constitute individual characteristics as a function of changes of the rotational speed and shut-down process time.  ...  On-line systems generally monitored one or two vibration symptoms, which asses the limited and/or the critical values of parameters and they, potentially, can warn and/or shutdown engines.  ...  This causes problems with unambiguous interpretation of the results of research and the creation of a database of diagnostic symptoms.  ... 
doi:10.5604/12314005.1135323 fatcat:65l5z67izfcohaod4o2nskyybq

Techno-Economic Assessment Guidelines for CO2 Utilization

Arno W. Zimmermann, Johannes Wunderlich, Leonard Müller, Georg A. Buchner, Annika Marxen, Stavros Michailos, Katy Armstrong, Henriette Naims, Stephen McCord, Peter Styring, Volker Sick, Reinhard Schomäcker
2020 Frontiers in Energy Research  
To the best of our knowledge, this guideline is the first TEA framework with a focus on CCU technologies and the first that is designed to be conducted in parallel to LCA due to aligned vocabulary and  ...  Overall, the application of this TEA guideline aims at improved comparability of TEA studies, leading to improved decision making and more efficient allocation of funds and time resources for the research  ...  Climate-KIC) and Ted Grozier (formerly EIT Climate-KIC) as well as all participants of the co-collaboration workshops and reviewers for their fruitful discussions and feedback.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fenrg.2020.00005 fatcat:ceorw47n5fa5xns6s7jmnxg3bu

SMPTE Almanac

Michael Dolan
2019 SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal  
estimation and DCT technology to achieve high efficiency.  ...  It is intended to serve a wide variety of applications and services such as digital storage media, television broadcast, and communications … The MPEG standard is a compression standard that uses motion  ... 
doi:10.5594/jmi.2019.2910954 fatcat:jhglsezs2fdfjgdd23n7txdrwe

GFZ RL05: An Improved Time-Series of Monthly GRACE Gravity Field Solutions [chapter]

Christoph Dahle, Frank Flechtner, Christian Gruber, Daniel König, Rolf König, Grzegorz Michalak, Karl-Hans Neumayer
2013 Advanced Technologies in Earth Sciences  
In principle, both biases and scale factors are estimable parameters.  ...  This document serves as a record of the processing standards, models & parameters adopted for the generation of monthly and weekly (aligned to GPS weeks) Level-2 gravity field data products by the GRACE  ...  The same data (with appropriate definitions) is used for rotating the accelerometer data to inertial frame prior to numerical integration; for making corrections to the ranging observations due to offset  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-32135-1_4 fatcat:pspxi5efvvhzpeuckwj4ub56du

Retargeting Technical Documentation to Augmented Reality

Peter Mohr, Bernhard Kerbl, Michael Donoser, Dieter Schmalstieg, Denis Kalkofen
2015 Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI '15  
ABSTRACT We present a system which automatically transfers printed technical documentation, such as handbooks, to threedimensional Augmented Reality.  ...  The output is a fully interactive Augmented Reality application, presenting the information from the printed documentation in 3D, registered to the real object.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This work was funded by a grant from the Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies (COMET) 843272 with support from AVL List GmbH and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) under contract  ... 
doi:10.1145/2702123.2702490 dblp:conf/chi/MohrKDSK15 fatcat:rkzcbbt2ybeppmoy2x7vd6xr7a

International scientific consensus on medical plantar pressure measurement devices: technical requirements and performance

Claudia Giacomozzi, Noel Keijsers, Todd Pataky, Dieter Rosenbaum
2012 Annali dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanità  
The activity relied on a moodlebased on-line forum, documents exchange, discussions, reviews, meetings and a final survey. Results.  ...  The participation of clinical and technical researchers, users, and manufacturers, contributed to the delivery of the hereby reported recommendations which specifically regard Medical PMDs in the form  ...  Manufacturers' indications and suggestions have been taken into account only when based on a strong scientific rationale, and having general applicability.  ... 
doi:10.4415/ann_12_03_06 pmid:23007050 fatcat:62d3b7gx35dsjpeief4p3rwvdq

The current state and future of factor analysis in personality disorder research

Aidan G. C. Wright
2017 Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment  
The purpose of this article is to provide a conceptual primer on available factor analytic techniques and how they have been applied in PD research, and to highlight novel ways of using factor analysis  ...  However, misconceptions about the utility and interpretation of factor analyses abound.  ...  These include the ability to estimate method factors in EFA analyses of multiple scales from different measures, correlated residuals, and adding parameter equalities across two scientifically interesting  ... 
doi:10.1037/per0000216 pmid:28045304 pmcid:PMC5216419 fatcat:pgkvzuqorvhv3e6p2dhxpldfqi


Sergei A. Klioner, Gérard Petit, Victor A. Brumberg, Nicole Capitaine, Agnès Fienga, Toshio Fukushima, Bernard R. Guinot, Cheng Huang, Francois Mignard, Kenneth P. Seidelmann, Michael H. Soffel, Patrick T. Wallace
2008 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
To make the relativistic models consistent with each other for different observational techniques, to formulate them in the simplest possible way for a given accuracy, and to formulate them in a language  ...  In order to interpret the results of such observations, one has to construct involved relativistic models.  ...  Although a number of attempts to estimate and calculate the relativistic effects in Earth rotation have been undertaken, no consistent theory has appeared until now.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1743921308025295 fatcat:zli3h667o5cnfkbnq443pq4bji

Impact of modelling choices on setting the reference levels for the EU forest carbon sinks: how do different assumptions affect the country-specific forest reference levels?

Nicklas Forsell, Anu Korosuo, Mykola Gusti, Sebastian Rüter, Petr Havlik, Michael Obersteiner
2019 Carbon Balance and Management  
We provide a first assessment of the level of uncertainty associated with the different assumptions discussed in the technical guidance document and the LULUCF regulation, and the impact of these assumptions  ...  modelling assumptions that are consistent with the regulation and the technical guidance document published by the European Commission.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank Fulvio di Fulvio for constructive comments and discussions on how to implement the different scenario assumptions in G4M, and Giacomo Grassi for insightful  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13021-019-0125-9 pmid:31482440 pmcid:PMC7227277 fatcat:3apbmmlawbgupkntw7mz5gkyny


T. Meyer, A. Brunn, U. Stilla
2021 ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences  
Construction progress documentation is currently of great interest for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) branch and BIM (Building Information Modeling).  ...  We present an estimation model for camera pose refinement which is based on the incidence condition between model edges and corresponding image lines.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT This work was carried out within the frame of Leonhard Obermeyer Center (LOC) at Technical University of Munich (TUM).  ... 
doi:10.5194/isprs-annals-v-4-2021-105-2021 fatcat:36zekbhthza2dgxxlhlzexmhcy
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