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A Satellite-derived Heating- and Cooling-Degrees Geospatial Dataset: Results for Antwerp

Panagiotis Sismanidis, Iphigenia Keramitsolgou, Anastasia Tsontzou, Benjamin Bechtel, Stefano Barberis, Chris T. Kiranoudis
2019 Zenodo  
To take into account the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect on energy demand, the PLANHEAT software tool uses a geospatial dataset of hourly 1 km Heating and Cooling Degrees that is derived from satellite  ...  This article describes the methodology used for producing this dataset and presents the first results for the city of Antwerp in Belgium.  ...  carbon heating and cooling), Grant agreement number 723757, 2016-2019, as part of the call H2020-EE-2016-RIA-IA.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3370971 fatcat:crnzan67r5fenbi46wrfe6h3bu

Energy Potential Mapping: Open Data in Support of Urban Transition Planning

Michiel Fremouw, Annamaria Bagaini, Paolo De Pascali
2020 Energies  
The problems observed attend to two main areas: technical and socio-economic issues. Those were derived from a comparison of energy mapping tools, and the work conducted for the PLANHEAT development.  ...  Energy data are crucial for those tools. They can increase the quality and effectiveness of energy planning but also support the integration between energy and spatial planning.  ...  local authority; Velika Gorica local authority; the Regional environmental center for central and eastern Europe; Euroheat & Power; Geonardo; Artelys.  ... 
doi:10.3390/en13051264 fatcat:ggl6o5lj3bft5eaoz4sm52sqii

Urban Cross-cutting Applications Preparation (CURE Deliverable D3.1)

Dirk Lauwaet, Nektarios Chrysoulakis, Zina Mitraka, Giannis Lantzanakis, Benjamin Leutner, Mattia Marconcini, Christian Feigenwinter, Katerina Jupova, Jan Kolomaznik, Miroslav Kopecky, Tomas Soukup, Hans Hooyberghs (+5 others)
2020 Zenodo  
Preliminary results of some applications for the front-runner cities are demonstrated, where possible, and feedback is provided on the stakeholder needs, as identified in Summary of User Requirements Deliverable  ...  This document aims to describe in more detail the CURE cross-cutting applications and to summarize the preparatory activities for the individual applications development, following the first description  ...  Traffic profiles and air temperature derived heating degree days will be auxiliary parameters for EV and EB modelling.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4738970 fatcat:gaz6nryydbf6boruclrferfpli

Knowledge Extracted from Copernicus Satellite Data

Dumitru Octavian, Schwarz Gottfried, Eltoft Torbjørn, Kræmer Thomas, Wagner Penelope, Hughes Nick, Arthus David, Fleming Andrew, Koubarakis Manolis, Datcu Mihai
2019 Zenodo  
This approach is also a simple way to generate benchmarking datasets that can be used for testing and validating different algorithms, and for creating additional bigger datasets for large-scale demonstrations  ...  demonstration of regional results.  ...  new solutions for a better and safer world [2].  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3941573 fatcat:zzifwgljifck5bpjnboetsftfu

Mapping Functional Urban Green Types Using High Resolution Remote Sensing Data

Jeroen Degerickx, Martin Hermy, Ben Somers
2020 Sustainability  
In order to optimize the design and management of green spaces with regard to the provisioning of these ecosystem services, there is a clear need for uniform and spatially explicit datasets on the existing  ...  High spectral similarities, along with adjacency and shadow effects still caused severe confusion, resulting in class-wise accuracies <50% for some detailed functional types.  ...  Finally, the spectral bands were pan-sharpened in ENVI 5.2 software (Harris Geospatial Solutions) resulting in a pixel size of 0.5 m.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su12052144 fatcat:uoxllxremra5lh57vwy6ksff7y

Reproductive biology of the Sapayoa (Sapayoa aenigma), the "Old World suboscine" of the New World

Sarah A. Dzielski, Benjamin M. Van Doren, Jack P. Hruska, Justin M. Hite
2016 The AUK: A Quarterly Journal of Ornithology  
Zelenkov & A. V. Zinoviev 0900 Zinoviev, A.V. Hind limb morphology as a key for understanding avian evolution 0930 Amar, A. & Koeslag, A.  ...  Polymorphism in the Black Sparrowhawk Accipiter melanoleucus: inheritance patterns, clinal variation and potential adaptive function 1000 Gwiazda R. & Flis A.  ...  Such resource pulses can dramatically alter current and subsequent ecological conditions for a variety of organisms.  ... 
doi:10.1642/auk-16-5.1 fatcat:ki5uzue7rjbffkgkocv2cfgi4i

Anthropogenic marine debris and its dynamics across peri-urban and urban mangroves on Penang Island, Malaysia [article]

Su Yin Chee, John Barry Gallagher, Jean Chai Yee, Danielle Carey, Yusri Yusup
2019 biorxiv/medrxiv   pre-print
closer to the edge is increasingly sorted and lost to the water body in favour of smaller plastic items, for a constant wind field and irrespective of neap-spring phases.  ...  For Penang Island, the study highlights the areas in need of attention and prioritization, lists the types of debris needing proper management, and will aid in the future monitoring, mitigation and/or  ...  As a result, many new and structural formulas of degree-based topological indices for these graphs were obtained.  ... 
doi:10.1101/756106 fatcat:m6oy4besircffmdhmffppw6yra

D3.1 – State-of-the-Art and Market Analysis Report

ASSIST-IoT Consortium
2021 Zenodo  
Document with main results of SotA review and stakeholders and market analysis carried out.  ...  The fans mainly cooled the face and skull and contributed to an increase in total body heat loss by about 9%. The obtained results show that the vest has a lower cooling effect than fans.  ...  This marks a new era of broadband internet that is expected to rely on a satellite network, consisting of more than 12,000 satellites by 2023.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6705158 fatcat:xote6pjzubcvxo4aqxxbraooxi

An investigation into local air quality throughout two residential communities bisected by major highways in South Auckland, New Zealand [article]

Woodrow Jules Pattinson, University Of Canterbury
While existing studies are plentiful, the results are mixed and generally not transferable to other urban areas due to the localised nature of the built environment and meteorological influences.  ...  Characterising exposures of local residents is incredibly challenging but necessary for advancing epidemiological understandings.  ...  Should you experience any distress as a result of participating in this interview, contacts for appropriate support services are provided overleaf.  ... 
doi:10.26021/8312 fatcat:mmrrnhhz7rcfrfmbvpiglwhiri

Effects of Fuel Oil on the Geotechnical Properties of Clay Soil

Obaid Karkush, Zaineb Abdul, Kareem Student
2017 Number 8 Journal of Engineering   unpublished
The soil samples had mixed with the contaminant (MFO) by the hands and then left for 4 days for homogeneity.  ...  The results of tests showed that the medium fuel oil has significant impacts on some properties of soil and slight effects on the others.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Our special gratitude and many thanks are forwarded to the " Mayoralty of Baghdad/ Baghdad Sewage and Al-Rustamiya STP, s Office-", without their support and encouragement this work would  ... 

The Fifth International Conference on Data Analytics

Sandjai Bhulai, Ivana Semanjski
2016 Forward The Fifth International Conference on Data Analytics (DATA ANALYTICS 2016), held between October 9 and 13   unpublished
Processing of terabytes to petabytes of data, or incorporating non-structural data and multi-structured data sources and types require advanced analytics and data science mechanisms for both raw and partially-processed  ...  a series of events related to data analytics, special mechanisms and features of applying principles of data analytics, application-oriented analytics, and target-area analytics.  ...  SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.  ... 

The retail landscape, past, present and future: A geographical and morphological exploration [article]

Paul Drechsler
& Medway, 2017 Nevertheless, post office directories are still a valuable resource for this study when supplemented by more recent longitudinal datasets and geospatial mapping -providing a comprehensive  ...  Components One and Two participants, and even Component Three to a lesser degree, loaded very highly on Item 19, which stated that high streets would derive significant benefits if more people could live  ... 
doi:10.26182/5d1ade129b02c fatcat:q5c5ux2xvbgp5mczkjpbs5qwne