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A routing protocol for packet radio networks

Shree Murthy, J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves
1995 Proceedings of the 1st annual international conference on Mobile computing and networking - MobiCom '95  
We present a new distance-vector routing protocol for a packet radio network. The new distributed routing protocol, WRP, works on the notion of second-to-last hop node to a destination.  ...  The routing protocols used in multihop packet-radio networks implemented in the past [1, 2, 11] were based on shortest-path 0  ...  The rest of this paper describes a routing protocol for a packet radio network based on PFA, which we call wireless routing protocol (WRP).  ... 
doi:10.1145/215530.215560 dblp:conf/mobicom/MurthyG95 fatcat:yphjaskzbfg3tesm5umqdy4vsy

Impact of Packet Size on the Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols in Cognitive Radio Networks

Sopan Talekar, Sujatha Terdal
2020 International Journal of Computer Applications  
This paper analyses the impact of various packet size on routing protocol in cognitive radio network.  ...  Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) is a next generation of wireless communication.  ...  Routing protocol in cognitive radio network determines a route to a destination only when a CU wants to send a packet to that destination. Routes are maintained until source finish its transmission.  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2020920506 fatcat:q6ic5ocgw5bmrooudrqfx2ezqe

On Separating Route Control and Data Flows in Multi-radio Multi-hop Ad Hoc Network

J. C-P Wang, M. Abolhasan, D. R. Franklin, F. Safaei, J. Lipman
2007 IEEE International Conference on Networks : Proceedings  
Our simulation results have demonstrated that using a separate radio for routing protocol would dramatically improve reliability in heavily loaded ad hoc wireless networks, thereby effectively alleviating  ...  Our simulation results have demonstrated that using a separate radio for routing protocol would dramatically improve reliability in heavily loaded ad hoc wireless networks, thereby effectively alleviating  ...  Here, we will demonstrate that the use of a separate radio for transmitting route control packets would bring substantial improvement in terms of data delivery on a congested network.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icon.2007.4444055 dblp:conf/icon/WangAFSL07 fatcat:mkhygvxglrehdc6kwluhwx45za

Routing for multimedia traffic in wireless frequency-hop communication networks

M.B. Pursley, H.B. Russell, P.E. Staples
1999 IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications  
A new method is described for routing multimedia traffic in a frequency-hop (FH) store-and-forward packet radio network.  ...  Index Terms-Frequency hopping, least-resistance routing, packet radio network protocols, spread-spectrum radio networks.  ...  LRR is an adaptive, distributed, decentralized routing protocol for multiple-hop packet radio networks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/49.768195 fatcat:rzrssy6mnjg2ndijueob52a66y

The Performance Evaluation of AODV-based and DSR-based Multi-radio Routing Protocols in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Network

Zamree Che-aron, Aisha Hassan Abdalla, Khaizuran Abdullah
2013 Research Journal of Applied Sciences Engineering and Technology  
In Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks (CRAHNs), which operate without centralized administration, the data routing is one of the most important issues to be taken into account and requires more study.  ...  In this study, we analyze and evaluate the performance of AODV-based and DSR-based multi-radio routing protocols (AODV-MR, extended DSR and MR-LQSR) in CRAHN using simulations in NS-2.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT We would like to acknowledge the Research Management Centre (RMC) at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) for their support in this research.  ... 
doi:10.19026/rjaset.6.3944 fatcat:mll6fruepvckzn6gkws4tx3g6u

Evaluation of multi-radio extensions to AODV for wireless mesh networks

Asad Amir Pirzada, Marius Portmann, Jadwiga Indulska
2006 Proceedings of the international workshop on Mobility management and wireless access - MobiWac '06  
In this paper, we evaluate the performance of the Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol in a Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Network.  ...  We therefore believe that AODV-MR is a promising candidate for multi-radio WMNs.  ...  In this paper we have presented, for the first time, a performance evaluation of the AODV routing protocol in a multi-radio wireless mesh network.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1164783.1164791 dblp:conf/mobiwac/PirzadaPI06 fatcat:gi3fwg3j3fbx5f2fjeubijbw4m

A Border Node Based Routing Protocol for Partially Connected Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Mingliu Zhang, Richard S. Wolff
2010 Journal of Communications  
These routing protocols are designed principally for fully connected networks and are not suitable for packet delivery in a sparse, partially connected VANET.  ...  In this paper, we examine the challenges of VANETs in sparse network conditions, review alternatives including epidemic routing and propose a Border node Based Routing (BBR) protocol for partially connected  ...  As R increases, the packet delivery ratio for both routing protocols increases.  ... 
doi:10.4304/jcm.5.2.130-143 fatcat:ej2u7ou5qnecno4hwibsctkqna

Performance Comparison of Reactive Routing Protocols for Hybrid Wireless Mesh Networks

Saad Khan, Asad Amir Pirzada, Marius Portmann
2007 The 2nd International Conference on Wireless Broadband and Ultra Wideband Communications (AusWireless 2007)  
AODV is a well known routing protocol that can discover routes on-the-fly in a mobile environment.  ...  The protocol is highly scalable and can support thousands of nodes making it an ideal protocol for wireless mesh networks.  ...  AODV-ST AODV-ST [9] is a hybrid routing protocol developed specifically for infrastructure mesh networks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/auswireless.2007.55 fatcat:qeldcze2sja4bijwvkqqtlzf7y

Impact of lower layers for the development of routing protocols for large-scale wireless sensor networks

Gustavo W. Denardin, Carlos H. Barriquello, Vinicius P. Borin, Alexandre Campos, Ricardo N. do Prado
2010 2010 9th IEEE/IAS International Conference on Industry Applications - INDUSCON 2010  
Based on this analysis we propose methodologies to be adopted for the development of routing protocols in these scenarios.  ...  Abstract⎯ This paper presents an analysis of relevant aspects of the physical and media access control protocol layers for large scale wireless sensor networks compliant with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors thank CAPES and National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) to the financial support for this research.  ... 
doi:10.1109/induscon.2010.5739895 fatcat:gez3gppyr5eevcqus3oqvth6ji

Performance Optimization of Ad Hoc on Demand Vector Routing Protocol in Cognitive Radio Network

Shruti Singh Roy, P. L. Zade
2018 International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies  
In this paper, we have projected proficient routing solution by the maintenance of the link for AOMDV protocol for cognitive radio ad hoc Network. We have used ns2 Simulator for simulations.  ...  The link maintenance makes the system more efficient that is evaluated by simulation and comparing it with a classical routing protocol.  ...  Here we conclude that improved AOMDV routing protocol works better for this designed cognitive radio network in terms of calculated performance parameters. Fig 1.  ... 
doi:10.5815/ijwmt.2018.03.03 fatcat:2w7jp4ziondenigkzruqmf6v4i

Spectrum and Delay Efficient Routing Protocol for Mobile Cognitive Ad-Hoc Networks

2020 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
A delay minimized routing protocol is proposed for minimum delay route selection between the source and destination, which is improved version of AODV.  ...  Therefore, routing in cognitive networks is a challenge and a challenge in mobile cognitive networks because of node mobility, the primary user interface, and the lack of spectrum.  ...  RELATED WORK A. The Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks (ROPCORN) The ROPCORN protocol is an on-demand routing protocol designed to transport data across CRNs using link modeling.  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijrte.e5998.018520 fatcat:hwwmgu3hg5dlja2ghrr6vwallu

CRCN CORMEN — An on demand opportunistic routing protocol for mobile cognitive radio ad hoc networks

S. Selvakanmani, M. Sumathi
2014 Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Computer Communication and Systems ICCCS14  
In Cognitive Radio ad hoc Networks (CRAHNs) a challenging problem is to design the routing metric and also to reduce the packet drop.  ...  A group of devices, which follows this technology, forms a temporary network called mobile cognitive radio ad hoc networks.  ...  By using a source routing protocol, transmits the data packet to the destination. This protocol works well in the Mobile ad hoc networks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icccs.2014.7068204 fatcat:kwyyv3ydezdhrgjyffxkqqkxnu

Overview of Wireless Mesh Networks

Salah A. Alabady, M. F. M. Salleh
2013 Journal of Communications  
Finally, a list of directions for further research is considered.  Index Terms-Wireless mesh networks, multi-cast multi-radio multi-channel, medium access control, routing protocols, channel assignment  ...  This paper presents a review the fundamental concept types of medium access control (MAC) layer, routing protocols, cross-layer and network coding for wireless mesh networks.  ...  ROUTING PROTOCOLS FOR WIRELESS MESH NETWORKS  ... 
doi:10.12720/jcm.8.9.586-599 fatcat:5cpczthwt5h23eb2fvnbeozxmi

Multi-Linked AODV Routing Protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks

Asad Amir Pirzada, Ryan Wishart, Marius Portmann
2007 IEEE GLOBECOM 2007-2007 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference  
As demonstrated via extensive simulations, Multi-Link AODV (AODV-ML) achieves a more than 100% improvement over standard multi-radio AODV in terms of key performance metrics such as packet delivery ratio  ...  In this paper, we present extensions to the well known Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol with the aim to discover and exploit multiple links in Wireless Mesh Networks.  ...  The standard AODV protocol was originally developed for single-radio nodes in a wireless ad-hoc network. However, later on the protocol was modified to support nodes having multiple radios.  ... 
doi:10.1109/glocom.2007.934 dblp:conf/globecom/PirzadaWP07 fatcat:k6a7ynwa5fdvnlmdpxlaca2ppy

On-demand routing protocols for cognitive radio ad hoc networks

Shelly Salim, Sangman Moh
2013 EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking  
Cognitive radio ad hoc networks (CRAHNs) are a class of cognitive radio networks. In recent years, they have gained popularity, and routing protocols have been proposed.  ...  In this paper, we review the on-demand routing protocols applicable for CRAHNs, which are based on AODV, DSR, and hybrid protocols.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors wish to thank the editor and anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments on this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1687-1499-2013-102 fatcat:4zek3av3mrahjlsqq3tbthgypy
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