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E. Hopper, B. C. H. Turton
2012 Artificial Intelligence Review  
This paper is a review of the approaches developed to solve 2D packing problems with meta-heuristic algorithms.  ...  The objective of this paper is to present and categorise the solution approaches in the literature for 2D regular and irregular strip packing problems.  ...  This paper reviews the application of meta-heuristic methods to 2D regular and irregular strip packing. Particular emphasis is put on solutions involving genetic algorithms.  ... 
doi:10.1023/a:1012590107280 fatcat:4mrfcgnyhbfgdghm3yys3zrnzm


V Mancapa, TI Van Niekerk, T Hua
2009 South African Journal of Industrial Engineering  
A general solution encoding scheme, which is used to encode two dimensional strip packing problems, is also introduced in this study.  ...  A novel placement heuristic, hybridised with a genetic algorithm, is presented in this paper.  ...  A review of the application of meta-heuristic algorithms to 2D strip packing problems. Artificial Intelligence Review 16, pp. 257-300. Soke, A. and Bingul, Z. 2006.  ... 
doi:10.7166/20-2-766 fatcat:webvbfwhincxtdo32md3injg6y

A Constructive Heuristic for Two-Dimensional Bin Packing

Bo Han Wang, Jia Min Liu, Yong Yue, Malcolm Keech
2013 Advanced Materials Research  
Two-dimensional bin packing is encountered in various applications where small rectangular items are packed into a minimum number of large rectangular objects (bins).  ...  Aiming at an optimal area utilization, the paper presents an effective constructive heuristic approach to two-dimensional bin packing.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors would like to thank the participants and the anonymous reviewers for their comments and feedback.  ... 
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:ot644u7lhrbxpa5pnkp76cim64

A Reinforced Tabu Search Approach for 2D Strip Packing

Giglia Gómez-Villouta, Jean-Philippe Hamiez, Jin-Kao Hao
2010 International Journal of Applied Metaheuristic Computing  
This paper deals with a particular "packing" problem, namely the two dimensional strip packing problem, where a finite set of objects have to be located in a strip of fixed width and infinite height.  ...  The objective is to minimize the height of the resulting packing. For this problem, we present a local search algorithm based on the well-known tabu search metaheuristic.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank the reviewers of the paper for their comments.  ... 
doi:10.4018/jamc.2010070102 fatcat:yag67qqlvvfr7e6cootkmnstxi

Contrasting meta-learning and hyper-heuristic research: the role of evolutionary algorithms

Gisele L. Pappa, Gabriela Ochoa, Matthew R. Hyde, Alex A. Freitas, John Woodward, Jerry Swan
2013 Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines  
This discussion focuses on the dimensions of the problem space, the algorithm space and the performance measure, as well as clarifying important issues related to different levels of automation and generality  ...  It is important to emphasize that this paper is not a survey, as several surveys on the areas of meta-learning and hyper-heuristics (separately) have been previously published.  ...  In contrast with the work just described, [19] uses a hyper-heuristic to generate heuristics for the regular 2D strip packing problem.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10710-013-9186-9 fatcat:rxkljeappbea5m6bjmwahuqf24

Design of efficient packing system using genetic algorithm based on hyper heuristic approach

Jaya Thomas, Narendra S. Chaudhari
2014 Advances in Engineering Software  
The paper contributes to the literature by introducing a new search technique where genetic algorithm is coupled with the hyper heuristic to get the optimal or sub optimal solution at an acceptable rate  ...  In this paper, we propose a new hyper heuristic approach which automates the design process for packing of two dimensional rectangular blocks.  ...  The meta heuristic approaches like genetic algorithm (GA), stimulation annealing, etc. are used to solve the strip packing problem.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.advengsoft.2014.03.003 fatcat:xcgidysyabeyxd6uhntfqcf63q

A constructive heuristic for the two-dimensional bin packing based on value correction

Yi Yao, Chaoan Lai, Yaodong Cui
2017 International journal of computer applications in technology  
A heuristic approach for two-dimensional bin packing problems with guillotine-cut constraint is proposed to minimise bin usage by maximising space efficiency given fixed dimensions.  ...  Three effective concepts are combined into a single coherent heuristic: (1) higher value and packing priority is assigned to items considered more difficult to pack into residual spaces; (2) packing spaces  ...  Acknowledgement Research originates from projects (71371058 and 61363026) supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijcat.2017.082263 fatcat:nte23p5fb5fo3mimnmcjytzcqm

A survey and comparison of guillotine heuristics for the 2D oriented offline strip packing problem

N. Ntene, J.H. van Vuuren
2009 Discrete Optimization  
An overview and comparison is provided of a number of heuristics from the literature for the two-dimensional strip packing problem in which rectangles have to be packed without rotation.  ...  Heuristics producing only guillotine packings are considered. A new heuristic is also introduced and a number of modifications are suggested to the existing heuristics.  ...  The two anonymous referees are also thanked for their valuable suggestions with respect to improvement of the paper presentation.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.disopt.2008.11.002 fatcat:36vdu2bou5hbtgnc6nidf2bgwy

An Effective Discrete Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm for Solving the Packing Problem

Peng Wang, Yunqing Rao, Qiang Luo
2020 IEEE Access  
INDEX TERMS Packing problem, discrete grey wolf optimization, swarm intelligence, meta-heuristic algorithm.  ...  This article proposes a novel discrete grey wolf optimization for the packing problem, called the two-dimensional strip packing (2DSP) problem without guillotine constraint.  ...  Hopper and Turton [15] attempted to employ a genetic algorithm (GA) hybridized with BL to solve the 2D industrial packing problem.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3004380 fatcat:bbta2ag4svddxjupapnktierfy

A hybrid heuristic algorithm for the 2D variable-sized bin packing problem

Shaohui Hong, Defu Zhang, Hoong Chuin Lau, XiangXiang Zeng, Yain-Whar Si
2014 European Journal of Operational Research  
A mixed bin packing algorithm (MixPacking) which combines a heuristic packing algorithm with the Best Fit algorithm is proposed to solve the single bin problem, and then a backtracking algorithm which  ...  Section 3 presents a hybrid heuristic algorithm named HHA to continuously improve the solution of BTVS. In Section 4, various benchmark problems are used to examine the effectiveness of HHA.  ...  Acknowledgments This work has been supported by the National Nature Science Foundation of China (jointly by Grant No. 61272003) and the Project Sponsored by the Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2014.03.049 fatcat:lpebii3n6ngvto5imanbg56374

A global search framework for practical three-dimensional packing with variable carton orientations

Yaohua He, Yong Wu, Robert de Souza
2012 Computers & Operations Research  
Applying the proposed algorithms to some benchmarking cases of the three-dimensional strip packing problem also indicates that the algorithms are robust and effective compared to existing methods in the  ...  This article aims to tackle a practical three-dimensional packing problem, where a number of cartons of diverse sizes are to be packed into a bin with fixed length and width but open height.  ...  Acknowledgement The authors would like to acknowledge Emerson Singapore Distribution Center for providing the operational packing data, and give our special thanks to Mr. Jack Wong and Mr.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cor.2011.12.007 fatcat:ezf2upjtg5hvhpkjwp54tifidy

Volumetric Optimization of Freight Cargo Loading: Case Study of a SME Forwarder [article]

Tristan Lim, Michael Ser, Mark Goh, Jacelyn Tan
2020 Figshare  
Through a proposed mathematical model and GA heuristic, the case company can potentially save up to S$567K per annum.Value: By using a simple GA and incorporating a visually appealing user interface, we  ...  We apply Genetic Algorithm (GA) to undertake volumetric optimization of truck capacity and to build an easy-to-use platform to help determine potential costing savings that can be attained, and whether  ...  LITERATURE REVIEW The bin packing problem which refers to orthogonally packing a fixed number of crates into finite sized bins using the least number of bins (Martello et al., 2000) .  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.12472028.v1 fatcat:dzwlhhdz2bdq5kuxz2dhhfqkam

Algorithm for 2D irregular-shaped nesting problem based on the NFP algorithm and lowest-gravity-center principle

Hu-yao Liu, Yuan-jun He
2006 Journal of Zhejiang University: Science A  
The nesting problem involves arranging pieces on a plate to maximize use of material. A new scheme for 2D irregular-shaped nesting problem is proposed.  ...  The novel placement principle is to place a piece to the position with lowest gravity center based on NFP. In addition, genetic algorithm (GA) is adopted to find an efficient nesting sequence.  ...  Hence to get an approximate solution, some heuristic and meta-heuristic nesting algorithms were proposed.  ... 
doi:10.1631/jzus.2006.a0570 fatcat:rq2u5mmuozcxzlyjtpgkxwndoe


Hiroyuki Okano
2002 Journal of the Operations Research Society of Japan  
AbstTttct This paper describes a heuristic algorithm for the two-climensional free-form bin packing (2D-FBP) problem, which is also called the irregular cutting and packing, or nesting problem.  ...  Given a set of 2D free-fbrm bins, which in practice may be plate materials, and a set of 2D free-fbrm items, which in practice may be p]ate parts to be cut out of the materials, the 2D-FBP problem is to  ...  Acknowledgment The author would like to thank the anonymous editors and referees fbr their valuable comments on the original version of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.15807/jorsj.45.145 fatcat:nm265am5bbbxxfzypcpknnuyau

An anytime tree search algorithm for two-dimensional two- and three-staged guillotine packing problems [article]

Florian Fontan, Luc Libralesso
2020 arXiv   pre-print
on a large variety of Cutting and Packing problems from the literature.  ...  We adapted the algorithm for two-dimensional Bin Packing, Multiple Knapsack, and Strip Packing Problems, with two- or three-staged exact or non-exact guillotine cuts, the orientation of the first cut being  ...  To highlight a bit more the contribution of our algorithm for Strip Packing Problems, we provide a comparison of the solutions from Lodi et al. (2004) and from Cui et al. (2017) for 2NEGH-SPP-O with the  ... 
arXiv:2004.02603v2 fatcat:2jq3glvgqbbsdk63i5lflrrf3q
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