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A Relatively Complete Calculus for Structured Heterogeneous Specifications [chapter]

Till Mossakowski, Andrzej Tarlecki
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We develop a relatively complete calculus for structured heterogeneous specifications that does not need interpolation.  ...  Proof calculi for structured specifications have been developed independently of the underlying logical system (formalised as institution).  ...  ) compatibility conditions that make the completeness of the resulting calculus for structured heterogeneous specifications achievable.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-54830-7_29 fatcat:3lv3kuk2o5ci3pysqutngdywdi

A Large Jackstone Calculus Incidentally Detected on CT Examination: A Case Report With Literature Review

Barbara Brogna, Federica Flammia, Francesco Ciriaco Flammia, Ugo Flammia
2018 World Journal of Nephrology and Urology  
A rare case of Jackstone calculus in the bladder that was incidentally detected on a computed tomography (CT) examination in a patient with non-specific abdominal pain is described.  ...  Jackstone calculus represents a rare entity characterized by a central dense core with peripheral projections that resembles a children's toy.  ...  Relatives stated that the man had suffered from benign prostatic hypertrophy for many years and that there was also a history of chronic renal failure and diverticulosis.  ... 
doi:10.14740/wjnu372 fatcat:jgdn6lij7bdo7dnrrye7dutbvm

Heterogeneous Development Graphs and Heterogeneous Borrowing [chapter]

Till Mossakowski
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
" its calculus for the heterogeneous language.  ...  Development graphs are a tool for dealing with structured specifications in a formal program development in order to ease the management of change and reusing proofs.  ...  Acknowledgments This work came out of both a cooperation with Andrzej Tarlecki on the semantic aspects and with Serge Autexier and Dieter Hutter on the proof theoretic aspects of specifications.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45931-6_23 fatcat:i6gfn65dfzacrbiuezalt36epu

A framework for specifying and verifying the behaviour of open systems

Andrea Bracciali, Antonio Brogi, Franco Turini
2005 The Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming  
Traditionally, process algebras have often been proposed as a useful paradigm for the specification and analysis of the above mentioned behavioural properties.  ...  We therefore present the IP-calculus, by adapting the π-calculus process algebra in order to suitably model the autonomous behaviour of, possibly heterogeneous, components within open systems.  ...  Acknowledgements We would like to thank the anonymous referees for their valuable suggestions that have contributed to improve the paper.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jlap.2004.05.004 fatcat:dfpvdsdftndpflvzevf4qwmvge

Linear Logic Properly Displayed [article]

Giuseppe Greco, Alessandra Palmigiano
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Based on the same design, we introduce a variant of Lambek calculus with exponentials, aimed at capturing the controlled application of exchange and associativity.  ...  We introduce proper display calculi for intuitionistic, bi-intuitionistic and classical linear logics with exponentials, which are sound, complete, conservative, and enjoy cut-elimination and subformula  ...  relative to these connectives are sound.  ... 
arXiv:1611.04181v1 fatcat:hdhlj5elvnfrzf6xuy7egi6yqy

Multi-type display calculus for propositional dynamic logic

Sabine Frittella, Giuseppe Greco, Alexander Kurz, Alessandra Palmigiano
2014 Journal of Logic and Computation  
We introduce a multi-type display calculus for Propositional Dynamic Logic (PDL). This calculus is complete w.r.t. PDL, and enjoys Belnap-style cut-elimination and subformula property.  ...  In the specific case of PDL, the main hurdle lies in the encoding of the induction axiom into a structural rule.  ...  Completeness In the present section, we discuss the completeness of the Dynamic Calculus for PDL w.r.t. the semantics of Section 4. We show that the translation (cf.  ... 
doi:10.1093/logcom/exu064 fatcat:7vald7dizzbsllnritqztnpita

General Transportability – Synthesizing Observations and Experiments from Heterogeneous Domains

Sanghack Lee, Juan Correa, Elias Bareinboim
Finally, we prove that do-calculus (Pearl 1995) is complete for this task, i.e., the inexistence of a do-calculus derivation implies the impossibility of constructing the targeted causal explanation.  ...  Specifically, we introduce a unified graphical criterion that characterizes the conditions under which conditional causal effects can be uniquely determined from the disparate data collections.  ...  Further, we proved that Pearl's do-calculus is complete for this task (Cor. 3), which means that the inexistence of a derivation in this language implies that the intended causal explanation cannot be  ... 
doi:10.1609/aaai.v34i06.6582 fatcat:f7mkk52nozf4npjht57yorcgjy

Causal Inference and Data Fusion in Econometrics [article]

Paul Hünermund
2021 arXiv   pre-print
surrogate experiments with imperfect compliance, and causal knowledge has to be extrapolated across structurally heterogeneous populations.  ...  Second, due to their origin in AI, they come together with sound, efficient, and complete algorithmic criteria for automatization of the corresponding identification task.  ...  To this end, Bareinboim and Pearl (2013a) develop a complete algorithm, which takes the selection Figure 10 : Selection diagrams relative to two heterogeneous source domains π a and π b .  ... 
arXiv:1912.09104v3 fatcat:dlnkjghgnneyxcnckp5bqs2yge

Logical Aspects Regarding the Conception of Intelligent Systems

Vasile Mazilescu
2016 Risk in Contemporary Economy  
The management architectures based on symbolic techniques acquire characteristics specific to the domain problem and to the type of intelligent system based on a management knowledge structure.  ...  There is no science for the design of real-time systems. This means that a scientific approach of them is still not possible. Real-time calculus is the equivalent of a rapid calculus.  ...  It is actually impossible for a real-time system based on symbolic AI techniques to completely process all the information at a given moment and to choose a convenient type of reasoning, and to also respect  ... 
doaj:0b4fa2a5280a41b59298d95402f86fcf fatcat:h36vcrgaqrcnba5sqitty346pe

Semi De Morgan Logic Properly Displayed

Giuseppe Greco, Fei Liang, M. Andrew Moshier, Alessandra Palmigiano
2020 Studia Logica: An International Journal for Symbolic Logic  
structural rules to the basic calculus while guaranteeing the uniform proof of soundness, completeness (relative to the appropriate semantic classes), conservativity, cut elimination and subformula property  ...  Because of these nonstandard rules, this calculus violates the standard subformula property (see also [21] on this specific point).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11225-020-09898-y fatcat:pw6i6s4ltzbitc6eowfkil33gm

Formalizing Homogeneous Language Embeddings

Tony Clark, Laurence Tratt
2010 Electronical Notes in Theoretical Computer Science  
The cost of implementing syntactically distinct Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) can be reduced by homogeneously embedding them in a host language in cooperation with its compiler.  ...  In this paper we present the µ-calculus which allows parameterisable language embeddings to be specified and analysed.  ...  We showed that it is sufficiently expressive that it can be used to add new language features to itself in a coherent fashion.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.entcs.2010.08.033 fatcat:dwaws53ym5hqlbtgbbgxisn76i

Page 2260 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 83f [page]

1983 Mathematical Reviews  
Of the two examples presented of heterogeneous algebras, automata and structured data types, the first can usually be found in applied algebra courses whereas the second one became extremely popular among  ...  From the initial definition of a vector, the usual topics of vector algebra and vector calculus are dealt with, and it is pointed out that for many purposes, the properties of three space vectors can be  ... 

Multi-type display calculus for dynamic epistemic logic

Sabine Frittella, Giuseppe Greco, Alexander Kurz, Alessandra Palmigiano, Vlasta Sikimić
2014 Journal of Logic and Computation  
In the present paper, we introduce a multi-type display calculus for dynamic epistemic logic, which we refer to as Dynamic Calculus.  ...  The presence of types endows the language of the Dynamic Calculus with additional expressivity, allows for a smooth proof-theoretic treatment, and paves the way towards a general methodology for the design  ...  A single-type display calculus for EAK In [15] , a display calculus is introduced for EAK, which is shown to be sound w.r.t. the final coalgebra semantics, syntactically complete w.r.t.  ... 
doi:10.1093/logcom/exu068 fatcat:ulrfcu626rgpdmenrqv7alsa4y

A rare case of atypical hemangioma showing centrifugal enhancement

Abhay Kumar Kapoor
2014 Tropical gastrology  
As there were extensive deep burns with complete mucosal denudation and stricture formation, the patient needed dilatation sessions with Savary Gillard dilators every week in order to maintain nutrition  ...  Following corticosteroid therapy, the patient felt better and the intervals between the dilatation sessions lengthened from one week to a fortnight.  ...  structural composition of the lesions.  ... 
doi:10.7869/tg.164 fatcat:bodlce2r7beb7aubikmisec4my

A Logic for Multi-domain Authorization Considering Administrators

Zeinab Iranmanesh, Morteza Amini, Rasool Jalili
2008 2008 IEEE Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks  
The presented logic is based on modal logic and utilizes two calculi named the calculus of administrators and the calculus of administrative domains. A case study of the logic usage is presented.  ...  Proposed logic-based models for multi-domain environments' authorization neither consider an administrator as the legislator of a policy in policies' representation nor specify the domain of a policy explicitly  ...  Some ideas have been presented to specify a relatively complete set of useful authorization scenarios when respecting decidability [16, 18] . Li, et al.  ... 
doi:10.1109/policy.2008.23 dblp:conf/policy/IranmaneshAJ08 fatcat:76w6kil6sjapdklbsgm47gplai
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