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Geospatial boundary dynamics GEOSPATIAL BOUNDARY DYNAMICS

Emily White, Emily White, Kathleen Stewart, David Bennett, George, Malanson, Eric Tate, Kang, Zhao
2016 unpublished
An integrated qualitative and boundary-based formal model for a semantic representation of trajectories. with these boundaries.  ...  Different qualitative representations of movement have been proposed. The Qualitative Trajectory Calculus models the change in distance between a pair of moving (Van de Weghe et al. 2006 .  ...  Relations between a moving hazard and a region; based on .  ... 

Exploring Identity Change and Communities of Practice among Long Term Home Educating Parents

Leslie Safran
Home education, defined in this study as the full-time education of children in and around the home by their committed parents or guardians, is a growing educational option in both the US and the UK.  ...  A theoretical framework which deals with changes both with regard to learning and identity is Wenger's (1998) Community of Practice which analyses learning through practice in a social setting and connects  ...  Those communities of practice with members who are not in close geogaphic pro, -dmity will have a much harder time surviving.  ... 
doi:10.21954/ fatcat:5qyhvzedgfh6fnf246k7hyfd64