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Pathology of E-commerce with an Approach to Information Technology (A Case Study: Knauf Iran Company)

Abbas Toloie- Eshlaghy, Alireza Poorebrahimi, Azam Farmanara
2011 Computer and Information Science  
Entity infrastructures-managerial organization, Supportive entities, Development in administrative entities related to e-commerce, such as electronic training, electronic health, electronic safety and  ...  Therefore, customers of the company cannot place online orders for the time being. References Asgharpour. MJ. (2003) . Group decision making and game theory with the attitude of Operations Research.  ...  She has concluded that developing electronic payment systems is a must for entering Iran into the global e-commerce arena.  ... 
doi:10.5539/cis.v4n3p184 fatcat:bddbl45f6rdmjdyfjvl35dw7di

Reference Model For The Implementation Of An E-Commerce Solution In Peruvian Smes In The Retail Sector

Julio Kauss, Miguel Cadillo, David Mauricio
2018 Zenodo  
In this work, a reference model is proposed for the implementation of an e-commerce solution in Peruvian SMEs in the retail sector.  ...  In Peru, the electronic commerce is used infrequently.  ...  Finally, a conclusion and recommendations for companies wishing to implement electronic commerce are given. II.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1316359 fatcat:5rju455ayzewrm2hcvlysyh3pu

A Framework for Assessing E-Commerce in Sub-Saharan Africa

Chitu Okoli, Victor A. W. Mbarika
2003 Journal of Global Information Technology Management  
This paper presents a research framework for assessing electronic commerce in Sub-Saharan Africa.  ...  Although still at its starting stages, electronic commerce is one of the growth areas for information and communication technologies (ICTs) in Africa.  ...  CONCLUSION This paper presents a framework for assessing electronic commerce in Sub-Saharan Africa, a very under-researched part of the world, often referred to as the "forgotten continent".  ... 
doi:10.1080/1097198x.2003.10856355 fatcat:sywadokrbrcl3oqpiwvutqlrli

Analysis on the Development of Rural Electronic Commerce from the Perspective of Sociology

2018 DEStech Transactions on Social Science Education and Human Science  
Rural electronic commerce is a new thing in the process of social development, and it contains the great strategic opportunity and broad development space.  ...  the development of rural electronic commerce in china.  ...  And because the overall development level of current rural areas is far behind that of the city, which makes it difficult for a large number of electronic commerce college graduates and experienced electronic  ... 
doi:10.12783/dtssehs/adess2017/17873 fatcat:jej6pbvbdjbpfaifl276ilm7pe

The effect of obstructions in the e-commerce in electronic commerce applications: evidence from the Jordan business sector

Kulthoom Mansour Al-ghananeem
2021 Global Journal of Economics and Business  
The study aimed to find out the electronic and the impact of trade obstacles in e-commerce applications in the Jordanian business sector, the concept of electronic commerce obstacles in the business sector  ...  The most important outputs of the study are a direct impact of the obstacles to e-commerce in e-commerce applications in organizations, and found the most effective human resources obstacles followed by  ...  The regression coefficient (β=0.371) refers to the direct impact for technical and technological to The Obstacles to Electronic Commerce Standards is a significant effect, where the value of t when this  ... 
doi:10.31559/gjeb2021.10.2.16 doaj:d548d0337a104ca9a466b66956b3e701 fatcat:x34cgautbvdjxio2xkuwwybk3q

A review for mobile commerce research and applications

E.W.T. Ngai, A. Gunasekaran
2007 Decision Support Systems  
A comprehensive list of references is presented.  ...  Although a large volume of literature is available on mobile commerce (m-commerce), the topic is still under development and offers potential opportunities for further research and applications.  ...  The authors are grateful for the constructive comments of the referees on earlier versions of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.dss.2005.05.003 fatcat:pivxdrd3pjesbdzr4wyp6dtk3m

A Study of Indicator System for Evaluating Regional E-commerce Sustainable Development Capacity

Ji-guo ZHANG, Xin-yu NIE, Yu-qin LIN
2017 DEStech Transactions on Social Science Education and Human Science  
A method to evaluate regional e-commerce sustainable development capacity is given in this paper. The connotation of the sustainable development and internal and external factors were analyzed.  ...  This article mainly focuses on theoretical research and empirical analysis to a particular area is expected in future.  ...  Infrastructure can mainly reflect basic situation of developing electronic commerce, including computer scale, mobile phone penetration rate, level of regional logistics industry and financial electronic  ... 
doi:10.12783/dtssehs/seme2016/5456 fatcat:z4bcskfonre5refbybxabsy6fq

Considerations Of Public Key Infrastructure (Pki), Functioning As A Chain Of Trust In Electronic Payments Systems

Theodosios Tsiakis, George Stephanides, George Pekos
2008 Zenodo  
The establishment of an electronic business mechanism must be accompanied by a digital – electronic payment system to transfer the value of transactions.  ...  The paper addresses the possibilities and the implementation suggestions of PKI in relevance to electronic payments by suggesting a framework that should be followed.  ...  Reference [25] report that it is not clear what value a PKI brings in electronic commerce.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1084605 fatcat:ndubi5q7zngrtjqimd7sctvfo4

The Analysis of the Logistics Mode Decision to E-Commerce

Xiao Xiao, Yu Liu, Zhenji Zhang
2012 Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations  
Therefore, for portals, manufacturers, retailers, and logistics companies in E-commerce, the primary problem is the choice of a logistics mode.  ...  To B2C, this paper uses the logistics mode decision of Jingdong to find a solution for the choice of logistics mode in E-commerce and verifies the feasibility of AHP on such solution.  ...  The infrastructure is out of date and the electronization of logistics is still in primary stage, they cannot fulfill the demand for a growing electronic business. 2.  ... 
doi:10.4018/jeco.2012100105 fatcat:xta3m4ydszadze4xrjxk5jzeku

The development of e-commerce infrastructure in modern conditions

Akhmetova Zaures, Baimukhanbetova Elmira, Belgozhakyzy Moldir, Alikbaeva Ainur, Tulebaeva Nazym, S. Ziyadin, A. Shaikh, R. Dinis de Sousa, A. Borodin, A. Mottaeva
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
The study also examines the trend and prospects for the development of electronic commerce in Kazakhstan. The dynamics of foreign countries is shown.  ...  It is proved that for the application of effective methods of e-commerce development it begins with the construction of its infrastructure, which contains factors affecting the development of this industry  ...  The need to develop an e-commerce infrastructure requires a completely new format for the sales method and maximum satisfaction of consumer needs.  ... 
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202015904028 fatcat:nuvarjazynbjzd45jnigyo77va

The Impact of Technology and Communication Infrastructure on Development of e-Commerce in Iran

Mehdi Sarokolaei
2012 International Journal of e-Education, e-Business, e-Management and e-Learning  
The aim of this research is to identify the needed infrastructure for e-commerce and dealing with technology and communication infrastructure particularly.  ...  The findings resulted from this research showed that there is a meaningful relationship between technology and communication factors and e-commerce.  ...  of electronic banking infrastructure is effective in creation and development of ecommerce in Iran. 9-The lack of the maintaining data center for internet networks is effective in creation and development  ... 
doi:10.7763/ijeeee.2012.v2.101 fatcat:e7cj6k3tivb3rfmdeumghadwk4

"E-Commerce and Development": Whose development?

Mayuri Odedra-Straub
2003 Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries  
The Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries,  ...  This paragraph alone raises a number of questions (not doubting the benefits of e-commerce): What kind of "opportunities for growth" does the Report refer to?  ...  For the majority of DCs whose main exports are horticultural produce, minerals or garments for instance, e-commerce is at the moment of little concern, even where the infrastructures are not a hindrance  ... 
doi:10.1002/j.1681-4835.2003.tb00065.x fatcat:w52ypmkhmreh3kw7zho6ehxawm

The Interaction of Foreign Direct Investment with Electronic Commerce in Less Developed Countries

Guilherme Pires, John Stanton, Ioannis-Dionysios Salavrakos
2010 Forum for Social Economics  
This paper argues that the international growth of e-commerce (whether business-business, business-consumer or consumer-business) can increase a critical technology infrastructure gap that disadvantages  ...  and incentives offered to the various types of FDI infrastructure.  ...  ICT infrastructure can be seen as a necessary but not sufficient condition for e-commerce takeoff.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12143-008-9021-x fatcat:vwjgse3iorhsjdbqxw5casba7i

The Impact Of E-Commerce On Business Concern

S.Kamalakannan, CS.Edhayavarman
2018 Zenodo  
The said research paper involves a study of the impact of E-Commerce on Business.  ...  The integration of E-Commerce and Business will bring a renaissance in marketing function.  ...  Electronic commerce or e-commerce refers to a wide range of online business activities for products and services.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1461349 fatcat:x2mryteuzbafhnrl53fmrmacca

Conceptual evaluation e-commerce, objectives and the necessary infrastructure

M. Khodadadi, M. Jouzbarkand, F. Sameni Keivani
2011 2011 5th International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies (AICT)  
The main purpose of this article, is familiar with the concepts of electronic commerce, This expression is the first e-commerce history, components and stages of its formation Is presented and the factors  ...  E-commerce due to the speed, efficiency, cost savings, ease of communication, facilitate access to global markets, has opened a new arena in the world economy As far as is known Behind this new economic  ...  Electronic commerce refers to the process of buying, selling, transferring or exchanging products, services or information via computer networks including the Internet.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icaict.2011.6110887 fatcat:mtagoogczjfk5ob4imq36mxeqq
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