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Multidrug Resistance (MDR) and Collateral Sensitivity in Bacteria, with Special Attention to Genetic and Evolutionary Aspects and to the Perspectives of Antimicrobial Peptides—A Review

András Fodor, Birhan Addisie Abate, Péter Deák, László Fodor, Ervin Gyenge, Michael G. Klein, Zsuzsanna Koncz, Josephat Muvevi, László Ötvös, Gyöngyi Székely, Dávid Vozik, László Makrai
2020 Pathogens  
The appearance of new antibiotic resistance is frequently accompanied by a collateral sensitivity to other resistances.  ...  The integron trade in commensal niches is fortunately limited by the species-specificity of resistance genes.  ...  They found that the death of V583 resulted from lethal crosstalk between accumulated mobile elements, and that this crosstalk was induced by a heptapeptide pheromone produced by native Ent. faecalis present  ... 
doi:10.3390/pathogens9070522 pmid:32610480 pmcid:PMC7399985 fatcat:pxldfhomgbdc7fopmcmj753l7e

The State of the Union Is Strong: a Review of ASM's 6th Conference on Cell-Cell Communication in Bacteria

Sam P. Brown, Helen E. Blackwell, Brian K. Hammer, George O'Toole
2018 Journal of Bacteriology  
In this minireview, we highlight some of the research presented at that meeting that addresses central questions emerging in the field, including the following questions.  ...  We appreciate the assistance provided by Rosie Alegado, James Boedicker, Ilka Bischofs, Nancy Freitag, and Paul Williams in the preparation of the manuscript.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank the program cochairs Eric Stabb and Beth Lazazzera, the American Society for Microbiology, and members of the program advisory committee for developing an exciting program and  ... 
doi:10.1128/jb.00291-18 pmid:29760210 fatcat:tmmhn3v2qbdgfp3soqhnfsezyi

Quorum Sensing Communication: Molecularly Connecting Cells, Their Neighbors, and Even Devices

Sally Wang, Gregory F. Payne, William E. Bentley
2020 Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering  
Prevalent in nature, QS networks provide bacteria with a method to gather information from the environment and make decisions based on the intel.  ...  On the one hand, novel QS-based genetic circuits endow cells with smart functions that can be used in many fields of engineering, and on the other, repurposed QS circuitry promotes communication and aids  ...  of Health (R21EB024102).  ... 
doi:10.1146/annurev-chembioeng-101519-124728 pmid:32168999 fatcat:y4rvnpzxgrarzorctnhsqvw4pa

Computer-aided analyses of transport protein sequences: gleaning evidence concerning function, structure, biogenesis, and evolution

M H Saier
1994 Microbiological reviews  
Computer methods can be used as guides for estimation of solute transport protein structure, function, biogenesis, and evolution.  ...  In this paper the application of currently available computer programs to over a dozen distinct families of transport proteins is reviewed.  ...  and pCF1D of Enterococcus faecalis (31, 165, 211) .  ... 
pmid:8177172 pmcid:PMC372954 fatcat:yjqvlllrhjeodjxlm7wikdys24

Introduction to Bioinformatics [article]

Sabu M. Thampi
2009 arXiv   pre-print
Bioinformatics is a new discipline that addresses the need to manage and interpret the data that in the past decade was massively generated by genomic research.  ...  This discipline represents the convergence of genomics, biotechnology and information technology, and encompasses analysis and interpretation of data, modeling of biological phenomena, and development  ...  Antibiotic resistance Scientists have been examining the genome of Enterococcus faecalis-a leading cause of bacterial infection among hospital patients.  ... 
arXiv:0911.4230v1 fatcat:4trytpwrw5apvkiejbwhiqmp6m


R.D. Kaduskar
REFERENCES CHAPTER 4 PART A: BIOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION OF PROMYSALIN 4.1. INTRODUCTION 4.2. PROMYSALIN-A BROAD SPECTRUM ANTIBIOTIC 4.3. MECHANISM OF ACTION 4.4.  ...  CHAPTER 2: SCOPE OF THE THESIS CHAPTER 3: TOTAL SYNTHESIS OF PROMYSALIN 3.1. MYRISTIC ACID METABOLITES 3.2. SYNTHESIS OF PROMYSALIN 3.2.1. INTRODUCTION 3.2.2. RETROSYNTHETIC ANALYSIS 3.2.3.  ...  128 Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 27853 128 Enterococcus durans NDCO 956 >256 Enterococcus faecalis ATCC 29212 >256 Enterococcus faecalis ATCC 19433 >256 Enterococcus faecalis LMG 19456 >256 Enterococcus  ... 
doi:10.13130/r-d-kaduskar_phd2017-03-24 fatcat:xmuw2ca6m5eldpuzslokoyzopu


Roland Perry, David Wharton
CABI is a trading name of CAB International CABI Head Offi ce CABI North American Offi ce Nosworthy Way  ...  Emes (University of Nottingham) for permission to use unpublished data, and past and present staff and students of the lab for their input into the work.  ...  Acknowledgements We Acknowledgements I would like to thank MRC, Wellcome Trust and BBSRC for funding, Dr Collette Britton (University of Glasgow) and Professor Mark Viney (University of Bristol) for  ... 

The unsettling eros of contact zones: Queering evolution in the CandidaHomo ecology [article]

Tarsh Bates
For example, C. albicans virulence increases in response to an endotoxin (LPS) secreted by Escherichia coli and cohabitation increases the virulence of Enterococcus faecalis, Staphylococcus aureus, and  ...  mating between a and α cells was induced by the production of a-pheromone by a cells, which induced αpheromone production by neighbouring α cells. a cells then chose a mating partner based on the αpheromone  ...  Workplace Hazards Identification Using tick boxes identify all hazards associated with workplace, system of work, equipment and substances used.  ... 
doi:10.26182/5ba46b3f5348c fatcat:62b24j3ddjdgzmrxhnhmbyzcwi

Parasitic Nematodes Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Immunology 2nd Edition Parasitic Nematodes Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Immunology 2nd Edition

Huw Smith, Gerry Schad, Malcolm Kennedy, Glasgow Scotland, William Harnett
Acknowledgements We are indebted to Florencia Rey-Burusco, Marina Ibáñez Shimabukuro, Mads Gabrielsen, Alan Riboldi-Tunnicliffe, Kate Griffiths and Andrew Roe for allowing us to present unpublished information  ...  Most of the work reported was supported by grants to the authors from The Wellcome Trust (UK).  ...  In the case of infection with the Gram-positive bacterium Enterococcus faecalis, it has been shown that the dual oxidase BLI-3 plays an important part in ROS production.  ...