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A Pvdf Sensor for Monitoring Grain Loss in Combine Harvester [chapter]

Jiaojiao Xu, Yaoming Li
2010 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
Based on its piezoelectric effect, in this paper, a grain loss monitoring system for combine harvester by using the PVDF sensor was designed.  ...  Grain loss sensor is an important monitoring module to realize the intelligent automatic control in combine harvester.  ...  Based on its piezoelectric effect, in this paper a set of monitoring system which can monitor the gain loss in combine harvester by using the PVDF sensor was designed.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-12220-0_72 fatcat:dqpwm6r64ff2nfssgfjxcqnhsu

Sensing Technologies for Measuring Grain Loss during Harvest in Paddy Field: A Review

Muhammad Isa Bomoi, Nazmi Mat Nawi, Samsuzana Abd Aziz, Muhamad Saufi Mohd Kassim
2022 AgriEngineering  
Improper handling of a combine harvester can lead to a significant amount of grain loss. Any losses during the harvesting process would result in less income for the farmers.  ...  for monitoring grain loss during harvest.  ...  A grain loss sensor is an important monitoring element in a combine harvester [26] . Sensors have a wide range of possible functions in grain loss monitoring.  ... 
doi:10.3390/agriengineering4010020 fatcat:bb4msdmqc5en3irptm3lzf7pba

Structure Optimization of a Grain Impact Piezoelectric Sensor and Its Application for Monitoring Separation Losses on Tangential-Axial Combine Harvesters

Zhenwei Liang, Yaoming Li, Zhan Zhao, Lizhang Xu
2015 Sensors  
With recent advancements in sensor technology, electronics and computational processing power, this paper presents an indirect method for monitoring grain separation losses in tangential-axial combine  ...  Grain separation losses is a key parameter to weigh the performance of combine harvesters, and also a dominant factor for automatically adjusting their major working parameters.  ...  To monitor grain separation losses in real time, an indirect method for monitoring grain separation losses on a tangential-axial combine harvester has been presented in this paper.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s150101496 pmid:25594592 pmcid:PMC4327089 fatcat:rzcys4wczfdrhinjresvojrzwi

Development of a monitoring system for grain loss of paddy rice based on a decision tree algorithm

Yi Lian, 1. College of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, Jiangsu, China, Jin Chen, Zhuohuai Guan, Jie Song, 2. Synergistic Innovation Center of Jiangsu Modern Agricultural Equipment and Technology, Zhenjiang 212013, Jiangsu, China
2021 International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering  
China has the world's largest planting area of paddy rice, but large quantities of paddy rice fall to the ground and are lost during harvesting with a combine harvester.  ...  Reducing grain loss is an effective way to increase production and revenue.  ...  YT-5 type piezoelectric ceramic and PVDF films have been utilized as sensing material to monitor grain sieve losses and grain separation losses in real-time in the working process of the combine harvester  ... 
doi:10.25165/j.ijabe.20211401.5731 fatcat:pztludkhfjgedparjb2ecjwkpu

A control system that causes the check for obstruction of the ducts of seed metering

Łukasz Gierz, Żaneta Staszak, Dawid Wojcieszak, Jan Szymenderski, Jacek Marcinkiewicz, Łukasz Semkło, Bartłomiej Paszkiewicz, A. Szeląg-Sikora
2019 E3S Web of Conferences  
The developed method consists in mounting parallel sensors built into the head or on the output nozzles from the head and sensors in the coulters from which information will be transmitted to the monitoring  ...  For this reason, the aim is to sow without a culvert caused by an obstruction of the seed hose.  ...  It can also be used in systems where it is necessary to monitor the quantity or clogging of grain material as well as monitoring of crop losses, most often installed in combine harvesters.  ... 
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/201913201002 fatcat:yzl4gem2t5gazbk77eei3v4slu

Vibration Suppression and Isolation for Rapeseed Grain Cleaning Loss Sensor

Lizhang Xu, Zhenwei Liang, Chuncai Wei, Xiaoyu Chai, Yaoming Li
2019 Journal of Sensors  
However, the rapeseed combine harvester made in China is always with larger vibration, which is not beneficial for sensor monitoring accuracy.  ...  Rapeseed cleaning loss is an important factor to weigh rapeseed combine harvester performance.  ...  Many research works had been carried out to develop sensors to monitor grain cleaning loss in combines, and cleaning loss sensors have become an indispensable accessory in combine harvesters made by some  ... 
doi:10.1155/2019/6108297 fatcat:jqicc34ksbedfnhg7tsqaotqja

Sensing Technologies for Grain Crop Yield Monitoring Systems: A Review

Sun-Ok Chung, Moon-Chan Choi, Kyu-Ho Lee, Yong-Joo Kim, Soon-Jung Hong, Minzan Li
2016 Journal of Biosystems Engineering  
The objective of this paper was to review research trends related to yield monitoring sensors for grain crops.  ...  Conclusions: The design and fabrication of an integrated yield monitoring system for a target crop would be affected by the selection of a sensing approach, as well as the layout and mounting of the sensors  ...  Acknowledgement This research was supported by the Technology Innovation Program (or Industrial Strategic Technology Development Program, 10044654, "Development of a 55 kW full feed type combine for paddy  ... 
doi:10.5307/jbe.2016.41.4.408 fatcat:n736nyzaifhblhrouw2lcarkda

Optimization of Threshing Quality Control Strategy Based on Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller

Baoyan Xu, Xindong Ni, Yuan Wang, Yuxiang Wang, Yehong Liu, Xin Wang
2020 Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika  
At present, loss rate and grain damage are the most complicated problems for combine harvester.  ...  In this paper, considering the interference of uncertain factors, a control strategy with low crashed rate and reduced loss rate using type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) is proposed.  ...  Zhou et al. designed a grain loss rate sensor based on the piezoelectric effect [5] . J. F. Li et al. designed a PVDF -type grain loss virtual test system [6] . X.  ... 
doi:10.5755/j01.eie.26.2.25924 fatcat:jdbayjxgive73ndfbcpgrabz44

Design and Experimentation of Piezoelectric Crystal Sensor Array for Grain Cleaning Loss

Jun Ni, Hanping Mao, Fangrong Pang, Yan Zhu, Xia Yao, Yongchao Tian
2015 International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks  
In order to improve the accuracy and reliability for detection of grains cleaning loss, a piezoelectric crystal sensor array was proposed in full width of distribution to realize the online multipoints  ...  The present array sensor helps to provide a technical foundation for detection of grain cleaning loss.  ...  Zhao et al. proposed a grain loss detection system based on PVDF [12] , but the sensor is still under research.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2015/754278 fatcat:ufdsacbbszbsppqotayfbs3rq4

Proportional distribution method for estimating actual grain flow under combine harvester dynamics

Wang He, Bai Xiaoping, Liang Hongbin
2017 International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering  
Although constant time delay compensates for time mismatch, actual grain flow at a combine harvester head is not equal to the grain flow measured by a sensor due to the dynamics effects.  ...  New method for estimating actual grain flow under combine harvester dynamics Vol. 10 No.4 159 sensor response and the combine's internal processes would result in finding the grain flow through the combine  ...  In addition, they developed a parametric model that could better account for grain flow redistribution inside a combine harvester.  ... 
doi:10.25165/j.ijabe.20171004.2732 fatcat:wpcfjvgea5fghho26hbihvq4si

Increasing Permittivity and Mechanical Harvesting Response of PVDF-Based Flexible Composites by Using Ag Nanoparticles onto BaTiO3 Nanofillers

Nadejda Horchidan, Cristina Elena Ciomaga, Lavinia Petronela Curecheriu, George Stoian, Mihaela Botea, Mihaela Florea, Valentin Adrian Maraloiu, Lucian Pintilie, Florin Mihai Tufescu, Vasile Tiron, Aurelian Rotaru, Liliana Mitoseriu
2022 Nanomaterials  
increases from 0.2 V/cm2 (PVDF) to 30 V/cm2 for x = 27 vol.% Ag in a capacitive configuration.  ...  a similar level of tangent losses.  ...  The funders had no role in the design of the study; in the collection, analyses, or interpretation of data; in the writing of the manuscript, or in the decision to publish the results.  ... 
doi:10.3390/nano12060934 pmid:35335747 pmcid:PMC8949362 fatcat:5bucsk6iw5bcfbkmw6i32hlmeu

The Recent Progress on Halide Perovskite-Based Self-Powered Sensors Enabled by Piezoelectric and Triboelectric Effects

Swathi Ippili, Venkatraju Jella, Alphi Maria Thomas, Soon-Gil Yoon
2021 Nanoenergy Advances  
of a power unit, and portability.  ...  Sensors have recently gathered significant attention owing to the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology for the real-time monitoring of surroundings and human activities.  ...  The device could be operated as a physiological sensor in a self-powered way owing to such light-stimulated energy harvesting characteristics.  ... 
doi:10.3390/nanoenergyadv1010002 fatcat:refmd2mjsjgtbmy5mfhzptdjzu

Recent developments of hybrid piezo-triboelectric nanogenerators for flexible sensors and energy harvesters

Jin Zhang, Yilin He, Cyrille Boyer, Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh, Shuhua Peng, Dewei Chu, Chun H. Wang
2021 Nanoscale Advances  
Hybrid piezo-triboelectric nanogenerators constitute a new class of self-powered systems that exploit the synergy of piezoelectric and triboelectric mechanisms to address the energy and power needs for  ...  Hybrid PTENGs can also be combined with self-powered gas sensors for hazardous gas detection in harsh environments like mining sites, chemical factories and industrial tunnels. 79 Energy harvesters at  ...  (d) Schematic diagram of a PTENG mounted in a custom-built frame for rotational energy harvesting.  ... 
doi:10.1039/d1na00501d fatcat:u7kww5q6avbmdj2wzyxtecptla

Experimental and computational investigation of PVDF–$$\hbox {BaTiO}_{{3}}$$ interface for impact sensing and energy harvesting applications

Dinesh Ramesh, Nandika D'Souza
2020 SN Applied Sciences  
The electric loss modulus relaxation peak shifts towards the high frequency side which indicates a decrease in relaxation time and faster charge carrier dynamics.  ...  The impedance analysis and Nyquist plots showed a decrease in the bulk resistance of the composite compared to the pure PVDF.  ...  Acknowledgements The author would like to acknowledge Mechanical and energy engineering department and Materials research facility at University of North Texas for fabrication and characterization of materials  ... 
doi:10.1007/s42452-020-2788-y fatcat:v4uy4cayhree5gxcbvquwgecoe

Ferroelectric Materials Based Coupled Nanogenerators

Jabir Zamir Minhas, Md Al Mahadi Hasan, Ya Yang
2021 Nanoenergy Advances  
Their working mechanisms and way of optimizing their performances, exercising the conjunction of effects in a standalone device, and multi-effects coupled nanogenerators are greatly versatile and reliable  ...  Innovations in nanogenerator technology foster pervading self-power devices for human use, environmental surveillance, energy transfiguration, intelligent energy storage systems, and wireless networks.  ...  [27] proposed the self-powered wearable pyroelectric nanogenerator, based on Al-coated PVDF film, exercised in an N95 respirator for the sustainable harvesting and monitoring of human breathing energy  ... 
doi:10.3390/nanoenergyadv1020007 fatcat:jzpt7w2nwbhpvpfnxldnbq7jje
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