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Novel approach for increased dynamic range in optoelectronic sensing applications

A. Bonen, R.E. Saad, K.C. Smith, B. Benhabib
1994 Electronics Letters  
In conclusion we have demonstrated a low loss bandpass transmission filter based on a fibre polarisation splitter and fibre Bragg gratings.  ...  We would like to thank A. Kusnetsov for assistance with installation.  ...  Likewise, the proposed transmitter-circuit design is based on the use of a laser diode (LD). However, if desired, the driver circuit can be adapted to drive a light-emitting diode (LED) instead.  ... 
doi:10.1049/el:19940996 fatcat:zdrdomdfwzg3zgsa4n2hoyez2u

Chirp-Compensated DBR Lasers for TWDM-PON Applications

Hang Zhao, Sheng Hu, Jialin Zhao, Yao Zhu, Yonglin Yu, Liam P. Barry
2015 IEEE Photonics Journal  
We propose a novel chirp compensation scheme for directly modulated threesection distributed Bragg reflector (3s-DBR) lasers in applications of the time-and wavelength-division multiplexed passive optical  ...  The frequency chirp of 3s-DBR lasers induced by direct modulation is investigated through extensive numerical simulations based on the time-domain travel-wave model.  ...  Conclusion We propose a novel chirp compensation scheme for directly modulated 3s-DBR lasers in the applications of the TWDM-PON systems.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jphot.2015.2392377 fatcat:jy6azfolhjfxnkw42iuh3cwppy

Optoelectronic mixing using a novel dual-mode locking semiconductor laser at 40 GHz

P. Acedo, C. Roda, H. Lamela, G. Carpintero, J. P. Vilcot, S. Garidel, Roberto A. Morandotti, Harry E. Ruda, Jianping Yao
2005 Photonic Applications in Nonlinear Optics, Nanophotonics, and Microwave Photonics  
This device is based on a mode-locked MQW-DFB multisection laser that presents for certain bias conditions a dual longitudinal mode behavior (39.5 GHz separation) that can be used for mmwave generation  ...  Demonstration of the optical up-conversion is carried out through the study of the modulation sidebands for different IF frequencies and a spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) of 65dB-HZ 2/3 has been measured  ...  In this sense we can conclude that the main interests of a photonic transmitter based on this novel device will be narrow band applications.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.629070 fatcat:7vocnchnjzhibfoofyjl5vncs4

Polarization and Thickness Dependent Absorption Properties of Black Phosphorus: New Saturable Absorber for Ultrafast Pulse Generation

Diao Li, Henri Jussila, Lasse Karvonen, Guojun Ye, Harri Lipsanen, Xianhui Chen, Zhipei Sun
2015 Scientific Reports  
Our results underscore relatively large optical nonlinearity in black phosphorus and its prospective for ultrafast pulse generation, paving the way to black phosphorus based nonlinear and ultrafast photonics  ...  applications (e.g., ultrafast all-optical switches/modulators, frequency converters etc.).  ...  Worth noting that this property can be utilized directly for various polarization-based photonic applications (e.g., polarizers).  ... 
doi:10.1038/srep15899 pmid:26514090 pmcid:PMC4626849 fatcat:u4cffaobynbvlcrc2g472aszjy

A Multi-Functional Fiber Laser Lidar for Earth Science & Exploration

Michael Dobbs, William Krabill, Mike Cisewski, F. Wallace Harrison, C. K. Shum, Doug McGregor, Mark Neal, Sheldon Stokes
2008 IGARSS 2008 - 2008 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium  
A multi-pixel laser altimeter using pseudo-randomnoise-modulated fiber lasers has been developed for Climate Change research and Exploration.  ...  These parameters can be changed dynamically, based on mission operational needs.  ...  Novel to the ITT approach was the method for removing the pointing bias angles between the IMU and LIDAR optics.  ... 
doi:10.1109/igarss.2008.4779355 dblp:conf/igarss/DobbsKCHSMNS08 fatcat:navq6lsh7vcprb5zvpsa7lz5aq

Suggested Rules for Designing Secure Communication Systems Utilizing Chaotic Lasers: A Survey [article]

Qingchun Zhao, Hongxi Yin
2010 arXiv   pre-print
Chaotic communications based on semiconductor lasers have aroused great research interest since 1990s.  ...  According to the recent literature, we summarize several criteria for optical chaotic communications to evaluate the security and point out some methods to enhance the security.  ...  The corresponding rules for designing secure communication systems based on chaotic lasers are suggested. A.  ... 
arXiv:1010.4865v1 fatcat:2k7esz4jgnh6vlyxbawkzzqhtm

Dual parallel modulation schemes for low-distortion analog optical transmission

S.K. Korotky, R.M. de Ridder
1990 IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications  
A novel variation that uses the unique characteristics of an integrated-optical modulator to correct the dominant quadratic distortion of a directly modulated laser is proposed.  ...  This can be accomplished, for example, by directly modulating the injection current of a semiconductor laser diode and using direct detection.  ...  After providing a general analysis of the dual parallel modulation approach, we propose a novel scheme based on an integrated-optical modulator that avoids any cancellation of the fundamental signal.  ... 
doi:10.1109/49.59140 fatcat:42osguxm2fgqjnc4qt6vejojhi

Optical Phase Locking techniques: an overview and a novel method based on Single Side Sub-Carrier modulation

V. Ferrero, S. Camatel
2008 Optics Express  
Our new method, based on continuous wave semiconductor lasers and optical single side sub-carrier modulation using QPSK LiNbO 3 modulator, allows a practical implementation with better performance with  ...  A short overview on Optical Phase locking techniques and a detailed description of the Phase Locking technique based on Sub-Carriers modulation is presented.  ...  Torrengo for his help and Avanex for its invaluable support to the experiments.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.16.000818 pmid:18542156 fatcat:lwfshm2otrcrbjx2lez2fezh3u

High Performance Analog Optical Links Based on Quantum Dot Devices for UWB Signal Transmission [chapter]

Yosef Ben-Ezra, Boris Lembrikov, Moshe R
2010 Ultra Wideband  
The key element of UROOF communication system is a laser diode as a source of a directly modulated optical carrier.  ...  In particular, we concentrated on the all-optical methods of UWB pulse generation based on cross phase modulation (XPM) and cross gain modulation (XGM) in SOAs.  ...  /books/ultra-wideband/high-performanceanalog-optical-links-based-on-quantum-dot-devices-for-uwb-signal-transmission © 2010 The Author(s).  ... 
doi:10.5772/10057 fatcat:tcliuhsa5rbjtiwnusyy54uu4m

Optimized pulse source for 40-Gb/s systems based on a gain-switched laser diode in conjunction with a nonlinearly chirped grating

A. Clarke, P.M. Anandarajah, D. Reid, G. Edvell, L.P. Barry, J.D. Harvey
2005 IEEE Photonics Technology Letters  
The exceptional spectral and temporal characteristics exhibited by these pulses are attained by employing a novel technology, based on an externally injected gain-switched laser in conjunction with a nonlinearly  ...  Using this technique, near transform limited 7-ps optical pulses, exhibiting a time bandwidth product of 0.49, are generated.  ...  The exceptional spectral and temporal characteristics exhibited by these pulses are attained by employing a novel technology, based on an externally injected gain-switched laser in conjunction with a nonlinearly  ... 
doi:10.1109/lpt.2004.838624 fatcat:2qgihourdjb57eh76k4dnfpkc4

A low-cost neural-based approach for wood types classification

Ruggero Donida Labati, Marco Gamassi, Vincenzo Piuri, Fabio Scotti
2009 2009 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence for Measurement Systems and Applications  
In this paper, we present a novel approach for wood kinds classification based on a neural network system which exploits the emitted spectrum of the wood samples filtered with a bank of low-cost optical  ...  The structure of the proposed system can be directly implemented in an embedded low-cost system.  ...  CONCLUSION The paper presented a novel approach based on neural network classification system for wood type classification.  ... 
doi:10.1109/cimsa.2009.5069947 fatcat:cxvnf6g3ojf3vmxxa6dzyvihwm

Terahertz biochip based on optoelectronic devices

Ja-Yu Lu, Li-Jin Chen, Tzeng-Fu Kao, Hsu-Hao Chang, An-Shyi Liu, Yi-Chun Yu, Ruey-Beei Wu, Wei-Sheng Liu, Jen-Inn Chyi, Ci-Ling Pan, Ming-Cheng Tsai, Chi-Kuang Sun (+1 others)
2005 Optoelectronic Devices: Physics, Fabrication, and Application II  
By transferring the edge-coupled photonic transmitter into a thin glass substrate and by integrating with a polyethylene based biochip channel, near field THz detection of the biomolecules is demonstrated  ...  modules.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This work is sponsored by National Science Council of TAIWAN under NSC93-2215-E-002-040 and NTU center for genomic medicine.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.630033 fatcat:owssbiqh6nfvfcundu3xg3ddi4

Linear Displacement Calibration System Integrated with a Novel Auto-Alignment Module for Optical Axes

Yi-Chieh Shih, Pi-Cheng Tung, Yung-Cheng Wang, Lih-Horng Shyu, Eberhard Manske
2020 Sensors  
In this study, the self-developed system integrated by the measurement module based on the common path Fabry–Pérot interferometer for linear displacement and the auto-alignment module for optical axes  ...  The quality of processed workpieces is affected directly by the precision of the linear stage.  ...  system integrated with a linear displacement measurement module based on the Fabry-Pérot interferometer and an auto-alignment module was proposed for the automatic calibration of the linear stage in a  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20092462 pmid:32357499 fatcat:qmfwectpzrajlmudtc56mrmqcu

ON/OFF phase shift keying for chaos-encrypted communication using external-cavity semiconductor lasers

T. Heil, J. Mulet, I. Fischer, C.R. Mirasso, M. Peil, P. Colet, W. Elsasser
2002 IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics  
As a key result, we propose, and numerically demonstrate, a novel ON/OFF phase shift keying method opening up new perspectives for applications in communication systems using chaotic carriers.  ...  Synchronization phenomena of two chaotically emitting semiconductor lasers subject to delayed optical feedback are investigated. The lasers are unidirectionally coupled via their optical fields.  ...  This phenomenon suggests a novel encryption method based on the optical phase which we call ON/OFF phase shift keying.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jqe.2002.801950 fatcat:chm3uaga75dszaif5qflpazta4

Laser-induced cavitation phenomenon studied using three different optically-based approaches – An initial overview of results

Luis F. Devia-Cruz, Santiago Camacho-López, Rodger Evans, Daniel García-Casillas, Sergei Stepanov
2012 Photonics and Lasers in Medicine  
technique based on the modulation of spatial transmittance by the cavitation bubble.  ...  Three methods were used to obtain data from the irradiated sample: (1) pump-probe laser flash shadowgraphy, (2) pressure wave sensing by means of a fiber optic interferometer hydrophone, and (3) a novel  ...  bubble growth: (i) laser shadowgraphy, (ii) optical hydrophone, and (iii) a novel spatial transmittance modulation technique, which is able to measure bubble ' s oscillation times.  ... 
doi:10.1515/plm-2012-0019 fatcat:ky3kzebdvrailhvsaubciofvca
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