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A Novel Hierarchical Secret Image Sharing Scheme with Multi-Group Joint Management

Zhen Wu, Yining Liu, Xingxing Jia
2020 Mathematics  
Therefore, the proposed scheme is a hierarchical secret image sharing scheme in which the secret image can be reconstructed if and only if the number of shares has met all threshold conditions.  ...  To address this issue, a novel hierarchical secret image sharing scheme with multi-group joint management is proposed in this paper, which is suitable for protecting the security of the secret image by  ...  Therefore, a novel hierarchical secret image sharing scheme with multi-group joint management is proposed in this paper.  ... 
doi:10.3390/math8030448 fatcat:x65bzdskareongolvf5rlkmeyy

Secret Sharing Based Visual Cryptography Scheme Using CMY Color Space

Ankush V. Dahat, Pallavi V. Chavan
2016 Procedia Computer Science  
A Secret Sharing Scheme can be estimated by it's the four conditions which are Security, Reconstruction Precision, Computation Complexity, Storage Requirement.  ...  For that reason, lots of secret sharing schemes were proposed.  ...  Shenchuan LIU, Masaaki FUJIYOSHI, and Hitoshi KIYA 8 proposed a novel scheme of visual secret sharing which serves two-level security for color images.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2016.02.103 fatcat:23bjekteb5b2rg6oozkrxyaxf4

Intelligent Data Management and Security in Cloud Computing

Lidia Ogiela, Marek R. Ogiela, Hoon Ko
2020 Sensors  
of linguistic methods of description of the shared secret, forms a new class of protocols, i.e., intelligent linguistic threshold schemes.  ...  The authors' solution concerning securing data with the use of cryptographic threshold techniques used to split the secret among a specified group of secret trustees, simultaneously enhanced by the application  ...  Author Contributions: L.O. defined theoretical bases of linguistic threshold schemes, and graph secret sharing procedure; writing-original draft preparation; funding acquisition; validation.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20123458 pmid:32570956 pmcid:PMC7349833 fatcat:s6jjn5xsfnacljvonxt6vkgq2e

Secret Image Sharing Scheme with Threshold Changeable Capability

Lifeng Yuan, Mingchu Li, Cheng Guo, Weitong Hu, Xinjian Luo
2016 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
To solve this problem, we propose a novel threshold changeable secret image sharing scheme withNpotential changeable thresholdst1,t2,...,tN. By preparing advance shares for thresholdst1,t2,...  ...  In secret image sharing schemes, the threshold may have to be adjusted in case of changes in the security policy and the adversary structure before recovering the secret image.  ...  [11] used cellular automata and Birkhoff interpolation to propose a novel secret image sharing scheme with hierarchical threshold access structure.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2016/9576074 fatcat:4ixn7feu25g4pnkugp6gj52rpe

A Novel Threshold Changeable Secret Image Sharing Scheme

Guohua Wu, Mingyao Wang, Qiuhua Wang, Ye Yao, Lifeng Yuan, Gongxun Miao
2021 Symmetry  
In this paper, we propose a novel secret image sharing scheme with a changeable threshold capability. Our scheme eliminates the limit of the changeable threshold and reduces the computation required.  ...  Also, our scheme is the first threshold changeable secret image sharing scheme that can recover an undistorted cover image.  ...  Conclusions This paper proposes a novel threshold-changeable secret image sharing scheme.  ... 
doi:10.3390/sym13020286 fatcat:e4u2evrurrexhidlwij5y4mrxy

Generalized threshold secret sharing and finite geometry

Peter Ligeti, Peter Sziklai, Marcella Takáts
2021 Designs, Codes and Cryptography  
AbstractIn the history of secret sharing schemes many constructions are based on geometric objects.  ...  In particular, we analyse compartmented and hierarchical schemes, and deduce some more general results, especially bounds for special arcs and novel constructions for conjunctive 2-level and 3-level hierarchical  ...  The images or other third party material in this article are included in the article's Creative Commons licence, unless indicated otherwise in a credit line to the material.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10623-021-00900-9 fatcat:dtplclqqcfepxlcwhx5pbdfdku

Outsourcing Hierarchical Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme Based on Reputation

En Zhang, Jun-Zhe Zhu, Gong-Li Li, Jian Chang, Yu Li
2019 Security and Communication Networks  
In this work, we provide an outsourcing hierarchical threshold secret sharing (HTSS) protocol based on reputation.  ...  Secret sharing is a basic tool in modern communication, which protects privacy and provides information security. Among the secret sharing schemes, fairness is a vital and desirable property.  ...  However, it is impractical for all participants to release their shares synchronously. A novel fair threshold scheme was presented by Tian et al. [21] .  ... 
doi:10.1155/2019/6989383 fatcat:axvyhdqd4zefjk2dkvteqg3dui

Hierarchical ownership and deterministic watermarking of digital images via polynomial interpolation

G. Boato, F.G.B. De Natale, C. Fontanari, F. Melgani
2006 Signal processing. Image communication  
As main innovative features, our approach is based on a hierarchical joint ownership of the image by a trusted layered authority and on a deterministic watermarking procedure, embedding a short meaningful  ...  This paper presents a novel method for the secure management of digital images formulated within the mathematical theory of polynomial interpolation.  ...  Formally, if 0ok 0 o Á Á Á ok t is a strictly increasing sequence of integers, then a ðk 0 ; . . . ; k t ; nÞ-hierarchical threshold secret sharing scheme distributes to each participant a share of a given  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.image.2006.03.008 fatcat:4yo4lodnkbdhhiazbdbh6usfam

Progressive color visual cryptography

Duo Jin
2005 Journal of Electronic Imaging (JEI)  
We extract shares from each resolution layer to construct a hierarchical structure; the images of different resolutions can then be restored by stacking the different shared images together.  ...  With the use of halftoning and a novel microblock encoding scheme, the technique has a unique flexibility which allows a single encryption of a color image but allows three types of decryptions on the  ...  In a (k, n)-threshold problem, a secret is divided into n pieces.  ... 
doi:10.1117/1.1993625 fatcat:fdmkg5fk25be7ah7anwjg4cs7y

A Neural Network Model Secret-Sharing Scheme with Multiple Weights for Progressive Recovery

Xianhui Wang, Hong Shan, Xuehu Yan, Long Yu, Yongqiang Yu
2022 Mathematics  
This paper proposes a neural network model secret sharing scheme (NNSS) with multiple weights for progressive recovery.  ...  The scheme uses Shamir's polynomial to control model parameters' sharing and embedding phase, which in turn enables hierarchical performance control in the secret model recovery phase.  ...  [20] proposed a permission-based visual secret-sharing (VSS) scheme where the participants of a scheme have the same image size and different weights.  ... 
doi:10.3390/math10132231 fatcat:seoxjq4jrzcivf5mxwla6glv2e

A Construction for Secret Sharing Scheme with General Access Structure

Cheng Guo, Chin-Chen Chang
2013 Journal of Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing  
In this paper, we have proposed a novel secret sharing scheme with general access structures that is based on the key-lock-pair mechanism.  ...  Many efficient secret sharing schemes for general access structures have been developed in efforts to deal with the problems of multi-party computations (MPC), threshold cryptography, and access control  ...  The (t, n)-threshold secret sharing schemes also have been utilized to design a steganographic technique [22, 23, 24] for important confidential images.  ... 
dblp:journals/jihmsp/Guo013 fatcat:qe6mc6uwzzd3xcngkdeqjfxpay

Block Chain and Big Data-Enabled Intelligent Vehicular Communication

Shahid Mumtaz, Anwer Al-Dulaimi, Haris Gacanin, Ai Bo
2021 IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print)  
Both academia and industry have already reached a consensus that vehicular communication is a vital element to extend the sensing ability of vehicles for ensuring safety driving.  ...  Novel techniques and technologies are needed to provide the necessary intelligence and adaptation for information security and cooperation of the more and more different existing vehicular communication  ...  are designed based on progressive secret image sharing schemes to extract images containing key traffic information, such as reg number, and human faces.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tits.2021.3090720 fatcat:nblknyxbzjfslna3h7zrrtozky

Robust Secret Image Sharing Scheme against Noise in Shadow Images

Yuyuan Sun, Yuliang Lu, Xuehu Yan, Lintao Liu, Longlong Li
2021 IEEE Access  
The main concept of secret image sharing is "sharing". A (k, n)threshold secret image sharing scheme involves following steps.  ...  CONCLUSION In this paper, we propose a novel robust secret image sharing based on polynomial (RPSIS).  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3056893 fatcat:yoex7gvsejehnejake5bt62y64

Improved Secret Image Sharing Scheme in Embedding Capacity without Underflow and Overflow

Liaojun Pang, Deyu Miao, Huixian Li, Qiong Wang
2015 The Scientific World Journal  
Computational secret image sharing (CSIS) is an effective way to protect a secret image during its transmission and storage, and thus it has attracted lots of attentions since its appearance.  ...  Motivated by these concerns, we propose a novel scheme, in which we take the differential coding, Huffman coding, and data converting to compress the secret image before embedding it to further improve  ...  pros and cons, we propose a new ( , )-threshold secret image sharing scheme.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2015/861546 pmid:26351657 pmcid:PMC4553325 fatcat:zwm3inl4orhf5hcub7mtinfpcq

Editorial: Securing Internet of Things Through Big Data Analytics

Muhammad Alam, Ting Wu, Fazl Ullah, Yuanfang Chen
2019 Journal on spesial topics in mobile networks and applications  
The first paper tittled "Image Steganalysis via Random Subspace Fisher Linear Discriminant Vector Functional Link Network and Feature Mapping" presents a comprehensive steganography (the hiding of data  ...  within a cover) [2] .  ...  In order to solve this problem, in this paper, we propose an image secret sharing (ISS) scheme with no third-party scrambling method.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11036-019-01279-7 fatcat:uy72lpnvvze7jo6fs5mrzqinqy
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