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Thinking Towards a Pattern Language for Predicate Based Encryption Crypto-Systems

Jan de Muijnck-Hughes, Ishbel Duncan
2012 2012 IEEE Sixth International Conference on Software Security and Reliability Companion  
Security patterns allow for security problems and their solutions to be described concretely and precisely, and be applied directly within the software development process.  ...  This paper proposes the construction of a pattern language governing the design and deployment of PBE crypto-systems.  ...  This grant provides funding for 3.5 years of PhD research.  ... 
doi:10.1109/sere-c.2012.34 dblp:conf/ssiri/Muijnck-HughesD12 fatcat:kyjndnidgvdvrnofacx7oj7t3e

Current and Future Challenges of Software Engineering for Services and Applications

Giuliano Casale, Cristina Chesta, Peter Deussen, Elisabetta Di Nitto, Panagiotis Gouvas, Sotiris Koussouris, Vlado Stankovski, Andreas Symeonidis, Vlassis Vlassiou, Anastasios Zafeiropoulos, Zhiming Zhao
2016 Procedia Computer Science  
ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and, in particular, software is more and more pervasive and it cannot be considered anymore as a minor element of a complex systems.  ...  This paper summarizes the challenges that the Software Engineering for Services and Applications (SE4SA) cluster is considering as relevant.  ...  Acknowledgements The work of authors is funded by the European Commission under the grant agreements of the corresponding projects.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2016.08.278 fatcat:yhgoooi7vbgqpb6ktftmtuc4wa

On-demand Key Distribution for Cloud Networks

Nicolae Paladi, Marco Tiloca, Pegah Nikbakht Bideh, Martin Hell
2021 2021 24th Conference on Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks and Workshops (ICIN)  
In this demo, we present a novel key provisioning mechanism for cloud networks that unlocks scalable use of symmetric keys and significantly reduces the related computational load on network endpoints.  ...  However, the execution footprint of security mechanisms in virtualized deployments has either remained the same or even increased.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This work was supported in part by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, grant RIT17-0035; by VINNOVA and the Celtic-Next project CRITISEC; by the H2020 projects SIFIS-Home and  ... 
doi:10.1109/icin51074.2021.9385528 fatcat:5k4k6lg4gjgxbjzi3adn5tyy6e

AutoCompBD: Autonomic Computing and Big Data platforms

Florin Pop, Ciprian Dobre, Alexandru Costan
2017 Soft Computing - A Fusion of Foundations, Methodologies and Applications  
The amount of data collected or generated by ICT systems is growing exponentially (today we reached a Petabyte Era and will soon enter the ExaScale one).  ...  Processing and storing ever-larger volumes of data introduces new challenges, and consequently, we need to constantly develop new technological means to face them.  ...  Acknowledgements The guest editors would like to thank all authors  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00500-017-2739-8 fatcat:lxjheel3rfdexiw3bfbwtuvqdu

Migrating Smart City Applications to the Cloud

Michael Vogler, Johannes M. Schleicher, Christian Inzinger, Schahram Dustdar, Rajiv Ranjan
2016 IEEE Cloud Computing  
Enabling smart city applications, which seamlessly incorporate data and infrastructure resources available in the ecosystem, requires both novel design and development approaches and novel architectural  ...  On top of the basic programming model, the processing and analysis subsystem provides a novel processing approach based on a lambda architecture (  ...  MICHAEL VÖGLER is a PhD student in the Distributed Selected CS articles and columns are also available for free at  ... 
doi:10.1109/mcc.2016.44 fatcat:ne75fhhpdrevjhyv7gbaxiy2iq

e-Science, caGrid, and Translational Biomedical Research

J. Saltz, T. Kurc, S. Hastings, S. Langella, S. Oster, D. Ervin, A. Sharma, T. Pan, M. Gurcan, J. Permar, R. Ferreira, P. Payne (+7 others)
2008 Computer  
Diverse data, complex execution environments, and demanding security and reliability requirements make the implementation of these projects extremely challenging and require novel e-Science technologies  ...  of biomedical hypotheses, and employ a large assortment of experimental methodologies.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Laura Esserman and Nola Hylton at the University of California, San Francisco, the PIs for the I-SPY trial project; Howard Fine at the NCI, the PI for the GMDI and Rembrandt projects  ... 
doi:10.1109/mc.2008.459 pmid:21311723 pmcid:PMC3035203 fatcat:aqwbedm2kveejallfldacjrpbe

An OPNET based novel cross-layer model for analyzing SOA-based information services

Aleksandar Kolarov, Keith Kim
2012 Singidunum Journal of Applied Sciences  
In this paper, we describe a novel modeling and analysis framework for analyzing and evaluating the performance of SOA-based information services and their myriad design & deployment options over varying  ...  XML for data-interchange, use of SAML security tokens etc.) or network characteristics (e.g. varying background traffic and latency).  ...  In this paper, we describe a novel modeling and analysis framework for analyzing and evaluating SOA-based information services and their myriad design & deployment options over varying network infrastructures  ... 
doi:10.5937/sjas1201051k fatcat:zvtznkpvozhv7oabjtpokcg6ja

Special section on data-intensive cloud infrastructure

Ashraf Aboulnaga, Beng Chin Ooi, Patrick Valduriez
2014 The VLDB journal  
., the average number of machines involved in the execution of a query or a transaction, as the metric to optimize, the authors develop data placement and replication algorithms as well as scalable techniques  ...  The first paper proposes a workload-aware data placement and replication approach for minimizing resource consumption in cloud data management systems. The workload A. Aboulnaga (B) · B. C. Ooi · P.  ...  ., the average number of machines involved in the execution of a query or a transaction, as the metric to optimize, the authors develop data placement and replication algorithms as well as scalable techniques  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00778-014-0371-0 fatcat:4ohq3xuukbcq5ehyvz265pz4ze

Model driven distribution pattern design for dynamic web service compositions

Ronan Barrett, Lucian M. Patcas, Claus Pahl, John Murphy
2006 Proceedings of the 6th international conference on Web engineering - ICWE '06  
These approaches combined provide for the generation of dynamic Web service compositions driven by a distribution pattern model.  ...  We therefore propose a novel approach which combines a Model Driven Architecture using UML 2.0 for modeling and subsequently generating Web service compositions, with a method for achieving dynamic decentralised  ...  The disadvantages of a peer-to-peer pattern are increased development complexity and additional deployment overheads. The ring pattern, is an enhancement of the centralised pattern.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1145581.1145612 dblp:conf/icwe/BarrettPPM06 fatcat:2m3gnw3qtbenlb3tfesfcoqkyu

Runtime Monitoring Framework for SQL Injection Attacks

Ramya Dharam, Sajjan G. Shiva
2014 International Journal of Engineering and Technology  
Monitors are then developed and instrumented to observe the application's behavior and check it for compliance with the valid/legal execution paths obtained; any deviation in the application's behavior  ...  We conducted an extensive evaluation of the framework by targeting subject applications with a large number of both legitimate and malicious inputs, and assessed its ability to detect and prevent SQL Injection  ...  Kemalis and Tzouramanis [38] proposed a novel specification-based methodology SQL-IDS for the detection of exploitation of SQL injection vulnerabilities.  ... 
doi:10.7763/ijet.2014.v6.731 fatcat:kyorw26dgvf3jgrk6v34jbs76i

A Secure Key Management Model for Wireless Mesh Networks

Li Gao, Elizabeth Chang, Sazia Parvin, Song Han, Tharam Dillon
2010 2010 24th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications  
However, they are far from muture for large-scale deployment in some applications due to the lack of the satisfactory guarantees on security.  ...  A well-performed security framework for WMNs will contribute to network survivability and strongly support the network growth.  ...  Furthermore, for each pattern, key management approaches, saying key distribution, key transport, key agreement and key updating, would be developed in order to fulfil the whole process and functions of  ... 
doi:10.1109/aina.2010.110 dblp:conf/aina/GaoCPHD10 fatcat:if5vl6nzbrfhzmldpqujz6rhya

Towards a Taxonomy of Microservices Architectures [chapter]

Martin Garriga
2018 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
However, the proliferation of approaches leveraging microservices calls for a systematic way of analyzing and assessing them as a completely new ecosystem: the first cloud-native architectural style.  ...  The microservices architectural style is gaining more and more momentum for the development of applications as suites of small, autonomous, and conversational services, which are then easy to understand  ...  Microservices Architectures The most widely adopted definition of microservices architectures is "an approach for developing a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-74781-1_15 fatcat:6322gchmyrhlfb5uo2mbyd2frq

Thematic series on Verification and Composition for the Internet of Services and Things

Marco Autili, Dimitra Giannakopoulou, Massimo Tivoli
2018 Journal of Internet Services and Applications  
The Internet of Services and Things is characterized as a distributed computing environment that will be populated by a large number of software services and things.  ...  This calls for new integration paradigms and patterns, formal composition theories, integration architectures, as well as flexible and dynamic composition and verification mechanisms.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank all the authors, reviewers, editors-in-chief, and staff for the great work, which supported this thematic series on this very important topic both for the research community and  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13174-018-0080-9 fatcat:7227taphwvc6ljb5aygsuv3p6a

A Cost-Sensitive Model for Preemptive Intrusion Response Systems

Natalia Stakhanova, Samik Basu, Johnny Wong
2007 Advanced Information Networking and Applications  
In this paper we present a novel cost-sensitive model for intrusion response that incorporates preemptive deployment of the response actions.  ...  We demonstrate the advantages of the approach and evaluate it using a damage reduction metric.  ...  Conclusion In this paper we have presented a novel approach to cost-sensitive modeling of the response for patternbased intrusion detection systems.  ... 
doi:10.1109/aina.2007.9 dblp:conf/aina/StakhanovaBW07 fatcat:s57fhgv7qvb6ray5bmn46dtv3a

The SDK4ED Approach to Software Quality Optimization and Interplay Calculation

Marija Jankovic, Dionysios Kehagias, Miltiadis Siavvas, Dimitrios Tsoukalas, Alexander Chatzigeorgiou
2019 Zenodo  
The proposed approach is a result of the European research project SDK4ED (Software Development Toolkit for Energy Optimization and Technical Debt Elimination).  ...  While necessary for the successful embedded software development and maintenance, software quality optimization is a complex activity with immense issues.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT Work reported in this paper has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 780572 (project: SDK4ED).  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3379813 fatcat:dzg6jq2dyjgvzgpbzgmvjzbx4m
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