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Automated Evaluation of Computer Programs at Undergraduate Level: Suitability Study for Competitive Events

Jūratė Skūpienė
2013 Social Technologies  
We identified one area where such transfer might be possible: automated evaluation of programming style.  ...  may ask their students to apply specific programming style, while informatics contests should accept a very broad range of reasonable programming styles.  ...  It served as a basis for developing other automated evaluation tools (Benford et al., 1995; Berry and Meekings, 1985) .  ... 
doaj:bca0f904d4e64517b2ae24cf2910c734 fatcat:uumpztrajnbzzdwzooroa6bnuy

Code quality analysis in open source software development

Ioannis Stamelos, Lefteris Angelis, Apostolos Oikonomou, Georgios L. Bleris
2002 Information Systems Journal  
delivered by open source style development.  ...  In this paper, we present the results of a pilot case study aiming: (a) to understand the implications of structural quality; and (b) to figure out the benefits of structural quality analysis of the code  ...  For a long time, programming style has been recognized to be directly related to certain program quality characteristics such as clarity and understandability (Berry & Meekings, 1985) .  ... 
doi:10.1046/j.1365-2575.2002.00117.x fatcat:gdoh7zzsrbak3gj3ns334p7l24

Static Analysis to Model & Measure OO Paradigms

Satwinder Singh, K.S. Kahlon
2010 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Due to updated requirements and lack of documentation in old systems has provided a motivation to revamp the systems. Rebuilding or redesigning the same system is highly expensive.  ...  It models and measures the OO by using traditional metrics and new encapsulation metrics (Public Factor (PuF) & Private Factor (PrF)) essential for developing the good software.  ...  Berry and Meekings [6] style guide line were common and useful static metrics for measuring the programs of computer science applications.  ... 
doi:10.5120/226-377 fatcat:xms4qw2u5fdmjam7ur3xolzr2e

Towards generalizing expert programmers' suggestions for novice programmers

Michelle Ichinco, Aaron Zemach, Caitlin Kelleher
2013 2013 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human Centric Computing  
However, based on a test implementation of a selected set of rules for these suggestions, we conclude that support for improving rules through review and community input will be valuable.  ...  Furthermore, experienced programmers could often state a simple heuristic rule to use in identifying other novice programs that would benefit from their suggestion.  ...  Some systems use metrics as code quality measures for student assignments, like the ISO/IEC 9126 standard [31] , [32] or Berry and Meekings' style metrics [33] , [34] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/vlhcc.2013.6645259 dblp:conf/vl/IchincoZK13 fatcat:yavssdl375a6zdbfrrfc2bvezu

A Musical Background for "Lycidas"

Gretchen Finney
1952 The Huntington Library Quarterly  
One critic, in a discussion of the metrics of the poem, concludes, on the contrary, that “Lycidas” shows a definite con- tempt for formalities, that Milton “is uneasy, sceptical, about the whole foundation  ...  One notes the slowing down of tempo in the line “To strew the laureate Herse where Lycid lies’ A couplet links this melodic pastoral passage to the next para- graph, the questioning surmise: For so to  ... 
doi:10.2307/3816491 fatcat:ckacspmozzdihnb2bgw7xrkvni

Page 15 of Woodhull and Claflin's Weekly Vol. 5, Issue 11 [page]

1873 Woodhull and Claflin's Weekly  
He has also prepared a work on the laws of English versification and the principles of metrical art, of which he read extracts before the American Philological Association, assembled in Brown University  ...  '” Meek Reverence, kneeling in the aisle, Cried out *‘ forbear!”  ... 

Sustainable poetry: four American ecopoets

1999 ChoiceReviews  
The dense matted floor Of Red Fir needles and twigs. This is wild! We laugh, wild for sure, Because no place is more than another, All places total,  ...  The aesthetic of the entire volume responds to the humble admissions of the first poem, "Cover Note," with its meek postmodern lack of confidence in "one track of syllables" and its urgency about species  ...  Very early in his career Ammons published "A Note on Incongruence" (1966), a cryptic, one-page note on the relation of poetic language to experience.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.37-1421 fatcat:oneemay7rfgvbiw5soacbplbie

An Undergraduate Agroecology Research Fellows Program Engages Co-learning Through Participatory Action Research

Karen L. Nordstrom, Catherine E. Horner, V. Ernesto Méndez, Victor Izzo, Nell Carpenter, Joshua W. Faulkner, Martha Caswell
2022 Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems  
Through this model, UARFs support undergraduate student engagement in an advanced agroecology course, through which a PAR process centered on soil health takes place with regional farms.  ...  This triangulated learning format involves in-class and on-farm lab work, alongside the embedded UARF enrichment program, through which agroecological principles are examined via inter- and transdisciplinary  ...  L., Trauger, A., Allums, C., Berry, R., Biesel, S., Bivens, B., et al. (2020). Rehumanizing the graduate seminar by embracing ambiguity: the Athena co-learning collective, gender, place & culture.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fsufs.2021.760995 fatcat:zeqxrfc2wbek3j67p2nnq6hmya

Page 3 of Western Recorder Vol. 2, Issue 73 [page]

1825 Western Recorder  
BERRY Cleric ye . on all compe. of course unmeaning.  ...  metrical ver- and your clenched hands te the firmament : lars the barrel, a fact which has. several time >= . .  ... 

With Mortal Voice: The Creation of Paradise Lost

Richard S. Ide, John T. Shawcross
1983 South Atlantic Review  
The Spirit of God may be a dove and the meek may inherit the earth, but to defeat Satan one must be eagle-winged.  ...  It is used of Eve, Adam, Raphael, and Eve's "meek surrender" to Adam, and in XII, 597, which notes her spirits that have all been composed to "meek submission."  ...  questioning the relationship between words and truth after the Fall, and as a reminder of the style of the Son after their reconciliation with God.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3199742 fatcat:fil2e2qvx5bjnjdf7uozdjngri

Investigating shareable feedback tags for programming assignments

Stephen Cummins, Liz Burd, Andrew Hatch
2011 Computer Science Education  
provided that: • a full bibliographic reference is made to the original source • a link is made to the metadata record in DRO • the full-text is not changed in any way The full-text must not be sold in  ...  This paper presents an investigation into the usage of sharable feedback tags as a way of delivering feedback to three different cohorts of programming students.  ...  Some automated systems have attempted to assess the more subjective aspects of students programming work including comprehensibility (Berry & Meekings, 1985) .  ... 
doi:10.1080/08993408.2011.557584 fatcat:jtlkdmv4abbvlh2gpzly2hhtzm

Page 7 of Evangelist and Religious Review Vol. 50, Issue 52 [page]

1879 Evangelist and Religious Review  
Christian minister, the meek informed him teat he believed Dr.  ...  Of minor articles we note Recent Episcopal Writ¬ ers on Church Government; Calvin’s Hymn to Christ. The number closes with the index of Vol. II.  ... 

Gwendolyn Brooks: Poetry and the Heroic Voice

Rena Sanderson, D. H. Melhem
1988 The Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association  
Acknowledgments The idea for this study germinated in Gwendolyn Brooks's poetry workshop, which I audited at the City College of New York in  ...  From In the Mecca on, we note the codifying of Brooks's heroic style.  ...  The inversion also provides an oblique political and religious metaphor: the meek (though not so meek here) inheriting the earth.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1315130 fatcat:vsp2myamdbhg3a53eme7xpfp6e

The predictive validity of ideal partner preferences: A review and meta-analysis

Paul W. Eastwick, Laura B. Luchies, Eli J. Finkel, Lucy L. Hunt
2014 Psychological bulletin  
A central element of interdependence theory is that people have standards against which they compare their current outcomes, and one ubiquitous standard in the mating domain is the preference for particular  ...  This article reviews research on the predictive validity of ideal partner preferences and presents a new integrative model that highlights when and why ideals succeed or fail to predict relational outcomes  ...  A brief note on terminology: In this article, we adopt the term ideal partner preferences to refer to the traits and attributes that people desire in their ideal romantic partner.  ... 
doi:10.1037/a0032432 pmid:23586697 fatcat:jqxlxxdq2ngv5kd3snrkwjp7ja

On the state of the art in machine learning: A personal review

Peter A. Flach
2001 Artificial Intelligence  
The intended readership has some knowledge of what machine learning is about, but brief tutorial introductions to some of the more specialist research areas will also be given.   ...  These include: a trend towards combining approaches that were hitherto regarded as distinct and were studied by separate research communities; a trend towards a more prominent role of representation; and  ...  Part of this work was supported by the Esprit V project IST-1999-11495 Data Mining and Decision Support for Business Competitiveness: Solomon Virtual Enterprise.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0004-3702(01)00125-4 fatcat:uaetjtusandk3f4x4o5nkjad5a
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