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A nonstationary poisson view of internet traffic

T. Karagiannis, M. Molle, M. Faloutsos, A. Broido
Combining our observations across both time scales leads to a time-dependent Poisson characterization of network traffic that, when viewed across very long time scales, exhibits the observed long-range  ...  Thus, we now revisit the Poisson assumption, by studying a combination of historical traces and new measurements obtained from a major backbone link belonging to a Tier 1 ISP.  ...  Traffic can be viewed from two different perspectives: Multifractal scaling as described in [16] [15] [47] or nonstationary Poisson modeling.  ... 
doi:10.1109/infcom.2004.1354569 dblp:conf/infocom/KaragiannisMFB04 fatcat:pb4ept4bbfemxhdm6dukxn7tla

Revisiting coexistence of poissonity and self-similarity in Internet traffic

H. Gupta, A. Mahanti, V.J. Ribeiro
2009 2009 IEEE International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis & Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems  
streaming have significantly altered the composition of Internet traffic with respect to what it was a few years ago.  ...  We further argue that current Internet traffic can be viewed to have two key constituents, namely Web+ and P2P+; Web+ traffic consists of traffic from both Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 applications; P2P+ traffic  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We thank Martin Arlitt, Arzad Kherani, and Carey Williamson for discussions during early stages of this work.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mascot.2009.5366239 dblp:conf/mascots/GuptaMR09 fatcat:xy5ks2x5lbgllpgpt67a7t6hje

A Poisson Hidden Markov Model for Multiview Video Traffic

Lorenzo Rossi, Jacob Chakareski, Pascal Frossard, Stefania Colonnese
2015 IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking  
Finally, we derive a model of user behavior for interactive view selection, which, in conjunction with our traffic model, is able to accurately predict actual network load in interactive multiview services  ...  To this aim, we resort to a Poisson hidden Markov model (P-HMM), in which the first (hidden) layer represents the evolution of the video activity and the second layer represents the frame sizes of the  ...  The model exploits a Poisson hidden Markov model representing the random frame sizes of the different MVC encoded views as a function of the random real video scene activity variations.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tnet.2014.2303162 fatcat:hhmpy7het5glxphgizvljl5abi

Long-range dependence ten years of Internet traffic modeling

T. Karagiannis, M. Molle, M. Faloutsos
2004 IEEE Internet Computing  
With the identification of long-range dependence (LRD) in network traffic, the research community has undergone a mental shift from Poisson and memory-less processes to LRD and bursty processes.  ...  Self-similarity and scaling phenomena have dominated Internet traffic analysis for the past decade.  ...  nonstationary, time-dependent Poisson process and, when viewed across very long time scales, exhibits the observed LRD.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mic.2004.46 fatcat:nwfthxfmbrhq5h65feew764bbu

Internet tomography

A. Coates, A.O. Hero III, R. Nowak, Bin Yu
2002 IEEE Signal Processing Magazine  
We would also like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of J. Cao  ...  Office Grants DAAD19-99-1-0290, DAAD19-01-1-0643, and DAAH04-96-1-0337; and the Department of Energy Grant DE-FC02-01ER25462.  ...  and nonstationary traffic.  ... 
doi:10.1109/79.998081 fatcat:o6dreeoaz5hgdavdmmwg66kodq

Network Traffic Modeling [chapter]

Thomas M. Chen
2012 Handbook of Computer Networks  
This chapter gives an overview of a number of common continuous-time and discrete-time traffic models.  ...  We highlight studies of the major Internet applications: World Wide Web, peer-topeer file sharing, and streaming video.  ...  Burstiness: a measure of the variability of a traffic source rate. Fluid model: a view of data traffic ignoring the discrete nature of packets.  ... 
doi:10.1002/9781118256107.ch21 fatcat:t5lf6mkugbfy7ooorkdqxy6bxi

Bottlenecks on the way towards fractal characterization of network traffic: Estimation and interpretation of the Hurst parameter [chapter]

S. Molnár, Attila Vidács, Arne A. Nilsson
1998 Performance and Management of Complex Communication Networks  
The analysis is based on our measurement study of ATM WAN traffic.  ...  In this paper we investigate practical problems of fractal characterization of network traffic focusing on the estimation and interpretation of the Hurst parameter.  ...  Figure 9 9 IDC plot for FUNETI mul-Figure 10 IDC plot for inhomogetiplexed with a nonstationary Poisson neous Poisson processes. traffic.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35360-9_7 fatcat:gaygrib42zbapgyzymhmf2ywvi

An Overview of Long-range Dependent Network Traffic Engineering and Analysis: Characteristics, Simulation, Modelling and Control

Karim Mohammed Rezaul, Vic Grout
2007 Proceedings of the 2nd International ICST Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools  
The exponential growth of the number of servers, as well as the number of users, causes Internet performance to be problematic as a result of the significant impact that long-range dependent traffic has  ...  Consequently, accurate and reliable measurement, analysis and control of Internet traffic are vital.  ...  Due to space limitation we cannot provide the explanation of this Figure. However it shows a clear view of the network traffic engineering process.  ... 
doi:10.4108/valuetools.2007.1892 dblp:conf/valuetools/RezaulG07 fatcat:xr6t64kgang7zdmbndtcr6d3zi

Internet Traffic Periodicities and Oscillations: A Brief Review [article]

Reginald D. Smith
2009 arXiv   pre-print
Internet traffic displays many persistent periodicities (oscillations) on a large range of time scales.  ...  This paper describes the measurement methodology to detect Internet traffic periodicities and also describes the main periodicities in Internet traffic.  ...  Wavelet methods Given the nonstationary nature of Internet traffic and the frequent presence of transients, methods based on the Fourier transform can only given an incomplete view of the periodic dynamics  ... 
arXiv:0904.3797v2 fatcat:fdefzjwh2zg77njkexuex3lssy

Bayesian Forecasting of WWW Traffic on the Time Varying Poisson Model [article]

Daiki Koizumi, Toshiyasu Matsushima, Shigeichi Hirasawa
2009 arXiv   pre-print
Focusing on World Wide Web (WWW) traffic as fundamental investigation, this paper would deal with Bayesian forecasting of network traffic on the time varying Poisson model from a viewpoint from statistical  ...  Under this model, we would show that the estimated forecasting value is obtained by simple arithmetic calculation and expresses real WWW traffic well from both theoretical and empirical points of view.  ...  Taking the above factors into account, this paper would deal with Bayesian forecasting of WWW traffic on the nonstationary i.e. time varying Poisson model.  ... 
arXiv:0906.3923v4 fatcat:4sa55vucqjcoloa4wjhvp5xp64

Modeling Web Request and Session Level Arrivals

Xuan Wang, Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova
2009 2009 International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications  
Furthermore, a goodness of fit test is applied to each candidate model -ARMA, ARIMA, FARIMA, and FGN -and for validation purpose real data is compared with data simulated from the models.  ...  modeled well with FARIMA model which is capable of capturing both long-range and short-range dependence.  ...  which were modeled with a Poisson process.  ... 
doi:10.1109/aina.2009.114 dblp:conf/aina/WangG09 fatcat:25nhl3t5fvfbri6uy2utgxyuuu

ARCH-Based Traffic Forecasting and Dynamic Bandwidth Provisioning for Periodically Measured Nonstationary Traffic

Balaji Krithikaivasan, Yong Zeng, Kaushik Deka, Deep Medhi
2007 IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking  
In order to have a good sense of nonstationary periodically measured traffic data, measurements were first collected over a period of three weeks excluding the weekends in three different months from an  ...  Internet access link.  ...  It may be noted that the packet level measurements of Internet traffic on a link collected on the granularity of minutes (say, averaged every 5 minutes) exhibit nonstationary, sometimes chaotic behavior  ... 
doi:10.1109/tnet.2007.893217 fatcat:zvq66tzfujaujckht6sku7fjxq

BPTraSha: A Novel Algorithm for Shaping Bursty Nature of Internet Traffic

Karim Mohammed Rezaul, Vic Grout
2007 The Third Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications (AICT'07)  
Also, the rapid development of technologies has widened the scope of network and Internet applications and, in turn, increased traffic.  ...  Also, the rapid development of technologies has widened the scope of network and Internet applications and, in turn, increased traffic.  ...  A phenomenon that is self-similar looks the same or behaves the same when viewed at different degrees of magnification or different scales on a dimension and bursty over all time scales.  ... 
doi:10.1109/aict.2007.16 dblp:conf/aict/RezaulG07 fatcat:uir4y2z6indmtanv2qmu5titmi

mBm-Based Scalings of Traffic Propagated in Internet

Ming Li, Wei Zhao, Shengyong Chen
2011 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Scaling phenomena of the Internet traffic gain people's interests, ranging from computer scientists to statisticians. There are two types of scales.  ...  Thus, our proposed method can be used to separately characterize the small-time scaling phenomenon and the large one of traffic, providing a new tool to investigate the scaling phenomena of traffic.  ...  As a matter of fact, from a practical view of the Internet traffic, one is interested in the LRD measure, say H, to investigate how traffic at time t is correlated with that at τ apart from t.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2011/389803 fatcat:ge3lzqor75d3pmki26l7s6ucia

End-to-end estimation of the available bandwidth variation range

Manish Jain, Constantinos Dovrolis
2005 Performance Evaluation Review  
Finally, we identify four factors that play a crucial role in the variation range of the avail-bw: traffic load, number of competing flows, rate of competing flows, and of course the measurement time scale  ...  The two techniques have been implemented in a measurement tool called Pathvar. Pathvar can track the avail-bw variation range within 10-20%, even under nonstationary conditions.  ...  This work has benefited from the NLANR MOAT traffic collection project, which has been supported by the NSF cooperative agreements ANI-0129677 and ANI-9807479.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1071690.1064242 fatcat:5tro2uzqfrbbdmwx73sulmukwe
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