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A Multi-Task Learning Approach for Human Activity Segmentation and Ergonomics Risk Assessment [article]

Behnoosh Parsa, Ashis G. Banerjee
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We propose a new approach to Human Activity Evaluation (HAE) in long videos using graph-based multi-task modeling.  ...  We propose a novel multi-task framework for HAE that utilizes a Graph Convolutional Network backbone to embed the interconnections between human joints in the features.  ...  Figure 1 . 1 Multi-task action detection and ergonomics risk assessment pipeline. Figure 2 . 2 MTL network architecture.  ... 
arXiv:2008.03014v2 fatcat:r5mb62aszvabfbjlztnvpwwuhi

Detection of Physical Strain and Fatigue in Industrial Environments Using Visual and Non-Visual Low-Cost Sensors

Konstantinos Papoutsakis, George Papadopoulos, Michail Maniadakis, Thodoris Papadopoulos, Manolis Lourakis, Maria Pateraki, Iraklis Varlamis
2022 Technologies  
In addition a time lagging correlation between the estimated ergonomic risks for physical strain and high heart rate was assessed using a larger dataset of synchronous visual and heart rate data sequences  ...  To this end, we study the ability to assess the risk for physical strain of workers online during work activities based on the classification of ergonomically sub-optimal working postures using visual  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors thank Consortium partner Stellantis-Centro Ricerche FIAT (CRF)/ SPW Research & Innovation department in Melfi, Italy, for their valuable feedback in the implementation and  ... 
doi:10.3390/technologies10020042 fatcat:v5c6zwqueneqdbq6exsjxzt4im

Machine Learning in Manufacturing Ergonomics: Recent Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities

Sujee Lee, Li Liu, Robert Radwin, Jingshan Li
2021 IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters  
The rapid development of machine learning (ML) technology has introduced substantial impact on ergonomics research in manufacturing.  ...  ergonomics, and manufacturing systems perspectives.  ...  A graph-based multi-task learning approach is proposed in [14] for human postural assessment in long videos.  ... 
doi:10.1109/lra.2021.3084881 fatcat:hqdsvn3v7vcepfv5orvqlp57lu

Cognitive virtualization: combining cognitive models and virtual environments

Tuan Q. Tran, David I. Gertman, Donald D. Dudenhoeffer, Ronald L. Boring, Alan R. Mecham
2007 2007 IEEE 8th Human Factors and Power Plants and HPRCT 13th Annual Meeting  
ergonomic assessments.  ...  One such environment" the nuclear power plant control room, is a setting where manikins can be used to simulate more precise ergonomic assessments of human work stations.  ...  and ergonomic assessment.  ... 
doi:10.1109/hfpp.2007.4413205 fatcat:s75b3cqlpzewvepux3seyl76ma

An Object-Oriented Approach to Risk and Reliability Analysis: Methodology and Aviation Safety Applications

Gregory D. Wyss, Felicia A. Durán, Vincent J. Dandini
2004 Simulation (San Diego, Calif.)  
Investigating various phases of human information processing including detection, assessment, response planning, and response execution, Sandia researchers identify and quantify the ways that human actions  ...  Gaining Insight into Risk Since HRAs are used to estimate the likelihood and importance of human failure events and unsafe actions, they easily provide input to probabilistic risk assessments for all types  ... 
doi:10.1177/0037549704042033 fatcat:mfvwzv26a5a7lm6sdltojdvezi

Spatio-Temporal Pyramid Graph Convolutions for Human Action Recognition and Postural Assessment [article]

Behnoosh Parsa, Athma Narayanan, Behzad Dariush
2019 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we propose a novel Spatio-Temporal Pyramid Graph Convolutional Network (ST-PGN) for online action recognition for ergonomic risk assessment that enables the use of features from all levels  ...  Finally, the proposed algorithm is integrated with a traditional ergonomic risk index (REBA) to demonstrate the potential value for assessment of musculoskeletal disorders in occupational safety.  ...  Extending these models to an ongoing, partially observed, and multi-action sequence, such as in online ergonomic risk assessment, is unclear.  ... 
arXiv:1912.03442v1 fatcat:k2hmpiydezagdgsvcwd6niirhe

Development of a fully automated RULA assessment system based on computer vision

Gourav Kumar Nayak, Eunsik Kim
2021 International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics  
The development of fully automated RULA assessment system based on Computer Vision  ...  The limitation of this approach is the inability to detect a person in a crowded environment and with less visible body parts.  ...  Though both SL and Rl use mapping between input and output, unlike SL, where feedback provided to the agent is a correct set of actions for performing a task, RL uses rewards and punishment for positive  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ergon.2021.103218 fatcat:iblwy7325vf5bdjvvsw5mmw7lm

Predicting Ergonomic Risks During Indoor Object Manipulation Using Spatiotemporal Convolutional Networks [article]

Behnoosh Parsa, Ekta U. Samani, Rose Hendrix, Shashi M. Singh, Santosh Devasia, Ashis G. Banerjee
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Automated real-time prediction of the ergonomic risks of manipulating objects is a key unsolved challenge in developing effective human-robot collaboration systems for logistics and manufacturing applications  ...  Results show very high (87-94)% F1 overlap scores among the ground truth and predicted frame labels for videos lasting over two minutes and comprising a large number of actions.  ...  [16] proposed a multi-view based deep perceptron approach for markerless 3D pose estimation in the context of object lifting tasks.  ... 
arXiv:1902.05176v1 fatcat:ynr3lmdiqzbqnkzbdt6d3owl4q

Page 1287 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 83, Issue 3 [page]

1996 Psychological Abstracts  
helping users learn another approach.  ...  A proposal was also developed for modifying the application of this approach to be more appropriate for a ward setting and the handling of human loads.  ... 

Control Techniques for Safe, Ergonomic, and Efficient Human-Robot Collaboration in the Digital Industry: A Survey

Silvia Proia, Raffaele Carli, Graziana Cavone, Mariagrazia Dotoli
2021 IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering  
as an optimization method for learning the optimal HRC action Furthermore, the goal of the paper by Pearce et al. [97] is the sequence and action path for assembly task.  ...  multi-task, non-conventional SMC, admittance control, and the For instance, a multi modal responsive and sensor-based gradient projection method.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tase.2021.3131011 fatcat:w7zm7vlqfnhzheanevg6x3toxm

Comprehensive systematic review into combinations of artificial intelligence, human factors, and automation [article]

Reza Khani-Shekarab, Alireza khani-shekarab
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The main areas of application in physical and cognitive ergonomics are including transportation, User experience, and human-machine interactions.  ...  The results indicated that application of AI in automation with respect to human factors could be divided into three areas of physical ergonomics, cognitive ergonomic and organizational ergonomics.  ...  Because of a significant correlation between workers' body postures and ergonomic risks, different partial and full body postural assessment approaches have been investigated.  ... 
arXiv:2104.09233v1 fatcat:czdqabjurrbnjhcm552hdlyrua

2019 Index IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems Vol. 49

2019 IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems  
., +, THMS Aug. 2019 350-361 Learning (artificial intelligence) A Machine Learning Approach to Predict Human Judgments in Compensatory and Noncompensatory Judgment Tasks.  ...  ., +, THMS Dec. 2019 485-497 Decision making A Machine Learning Approach to Predict Human Judgments in Compensa- tory and Noncompensatory Judgment Tasks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/thms.2019.2955826 fatcat:zxtlqrnovjcizl6d264lyrhozu

The Sensor-Based Biomechanical Risk Assessment at the Base of the Need for Revising of Standards for Human Ergonomics

Alberto Ranavolo, Arash Ajoudani, Andrea Cherubini, Matteo Bianchi, Lars Fritzsche, Sergio Iavicoli, Massimo Sartori, Alessio Silvetti, Bram Vanderborght, Tiwana Varrecchia, Francesco Draicchio
2020 Sensors  
In this light, this Letter aims at detecting the need for revising the standards for human ergonomics and biomechanical risk assessment by analyzing the WMDs prevalence and incidence; additionally, the  ...  Due to the epochal changes introduced by "Industry 4.0", it is getting harder to apply the varying approaches for biomechanical risk assessment of manual handling tasks used to prevent work-related musculoskeletal  ...  As a first step, this Letter aims at highlighting the needs for revising standards for human ergonomics and biomechanical risk assessment presenting some insights that may be useful to start a discussion  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20205750 pmid:33050438 fatcat:owogovd5ezayzjkaroq76nqhay

Automated System to Measure Static Balancing in Children to Assess Executive Function

Hamza Reza Pavel, Enamul Karim, Mohammad Zaki Zadeh, Ashish Jaiswal, Rithik Kapoor, Fillia Makedon
2022 The15th International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments  
A dataset of 27 children performing the ATEC task is used to train and validate the deep learning models used to automate the task.  ...  Our proposed system automatically identifies the task and assigns an ATEC and an ergonomics score for the "Balancing on one foot" task.  ...  This multi-modal approach has a higher accuracy than the approach mentioned in [14] .  ... 
doi:10.1145/3529190.3534750 fatcat:64mdnb7p5fazpc5d7gb22x3lg4

A Human-Aware Method to Plan Complex Cooperative and Autonomous Tasks using Behavior Trees

Fabio Fusaro, Edoardo Lamon, Elena De Momi, Arash Ajoudani
2021 Zenodo  
This paper proposes a novel human-aware method that generates robot plans for autonomous and human-robot cooperative tasks in industrial environments.  ...  considering human availability, decisions, and ergonomics.  ...  In this work, we select an ergonomic risk assessment for manual material handling tasks, the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) [28] .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4778513 fatcat:oey3wujuuff6riy2pzr4al6mre
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