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A method for the time analysis of programs

S. L. de Freitas, P. J. Lavelle
1978 IBM Systems Journal  
Presented are validation data for the method under several sets of conditions. A method for the time analysis of programs by S. L. de Freitas and P. J.  ...  For a given language, timing analysis gives a comparison of the efficiencies of various compilers. For a given machine, timing analysis gives a comparison of the efficiencies of different languages.  ... 
doi:10.1147/sj.171.0026 fatcat:gm33lerrrrckfeqdy4vkbohxsm

frailtypack: A computer program for the analysis of correlated failure time data using penalized likelihood estimation

Virginie Rondeau, Juan R. Gonzalez
2005 Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine  
c f Í w ä q ä v e t q w p Ð d ý $ c Á Í ae v w Í r u C t i p º Î ® ý q r Ú ä r p w p f c f r u º ç é y v Á D f c Á ü r Á c f ý v t t u w Í ¹ t i ä v ä t i Í r u Î t º Î ® ý v r l ä r p w Á c f r u 1 ä  ...  Í 4 Ð w p l ae r ¾ w Á Í t ¦ r w Í c Á Á ù w ä v ä v Á c f r u Ú Î ® t ¹ u v r x w p R Q c Á Î ý e r ä r x w Î ® r u Ò ú ß r x w Í h y v e r ú Ú r p © Î Í Q t i p l w ä r e Í t p D w p q u C ä v e h t  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cmpb.2005.06.010 pmid:16144730 fatcat:bve7xf6b2bhknh6svdz2jsaikm

CYCLES: A FORTRAN IV program for the analysis of periodicity in time series data

Lee Baer, D. K. Ahern
1979 Behavior Research Methods  
One method for determining the presence of cycling in time series data is through the use of an autocorrelation technique.  ...  CYCLES was developed to fulfill the need for computerized correlogram analysis and to provide the investigator with the time pattern of cycling in the data.  ... 
doi:10.3758/bf03201399 fatcat:r3lyxmcovfemvi7ca2l45d7d6q

COMOV: A program for the analysis of the relationship between two time series

R. L. Ray, H. H. Emurian, R. M. Wurster
1980 Behavior Research Methods  
The variance of A* is equal to: COMOV: A program for the analysis of the relationship between two time series (5) (3) M S*2 = S2 +~2Ne E [=1 I I, where and The values of G[ and HI are obtained from the  ...  One simple alternative approach to the investigation of the covariation between two time series involves the use of the analysis of comovement (Goodman, 1963) .  ...  The variance of A* is equal to: COMOV: A program for the analysis of the relationship between two time series (5) (3) The values of G[ and HI are obtained from the transformed series in the following  ... 
doi:10.3758/bf03201707 fatcat:w4uklvrk7ne4pghxr2u7ihpxnm

Erratum to: A program for the analysis of the relationship between two time series

R. L. Ray, H. H. Emurian, R. M. Wurster
1981 Behavior Research Methods  
(Accepted for publication January 10, 1981.) ERRATUM Ray, R. L., Emurian, H. H., & Wurster, R. M. COMOV: A program for the analysis of the relationship between two time series.  ...  The user must also redimension the arrays in Line 30 of the program only for the exact number of IVsemployed, due to the nature of the matrix inversion command.  ... 
doi:10.3758/bf03201879 fatcat:iyhyxkbf55gkvbkmb4ivllk5ja

The methods of precise measurement of the loop nests' execution time during JavaMPI-programs analysis in ParJava environment

A. I. Avetisyan, M. S. Akopyan, S. S. Gaissaryan
2018 Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming of RAS  
The methods for estimating execution time of the model of a parallel program using instrumental computer are discussed.  ...  The methods are based on accurate prediction of the execution time of fragments of the parallel program using the target computational platform.  ...  Рассмотрим гнездо циклов for. Оно может быть представлено в виде дерева, корнем которого является самый внешний цикл for, а поддеревьями являются циклы for глубины вложенности 1, далее по рекурсии.  ... 
doaj:5b45b23d5ec84c3f9b8f9b4e5e33760a fatcat:ect3y2vbjzffnedptdl6kzzn2q


A Kim
2014 Bulletin KRASEC. Phys. & Math. Sci   unpublished
It has been shown that using of parallel algorithm speeds up the processing and enables signal analysis in real time.  ...  It has been shown in previous studies that the sparse approximation methods with combined dictionary and refining have been used for this purpose.  ...  However, the considerable disadvantage of the proposed method is its computation complexity, the time of signal analysis was tens of times the signal duration.  ... 

The value and effectiveness of new technologies in foreign language teaching

I Zarlikov, A Boltaboyeva
2022 Ренессанс в парадигме новаций образования и технологий в XXI веке  
The article discusses the new types of pedagogical methods in English teaching, as well as the methods for implementing them in the classroom, as well as the practical importance of effective method use  ...  As a result, it should be noted that these methods can help students learn another language and speak it fluently.  ...  cards Depending on the number of cards distributed and the number of students in attendance at the same time.  ... 
doi:10.47689/innovations-in-edu-vol-iss1-pp184-185 fatcat:lnluedx2r5cxfno52knzq4hjh4

Post-Pandemic and Beyond Virtual Conference AbstractsBlended learning using augmented reality glasses during the COVID-19 pandemic: the present and the futureActivating emotions enhance surgical simulation performance: a cluster analysisTraining in soft-tissue resection using real-time visual computer navigation feedback from the Surgery Tutor: a randomized controlled trialSonoGames: delivering a point of care ultrasound curriculum through gamificationTeaching heart valve surgery techniques using simulators ...

Zeeshan Ahmed, Clarissa H.H. Lau, Meredith Poole, Danielle Arshinoff, Ryaan El-Andari, Abigail White, Garrett Johnson, Veronique M. Doucet, Recai Yilmaz, Ge Shi, Sharif Natheir, Jonathan Hampshire (+227 others)
2021 Canadian journal of surgery  
Blended learning using augmented reality glasses during the COVID-19 pandemic: the present and the future.  ...  This could become a future target for university programs to decrease the prevalence of this problem.  ...  Methods: At our institution, we have devised a culture for safe LC designed around intraoperative time-outs to determine if it is safe to progress.  ... 
doi:10.1503/cjs.018821 fatcat:zb4nrjgri5gajknjtivpbl5tai

Trauma 2021Perceptions of a trauma team regarding in situ simulationEpidemiology of submersion injuries in Canadian children and adolescents: 1990–2018A survey of medical and administrative directors on REBOA use in Canadian trauma centresCut to the chase: comparing cutting tools in the exposure of simulated trauma patientsPediatric major trauma. Anaesthesia education: airway, breathing, coffee and cases 2020–2021Geriatric trauma care at a level 1 trauma centre: Are we following best practice?Was the introd ...

Olga Bednarek, Mike O'Leary, Sean Hurley, Caleb Cummings, Ruth Bird, Sidney Frattini, Stacey McEachern, Susan Benjamin, Asha Pereira, William Brigode, Alyssa MacLean, Lynne Moore (+330 others)
2021 Canadian journal of surgery  
Methods: We conducted a longitudinal survey study including all members of the multidisciplinary trauma team at the Halifax Infirmary, a level 1 trauma centre in Nova Scotia.  ...  The program is considered to be a good learning opportunity that identifies safety issues and improves patient care.  ...  The main outcome measures were mortality, length of stay and complications. Univariate, bivariate and multivariate logistic regression were used for data analysis.  ... 
doi:10.1503/cjs.014121 fatcat:hqnpgv5g55cptjjqoasgj5iyfi

2015 Canadian Surgery Forum02 The usefulness and costs of routine contrast studies after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for detecting staple line leaks03 The association of change in body mass index and health-related quality of life in severely obese patients04 Inpatient cost of bariatric surgery within a regionalized centre of excellence system05 Regional variations in the public delivery of bariatric surgery: an evaluation of the centre of excellence model06 The effect of distance on short-term outcomes ...

P. Leung, E. Lester, A.G. Doumouras, A.G. Doumouras, F. Saleh, S. Bennett, C. Fulton, N.J. Switzer, N.J. Switzer, S. Elkassem, M. Auspitz, K. Karol (+1208 others)
2015 Canadian journal of surgery  
Patients who had MRIs performed before LCRT were excluded from analysis. Of 702 patients identified, 382 (54.4%) had a staging MRI; 134 (19.1%) had a preop MRI and 70 (10.0%) had a post-NA MRI.  ...  MRI is the current gold standard for the preoperative staging of most rectal cancers.  ...  Cadaver dissection seams to be a preferred method of anatomy teaching among many programs; however, there is considerable bias rather then scientific evidence to support such a method of teaching.  ... 
doi:10.1503/cjs.008615 fatcat:gzxaulqjnjgwvcoh25dxhhej6y

Canadian Surgery Forum1 Is laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy a reasonable stand-alone procedure for super morbidly obese patients?2 Postoperative monitoring requirements of patients with obstructive sleep apnea undergoing bariatric surgery3 Role of relaparoscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of bariatric complications in the early postoperative period4 Changes of active and total ghrelin, GLP-1 and PYY following restrictive bariatric surgery and their impact on satiety: comparison of sleeve gastrectomy and a ...

R. Fayez, A. AlMuntashery, G. Bodie, A. Almamar, R.S. Gill, I. Raîche, C.L. Mueller, A. AlMuntashery, R. Fayez, A. AlMuntashery, F. Moustarah, M. Khokhotva (+1021 others)
2012 Canadian journal of surgery  
A retrospective comparative analysis of prospectively collected data was conducted from September 2005 to December 2010.  ...  Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (LRYGB) is a well established standard of care in the treatment of obesity and its associated comorbidities.  ...  This method of error analysis allows for objective and reliable assessment of operative performance.  ... 
doi:10.1503/cjs.016712 pmid:35488395 pmcid:PMC3432251 fatcat:hcoa7wzzonhq3mm3a5g3ucx5yi

2021 Canadian Surgery Forum01. Design and validation of a unique endoscopy simulator using a commercial video game03. Is ethnicity an appropriate measure of health care marginalization?: A systematic review and meta-analysis of the outcomes of diabetic foot ulceration in the Aboriginal population04. Racial disparities in surgery — a cross-specialty matched comparison between black and white patients05. Starting late does not increase the risk of postoperative complications in patients undergoing common gene ...

G. Johnson, K. Hickey, A. Azin, K. Guidolin, K. Guidolin, F. Shariff, J. Gentles, M. Parapini, R. Guo, E. Ertel, T. Lenet, K. Nabata (+1419 others)
2021 Canadian journal of surgery  
Results: Experts outperformed novices for time to study completion (expert 944 s, novice 1515 s; p = 0.006) and number of hand movements (expert 1263.1 s, novice 2052.6 s; p = 0.004) using the novel colonoscope  ...  Methods: A nonfunctioning colonoscope was fashioned to a wooden platform and suspended over a sensor connected to a computer.  ...  Methods: A decision analysis model was developed for patients undergoing colorectal resections with and without the use of ICG-FA for assessment of anastomotic perfusion.  ... 
doi:10.1503/cjs.021321 pmid:35483046 pmcid:PMC8677574 fatcat:hiphvi35nrbszhqvmbydxuczte

Trauma Association of Canada (TAC) Annual Scientific Meeting. The Westin Whistler Resort & Spa, Whistler, BC, Thursday, Apr. 11 to Saturday, Apr. 13, 2013Testing the reliability of tools for pediatric trauma teamwork evaluation in a North American high-resource simulation settingThe association of etomidate with mortality in trauma patientsDefinition of isolated hip fractures as an exclusion criterion in trauma centre performance evaluations: a systematic reviewEstimation of acute care hospitalization costs ...

G. Hoit, C. Hinkewich, J. Tiao, V. Porgo, L. Moore, L. Moore, J. Tiao, C. Wang, B. Moffatt, S. Wheeler, L. Gillman, K. Bartens (+672 others)
2013 Canadian journal of surgery  
This study examined the association of etomidate use with patient mortality in trauma patients. Methods: This study is a retrospective review of adult trauma patients who required intubation at the  ...  Conclusion: The TEAM, TTAT and TTATtw were found to be reliable instruments when used by both a panel of experts and nonexperts.  ...  Methods: From July to October 2012, each patient admitted to the hospital for injuries related to a fall was prospectively administered  ... 
doi:10.1503/cjs.005813 fatcat:m6xhwho4efgohirjvprezl7v6m

Sketched Reality: Sketching Bi-Directional Interactions Between Virtual and Physical Worlds with AR and Actuated Tangible UI [article]

Hiroki Kaimoto, Kyzyl Monteiro, Mehrad Faridan, Jiatong Li, Samin Farajian, Yasuaki Kakehi, Ken Nakagaki, Ryo Suzuki
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We demonstrate a series of potential applications, such as tangible physics education, explorable mechanism, tangible gaming for children, and in-situ robot programming via sketching.  ...  This paper contributes a set of novel interactions and a design space of bi-directional AR sketching.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This research was funded in part by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and Mitacs Globalink Research Award.  ... 
arXiv:2208.06341v1 fatcat:wk2gn2r52bghpeidu3badrsimq
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