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Reflection and Meta-level Architectures: State of the Art and Future Trends [chapter]

Walter Cazzola, Shigeru Chiba, Thomas Ledoux
2000 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Previous workshops on reflection both in ECOOP and in OOPSLA have pointed out the growing interest and importance of Reflection and Metalevel Architectures in the fields of programming languages and systems  ...  Following these workshops but also the conference Reflection'99 held in Saint-Malo (France), this workshop has provided an opportunity for researchers with a broad range of interests in meta-level architectures  ...  We wish to thank Gilad Bracha, Pierre Cointe, Satoshi Matsuoka, and Takuo Watanabe both for their interest in the workshop, and for their help during the workshop and in writing part of this report.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-44555-2_1 fatcat:n4ycry43xvdkrknjapzwxhk4li

Cross-border teaching experiences in Canada and the U.S.: A writing teacher reflects

Laura Dunbar
2019 Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie  
A writing teacher reflects on her professional experiences in the U.S. and in Canada.  ...  of Composition and Professional Writing at a Canadian university, and next as a tenure-track instructor of writing at an American college.  ...  I now realize I was running headfirst into several of the concrete realities resulting from what Landry (2016, p. 63), in her "people's history" of Canadian writing instruction, calls the myths, or meta-narratives  ... 
doi:10.31468/cjsdwr.763 fatcat:h2vcwfeo7jbvbkgbu6alymy4um

Reflections on reflection

James O. Coplien
2012 Proceedings of the 3rd annual conference on Systems, programming, and applications: software for humanity - SPLASH '12  
Glimmers of reflection pervade even the darkest corners of the tapestry of object orientation's history.  ...  DCI and other recent post-modern approaches offer breakthroughs that raise reflection to its proper place as a first-class programming concern.  ...  Conclusion Reflection has had a checkered history as a technique in its own right, though by definition every OO program expresses some form of it.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2384716.2384721 dblp:conf/oopsla/Coplien12 fatcat:qkerit6mjbd5hcdapyvgqzqnfu

Concepts and experiments in computational reflection

Pattie Maes
1987 SIGPLAN notices  
This section presents a definition of computational reflection applicable to any model of computation, whether it be procedural, deductive, imperative, message-passing or other.  ...  We define computational reflection to k the behavior exhibited by a reflective system, where a refktive system is a computational system which is about itself in a causally connected way.  ...  The Use of Reflection At first sight the concept of reflection may seem a little far- fetched.  ... 
doi:10.1145/38807.38821 fatcat:dtvqhrx3irbivhebp6ybzlvc6q

Page 1846 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 93, Issue 5 [page]

2006 Psychological Abstracts  
(School of Social Work, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Little Rock, AR) Distinguishing graduates from dropouts and dismissals: Who fails boot camp?  ...  The present study marks the first exhaustive meta-analytic investigation of the risk prin- ciple and its effects on correctional treatment program effectiveness.  ... 

Guest Editor's Introduction: Practitioners of Action Research in International Educational Settings

David Alan Sapp
2002 Networks An Online Journal for Teacher Research  
in Hawaii who have little frame of reference in Western history, philosophy, and cultural values.  ...  "Creating a Volunteer ESL Program in Madrid: Action Research for Program Design and Service Learning" illustrates the use of action research in the design and assessment of a volunteer English language  ...  Central to the concerns of this journal, Crabtree argues that Germain's book is a fine example of using and reporting life story research for the improvement of teaching and learning. Robbin D.  ... 
doi:10.4148/2470-6353.1178 fatcat:tlnv36bsevh4xflavkhtzhwjva

Ring: A unifying meta-model and infrastructure for Smalltalk source code analysis tools

Verónica Uquillas Gómez, Stéphane Ducasse, Theo D'Hondt
2012 Computer languages, systems & structures  
As a future work and based on Ring we will build a new generation of history analysis tools.  ...  Now naturally the questions of their definition, the abstractions they use, and the APIs of such models are raised, especially in the context of a reflective system which already offers a model of its  ...  Nowadays, there is little support out of the box to be able to perform queries and analysis over the complete history: Tools have to build their own infrastructure and history analysis on top of versioning  ... 
doi:10.1016/ fatcat:fuub6uhxanfa3chbsw5lt4zhxu

Page 230 of The Review of Metaphysics Vol. 9, Issue 34 [page]

1955 The Review of Metaphysics  
this reconciliation seems impossible so long as it is posed as a reflective problem of metaphysics or as a mathematical problem of physics, but does not even present itself as a problem for practical  ...  Since he begins the construction of his scientific system with meta- physical reflections, he belongs to the idealistic metaphysical tradition, which is fundamentally opposed to modern science.  ... 

Impact of prenatal stress on offspring glucocorticoid levels: A phylogenetic meta-analysis across 14 vertebrate species

Zaneta M. Thayer, Meredith A. Wilson, Andrew W. Kim, Adrian V. Jaeggi
2018 Scientific Reports  
Meta-regressions of potential moderators highlighted that phylogeny and life history variables predicted relatively little variation in effect size.  ...  These findings are consistent with the argument that HPA-axis sensitivity to prenatal stress is evolutionarily ancient and occurs regardless of a species' overall life history strategy.  ...  Ruby Fried and Joel Hattis provided valuable feedback on an earlier draft of this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-018-23169-w pmid:29563562 pmcid:PMC5862967 fatcat:5gsh3p6z2fco5poh5xjjwww7nu

Page 512 of Journal of Management Education Vol. 25, Issue 5 [page]

2001 Journal of Management Education  
change under crisis and conflict meta-theme.  ...  And finally, incorporating an after-action review enables a structured way for executives to buy into the reflection component, an essential part of the learning and development pro- cess.  ... 

Change-Enabled Software Systems [chapter]

Oscar Nierstrasz, Marcus Denker, Tudor Gîrba, Adrian Lienhard, David Röthlisberger
2008 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Adaptation, reconfiguration and evolution are normal, ongoing processes throughout the lifecycle of a software system.  ...  artifacts, change, and history at the level of the platform, (ii) continuously analysing static and dynamic evolution to track emergent properties, and (iii) closing the gap between the domain model and  ...  , Oct. 2006 -Sept. 2008) and that of the Hasler Foundation for the project "Enabling the evolution of J2EE applications through reverse engineering and quality assurance".  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-89437-7_3 fatcat:wbmxqhzc35hglb7gazkluzzwlu

Meta-Subject Potential of a Foreign Language in Teaching Natural Disciplines at a Pedagogical University

Ainagul Kabbassova, Maizhan Shakarmanova, Zhanna Temerbayeva, Leonid Bulyga, Janat Sakenov
2021 International Journal of Education and Practice  
Article History Keywords Foreign language Meta-subject approach Meta-subject competencies Meta-subject potential of a foreign language Pedagogical education Teacher training.  ...  build a foreign language education program for future teachers.  ...  A little more than half of the students rated their readiness to implement the meta-subject potential at the low and below the average level.  ... 
doi:10.18488/journal.61.2021.92.310.322 fatcat:w222rdaggbejnccait2qkn4qdm

A programming language independent framework for metrics-based software evolution and analysis

Crt Gerlec, Gordana Rakic, Zoran Budimac, Marjan Hericko
2012 Computer Science and Information Systems  
In this paper, a programming language independent framework for evaluating software metrics and analyzing software structure during software development and its evolution will be presented.  ...  The development of such a framework is a step forward to consistent support for software evolution by providing a change analysis and quality control.  ...  Bilateral project between Slovenian Research Agency and Serbian Ministry of Science and Technological Development (Grant BI-SR/10-11-027) enabled the exchange of visits and ideas between authors of this  ... 
doi:10.2298/csis120104026g fatcat:td4fecaczjd3bgnm5a47f2ldci

Page 419 of AJR, American Journal of Roentgenology Vol. 83, Issue 3 [page]

1960 AJR, American Journal of Roentgenology  
If the size, grade and history of the primary  ...  When a more critical inspection is made however, it is noted that these higher than average cure rates reflect a relative preponderance of cases (64 per cent) which never developed lymph node metastases  ... 

Model-Centric, Context-Aware Software Adaptation [chapter]

Oscar Nierstrasz, Marcus Denker, Lukas Renggli
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We demonstrate through concrete examples how model-centric and context-aware designs work at the level of application interface, programming language and runtime.  ...  We first review the dimensions of software adaptation and evolution, and then we show how model-centric design can address the adaptation needs of a variety of applications that span these dimensions.  ...  We thank Tudor Gîrba and Jorge Ressia for their careful reviews of various drafts.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-02161-9_7 fatcat:oviln4rkczgo3nrhre4znl5d2y
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