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A Knowledge-based Textual Entailment Approach applied to the QA Answer Validation at CLEF 2006

Óscar Ferrández, Rafael M. Terol, Rafael Muñoz, Patricio Martínez-Barco, Manuel Palomar
2006 Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum  
In our participation in AVE, we propose a system that has been initially used for other task as Recognising Textual Entailment (RTE).  ...  Moreover, due to the fact that these two task (AVE and RTE) have the same main idea, which is to find semantic implications between two fragments of text, our system has been able to be directly applied  ...  Acknowledgements This research has been partially funded by the Spanish Government under project CICyT number TIC2003-07158-C04-01.  ... 
dblp:conf/clef/FerrandezTMMP06a fatcat:v7uvikz45zasvfznddmdecxj4m

A Study on Linking Wikipedia Categories to Wordnet Synsets using Text Similarity

Antonio Toral, Óscar Ferrández, Eneko Agirre, Rafael Muñoz
2009 Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing  
The methods range from word overlap between glosses, random projections, WordNetbased similarity, and a full-fledged textual entailment system.  ...  The results range from 64.7% for the first sense heuristic, 68% for an unsupervised combination, and up to 77.74% for a supervised combination.  ...  Approaches include Textual Entailment based on lexical and semantic inferences, a graph-based algorithm based on a LR and a Random projection algorithm to term-document matrices.  ... 
dblp:conf/ranlp/ToralFAM09 fatcat:k3dg7pc52zcwnf7tna4ywkea2q

Towards Entailment-Based Question Answering: ITC-irst at CLEF 2006 [chapter]

Milen Kouylekov, Matteo Negri, Bernardo Magnini, Bonaventura Coppola
2007 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The participation in the AVE task, with an answer validation module based on textual entailment recognition, is motivated by our objectives of (i) creating a modular framework for an entailment-based approach  ...  to QA, and (ii) developing, in compliance with this framework, a stand-alone component for answer validation which implements different approaches to the problem.  ...  Besides our well tested statistical approach to the problem, described in [11] , we plan to include in this package a new AV method based on textual entailment recognition, allowing the user for experimentations  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-74999-8_64 fatcat:pjmrgp7ccfezrb4gtbmw7q5d64

Validating Contradiction in Texts Using Online Co-Mention Pattern Checking

Chengwei Shih, Chengwei Lee, Richard Tzonghan Tsai, Wenlian Hsu
2012 ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing  
Detecting contradictive statements is a foundational and challenging task for text understanding applications such as textual entailment.  ...  A novel contradiction detecting approach based on the distribution of the query composed of critical mismatch combinations on the Internet is proposed to tackle the problem.  ...  But few previous works apply Web mining to obtain the required background knowledge for contradiction detection in the textual entailment framework.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2382593.2382599 fatcat:6x6d34a3n5cx3hz7vdyr5z2plm

A Machine Learning Approach for Recognizing Textual Entailment in Spanish

Julio Castillo
2010 North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics  
This paper presents a system that uses machine learning algorithms for the task of recognizing textual entailment in Spanish language.  ...  The datasets used include SPARTE Corpus and a translated version to Spanish of RTE3, RTE4 and RTE5 datasets.  ...  Thus, AVE task is very similar to RTE (Recognition of Textual Entailments).  ... 
dblp:conf/naacl/Castillo10 fatcat:tvqd2x2ptffozgyk5htyr32nu4

Experimenting a "General Purpose" Textual Entailment Learner in AVE [chapter]

Fabio Massimo Zanzotto, Alessandro Moschitti
2007 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper we present the use of a "general purpose" textual entailment recognizer in the Answer Validation Exercise (AVE) task.  ...  Although, the high variability of the outcome prevents us to derive definitive conclusions, the results show that our approach is quite promising and improvable in the future.  ...  We applied our textual entailment recognition system [4] , developed for the second RTE challenge [3] , to AVE.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-74999-8_61 fatcat:swyhrfm5ljd33buh5fs7yab5bm

The Contribution of the University of Alicante to AVE 2007

Óscar Ferrández, Daniel Micol, Rafael Muñoz, Manuel Palomar
2007 Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum  
In this paper we discuss a system used to recognize entailment relations within the AVE framework.  ...  Once these representations have been created, we compare the corresponding to the text and to the hypothesis and we try to determine if there is an entailment relation between the text and the hypothesis  ...  Acknowledgments This research has been partially funded by the QALL-ME consortium, which is a 6 th Framework Research Programme of the European Union (EU), contract number FP6-IST-033860 and by the Spanish  ... 
dblp:conf/clef/FerrandezMMP07a fatcat:47zd3mwuofbd7ddkzt45ptj6ny

A Lexical-Semantic Approach to AVE

Óscar Ferrández, Rafael Muñoz, Manuel Palomar
2008 Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum  
This task is known as the Answer Validation Exercise (AVE) track within the Crosslanguage Evaluation Forum (CLEF).  ...  Moreover, we want to apply special emphasis to the language-independent capabilities of some of them. As a result, we are able to apply our techniques over both Spanish and English corpora.  ...  Acknowledgements This research has been partially funded by the QALL-ME consortium, which is a 6 th Framework Research Programme of the European Union (EU), contract number FP6-IST-033860 and by the Spanish  ... 
dblp:conf/clef/FerrandezMP08a fatcat:c6vmas4wffcpzkxqkzkya646cm

Survey on Answer Validation for Indonesian Question Answering System (IQAS)

Abdiansah Abdiansah, Azhari Azhari, Anny K. Sari
2018 International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications  
The goals of this survey are to find the cutting-edge method used in AV and to prove that AV has not been implemented on IQAS.  ...  Section 5 and 6 show some related works with a brief overview of the state-of-the-art both AV and IQAS respectively.  ...  The second objective was to bring systems based on Textual Entailment to the Automatic Hypothesis Generation problem which was not part itself of the Recognizing Textual Entailment (RTE) task but a need  ... 
doi:10.5815/ijisa.2018.04.08 fatcat:r3r6tygg5nawzkgkwj7jh42ele

Acquisition and Reuse of Reasoning Knowledge from Textual Cases for Automated Analysis [chapter]

Gleb Sizov, Pinar Öztürk, Jozef Štyrák
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this approach a new problem is analysed by reusing reasoning knowledge from the analysis of a similar problem.  ...  It is a non-trivial process even for human experts. To assist experts in this process we propose a CBR-based approach for automated problem analysis.  ...  Our approach relies on a textual graph-based representation TRG, which captures reasoning/explanatory knowledge through causal, entailment and paraphrase relations automatically extracted from text.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-11209-1_33 fatcat:qohcsizaqzhn7n6ehlwmyunr74

Adaptation of a Machine-learning Textual Entailment System to a Multilingual Answer Validation Exercise

Zornitsa Kozareva, Sonia Vázquez, Andrés Montoyo
2006 Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum  
The recognition of textual entailment is a new generic task in which a system automatically establishes whether a given text entails the meaning of another.  ...  In the case of Question Answering, textual entailment is represented as an answer validation exercise (AVE) where the system has to verify the correctness of the returned snippet of the Question Answering  ...  Acknowledgements This research has been partially funded by the Spanish Government under project CICyT number TIC2003-07158-C04-01 and PROFIT number FIT-340100-2004-14 and by the Valencia Government under  ... 
dblp:conf/clef/KozarevaVM06a fatcat:j5xpjjgrardmtcyzqinndcpd2m

TALP at TAC 2008: A Semantic Approach to Recognizing Textual Entailment

Alicia Ageno, David Farwell, Daniel Ferrés, Horacio Rodríguez, Jordi Turmo, Fermín L. Cruz
2008 Text Analysis Conference  
Our system uses a Machine Learning approach with AdaBoost to deal with the RTE challenge. We perform a lexical, syntactic, and semantic analysis of the entailment pairs.  ...  This paper describes our experiments on Textual Entailment in the context of the Fourth Recognising Textual Entailment (RTE-4) Evaluation Challenge at TAC 2008 contest.  ...  A filtering process was applied removing pairs with more than two sentences in the text or hypothesis, resulting a total of 3,335 Textual Entailment (TE) pairs.  ... 
dblp:conf/tac/AgenoFFRTC08 fatcat:dpn6qdepbjg2ffkynkt3vnzwku

Towards an Automatic Validation of Answers in Question Answering

Anne-Laure Ligozat, Brigitte Grau, Anne Vilnat, Isabelle Robba, Arnaud Grappy
2007 19th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence(ICTAI 2007)  
The objective of an Answer Validation task is thus to judge the correctness of an answer returned by a QA system for a question, according to the text snippet given to support it.  ...  In this article, we present our strategy for deciding if the snippets justify the answers: a strategy based on our own QA system, comparing the answers it returned with the answer to judge.  ...  Answer validation The Pascal Recognizing Textual Entailment Challenge 1 (RTE) defines " textual entailment" as the task to decide, given two fragments of text, if the meaning of one can be deduced from  ... 
doi:10.1109/ictai.2007.156 dblp:conf/ictai/LigozatGVRG07 fatcat:3j5og47bljgevk2xgdujlrcvre

Asymmetric Attributional Word Similarity Measures to Detect the Relations of Textual Generality

Sebastião Pais, Gaël Dias
2020 Computers  
Since 2005, in the TE Recognition (RTE) task, systems have been asked to automatically judge whether the meaning of a portion of the text, the Text (T), entails the meaning of another text, the Hypothesis  ...  In line with this direction, in this work, we focus on a particular case of entailment, entailment by generality, to detect the relations of textual generality.  ...  The authors of [55] combined two approaches, a shallow method based mainly on word-overlap and a method based on logical inference, using the first-order theorem proving and model building techniques  ... 
doi:10.3390/computers9040081 fatcat:vyt3our4rjfi5dgbparoo4trsy

Answer Validation on English and Romanian Languages [chapter]

Adrian Iftene, Alexandra Balahur
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this year's AVE competition we also participated with a system working in Romanian, using a Textual Entailment (TE) system working on Romanian.  ...  Introduction AVE 1 (Answer Validation Exercise) is a task introduced in the QA@CLEF competition, with the aim of promoting the development and evaluation of subsystems validating the correctness of the  ...  Textual Entailment System The main architecture of our Textual Entailment system remains the same (Iftene, Balahur-Dobrescu, 2007a) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-04447-2_53 fatcat:niv3ttgwmzdp5ovz2quowyfowm
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