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Schema-based authoring and querying of large hypertexts

Bernd Amann, Michel Scholl, Antoine Rizk
1995 International Journal of Human-Computer Studies  
This system support must be based on advanced, typed data models for describing the information structure in different application domains.  ...  navigation in the CULTURAL PROGRAM hypertext, activates the zoom and opens the hypertext ¤ 5 ( ¦ ¥ A ©  ...  Acknowledgments This work was supported in part by the French Programme de Recherche Coordonnée BD3 and the BRA Esprit Project Amusing.  ... 
doi:10.1006/ijhc.1995.1047 fatcat:gasz7rx4mnc3nokeb4qs6hhpai

Querying typed hypertexts in Multicard/O2

Bernd Amann, Michel Scholl, Antoine Rizk
1994 Proceedings of the 1994 ACM European conference on Hypermedia technology - ECHT '94  
Due to the growing complexity of modern hypertext applications, current hypertext systems require new mechanisms to support authoring and user navigation through large sets of documents connected by links  ...  A general solution is to extend hypertext systems to cater for semantics of application domains. This requires new hypertext models providing strongly typed documents and links.  ...  A first step towards "typed" hypertexts were formal models [24, 15] based on the semantic data model IFO [1] .  ... 
doi:10.1145/192757.192831 dblp:conf/echt/AmannSR94 fatcat:wsl5h4lmojhgrekq5hs2bd2imy

Experiences with HyperBase

Uffe Kock Wiil
1993 SIGMOD record  
This paper describes the architecture and experiences with a hyperbase (hypertext database). HyperBase is based on the client-server model and has been designed especially to support collaboration.  ...  HyperBase has been used in a number of (hypertext) applications in our lab and is currently being used in research projects around the world to provide database support to all kinds of applications.  ...  Structure search involves a query language geared toward describing hypertext network structure, and a search engine capable of satisfying the queries expressible in the hypertext query language.  ... 
doi:10.1145/166635.166646 fatcat:32u6jpem5nbqdkxcokw4hu3blm

Expressing structural hypertext queries in graphlog

M. P. Consens, A. O. Mendelzon
1989 Proceedings of the second annual ACM conference on Hypertext - HYPERTEXT '89  
GraphLog is a visual query language in which queries are formulated by drawing graph patterns. The hyperdocument graph is searched for all occurrences of these patterns.  ...  The language is powerful enough to allow the specification and manipulation of arbitrary subsets of the network and supports the computation of aggregate functions on subgraphs of the hyperdocument.  ...  The HAM is a general-purpose, transaction-based, multi-user server for a hypertext storage system. The HAM model is general enough to implement any current hypertext system [Camp87].  ... 
doi:10.1145/74224.74247 dblp:conf/ht/ConsensM89 fatcat:kyb3n277vjh55abe3abhjvhsge

Using Hypertext Composites in Structured Query and Search [chapter]

Zhanzi Qiu, Matthias Hemmje, Erich J. Neuhold
2001 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Link-based hypertext composites are applied in formulating structured queries and deriving structured search results.  ...  This paper presents this idea and describes a prototype system that implements the idea.  ...  for Supporting Structured Query and Search Based on Hypertext Composites To enable the use of link-based hypertext composites in structured queries and searches, a few issues are to be addressed.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-44700-8_31 fatcat:ruygqtv2ezhixdhkblsunjmb4m


Uffe K. Wiil, John J. Leggett
1992 Proceedings of the ACM conference on Hypertext - ECHT '92  
Hyperform has a number of built-in classes to provide basic hyperbase features such as concurrency control, noti cation control events, access control, version control and search and query.  ...  An approach to exible hyperbase hypertext database support predicated on the notion of extensibility is presented.  ...  Halasz suggests query-based mechanisms supporting both content and structure search.  ... 
doi:10.1145/168466.171510 dblp:conf/echt/WiilL92 fatcat:cs5ulj4q65a4rbm2onrdskk4wy

Automatic generation of on-line documentation in the IDAS project

Ehud Reiter, Chris Mellish, John Levine
1992 Proceedings of the third conference on Applied natural language processing -  
The Intelligent Documentation Advisory System generates on-line documentation and help messages from a domain knowledge base, using natural-language (NL) generation techniques.  ...  with particular emphasis on: (1) its architecture and the types of questions it is capable of answering; (2) its KR and NL generation systems, and lessons we have learned in designing them; and (3) its hypertext-like  ...  Accordingly, IDAS does not currently include an NL understanding component, and there are no plans for adding one; we believe that hypertext mechanisms will provide a sufficient query input mechanism for  ... 
doi:10.3115/974499.974511 dblp:conf/anlp/ReiterML92 fatcat:etpuwcr7djhyhamtsg2aa6r23m


Michael Fuller, Ron Sacks-Davis, Ross Wilkinson, Justin Zobel, Eric Mackie
1992 Future Databases '92  
Hypertext provides high-level abstract models of documents and relationships between documents, but is not associated with a methodology for information storage and retrieval.  ...  Database systems, on the other hand, provide such a methodology, but do not support interfaces that are suitable for high-level exploration of text.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This work was partly supported by an Australian Research Council grant and partly supported by a n A I R S g r a n t from the Australian Government Department of Industry, T rade and Commerce  ... 
doi:10.1142/9789814503624_0026 fatcat:d5j3cqkc3rfitmdbxgnm7xnium

Issues for the Next Generation of Criminal Network Investigation Tools

Uffe Kock Wiil
2013 2013 European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference  
and security informatics field on tool support for criminal network investigation.  ...  Criminal network investigation involves a number of complex knowledge management tasks and both humans and software tools play a central role in performing such tasks.  ...  The Dexter hypertext reference model is the result of a community effort to develop a common reference model that would also support data interchange between existing hypertext systems.  ... 
doi:10.1109/eisic.2013.9 dblp:conf/eisic/Wiil13 fatcat:3mptym7fqjhrlfgdsjprcup5v4

GHMI: a general hypertext data model supporting integration of hypertext and information systems

Jiangling Wan, M. Bieber
1996 Proceedings of HICSS-29: 29th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences  
We present a general hypertext data model supporting the integration (GHMI) of hypertext and information systems.  ...  Although systems supporting integration of hypertext and display-oriented information systems do exist, no model or system effectively supports integrating hypertext and computation-oriented information  ...  We have developed a general hypertext data model (called GHMI, a General Hypertext data Model supporting Integration) that supports integration of a variety of COISs.  ... 
doi:10.1109/hicss.1996.495379 dblp:conf/hicss/WanB96 fatcat:hxoobxsbqfbotk6jcnlhkmjuri

Page 7089 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 99j [page]

1999 Mathematical Reviews  
We defined a Hypertext query language, HQL, over Hypertext databases and showed that in general the navigation problem, i.e. the problem of finding a trail that satisfies an HQL query (technically known  ...  Ensuing CSG constructs are parallel processed on the RayCasting engine to support a wide range of solid modeling applications, in- cluding general sweeping, Minkowski operations, NC machining, and touch-sense  ... 

Models for hypertext

Mark F. Frisse, Steve B. Cousins
1992 Journal of the American Society for Information Science  
Three abstract models for hypertext-representative members of a spectrum of popular formalisms-are presented to provide insight into the meaning and potential of hypertext.  ...  Each model represents a different level in the design-decision process necessary for effective hypertext development, and each model plays an important role in development and use of information management  ...  Frisse is a Teaching and Research Scholar of the American College of Physicians.  ... 
doi:10.1002/(sici)1097-4571(199203)43:2<183::aid-asi11>;2-s fatcat:hnx2j2peffdtxchnhkigimilaa

Specifying process-oriented hypertext for organizational computing

John Noll, Walt Scacchi
2001 Journal of Network and Computer Applications  
In this paper, we present a language for describing process-oriented hypertexts. A process-oriented hypertext links information, tools, and activities into a seamless organizational web.  ...  We used PML to model processes in a case study of the grants management process at the US Office of Naval Research.  ...  Acknowledgements Cedric Knight of New Directions Technologies conducted field interviews at ONR that provided the data for constructing the PML models shown in this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1006/jnca.2000.0122 fatcat:ugfhfl4bkrbvdmcqwa265u4u24

Canyons, deltas and plains

David E. Millard, Charlie Hargood, Michael O. Jewell, Mark J. Weal
2013 Proceedings of the 24th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media - HT '13  
Despite this there is little understanding of how these applications are related or how they link with existing hypertext models and theory.  ...  We argue that location aware narrative systems tend to follow three patterns (canyons, deltas and plains) and that it is possible to represent all of these patterns in a conceptual sculptural hypertext  ...  We have then proposed a unified model that can support these structures in a single conceptual model of location-based hypertext.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2481492.2481504 dblp:conf/ht/MillardHJW13 fatcat:cs3h6sq3wzh6nhojeehizbxxhi

Information Seek and Retrieval Mechanisms Based on Interactive Dynamics Linking Technology

N V Maksimov, O L Golitsyna
2018 KnE Engineering  
Linking mechanism is considered as a component of IR&S process, well controlled by user thought graphic interface.  ...  The paper discusses the approach to dynamic hypertext technology used for query expansion and development. Two schemes of links creation on the fly are presented.  ...  Reference tools supporting the query development process and created on the fly are the subject of this work.  ... 
doi:10.18502/keg.v3i6.3023 fatcat:4y7tfrwzsrew3jvclij53zhwsi
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