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Distributed tracking in sensor networks with limited sensing range

Reza Olfati-Saber, Nils F. Sandell
2008 2008 American Control Conference  
The model proposed for the maneuvering target is a piece-wise linear switching system with two distinct modes of behavior that enables the target to stay inside a rectangular region in all time (for a  ...  This feature is shared among most of today's wireless sensor networks and differentiates them from their traditional counterparts involving data fusion for long-range sensors such as radars and sonars.  ...  A key contribution of this paper is to propose a hybrid architecture for distributed data fusion in sensor networks with limited sensing range shown in Fig. 2 (b) .  ... 
doi:10.1109/acc.2008.4586978 dblp:conf/amcc/Olfati-SaberS08 fatcat:q5er6fjjjngcvovu5mhe5ojgve

3D Reconstruction Based on Fusing Active Structured Laser and Passive Stereo Techniques

Shahad A. Al-Saqal, Ali A. Al-Temeemy
2020 مجلة النهرين للعلوم الهندسية  
With this method, a hybrid laser-based structured light scanning system is designed and implemented.  ...  This system captures the required information using passive and active techniques and uses the proposed fusion method for 3D reconstruction.  ...  When evaluating the hybrid laser scanning system the results show the ability for this system to acquire the required information using both passive and active techniques.  ... 
doi:10.29194/njes.23030277 fatcat:awjxihr6gff6fodfpel5wzxsze

Developing a Robotic Hybrid Network for Coastal Surveillance: the INFORE Experience

Gabriele FERRI, Raffaele GRASSO, Elena CAMOSSI, Alessandro FAGGIANI, Konstantina BERETA, Marios VODAS, Dimitris KLADIS, Dimitris ZISSIS, Kevin D. LePAGE
2022 Zenodo  
The MSA INFORE system exploits the synergy between global view (AIS data, ESA Sentinel satellite data), providing contextual information over a wider area, and local view produced by a sensorised hybrid  ...  Data fusion from multi-modal data sources results crucial for the detection of complex events (e.g. illegal fishing), which can then be communicated to decision-makers.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors kindly thank Alessandra Tesei, the Scientist in Charge of DANS20 trial, the CMRE engineers, in particular Alberto Grati and Stefano Biagini, for their support, and the officers  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6369005 fatcat:tfxcaxyufbeazmajbvem7wo3nm

Drones—An Open Access Journal

Diego Gonzalez-Aguilera, Pablo Rodriguez-Gonzalvez
2017 Drones  
Specifically for drones, many imaging and ranging sensors are identified in [9] , including active and passive, as well as optical systems-from the visible band and the Near Infrared (NIR) to the Thermal  ...  This is a hot topic for the Scientific Community, which is looking to improve the power storage system.  ...  Author Contributions: All authors contributed extensively to the work presented in this paper. Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflicts of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/drones1010001 fatcat:aqu3bieckjdgpai2glct5mykou

Summary of the U.S. Senior Committee on Environmental, Safety, and Economic Aspects of Magnetic Fusion Energy (ESECOM) [chapter]

B. G. Logan, J. P. Holdren, D. H. Berwald, R. J. Budnitz, J. G. Crocker, J. G. Delene, R. D. Endicott, M. S. Kazimi, R. A. Krakowski, K. R. Schultz
1990 Safety, Environmental Impact, and Economic Prospects of Nuclear Fusion  
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The committee members wish to recognize the extraordinary work of Steve Fetter  ...  Except for hybrid breeders, fusion reactors need not produce or contain any fissile material, and a fusion-based electricity supply system would not circulate any.  ...  CASES ESECOM selected a set of fusion, fission, and fusion-fission hybrid reactor cases for com parative analysis, listed in Table I .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4613-0619-1_4 fatcat:xfne5l47gbd5ljbqvzd65wq7sq

Measurement Stand for TeraEYE Inspection

M. Piszczek, M. Kowalski, M. Szustakowski
2011 Acta Physica Polonica. A  
This method requires many measurement scene parameters to be registered. Some of these parameters can be used in a hybrid modelling process.  ...  Image fusion can be used as one of imaging methods. Connection of images acquired using different acquisition methods can deliver information invisible for traditional one imaging technique.  ...  For automatic data acquisition there is a vision system equipped with cameras working in the visible and infrared spectral range.  ... 
doi:10.12693/aphyspola.120.720 fatcat:isimnjbwzfheplltgjjpi4x6fe

Hybrid 3D ranging and velocity tracking system combining multi-view cameras and simple LiDAR

Neal Radwell, Adam Selyem, Lena Mertens, Matthew P. Edgar, Miles J. Padgett
2019 Scientific Reports  
Here we demonstrate a hybrid LiDAR approach which combines a multi-view camera system for position and distance information, and a simple (scanless) LiDAR system for velocity tracking and depth accuracy  ...  Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) has become a key tool in these 3D sensing applications, where the time-of-flight (TOF) of photons is used to recover distance information.  ...  Here we demonstrate a hybrid LiDAR approach which combines a multi-view camera system for position and distance information, and a simple (scanless) LiDAR system for velocity tracking and depth accuracy  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-019-41598-z pmid:30918273 pmcid:PMC6437189 fatcat:4nxfrvgfbraojko54q6ftbavza

Role of Radio Frequency and Microwaves in Magnetic Fusion Plasma Research

Hyeon K. Park
2017 Journal of the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science  
In diagnostic applications, passive emissions and active sources in this frequency range are used to measure plasma parameters and dynamics; in particular, measurements of electron cyclotron emissions  ...  (i.e., up to approximately 10 keV; 1 eV = 10000 K) that are suitable for future fusion reactors.  ...  The diagnostic application of EM waves [5] for high-temperature plasmas confined to a magnetic field requires a full understanding of wave interaction with the plasma, whether it is passively emitted  ... 
doi:10.26866/jees.2017.17.4.169 fatcat:ooz4pfuhorakfkaj3wtf67sqty

A pedestrian detection system based on thermopile and radar sensor data fusion

D.T. Linzmeier, M. Skutek, M. Mekhaiel, K.C.J. Dietmayer
2005 2005 7th International Conference on Information Fusion  
This paper discusses such an innovative approach for pedestrian detection and localization, by presenting a system based on two short range radars and an array of passive infrared thermopile sensors, aided  ...  This is also valid for pedestrian protection, where it has been shown that next to purely passive measures, accident avoidance systems e.g. the Brake Assist have significant potential to reduce injury  ...  Furthermore, in [11] a hybrid fusion architecture involving different levels of sensor fusion is presented for the fusion of a Laserscanner and a monochrome monocular camera.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icif.2005.1592003 fatcat:2g5owom4mnfvti2zgys5s64gee

A Survey on WiFi-Based Indoor Positioning Technologies

Fen Liu, Jing Liu, Yuqing Yin, Pengpeng Chen
2020 IET Communications  
Although many other methods have been proposed to be applied to ILBS in the past decade, WiFi-based positioning techniques with a wide range of infrastructure have attracted attention in the field of wireless  ...  After reviewing a large number of excellent papers in the related field, the authors make a detailed summary of these two types of positioning techniques.  ...  [26] propose a WiFi-BLE fusion location system that uses a multi-layer perceptron as a fusion classifier, rather than a system that generates a wireless map using only WiFi signals.  ... 
doi:10.1049/iet-com.2019.1059 fatcat:qysme2qmdvb2lclicbtubo7fqq

RoVaR: Robust Multi-agent Tracking through Dual-layer Diversity in Visual and RF Sensor Fusion [article]

Mallesham Dasari, Ramanujan K Sheshadri, Karthikeyan Sundaresan, Samir R. Das
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We demonstrate that the fusion of complementary tracking modalities, - passive/relative (e.g., visual odometry) and active/absolute tracking (e.g., infrastructure-assisted RF localization) offer a key  ...  RoVaR is an embodiment of such a dual-layer diversity approach that intelligently attends to cross-modal information using algorithmic and data-driven techniques that jointly share the burden of accurately  ...  Range estimations to at least 3 anchors (or fewer if AoA info. is available) along with the anchors' location information is required for the multi-lateration algorithms to solve for the absolute location  ... 
arXiv:2207.02792v1 fatcat:ltfo6w6knrcfzhp4korrekb7wu

Information fusion in underwater sonar simulation

Yanshen Zhu, Maria Bull, Haluk Akin, Jose Sepulveda, Luis Rabelo
2008 2008 Winter Simulation Conference  
This method was applied to the multisensor information fusion problem in a simulation which includes a passive sonar, an active sonar, and a radar.  ...  This paper discusses information fusion methodologies, selection of one of these methodologies, and application of these fusion methodologies to underwater sonar simulation.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This research project, "Simulation Modeling Environment to Measure Sensors Effectiveness Using GIS Information and Sensor Fusion," has been conducted thanks to the funding of the Office  ... 
doi:10.1109/wsc.2008.4736197 dblp:conf/wsc/ZhuBASR08 fatcat:vdpk2a4vmrhrzaly2nvnjgnh74

Hybrid Fingerprinting-EKF Based Tracking Schemes for Indoor Passive Localization

Salar Bybordi, Luca Reggiani
2014 International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks  
Simulation results show a promising performance improvement via using the proposed hybrid tracking technique and applying a priori information to soft ranging.  ...  for time of arrival (TOA) estimation is modified in order to take advantage of this a priori information and to make its decision variables more accurate.  ...  The proposed hybrid algorithm is applicable for tracking mobile devices that can work as passive scatterers or relays with low or without signal amplification.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2014/351523 fatcat:k6yjqakwknejnepcxfj72wivvu

Autonomic Management of Hybrid Sensor Grid Systems and Applications

Xiaolin Li, Xinxin Liu, Huanyu Zhao, Nanyan Jiang, M. Parashar
2008 2008 Proceedings of 17th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks  
In this paper, we propose an autonomic management framework (ASGrid) to address the requirements of emerging large-scale applications in hybrid grid and sensor network systems.  ...  To the best of our knowledge, we are the first who proposed the autonomic sensor grid system concept in a holistic manner targeted at non-trivial large applications.  ...  CONCLUSION We presented a comprehensive autonomic managing framework ASGrid for managing hybrid sensor grid systems and applications.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icccn.2008.ecp.134 dblp:conf/icccn/LiLZJP08 fatcat:gbigwcxidfawblommxjn5incdi

A Survey on Indoor Vehicle Localization Through RFID Technology

Andrea Motroni, Alice Buffi, Paolo Nepa
2021 IEEE Access  
sensors, and (iii) sensorfusion techniques combing RFID data with those of other exteroceptive sensors in addition to the RFID system itself.  ...  For each method, implementation and methodological details are discussed, by highlighting the applied RFID technology, namely passive HF-RFID, passive UHF-RFID, or any other RFID system.  ...  RFID SENSOR-FUSION WITH LASER RANGE FINDER RFID systems are not able to retrieve geometrical information about the environment, or to detect obstacles unless they are equipped with tags.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3052316 fatcat:betj37mpx5gf7hejfqmbte3tbu
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