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A histogram-based color consistency test for voxel coloring

M.R. Stevens, B. Culbertson, T. Malzbender
Object recognition supported by user interaction for service robots  
Voxel Coloring has become a popular technique for reconstructing a 3D scene from a set of 2D images.  ...  We propose a new form of consistency test, based on histograms, that 1) is more robust at reconstructing textured surfaces, 2) deals properly with RGB color information, and 3) does not require fine tuning  ...  Introduction We present a new color consistency test for Voxel Coloring [1] that is based on histograms.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icpr.2002.1047413 dblp:conf/icpr/StevensCM02 fatcat:rawqqzpcsbdbfhex6iotx7hpgm

Methods for Volumetric Reconstruction of Visual Scenes

Gregory G. Slabaugh, W. Bruce Culbertson, Thomas Malzbender, Mark R. Stevens, Ronald W. Schafer
2004 International Journal of Computer Vision  
In particular, we describe a visibility approach that uses all possible color information from the photographs during reconstruction, photo-consistency measures that are more robust and/or require less  ...  We improve upon existing voxel coloring / space carving approaches by introducing new ways to compute visibility and photoconsistency, as well as model infinitely large scenes.  ...  We are grateful to Mark Livingston and Irwin Sobel for calibration of the Stanford data set. We also express our gratitude to Fred Kitson for his continued support and encouragement of this research.  ... 
doi:10.1023/b:visi.0000013093.45070.3b fatcat:bqvd3pyswbapriajeuzpxg6kam

Multi Voxel Descriptor for 3D Texture Retrieval

Hero Yudo Martono
2016 Emitter: International Journal of Engineering Technology  
First, we build biner voxel histogram and color voxel histogram. Second, we compute distance from centre voxel into other voxels and generate histogram.  ...  In this paper, we present a new feature descriptors which exploit voxels for 3D textured retrieval system when models vary either by geometric shape or texture or both.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank DIKTI (Indonesian Goverment for Higher Education) for scholarship.  ... 
doi:10.24003/emitter.v4i1.110 fatcat:wwsl6ip3sbhx5odc75qfia6n3a

Color Histogram-Based Image Segmentation [chapter]

Giuliana Ramella, Gabriella Sanniti di Baja
2011 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
An algorithm is presented to segment a color image based on the 3D histogram of colors.  ...  Since the histogram does not take into account spatial information, the image is likely to result over-segmented and a merging step, based on the size of the segmentation regions, is performed to reduce  ...  In turn, for a peak consisting of a connected component of voxels, the representative color associated to the peak is the color of the centroid of the peak.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-23672-3_10 fatcat:egagir5t3rejhaxyf5crzb2fua

Human Head Tracking in Three Dimensional Voxel Space

H. Kawanaka, H. Fujiyoshi, Y. Iwahori
2006 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR'06)  
This paper proposes a new approach to track a human head in 3-D voxel space. Information of both color and distance is obtained from multiple stereo cameras and integrated in 3-D voxel space.  ...  Formulating a likelihood function from voxel location and its color information can achieve stable tracking with particle filtering in 3-D voxel space.  ...  The histograms which consist of color information and voxel location information are the observed values.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icpr.2006.636 dblp:conf/icpr/KawanakaFI06 fatcat:eiyoyz5ujzeeplx7mpjx24srfy

Local Color Voxel and Spatial Pattern for 3D Textured Recognition

Hero Yudo Martono
2017 International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology  
Based on this fact, a novel voxel pattern based is proposed by considering local pattern on a voxel called local color voxel pattern (LCVP).  ...  LCVP also quantizes color on each voxel to generate a specific pattern. Shift and reflection circular also will be done.  ...  A. 3D Voxel A 3D model consists of many faces (triangles), and a face consists of three vertices. Each vertex has an RGB value.  ... 
doi:10.18517/ijaseit.7.2.2173 fatcat:nrd2wggtcbh73lkvqvu6oefxmu

Hue Selectivity in Human Visual Cortex Revealed by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ichiro Kuriki, Pei Sun, Kenichi Ueno, Keiji Tanaka, Kang Cheng
2015 Cerebral Cortex  
We addressed this issue by deriving histograms of hue-selective voxels measured using fMRI with a novel stimulation paradigm, where the stimulus hue changed continuously.  ...  Despite the large between-subject difference in hue-selective histograms, individual voxels exhibited selectivity for intermediate hues, such as purple, cyan, and orange, in addition to those along cone-opponent  ...  Notes We thank all the naïve subjects for their time and efforts participating in this study and the 2 anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments on an early version of the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1093/cercor/bhv198 pmid:26423093 pmcid:PMC4635924 fatcat:vqx6oukrf5hspozd7dkyynv3qa

Object Reconstruction and Recognition leveraging an RGB-D Camera

Mohamed Abderrahim, Jorge Garcia, Luis Moreno
2011 IAPR International Workshop on Machine Vision Applications  
as histogram comparison.  ...  On the modeling side, we propose a volume carving algorithm capable of reconstructing rough 3D shape with a low processing cost.  ...  We base our study on [1] , where SIFT feature matching is combined with regional histogram comparison using only a color image.  ... 
dblp:conf/mva/AbderrahimGM11 fatcat:22sfbrdx3rf4bla7vypoznuuou

Spatial Resolution and Distance Information for Color Quantization [chapter]

Giuliana Ramella, Gabriella Sanniti di Baja
2013 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The algorithm has been tested on a large number of color images with different size and color distribution, and the performance has been compared to the performance of other algorithms in the literature  ...  A new color quantization algorithm, CQ, is presented, which includes two phases. The first phase reduces the number of colors by reducing the spatial resolution of the input image.  ...  The centroid of a discrete object consisting of a given number of voxels is the arithmetic mean position of all the voxels in the object.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-41184-7_65 fatcat:u3zsxnkbcrfqddf6y6p5rzumfu

Virtual mastoidectomy performance evaluation through multi-volume analysis

Thomas Kerwin, Don Stredney, Gregory Wiet, Han-Wei Shen
2012 International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery  
Conclusions- The software provides a promising approach for comparing performance between large groups of residents learning mastoidectomy techniques.  ...  Purpose-Development of a visualization system that provides surgical instructors with a method to compare the results of many virtual surgeries (n > 100).  ...  Acknowledgments This work is supported by a grant from the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, of the National Institutes of Health, 1 R01 DC06458-01A1.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11548-012-0687-4 pmid:22528058 pmcid:PMC3480554 fatcat:gw5ncqaam5hlzgccprijublhla

Image Segmentation Based on Representative Colors Detection and Region Merging [chapter]

Giuliana Ramella, Gabriella Sanniti di Baja
2013 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We present a color image segmentation algorithm, RCRM, based on the detection of Representative Colors and on Region Merging. The 3D color histogram of the RGB input image is built.  ...  The algorithm has been tested on a large number of RGB color images originating satisfactory results.  ...  Obviously, if MC i consists of a single voxel, the centroid coincides with the voxel itself and the coordinates of c i are certainly expressed by integer numbers.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-38989-4_18 fatcat:vezou65kr5gknj2qokir5fapu4

Improving statistics for hybrid segmentation of high-resolution multichannel images

Elsa D. Angelini-Casadevall, Celina Imielinska, Yinpeng Jin, Andrew F. Laine, Milan Sonka, J. Michael Fitzpatrick
2002 Medical Imaging 2002: Image Processing  
We have developed a hybrid method that combines fuzzy connectedness and Voronoi diagram classification for the segmentation of color and multichannel objects.  ...  High-resolution multichannel textures are difficult to characterize with simple statistics and the high level of detail makes the selection of a particular contour using classical gradient-based methods  ...  For this reason we tested in this work a new homogeneity measure derived from individual channel statistics and histogram distances.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.467182 dblp:conf/miip/Angelini-Casadevall02 fatcat:4xn6y5jswnf4phy63aimi26clq

Visibility-Weighted Saliency for Volume Visualization [article]

Shengzhou Luo, John Dingliana
2015 Computer Graphics and Visual Computing  
Visibility-weighted saliency is based on a computational measure of perceptual importance of voxels and the visibility of features in volume rendered images.  ...  The effectiveness of this scheme is demonstrated by test results on two volume data sets.  ...  space consisting of the three color components [Fai13] .  ... 
doi:10.2312/cgvc.20151243 dblp:conf/tpcg/LuoD15 fatcat:s4wugepmxbg5hd3rjhqboet3oq

2D Histogram based volume visualization: combining intensity and size of anatomical structures

S. Wesarg, M. Kirschner, M. F. Khan
2010 International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery  
magnitude-based 2D histograms.  ...  The original image and structure-size data sets were used to generate a structure-size enhanced (SSE) histogram.  ...  Acknowledgment Our thanks go to Kevin Schelten for proof-reading this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11548-010-0480-1 pmid:20512631 fatcat:4gns5wnvabgpbgy6xklh7t7eqy

A Cluster-Space Visual Interface for Arbitrary Dimensional Classification of Volume Data [article]

Fan-Yin Tzeng, Kwan-Liu Ma
2004 EUROVIS 2005: Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization  
We introduce an intuitive user interface that allows the user to work in the cluster space, which shows the material classes with a set of material widgets, rather than work in the transfer function space  ...  Figure 8 is the result of a four dimensional classification using the cryosection color brain data set. This data set consists of color photographs of slices of a human brain.  ...  User Defined Classification The user interface consists of a set of material widgets for each cluster.  ... 
doi:10.2312/vissym/vissym04/017-024 fatcat:uzzrp6kvanashg4kxf64w7zgoe
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