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Q&A: Video maestro

Jascha Hoffman
2012 Nature  
To inspire a positive thought, an emotion, a gesture, a memory or a vision in a young person.  ...  I needed to slow things down to comprehend what I was experiencing.  ... 
doi:10.1038/487168a fatcat:xw2sdrkbabhs3g5b7vy3w4kkpe

Relational Leading and Dialogic Process [article]

Lone Hersted Hansen
2016 The PhD Series of the Faculty of the Humanities  
speaking and narrative analysis, just to mention a few.  ...  This is a big task, because she has this… it is second nature to her". The dialogue went on for a long time.  ...  Inspired by social constructionist ideas, the thesis considers approaches to learning and knowledge building as related to relational leading.  ... 
doi:10.5278/ fatcat:jel5rgda3zej5o3rkilwiskzp4


Roisin McNaney, John Vines, Jamie Mercer, Leon Mexter, Daniel Welsh, Tony Young
2017 Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI '17  
There is a growing body of research examining the role of technology in supporting the care of-and relationships surrounding-people with dementia, yet little attention has been given to how this relates  ...  We conducted a qualitative study based on a series of 6 codesign workshops conducted with 14 young people who had personal experience with dementia.  ...  We give special thanks to Miriam Sturdee for designing figure 1 . Design and Cognitive  ... 
doi:10.1145/3025453.3025558 dblp:conf/chi/McNaneyVMMWY17 fatcat:yjrhobmavzcgfh2xe7xkfo3kle

The Joy of Inquiry

Alfonso Montuori
2008 Journal of Transformative Education  
In this article, the author reflects on his own educational experiences as a starting point for an exploration of the way that education can be a joyful process if framed as an opportunity for creative  ...  The author then explores a number of different metaphors for inquiry and the way they can frame our attitude and evoke different moods.  ...  The process of learning is seen as a creative process applying to the person(s), the process, and the product. The other kind of learning I refer to as Reproductive Education.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1541344608317041 fatcat:2sjoydkdzbdpbe2muyv7j7q4hy

Should Our Kindergartens and Schools be Electronic Media Free Zones?

Gilad Goldshmidt
2018 American Journal of Education and Learning  
Various media formats from the surrounding, general culture are integrated naturally into kindergartens and schools.  ...  A path of resistance and of creating an opposing culture.  ...  We have here a quasi-return to the learning machines of Skinner, stemming from the similarity of their ideological-educational approach.  ... 
doi:10.20448/804. fatcat:wztxlelcvjbzzfwobztlcqqqoq

Training young engineers to see

Göran Backlund, Jan Sjunnesson
2011 AI & Society: The Journal of Human-Centred Systems and Machine Intelligence  
The approach is based on use of the Dialogue Seminar Method.  ...  This case study in the professional education of engineers is based on a Talent Programme at Combitech in Sweden, in association with the Royal Institute of Technology.  ...  You must understand what the person is trying to say in his/her essay and about the working situation behind it.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00146-011-0368-9 fatcat:lo5mmfr3yjf6hfm4pibmmtmokm

Learning to rebel

Elsie Luna, Andrew Mearman
2020 Sustainable Earth  
The article reflects on three key recent events in Elsie Luna's activism: her approach to the London headquarters of several oil companies; her 'dying' symbolically at the BBC in Berlin; and her recent  ...  As a response to collective failure to move adequately towards sustainability, youth movements have grown. This article explores the experiences of one young climate activist, Elsie Luna.  ...  It was just a tiny office in the middle of nowhere, which was shut. There were only a few people there and I was the only young person. I did a speech to the BBC about extinction.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s42055-020-00028-z fatcat:joiqk4r42bhbrg3m7y6ofvvpym

Artificial Consciousness [chapter]

Antonio Chella, Riccardo Manzotti
2010 Perception-Action Cycle  
This is because it is one thing to have access to data, but another thing to know how to make good use of it."  ...  At the same time, trying to implement a conscious machine is a feasible approach to the scientific understanding of consciousness itself.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4419-1452-1_20 fatcat:ya6yslg7snbxrptshcfrp263bm

Making at Home: Interest-Driven Practices and Supportive Relationships in Minoritized Homes

Kylie Peppler, R. Mishael Sedas, Maggie Dahn
2020 Education Sciences  
This study sought to better understand the extent to which maker practices are present in the lives of minoritized youth and the network of resources that support their engagement.  ...  Educational research has focused on settings that primarily serve youth from dominant groups, yet we know surprisingly little about making among minoritized youth and the kinds of resources that support  ...  Do you know why? Megan: Uhm, no. Interviewer: Does anyone in your family make things or craft? Megan: [Shakes head no] [A few minutes later] Interviewer: What about your family?  ... 
doi:10.3390/educsci10050143 fatcat:ygpntuvef5edhnaxxi3geibnga

AIs 10 to Watch: The Future of AI

2018 IEEE Intelligent Systems  
Unfortunately, while we know how to apply deep networks so that they work well for many natural language tasks, we know little about interpreting the networks' behavior.  ...  Her research occurs at in the intersection of robotics, natural language processing, and machine learning, and their application to human-robot interaction.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mis.2018.012001549 fatcat:mfx4dnb5lrgjbizilzh2anbcz4

Data Scientist Careers: Applied Orientation for the Beginners

Mahesh Babu Pasupuleti
2016 Global Disclosure of Economics and Business  
According to the findings of this study, Data Scientists require programming, mathematics, and database abilities, all of which may be learned by self-study or through formal education.  ...  The interpretation emphasizes that high school students interested in pursuing a career in Data Science should learn programming, mathematics, databases, and, most importantly, exercise their newfound  ...  Second, do they have a sense of humour? You know, you have to be lighthearted. A person who takes things too seriously may not be able to see the lighter components. Knowing there is a tale there.  ... 
doi:10.18034/gdeb.v5i2.617 fatcat:txaguvle6zgnvefup4b5b4kzhe

The seven transdisciplinary habits of mind of creative teachers: An exploratory study of award winning teachers

Danah Henriksen
2016 Thinking Skills and Creativity  
approaches to thinking and working, that cut across disciplinary boundaries.  ...  Teachers are primary mediators of thinking and learning for their students, and understanding how excellent teachers function and use thinking skills is an important, albeit often underserved, area of  ...  When a person fully understands something, feelings, senses, knowledge, and experiences come together in a multi-faceted, cohesive way. A person feels what they know and knows what they feel.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.tsc.2016.10.007 fatcat:4o57nwsogvcy5ec7rhiifyxxc4

Using I, Robot in the Technical Writing Classroom: Developing a Critical Technological Awareness

Aaron A. Toscano
2011 Computers and Composition  
This article concludes with a discussion of student responses to an essay assignment based on Isaac Asimov's novel I, Robot.  ...  Because much technical writing pedagogy ignores cultural issues related to technology, this article promotes student engagement in discussions about social constructions of technology to foster critical  ...  I also want to thank Greg Wickliff for his thoughtful responses to an earlier draft of this article and Aaron Jaffe for his encouragement to pursue this unique approach to technical writing.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.compcom.2010.12.001 fatcat:c4imlrdnbbapllyomarhmdmlcq

Full Issue

Journal Editor
2014 Journal of Childhood Studies  
This book is great for anyone wanting to learn more about how to do this in an innovative, respectful, and collaborative way.  ...  Warden's philosophy, experience, passion, and ideas make Nature Kindergartens and Forest Schools a good book; however, seeing her present is a much more engaging and provoking experience than reading her  ...  Silence enough to contain witness and wonder. senses inform our knowing, not in a superficial way, but knowing as comprehending, which is to say, understanding the meaning and nature of a thing, understanding  ... 
doi:10.18357/jcs.v39i2.15216 fatcat:h5knv4kncnbktoaml745kcnuui

Explorative Teaching and Research—From Memory Work to Experience Stories

Karin Widerberg
2016 Creative Education  
Memory work is an approach developed to help us problematize the things we take for granted and as such an invitation to methodological explorations in teaching and research.  ...  The illustrations are meant to inspire further use and development of the approach so as to fit different situations and themes in teaching and research.  ...  First though, a few introductory words about memory work so as to make sense of the approach used in the case presented.  ... 
doi:10.4236/ce.2016.714196 fatcat:ohnfysfewrhkpp2v4e4nggjgoy
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