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A Deconstruction of Non-deterministic Classical Cut Elimination [chapter]

J. Laird
2001 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The resulting interpretation of classical proofs in a -calculus with non-deterministic choice leads to a simple proof of termination for cut elimination.  ...  This paper shows how a symmetric and non-deterministic cut elimination procedure for a classical sequent calculus can be faithfully simulated using a non-deterministic choice operator to combine di erent  ...  Acknowledgements Most of the work reported here was undertaken at the LFCS, University of Edinburgh, as part of the UK EPSRC project`Foundational Structures for Computing Science'.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45413-6_22 fatcat:7ygtesogfvhsriho4yefgao5na

Page 8491 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2002K [page]

2002 Mathematical Reviews  
Laird {James Laird], A deconstruction of non-deterministic classical cut elimination (268-282); Olivier Laurent, A token machine for full geometry of interaction (extended abstract) (283-297); Hans Leib  ...  using the geometry of interaction (extended abstract) (385-399); Aleksy Schubert, The complexity of f-reduction in low orders (400-414); Christian Urban, Strong normalisation for a Gentzen-like cut-elimination  ... 

Proofnets and Context Semantics for the Additives [chapter]

Harry G. Mairson, Xavier Rival
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Linear Logic was initially a sequent calculus, but this sequentialized structure was too strong and the design of a nice cut-elimination procedure was complicated.  ...  We provide a context semantics for Multiplicative-Additive Linear Logic (MALL), together with proofnets whose reduction preserves semantics, where proofnet reduction is equated with cut-elimination on  ...  act on a large bunch of formulas (by checking that all these formulas are of the form ?F ): ??; A ! ??; !A This might be problematic, especially to get a local (optimal) reduction.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45793-3_11 fatcat:dt2wq43skbedljulj6wa3ttpei

A proof-theoretic analysis of the classical propositional matrix method

D. Pym, E. Ritter, E. Robinson
2012 Journal of Logic and Computation  
We show that underlying this method is a fully structured combinatorial model of conventional classical proof theory.  ...  The matrix method, due to Bibel and Andrews, is a proof procedure designed for automated theorem-proving.  ...  Essentially, this proof reduces to either Φ 1 or Φ 2 , the choice being non-deterministic.  ... 
doi:10.1093/logcom/exs045 fatcat:hiqhykc3o5co7h3e6wjdtrodam

A tutorial on computational classical logic and the sequent calculus

2018 Journal of functional programming  
For example, binding a value to a variable is dual to manipulating the flow of control in a program.  ...  We present a model of computation that heavily emphasizes the concept of duality and the interaction between opposites–production interacts with consumption.  ...  The non-determinism of the µμ-calculus corresponds to the fact that the cut elimination for LK included critically non-deterministic choices between structural rules.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0956796818000023 fatcat:ff6fprv6vfhrjgqhwnll3vqcwe

Polarized Proof-Nets: Proof-Nets for LC [chapter]

Olivier Laurent
1999 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We de ne a notion of polarization in linear logic (LL) coming from the polarities of Jean-Yves Girard's classical sequent calculus LC 4].  ...  This yields an important simplication of the correctness criterion for polarized proof-nets. In this way we obtain a system of proof-nets for LC. of these rules.  ...  The last section of this paper is devoted to cut-elimination where the problem of commutative additive contraction appears. A full solution has still to be found.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-48959-2_16 fatcat:4rur3kclnbg4bb2si7u2jdwmim

Polarized and focalized linear and classical proofs

Olivier Laurent, Myriam Quatrini, Lorenzo Tortora de Falco
2005 Annals of Pure and Applied Logic  
Some more semantical considerations allow to recover LC as a refinement of multiplicative LK η pol .  ...  The properties of focalization and reversion of linear proofs are at the heart of our analysis: we show that the tq-protocol of normalization for the classical systems LK η pol and LK η,ρ pol perfectly  ...  A possible proof-theoretical approach is to start by defining classical systems (i.e. complete w.r.t. classical provability) with a deterministic normalization procedure.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.apal.2004.11.002 fatcat:yfw6bkezybfyrin3uxlsxmsvem


Dylan Coyle
2016 Figshare  
We rebuild computer science and computational physics based on 1948 continuous Turing machines: the universe is a deterministic superfluid of parallel points and a relational field of nondeterministic  ...  Deconstructive proofs identify the errors, rebuild the frameworks, and provide insights. Solving each problem provides tools and confidence for deconstructing the next ones.  ...  If we start with certain choices, they burn trees and eliminate choices later. Classic examples include satisfying seating plans and travel schedules.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.4265192.v1 fatcat:6zfz2bq6drgpbjpsxzractnpru

Which simple types have a unique inhabitant?

Gabriel Scherer, Didier Rémy
2015 SIGPLAN notices  
We study the question of whether a given type has a unique inhabitant modulo program equivalence.  ...  We present a saturating focused logic that introduces irreducible cuts on positive types "as soon as possible".  ...  In Appendix A, we give a presentation of the algorithm as a system of inference rules that is terminating and deterministic.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2858949.2784757 fatcat:g5ik2xr4dbfz5k5d2ewc6fdu44

Which simple types have a unique inhabitant?

Gabriel Scherer, Didier Rémy
2015 Proceedings of the 20th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming - ICFP 2015  
We study the question of whether a given type has a unique inhabitant modulo program equivalence.  ...  We present a saturating focused logic that introduces irreducible cuts on positive types "as soon as possible".  ...  In Appendix A, we give a presentation of the algorithm as a system of inference rules that is terminating and deterministic.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2784731.2784757 dblp:conf/icfp/SchererR15 fatcat:adazx34yafdctcjyrgftd5cekm

Post-postmodern consumer authenticity, shantay you stay or sashay away? A netnography of RuPaul's Drag Race fans

Brendan Canavan
2021 Marketing Theory  
Consumer negotiation of authenticity is explored through a netnography of online fans of the reality television series RuPaul's Drag Race.  ...  Suggestion is of a post-postmodern approach to negotiating the authenticity of series narratives consumed, associated authentic identities of consumers, and of supporting interactions of the consumer community  ...  term for a classical period between roughly 1890 and 1940.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1470593120985144 fatcat:i3jfklgzpbanrpi747hhgxwi4i

A Semantics for Propositions as Sessions [chapter]

Sam Lindley, J. Garrett Morris
2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We relate the cut-elimination semantics of this approach to an operational semantics for session-typed concurrency in a functional language.  ...  We develop a suitable notion of deadlock, based on existing approaches for capturing deadlock in π-calculus, and show that all well-typed GV programs are deadlockfree, deterministic, and terminating.  ...  and a (non-deterministic) reduction on configurations of processes (called −→).  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-662-46669-8_23 fatcat:s6gsygb3ubh73bvqydtzsquwmi

Avangard Bir Tasarımın Tekrarlanan Görselleri Üzerinden Derridacı Yapısökümü Okumak
Reading Derridean Deconstruction on the Repetitive Visuals of an Avant-garde Design

2022 Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences  
This article focuses on Hussein Chalayan's Memory Dress as a case study and applies content analysis on it so as to point out the similarities between the critical avant-garde method of Derridean deconstruction  ...  A coding schema is utilized to standardize the content analysis conducted on the variety of styles of the Memory Dress.  ...  a text of deconstruction.  ... 
doi:10.21547/jss.1054178 fatcat:2qhgppuocvgzla6kecfj2ui7am

The Importance of Institutions in Expansionary Fiscal Consolidations a Critical Assessment of Non-Keynesian Effects

István Benczes
2006 Social Science Research Network  
The composition of adjustment also became a crucial explanation for non-Keynesian effects.  ...  Authors in the literature on non-Keynesian effects usually put the emphasis on the need for the devaluation of the national currency, the accommodating reaction of the monetary authority and the favourable  ...  As it has been illustrated in Blanchard's simple deterministic model as well, a unique feature of the expectational view is the introduction of the so-called "non-linear demand effect" of fiscal policy  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1053401 fatcat:ogx24iyez5d4lgm2fagpcizypy

Quantum Approximated Graph Cutting: A Rapid Replacement for T-REMD? [article]

Samarth Sandeep, Sona Aramyan, Armen H. Poghosyan, Vaibhav Gupta
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Machine (QAM), on a large scale classical computing device, and an implementation of a classical MaxCut algorithm on a supercomputer in order to determine the types of advantages that can be gained through  ...  However, the lack of direct configurational changes carried out onto the structure of SP-A after the use of graph cutting methods produces different final binding results than those produced by GROMACS  ...  for 11 proteins of which there is little known experimental binding behavior, as chemical 12 formation kinetics is completed in non-deterministic, polynomial (NP) time on a 13 classical device  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.12.11.420968 fatcat:b3fevrg4bngcfmic5y2qat4qfm
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