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TCP performance over mobile ad hoc networks

Xiang Chen, Hongqiang Zhai, Jianfeng Wang, Yuguang Fang
2004 Canadian journal of electrical and computer engineering  
Although it is well tuned for wired networks, TCP performs poorly in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs).  ...  To understand TCP behavior and improve the TCP performance over multi-hop ad hoc networks, considerable research has been carried out.  ...  Current Approaches to Improving TCP Performance in MANETs Recently, several schemes have been proposed to improve TCP performance over mobile ad hoc networks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/cjece.2004.1425806 fatcat:gsm7w2upgzfelbmyeyx6wkc3ha

TCP over multihop 802.11 networks

Kitae Nahm, Ahmed Helmy, C.-C. Jay Kuo
2005 Proceedings of the 6th ACM international symposium on Mobile ad hoc networking and computing - MobiHoc '05  
Analyzing TCP operation over 802.11 multihop ad hoc networks involves a cross-layer study.  ...  Our simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme can dramatically improve TCP performance and network stability in a variety of 802.11 multihop networks.  ...  CONCLUSION AND FUTURE WORK Improving the performance of TCP over 802.11 multi-hop ad hoc networks is truly a cross-layer problem.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1062689.1062725 dblp:conf/mobihoc/NahmHK05 fatcat:x5dmhieprfgwjodhyl7znwqcsq

A feedback-based scheme for improving TCP performance in ad hoc wireless networks

K. Chandran, S. Raghunathan, S. Venkatesan, R. Prakash
2001 IEEE personal communications  
Ad hoc networks are completely wireless networks of mobile hosts, in which the topology rapidly changes due to the movement of mobile hosts.  ...  To overcome this problem, a feedback scheme is proposed so that the source can distinguish between a route failure and network congestion.  ...  The authors would also like to thank the Networks Research Group at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories for making their network simulator ns available in the public domain.  ... 
doi:10.1109/98.904897 fatcat:gf5kphhy6jf4voloselvtvmgqu

TCP with delayed ack for wireless networks

Jiwei Chen, Mario Gerla, Yeng Zhong Lee, M.Y. Sanadidi
2008 Ad hoc networks  
These schemes significantly improve TCP performance in both multihop ad hoc wireless and hybrid wired/wireless networks.  ...  The simulated results show that our schemes can effectively improve TCP throughput by up to 30% in static networks, and provide more significant gain in mobile networks.  ...  The significant TCP-DCA performance improvement is shown over the above mentioned ad hoc routing schemes, in both static and mobile ad hoc networks.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.adhoc.2007.10.004 fatcat:lf6fno3eezh3lilbuenq4cj2oa

TCP with Delayed Ack for Wireless Networks

Jiwei Chen, Yeng Zhong Lee, Mario Gerla, M.Y. Sanadidi
2006 2006 3rd International Conference on Broadband Communications, Networks and Systems  
These schemes significantly improve TCP performance in both multihop ad hoc wireless and hybrid wired/wireless networks.  ...  The simulated results show that our schemes can effectively improve TCP throughput by up to 30% in static networks, and provide more significant gain in mobile networks.  ...  The significant TCP-DCA performance improvement is shown over the above mentioned ad hoc routing schemes, in both static and mobile ad hoc networks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/broadnets.2006.4374405 dblp:conf/broadnets/ChenLGS06 fatcat:ig5sdhdmdnhjhajhxkdvmw523q

TCP performance in multi-hop wireless ad hoc networks: challenges and solution

Ammar Mohammed Al-Jubari, Mohamed Othman, Borhanuddin Mohd Ali, Nor Asilah Wati Abdul Hamid
2011 EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking  
the requirements of TCP for a good reliable data delivery.  ...  Transmission control protocol (TCP) performance over multi-hop wireless networks is currently attracting considerable interest from the research community.  ...  Acknowledgements This study was supported by the Research University Grant Scheme (RUGS Number: 05/03/10/1039RU).  ... 
doi:10.1186/1687-1499-2011-198 fatcat:to7yaip645esffy6gvia33c7ke

Simulation Study of Feedback based Adaptive TCP Protocol for improving the Performance of TCP and High Speed Data Transmission Based on Congestion Window Size

Ramesh Pusuluri, Reena Aggarwal, Sivachandar .
2018 International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing  
The major aim of this research work carried out on Ad hoc networks is to develop a model which improves the performance of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) compared to the existing TCP.  ...  To get TCP with enhanced performance, the working of standard TCP was changed to either Full Congestion window-TCP or Partial Congestion window TCP.  ...  Acknowledgement I express my sincere regards to Reena Aggarwal for her valued guidance. This work was enabled and sustained by her vision and ideas.  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijgdc.2018.11.1.01 fatcat:cvpaxqp5afalpgqtwdx3vkz5gu

Impact of Multihop Wireless Channel on TCP-AP with LRED

G. Sankara Malliga, Dr.Dharmishtan K Varughese
2010 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Ignoring the properties of wireless Ad-hoc Networks can lead to TCP implementations with poor performance.  ...  In a wireless network, however packet losses will occur more often due to unreliable wireless links than due to congestion.  ...  Several authors introduced TCP enhancements for coping with mobility in ad hoc wireless networks over IEEE 802.11.  ... 
doi:10.5120/232-386 fatcat:4yxyfwbz7jgijj4i2we53iwzrm

TCP-BuS: Improving TCP performance in wireless Ad Hoc networks

Dongkyun Kim, C.-K. Toh, Yanghee Choi
2001 Journal of Communications and Networks  
In this paper, we propose a new mechanism that improves TCP performance in a wireless ad hoc network where each node can buffer ongoing packets during a route disconnection and re-establishment.  ...  However, in wireless ad hoc networks, links are broken as a result of node mobility and hence some time is needed to perform route reconfiguration.  ...  Thus, in this paper, we propose a novel scheme for improving TCP performance in wireless ad hoc networks by introducing buffering capability in mobile nodes.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jcn.2001.6596860 fatcat:pjc4smb2ljfe7b4b5qttvu4day


Sumaiya Thaseen I, Aswani Kumar, Sulavna Singh Mahapatra
2012 ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology  
Hence the performance of wireless networks is improved by introducing a cross layer design to exchange information between different layers.  ...  This paper mainly focuses on cross layer proposals between network and transport layer and various TCP schemes employed to enhance performance.  ...  Chang et al [23] designed a TCP congestion control and routing scheme using cross layer for ad hoc networks.  ... 
doi:10.21917/ijct.2012.0083 fatcat:ghyfw35lm5d3nhbujojdfn65nm

Socially-aware congestion control in ad-hoc networks: Current status and the way forward

Hannan Bin Liaqat, Amjad Ali, Junaid Qadir, Ali Kashif Bashir, Muhammad Bilal, Fiaz Majeed
2019 Future generations computer systems  
While a number of congestion control schemes have been proposed for the traditional ad-hoc networks, there has been limited focus on incorporating social awareness into congestion control schemes.  ...  We revisit the existing traditional ad-hoc congestion control and data distribution protocols and motivate the need for embedding social awareness into these protocols to improve performance.  ...  FeW performs efficiently after the slow adjustment of the congestion window. It improves the performance of TCP and network stability in multi-hop networks.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.future.2019.02.017 fatcat:agjsp6ebbvdr7dggd4h3vmi5ii

The Impact of TCP Congestion Window Size on the Performance Evaluation of Mobile Ad Hoc (Manet) Routing Protocols

Nihad I.Abbas, Emre Ozen, Mustafa Ilkan
2015 International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks  
Varieties of mobile ad hoc routing protocols have been developed to support the multi-hop scheme of ad hoc networks.  ...  A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a temporary collection of mobile nodes randomly moved within a limited terrain area.  ...  Rusdi et al [13] proposed a new approach to enhance the TCP performance over mobile ad hoc network environments by using a dynamic path for TCP congestion estimation.  ... 
doi:10.5121/ijwmn.2015.7203 fatcat:o5hi432yvnhgfktnzr6r7ml4de

Improving TCP Performance based on Fuzzy-Logic for Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Ibrahim K.Tabash, M. Salim Beg, Nesar Ahmad
2013 International Journal of Computer Applications  
This paper proposed a fuzzy logic based inference system based on the factors of expected throughput and actual throughput to dynamically adjust the congestion window size to improve the performance of  ...  However, this assumption may not apply to Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs). Numerous transmission control protocols have been proposed in the literature to address the problem of congestion in MANETs.  ...  INTRODUCTION Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) are a collection of mobile nodes forming a dynamic autonomous network.  ... 
doi:10.5120/13460-0479 fatcat:s67vz7hdyrckjmlsanf7ku5fua

A survey of TCP over ad hoc networks

A. Al Hanbali, E. Altman, P. Nain
2005 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials  
Indeed, in mobile or static ad hoc networks losses are not always due to network congestion, as it is mostly the case in wired networks.  ...  Ignoring the properties of wireless ad hoc networks can lead to TCP implementations with poor performance.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank Daniele Miorandi and Urtzi Ayesta for their help. This work was supported in part by the EuroNGI Network of Excellence (NoE).  ... 
doi:10.1109/comst.2005.1610548 fatcat:aqj2rpla6faj3bl26angyp4peu

Cross-Layer Interaction of TCP and Ad Hoc Routing Protocols in Multihop IEEE 802.11 Networks

K. Nahm, A. Helmy, C.-C.J. Kuo
2008 IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing  
(AIMD) behavior of the TCP window mechanism is aggressive for a typical multihop IEEE 802.11 network with a low-bandwidth-delay product.  ...  On-demand ad hoc routing protocols respond to network events such as channel noise, mobility, and congestion in the same manner, which, in association with TCP, deteriorates the quality of an existing  ...  Thus, it is important to work with TCP and improve its performance in the IEEE 802.11 ad hoc network.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmc.2007.70779 fatcat:jtiv7basr5ckbpdvq3sddqbh2y
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