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Melvyn I. Semmel, Joan A. Lieber
1986 Focus on exceptional children  
Comparison of Two Drill-and-Practice Programs The comparison program, entitled Plain Vanilla, was developed by the TEECh group (Christensen, 1985) and contains only the essential aspects of the instructional  ...  Participants in the study were 20 learning handicapped and 20 nonhandicapped boys from the upper elementary grades, who· used a mathematics problem-solving software program entitled Teasers by Tobbs (  ...  Chronological Index of Titles  ... 
doi:10.17161/foec.v18i9.7482 fatcat:nd6423rkxrbhflgfotklhugily

Does the Inclusion of Robots Affect Engineering Students' Achievement in Computer Programming Courses?

Nilcan Özüorçun, Hüseyin Bicen
2017 Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education  
The important point about the programming algorithms course is that it enables understanding of the logic of programming, as it enhances students' understanding of what it means when they are coding.  ...  It analyses a usable solution with the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot in the engineering classrooms for the introduction to computer programming course.  ...  The experimental group did not configure the robot hardware, and they used the basic model of EV3 robots with two extra sensors, one for touch and one for colour/light.  ... 
doi:10.12973/eurasia.2017.00964a fatcat:cofhh4feyrdgdfs2benlxl4bwu

The Relationship between Middle Level Grade Span Configuration, Professional Development, and Student Achievement

Vicki L. Schmitt
2004 RMLE Online: Research in Middle Level Education  
However, when taken together, professional development and grade configuration were not found to have a direct relationship to student achievement.  ...  In this study, levels of professional development as components of various school reform initiatives are identified, and their relationships to student learning are measured across various grade configurations  ...  On average, high PD sites were found to have a higher percentage of students (13.51%) scoring at these two upper levels on the 2001 mathematic tests compared to 11.57% of students attending low PD sites  ... 
doi:10.1080/19404476.2004.11658166 fatcat:f42kpawxebdhpntzf35b6hhkkm

Specifying distributed multi-agent systems in chemical reaction metaphor

Hong Lin, Chunsheng Yang
2006 Applied intelligence (Boston)  
The paper also discusses the feasibility of implementing an automatic translation from the Gamma specification to a program in the module language.  ...  The effectiveness of specifying multi-agent systems in CRM from the view point of software engineering is further justified by introducing a transformational method for implementing the specified multi-agent  ...  Intuitively, let P and Q be two Gamma programs, then P + Q is a program in which (R, A) pairs in P and Q work concurrently and P • Q a program in which Q executes before P, i.e., P's ( R, A) pairs are  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10489-006-6936-x fatcat:qztpqb63hjcd3bn3ufghpuppcu

Impact of Instructional Alignment Workshop on Teachers' Experience with and Beliefs on State Standards

Raul A Baez-Hernandez
2019 International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research  
In a school district in Florida, student performance from 2011 to 2017 had been inconsistent from year to year across all grade levels, as measured by the state's standardized assessments.  ...  The professional development was expected to expand teachers' understanding of (a) lesson plan alignment, (b) the value of alignment between state standards and the standardized assessment and instruction  ...  In this study, the researcher used Porter's (2002) method because the model allows easy illustration of alignment between two variables and the comparison of two categorical documents as a variable for  ... 
doi:10.26803/ijlter.18.1.8 fatcat:nwsl5ixlerfupnrrzzqwlwsyze

Implementation of Kentucky Nongraded Primary Program

Patricia J. Kannapel et al, Lola Aagaard, Pamelia Coe, Cynthia A. Reeves
2000 Education Policy Analysis Archives  
Currently, progress toward full implementation of a continuous progress model for primary students has stagnated.  ...  We examine the development of the Kentucky nongraded primary program at the state level, and in six rural elementary schools from 1991 through 1998 (case studies of four of these schools are included in  ...  program and the KIRIS-driven upper elementary grades.  ... 
doi:10.14507/epaa.v8n34.2000 fatcat:nt3tvv4o6vetthkc5wn6aj5nea

Using Instructional Logs to Study Mathematics Curriculum and Teaching in the Early Grades

Brian Rowan, Delena M. Harrison, Andrew Hayes
2004 The Elementary school journal  
In this article we describe the mathematics curriculum and teaching practices in a purposive sample of high-poverty elementary schools working with 3 of the most widely disseminated comprehensive school  ...  reform programs in the United States.  ...  For example, two teachers at the upper grades, a standard deviation above and a standard deviation below the mean within the same school, differed by as much as 37% in their likelihood of teaching multiplication  ... 
doi:10.1086/428812 fatcat:2jinmaxsdvc4ne7hgqmzsamxlm

Investigating Effect of Origami-Based Instruction on Elementary Students' Spatial Skills and Perceptions

Sedanur Cakmak, Mine Isiksal, Yusuf Koc
2013 The Journal of educational research (Washington, D.C.)  
investigate whether there is significant effect of origami-based instruction on elementary students' Spatial Ability Test (SAT) scores, paired sample t-tests were run for two factors of Spatial Ability  ...  They also added there were two more lines of symmetry in a square which were diagonals. Then the upper corners were folded into the center point of original square paper.  ...  APPENDICES APPENDIX A Spatial Ability Test  ... 
doi:10.1080/00220671.2012.753861 fatcat:rd2d3gs6z5an5gnr2jia3c6sdm


P. Giles
1969 Computer journal  
Acknowledgements and requests for additions to the  ...  Each pair of corresponding elementary items must be equal in size and must be alphanumeric. The sending and receiving items of each pair must satisfy the rules for an elementary MOVE.  ...  Conditions are used in IF state-ments and cause a comparison of two operands, which must be either both numeric or both alphabetic.  ... 
doi:10.1093/comjnl/12.3.208 fatcat:kdewscog6zcqtltrsq7xzo2fie

Enabling nonexpert construction of basic sensor-based systems

Susan Lysecky, Frank Vahid
2009 ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction  
Additionally, we present preliminary experiments demonstrating usability of integer-based blocks and introduce a programmable block and the corresponding configuration methodology intended for nonexpert  ...  We briefly summarize eBlocks, a technology enabling nonexperts to quickly construct basic customized sensor-based systems, without requiring electronics or knowledge of programming languages.  ...  channel for a matching transmit and receive pair).  ... 
doi:10.1145/1502800.1502801 fatcat:k2zdyivgvzadljzjrg2dstwrmm

Non-monotonic developmental trend of holistic processing in visual expertise: the case of Chinese character recognition

Ricky Van-yip Tso, Terry Kit-fong Au, Janet Hui-wen Hsiao
2022 Cognitive Research  
This result marks the development of holistic and analytic processing skills, both of which can be essential for mastering visual recognition.  ...  Is orthographic recognition a domain-specific exception to all other kinds of recognition (e.g. face and objects)?  ...  One hundred and sixty pairs of medium-to high-frequency Chinese characters (Ho & Kwan, 2001) in Ming font were chosen, 80 pairs had a top-bottom configuration, and 80 pairs had a left-right configuration  ... 
doi:10.1186/s41235-022-00389-3 pmid:35524920 pmcid:PMC9079196 fatcat:wffzk7uxlvh4pdatdksuamdbmq

Second Year Evaluation Report for the Cornerstone Literacy Initiative

Dana Lockwood, Christine Donis-Keller, Ellie Hanlon, Tom Saunders, Meryle Weinstein, Norm Fruchter
2004 Social Science Research Network  
Four appendices contain study instruments and a discussion of program and comparison schools. (Contains 12 tables and 17 figures.)  ...  Coaches found the Cornerstone assessments to be useful tools for student evaluation. Findings show the potential for expansion of the Cornerstone program.  ...  students who remained in the comparison schools for two years.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1077198 fatcat:wa2mx3lixfg3xovhdhhk2h6nxq

Bifactor Invariance Analysis of Student Conceptions of Assessment Inventory

Daniel Abud Seabra Matos, Gavin Thomas Lumsden Brown, Cristiano Mauro Assis Gomes
2019 Psico-USF  
Student conceptions of the purposes of assessment are an important aspect of self-regulated learning.  ...  This study advances our understanding of the Student Conceptions of Assessment Inventory (SCoA) by examining the generalizability of the factorial structure of the SCoA using bifactor analysis and conducting  ...  Acknowledgments: The third author had a Research Productivity Fellowship granted by Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development -CNPq.  ... 
doi:10.1590/1413-82712019240411 fatcat:hjp3nv3ywfbztcmsf4e6e5r4ne

Elementary Science Instruction: Examining a Virtual Environment for Evidence of Learning, Engagement, and 21st Century Competencies

Terry Smith
2014 Education Sciences  
This mixed methods study examined the effectiveness of a virtual world curriculum for teaching elementary students complex science concepts and skills.  ...  The study involved a five-day intervention of fifteen 4th grade students in a small Midwestern school using a virtual science computer game from Arizona State University.  ...  A common and widely used method for evaluating differences in means between two groups is the paired samples t-test [30] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/educsci4010122 fatcat:4mlzfky64bf6pavvaunsoulda4

Leading Inclusive ELL

George Theoharis, Joanne O'Toole
2011 Educational Administration Quarterly  
The cross-case analysis provides a comparison between the cases of inclusive ESL reform.  ...  They combined federal, state, and local resources to eliminate pullout ELL programs and reduce class size so elementary teachers would take sole responsibility for building community and instructing ELL  ...  This pairing took one school from a neighborhood that was becoming predominantly students of color with a growing number of lowincome families and paired it with a school that was largely middle to upper  ... 
doi:10.1177/0013161x11401616 fatcat:vdykfx6o5zhsxjcmy3o5tpzjwq
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