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A Knowledge Mining Model for Ranking Institutions using Rough Computing with Ordering Rules and Formal Concept analysis [article]

D. P. Acharjya, L. Ezhilarasi
2011 arXiv   pre-print
Well formed fact, the information at right time and at right place deploy a better knowledge.However, the challenge arises when larger volume of inconsistent data is given for decision making and knowledge  ...  In pre process we use rough set on intuitionistic fuzzy approximation space with ordering rules for finding the knowledge whereas in post process we use formal concept analysis to explore better knowledge  ...  Introduction In real world, invent of computers have created a new space for knowledge mining. Thus, data handling and data processing is of prime importance in the information system.  ... 
arXiv:1108.1986v1 fatcat:vxswq5d7wzg2dmebnhwwxobgwe

Identifying and Managing Technical Debt in Database Normalization Using Machine Learning and Trade-off Analysis [article]

Mashel Albarak, Muna Alrazgan, Rami Bahsoon
2018 arXiv   pre-print
The trade off is between the rework cost and the debt effect on the quality of the system as the metaphoric interest. To evaluate our method, we use a case study from Microsoft, AdventureWorks.  ...  Our framework makes use of association rule mining to discover functional dependencies between attributes in a table, which will help determine the current normal form of that table and identify debt tables  ...  For X, lower is better. In the case study, we used this metric to determine the risk of data inconsistency for the tables.  ... 
arXiv:1711.06109v3 fatcat:6jjz37ccj5gafork5e6urlufga

Discussion of: "Testing behavioral finance theories using trends and sequences in financial performance," (by Wesley Chan, Richard Frankel, and S.P. Kothari)

Kent Daniel
2004 Journal of Accounting & Economics  
The CFK evidence and other extant empirical evidence is inconsistent with investor misinterpretation of earnings information as a source a long-horizon predictability, as CFK claim.  ...  However, this evidence points to misinterpretation of non-accounting based information as a source of the predictability.  ...  However, this concern is mitigated by a number of studies showing that the size, reversal, book-tomarket and momentum effects are present internationally, and, in the case of bookto-market, that the effect  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jacceco.2004.10.003 fatcat:yk7frjejvnalzawh4dwev3srdi

Simulating Human Behavior for Understanding and Managing Environmental Resource Use

Wander Jager, Hans Joachim Mosler
2007 Journal of Social Issues  
Behavioral determinants and processes as identified in social-scientific theory may be formalized in simulated agents to obtain a better understanding of man-environment interactions and of policy measures  ...  explore the possible effects of policy strategies.  ...  For example, simulations may indicate that the effect of, for example, a promotional campaign in a given context, is unstable due to strong autonomous social processes in the field, but that in case of  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1540-4560.2007.00498.x fatcat:uckmg4ly75fzrcjmrjjcnha4l4

Analyzing Customer Experience Feedback Using Text Mining

Francisco Villarroel Ordenes, Babis Theodoulidis, Jamie Burton, Thorsten Gruber, Mohamed Zaki
2014 Journal of Service Research  
support and engagement of the companies considered in the research.  ...  His comments and suggestions on an earlier draft of the paper were a great input.  ...  METHODOLOGY Case Study We asked customer insight managers from a group of medium-sized and large U.K. organizations to participate in a study adopting a text mining approach for analyzing customer feedback  ... 
doi:10.1177/1094670514524625 fatcat:y4ymgwyzqbeihm2exqzqrndqky

Assessment of effective parameters on dilution using approximate reasoning methods in longwall mining method, Iran coal mines [article]

H. Owladeghaffari, K. Shahriar, G. H. R. Saeedi
2008 arXiv   pre-print
Therefore the dilution can impose the additional cost of mining and milling. As a result, recognition of the effective parameters on the dilution has a remarkable role in industry.  ...  Approximately more than 90% of all coal production in Iranian underground mines is derived directly longwall mining method. Out of seam dilution is one of the essential problems in these mines.  ...  In this study we employ approximate reasoning methods to analysis of dilution and based upon two main subsets of AR, Rough Set Theory and Fuzzy inference system, the position of effective parameters are  ... 
arXiv:0805.1288v1 fatcat:57bnofm4lrc5dml23z766kbcpu

Institutional function versus form: The evolutionary credibility of land, housing and natural resources

Peter Ho
2018 Land Use Policy  
The expounded theory is substantiated through a series of in-depth cases in different geographical and socio-economic settings.  ...  This special issue addresses a critical question in the studies regarding land, housing, and natural resources: how does institutional form relate to performance?  ...  The final section elaborates on the papers' implications for the credibility theory in terms of its validation and a consistent explanation of three empirical inconsistencies inherent to mainstream economic  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.landusepol.2018.02.001 fatcat:xoukwvgmgzdctoqvdv5u5l64oe

Vehicle Accident Severity Rules Mining Using Fuzzy Granular Decision Tree [chapter]

Hamid Kiavarz Moghaddam, Xin Wang
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
To improve the efficiency of the algorithm, the fuzzy rough set feature selection is applied .The major highways in California are considered as a case study to examine the proposed approach.  ...  Therefore, the need for investigation of the conditions of road collisions and driver awareness on highways is critical.  ...  Rough set theory has also been used for feature selection in pre-processing step to eliminate redundant data.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-08644-6_29 fatcat:mcwspl6l4zaobozeikngkeziai

Without foundation or neutral standpoint: using immanent critique to guide a literature review

K. Robert Isaksen
2018 Journal of Critical Realism  
Immanent critique as method can take the form of noting theory-theory, theorypractice, and/or theory-data inconsistencies.  ...  In this article, written for the Applied Critical Realism special issue of Journal of Critical Realism, I use my own research to illustrate how a literature review might look if it were non-foundational  ...  This type of immanent critique is not based on theory-practice or theory-theory inconsistencies, but rather on what we could call theory-data inconsistencies where the data used to propose some conclusion  ... 
doi:10.1080/14767430.2018.1427180 fatcat:bwd5mfn34ze6jivcfqarqdijba

Multi-use and constraints from original use

Justin A. Jungé, Daniel C. Dennett
2010 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
An emerging class of theories concerning the functional structure of the brain takes the reuse of neural circuitry for various cognitive purposes to be a central organizational principle.  ...  The idea also has some practical implications in the areas of rehabilitative medicine and machine interface design.  ...  In order to better appreciate that evidence and its implications, however, it will be useful to have before us a more concrete example of a theory of neural reuse, and some sense of where such theories  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0140525x1000124x fatcat:fqf6iumyivdcjngl7smngzln5u

Using Data Mining to Detect Health Care Fraud and Abuse: A Review of Literature

Hossein Joudaki, Arash Rashidian, Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli, Mahmood Mahmoodi, Bijan Geraili, Mahdi Nasiri, Mohammad Arab
2014 Global Journal of Health Science  
Data mining is a core of the KDD process.  ...  Data mining can help third-party payers such as health insurance organizations to extract useful information from thousands of claims and identify a smaller subset of the claims or claimants for further  ...  Acknowledgement We thank the Tehran University of Medical Sciences for funding the study coded 17311. Competing Interests Not declared.  ... 
doi:10.5539/gjhs.v7n1p194 pmid:25560347 pmcid:PMC4796421 fatcat:ihkxwrhmbfewti2jtu7tkxrdva

Key Challenges for Land Use Planning and Its Environmental Assessments in the Abuja City-Region, Nigeria

Evidence Chinedu Enoguanbhor, Florian Gollnow, Blake Byron Walker, Jonas Ostergaard Nielsen, Tobia Lakes
2021 Land  
to identify the causes of such inconsistencies.  ...  The results illuminated multiple inconsistencies (e.g., spatial conflicts) between urban and regional plans, most prominently stemming from conflicts in administrative boundaries and a lack of interdepartmental  ...  the regional and urban land use plans available for the study.  ... 
doi:10.3390/land10050443 doaj:8b11b6100bfe4144b9aa5d4f3ac5f9b3 fatcat:bymyjzhpivbjrkn5xz4j2tnkqm

Data Mining a Prostate Cancer Dataset Using Rough Sets

Kenneth Revett, Sergio Tenreiro de Magalhaes, Henrique M. D. Santos
2006 2006 3rd International IEEE Conference Intelligent Systems  
In addition to the high classification accuracy of our system, the rough set approach also provides a rule-based inference mechanism for information extraction that is suitable for integration into a rule-based  ...  In this paper, we investigate a medical dataset containing clinical information on 502 prostate cancer patients using the machine learning technique of rough sets.  ...  The first step in the process of mining any dataset using rough sets is to transform the data into a decision table.  ... 
doi:10.1109/is.2006.348433 fatcat:6fa3oj7ml5arhpnzw7i5ukj5pi


Zina R. Merkin, Thomas J. Nieman
1996 Journal American Society of Mining and Reclamation  
Required information about pre-mining conditions is not collected and analyzed in a way useful for determining appropriate postmining land use.  ...  The majority of mined land in this region has been reclaimed to pastureland or hayland, while narrow interpretation of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 (SMCRA) and regulations, especially  ...  In a related case of regulatory dislike for a contingent land use, a much more recent job has a strong potential for development of commercial or residential uses.  ... 
doi:10.21000/jasmr96010766 fatcat:hlgufxal2vb3fiveb3ishlczbq

Recent trends in big data using hadoop

Chetna Kaushal, Deepika Koundal
2019 International Journal of Informatics and Communication Technology (IJ-ICT)  
<span>Big data refers to huge set of data which is very common these days due to the increase of internet utilities. Data generated from social media is a very common example for the same.  ...  Data mining is radically a mode of deriving the indispensable knowledge from extensively vast fractions of data which is quite challenging to be interpreted by conventional methods.  ...  Although, the data mining is main phase in knowledge discovery process therefore it is also used as a substitute for entire process of taking out useful info from databases.  ... 
doi:10.11591/ijict.v8i1.pp39-49 fatcat:lufeb7itbbdi7ftpwscjthoh2i
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