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Query Processing in Blockchain Systems: Current State and Future Challenges

Dennis Przytarski, Christoph Stach, Clémentine Gritti, Bernhard Mitschang
2021 Future Internet  
For instance, in the healthcare sector, blockchain systems are used for the secure storage and sharing of electronic health records, while the food industry applies such systems to enable a reliable food-chain  ...  The increasing use of Internet of Things technologies and the resulting digitization in many domains, however, have led to a plethora of novel use cases for a secure digital ledger.  ...  A Blind Coupon Mechanism Enabling Veto Voting over Unreliable Networks.  ... 
doi:10.3390/fi14010001 fatcat:axmnkcheyjegjbbhgr4gv5345i

Downsizing democracy: how America sidelined its citizens and privatized its public

2003 ChoiceReviews  
After President Truman vetoed the act, the presidents of major unions vowed to work for the defeat of any member of Congress who voted to override Truman's veto.  ...  these "clients" have even less control over their representation than the unfortunate coupon winners in class action suits.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.40-6696 fatcat:bfyrsrhlvreqlpzjifq2sr7xhu

Deliberation and Development [chapter]

Patrick Heller, Vijayendra Rao
2015 Deliberation and Development: Rethinking the Role of Voice and Collective Action in Unequal Societies  
Delegation, voting, and discussion are the three main mechanisms of modern political democracy.  ...  Deliberation represents one of three decision-making mechanisms in a democratic society: voting, bargaining, and arguing (deliberation) (Elster 1998) .  ...  Competing Theories, Their Blind Spots and Complementarities." Journal of Earlier there was a time when a backward caste person was not even allowed to sit in the same area with others!  ... 
doi:10.1596/978-1-4648-0501-1_ch1 fatcat:gczwtaa7hrbtdbkbszmxfqgthe

The world cigarette pandemic. Part II

1985 New York state journal of medicine  
and the enabled.  ...  Cultural practices of nonsmokers which enable tobacco use. Enabling is a concept used in the chemical dependency literature.  ... 
pmid:3862981 fatcat:m5carrqjz5bq5o4gxnktxtgq44

Detroit and the "Good War": the World War II letters of Mayor Edward Jeffries and friends

1997 ChoiceReviews  
We did manage, however, to get over to the mainland to Row Loon, but beyond there were only narrow trails winding into the mountains, and China is not yet a mechanized nation. ...  ...  Halsey's 1 carrier-based planes gave Jap shipping and harbor installations a working over.  ...  People get 60 coupons a year for clothing. A dress or suit is from 15 to 30; shoes are 9; handkerchiefs 1 ... and other items accordingly.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.34-6478 fatcat:gjfzdptwmjfztg2o5k53gpqrqy

Half the battle: civilian morale in Britain during the Second World War

2003 ChoiceReviews  
issue, Churchill vetoed the idea of a Government statement on war aims.  ...  overloaded and depleted railway network.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.41-1149 fatcat:kv24hwocszca5k3cn6r4xybsoi

New Technologies for Human Rights Law and Practice

Molly K. Land, Jay Aronson
Limited motor control, color blindness, color vision deficiency, restricted vision, or blindness can affect how a visualization is read.  ...  This developing country veto blocked any further norm-setting in WIPO.  ...  How many videos may be communiques from a faction within a conflict? What are the commonalities among a group of videos?  ... 
doi:10.1184/r1/6709478 fatcat:gfa4bzjhmrdpvkvdguoyfwjvyy

Dictatorship of Failure The Discourse of Democratic Failure in the Current European Crisis

José Filipe, Silva, Alejandro Lorite Escorihuela
Democracy is too weak, too unreliable, to deal with serious threats.  ...  As a result of the enhanced accumulation to be achieved from these highly-connected new actor networks and the cyber-spaces they enabled, the dominance of industrial/production capital (Harvey, 2010:40  ...  This is a deeply undemocratic situation, and I think the only way to resolve it is to scale up political power in a democratic way to cope with this huge runaway of economic and financial power.  ... 

Dismantling party/state controls in China's state enterprises [article]

Ji You, University, The Australian National, University, The Australian National
mechanisms, and the enterprise/state administrative chains; and (2) market reforms with an emphasis on ownership reform, which has created a hybridized property structure in the state sector and opened  ...  These effects are characterised by the progressive dismantling of party/state controls over the grassroots units.  ...  He preferred to keep the party command system largely intact because he, as a party leader for a long time, recognized that an effective managing mechanism lies in the party's organizational network, provided  ... 
doi:10.25911/5d6cf8e56142c fatcat:ennl2rcewvd3holvpqkxujc4wu

The power of ideas at the time of uncertainty

Teflah B. Alajmi
The president may refuse to sign a law and return it to the Sejm together with a substantial motion for re-examination. The Sejm may overrule presidential veto with two-thirds of votes.  ...  by high taxes or unreliable calculations.  ... 
doi:10.7282/t30g3ng6 fatcat:3dgkvuvyqneldczrvp6ra3rkzq

'We'll give up our blood but not our gold': money, debt, and the balance of payments in Poland's Great Depression

Thea Don-Siemion
The case of Poland presents a particular puzzle for the literature, which since the mid-1980s has stressed the international gold standard as the main channel through which the Depression was propagated  ...  sovereign bond yields during the Depression to establish why the latter three countries defaulted and Poland did not; and, finally, a detailed examination of the balance sheets and internal documents  ...  retaining limited powers of supervision and a limited veto over personnel and policy decisions.  ... 
doi:10.21953/lse.00004395 fatcat:hu7zzaxr5zd5plhdqgja2f52di

Explaining variations in international alignments

Ecaterina V. Locoman
In post-Communist countries where the EU and NATO offered a credible prospect for membership, political leaders from across the spectrum converged on a pro-Western foreign policy.  ...  By contrast, in the countries where the EU and NATO refused to grant a membership prospect, most notably to Ukraine and Moldova, the benefits of sticking t [...]  ...  This version provided that Moldova proper and Transnistria would be re-integrated into a confederation, with representatives from Transnistria in the upper house of Parliament having "a veto over almost  ... 
doi:10.7282/t36q21pb fatcat:ng4ar2y6qvcgfci3ngwmc4lte4

ScholarWorks at UMass Boston Boston in Transition: A Financial Analysis NllIHj: I I I '11 ^1 1 T i i Ml If Hill BBS Mil in inn Chairman Financial Analysis Research Group

John Mccormack, Raymond Flynn, I Twt^, Raymond Dooley, Mark Ferber, Kenneth Isaacs, Barbara Baskin, Jessica Meltsner, Edmund Beard, Meridith Mitchell, Hayward Blackledge, Paul Claudia (+54 others)
1984 unpublished
posture as of January, 1984; to evaluate the financial management aspects of agency operations; to determine the effectiveness of existing budgetary planning systems; and to provide the new Mayor with a  ...  Coupon or Interest Rate.  ...  vote.)  ...