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A 30 MHz-3 GHz Watt-Level Stacked-FET Linear Power Amplifier

Jun Hu, Muhammad Asif, Xi Wang, ShaoJun Li, XiaoJuan Chen, Peng Ding, YongBo Su, Zhi Jin
2019 IEICE Electronics Express  
In this letter, we present a 30 MHz-3 GHz ultra-broadband GaAs stacked power amplifier (PA) fabricated in 0.15 µm pHEMT process for many applications.  ...  The large-signal measurements show that the output power is 30.5 dBm ² 1.2 dB at 12 dBm input power, with a peak PAE of 30% at 400 MHz.  ...  Conclusion In this letter, a 30 MHz-3 GHz stacked broadband PA is presented, which is fabricated in 0.15 µm GaAs process.  ... 
doi:10.1587/elex.16.20190252 fatcat:vgxr2nwvyzhivlon232l4t3co4

A CMOS Stacked-FET Power Amplifier Using PMOS Linearizer with Improved AM-PM

Unha Kim, Jung-Lin Woo, Sunghwan Park, Youngwoo Kwon
2014 Journal of the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science  
A linear stacked field-effect transistor (FET) power amplifier (PA) is implemented using a 0.18-μm silicon-on-insulator CMOS process for W-CDMA handset applications.  ...  The fabricated 836.5 MHz linear PA module shows an adjacent channel leakage ratio better than -40 dBc up to the rated linear output power of 27.1 dBm, and power-added efficiency of 45.6% at 27.1 dBm without  ...  Watt-level power amplification has thus been achieved in recent years [1 3] .  ... 
doi:10.5515/jkiees.2014.14.2.68 fatcat:tijj4yomp5fnjefzt5g6wxeuly

A Review of 5G Power Amplifier Design at cm-Wave and mm-Wave Frequencies

D. Y. C. Lie, J. C. Mayeda, Y. Li, J. Lopez
2018 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  
., maximum possibly even above 1 GHz) demands high-power efficiency and stringent linearity from its power amplifier (PA).  ...  As the centimeter-wave (cm-Wave) 5G systems will probably be deployed on the market earlier than their mm-Wave counterparts, we will review in this paper the latest development on 15 GHz and 28 GHz 5G  ...  An example is given in Figure 5 , where a three-stage, 4-stack FET CMOS 15 GHz 5G PA is reported [25] .  ... 
doi:10.1155/2018/6793814 fatcat:lvkjrs4rkfa7zopgz7s4u2dlvq

Millimeter-wave power amplifiers in 45nm CMOS SOI technology

Jing-Hwa Chen, Sultan R. Helmi, Saeed Mohammadi
2011 IEEE 2011 International SOI Conference  
Table 5 . 5 1 Performance comparison of Watt-level CMOS PAsA fully-integrated wideband power amplifier is implemented using dynamicallybiased stacked Cascode cells in a 45 nm CMOS SOI technology.  ...  A Watt-level output power with a wide operating bandwidth from 1.5 to 2.4 GHz is achieved despite using only low breakdown thin-oxide CMOS transistors in an advanced technology node.  ... 
doi:10.1109/soi.2011.6081689 fatcat:3vibcr5at5fa7irjzi7ebytm7e

50 Watt S-band power amplifier in 0.25 μm GaN technology

Gijs van der Bent, Peter de Hek, Marcel van der Graaf, Frank E. van Vliet
2014 2014 9th European Microwave Integrated Circuit Conference  
The results show that the amplifier delivers an output power of over 50 W within the frequency range from 3.05 to 3.5 GHz at a PAE of more than 62 %.  ...  A 50 W S-band High Power Amplifier in the UMS GH25-10 technology is presented.  ...  The two stage amplifier delivers and output power of in excess of 50 Watt over a frequency range from 3.05 to 3.5 GHz with a peak power of more than 60 W.  ... 
doi:10.1109/eumic.2014.6997860 fatcat:ueelph6gdvcftccvwe6feftt6i

Optically controlled switch-mode current-source amplifiers for on-coil implementation in high-field parallel transmission

Natalia Gudino, Qi Duan, Jacco A. de Zwart, Joe Murphy-Boesch, Stephen J. Dodd, Hellmut Merkle, Peter van Gelderen, Jeff H. Duyn
2015 Magnetic Resonance in Medicine  
Results-The amplifier delivered in excess of 44 W RF power and caused minimal interference with MRI.  ...  Amplifier performance was tested by benchtop measurements as well as with imaging at 7 T (300 MHz) and 11.7 T (500 MHz).  ...  envelope detection (ED) circuitry (ADL5511, Analog Devices) followed by a low power ADC clocked at 30 MHz (generated externally from a master clock board).  ... 
doi:10.1002/mrm.25857 pmid:26256671 pmcid:PMC4749483 fatcat:msczyg6pnbdifhejyoohq2stna

A Review of Advanced CMOS RF Power Amplifier Architecture Trends for Low Power 5G Wireless Networks

Aleksandr Vasjanov, Vaidotas Barzdenas
2018 Electronics  
without sacrificing linearity.  ...  The radio frequency (RF) power amplifier (PA) performance directly affects the efficiency of any transmitter, therefore, the emerging 5G cellular network requires new PA architectures with improved efficiency  ...  ≤500 MHz. Can be increased up to 1 GHz introducing an alternative output impedance inverter. ≤40 MHz. The power combiner forms a bottleneck.  ... 
doi:10.3390/electronics7110271 fatcat:fyer6fg3ujfu3kht67zj2dzhii

2020 Index IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters Vol. 30

2020 IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters  
., +, LMWC July 2020 673-676 A 120-GHz Bandwidth CMOS Distributed Power Amplifier With Multi-Drive Intra-Stack Coupling.  ...  ., +, LMWC May 2020 492-495 A 120-GHz Bandwidth CMOS Distributed Power Amplifier With Multi- Drive Intra-Stack Coupling.  ... 
doi:10.1109/lmwc.2021.3055080 fatcat:2yn4ofvchnggvjguzlz2kv3qyi

RFIC 2020 Program

2020 2020 IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC)  
model has been optimized to predict breakdown in a stacked SOI FET.  ...  The proposed wideband watt-level DPA is implemented in conventional 40-nm CMOS technology.  ...  RTu1C-3 Preserving Polar Modulated Class-E Power Amplifier Linearity Under Load Mismatch NOTES RFIC Symposium Virtual Event  ... 
doi:10.1109/rfic49505.2020.9218389 fatcat:fqkpw3oau5gzpoi3gscgb7kwhi

2019 Index IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits Vol. 54

2019 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
Zhang, A., +, JSSC April 2019 1017-1028 A Watt-Level Quadrature Class-G Switched-Capacitor Power Amplifier With Linearization Techniques.  ...  ., +, JSSC June 2019 1613-1623 A 28-/37-/39-GHz Linear Doherty Power Amplifier in Silicon for 5G Applications.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jssc.2019.2956675 fatcat:laiuae7dtragjijttgfatsldmu

Flexible Power Amplifier Architectures for Spectrum Efficient Wireless Applications [chapter]

Alessandro Cidronali, Iacopo Magrini, Gianfranco Manes
2010 Advanced Microwave Circuits and Systems  
In the 3.4 GHz band the PA prototypes exhibit a maximum linear gain of 6 dB at 3.42 GHz, and present a 0.5dB gain bandwidth of approximately 60 MHz.  ...  In fact the contour plots show a linear behaviour which is independent of the power level in the other channel.  ...  Since ( ) z n is linear in the , k l a , the latter can be estimated by a simple least-squares method.  ... 
doi:10.5772/8426 fatcat:adl244ud3jazxdjkzrs3rh6nay

A Review of GaN on SiC High Electron-Mobility Power Transistors and MMICs

Raymond S. Pengelly, Simon M. Wood, James W. Milligan, Scott T. Sheppard, William L. Pribble
2012 IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques  
However, these high power densities, in terms of watts per millimeter, also present extreme power dissipation demands on both the transistor layouts, as 0018-9480/$31.00  ...  for single die up to several hundred watts [5], [6] .  ...  Acknowledgements are made particularly to those referenced authors that have provided examples of PAs covering a wide range of frequencies and power levels.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmtt.2012.2187535 fatcat:fs43axbqqfd3ld2tdtzibppho4

A Scalable Cryo-CMOS Controller for the Wideband Frequency-Multiplexed Control of Spin Qubits and Transmons

Jeroen Petrus Gerardus Van Dijk, Bishnu Patra, Sushil Subramanian, Xiao Xue, Nodar Samkharadze, Andrea Corna, Charles Jeon, Farhana Sheikh, Esdras Juarez-Hernandez, Brando Perez Esparza, Huzaifa Rampurawala, Brent R. Carlton (+12 others)
2020 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
scalability to the large number of qubits required in a practical application.  ...  This work presents a cryo-CMOS microwave signal generator for frequency-multiplexed control of 4 × 32 qubits Manuscript  ...  To realize a highly linear RF transmitters with low output power, operating up to 20 GHz, multiple-return-to-zero (MRZ) DAC topologies are typically preferred over a standard RF DAC architecture [30]  ... 
doi:10.1109/jssc.2020.3024678 fatcat:ul7hrya7hbfonjhtjkad3zv4me

Microfluidic Overhauser DNP chip for signal-enhanced compact NMR

Sebastian Z. Kiss, Neil MacKinnon, Jan G. Korvink
2021 Scientific Reports  
equilibrium level at a microwave power level of 0.5 W.  ...  Here we report a compact double resonant chip stack system that implements in situ dynamic nuclear polarisation of a 130 nL sample volume, achieving signal enhancements of up to − 60 w.r.t. the thermal  ...  JGK acknowledges additional support from an EU2020 FET grant (TiSuMR, 737043), ERC-SyG (HiSCORE, 951459), the DFG under grant KO 1883/39-1 optiMUM, in the framework of the German Excellence Intitiative  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-021-83625-y pmid:33633153 pmcid:PMC7907115 fatcat:jyv3sblnyfegjp5dizwb4mjr6u

A 2.45-GHz 0.13-$\mu{\hbox {m}}$ CMOS PA With Parallel Amplification

Patrick Reynaert, Michiel S. J. Steyaert
2007 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
In this paper, a fully integrated 0.13-m CMOS RF power amplifier for Bluetooth is presented.  ...  The amplifier achieves a measured output power of 23 dBm at a supply voltage of 1.5 V and a drain efficiency of 35% and a global efficiency of 29%.  ...  Another power combining technique was introduced by Aoki et al. [10] . It uses a transformer to combine several amplifiers in series to achieve a Watt-level output power.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jssc.2006.891715 fatcat:qqqnzbdyijcnth57eayfzemfle
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