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A 10-Bit 300 kS/s Reference-Voltage Regulator Free SAR ADC for Wireless-Powered Implantable Medical Devices

Yongkui Yang, Jun Zhou, Xin Liu, Wang Goh
2018 Sensors  
This paper presents a reference-voltage regulator free successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converters (SAR ADC) with self-timed pre-charging for wireless-powered implantable medical devices  ...  voltage fluctuation of 50 mV pp and consumes a total power of 2.72 µW at a sampling rate of 300 kS/s.  ...  The internal clock fclk for In this paper, we present a reference-voltage regulator free SAR ADC using self-timed pre-charging for wireless-powered implantable medical devices.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s18072131 pmid:29970814 pmcid:PMC6068884 fatcat:zwrakiwhizgorpkhtrteaorcly

An Implantable Peripheral Nerve Recording and Stimulation System for Experiments on Freely Moving Animal Subjects

Byunghun Lee, Mukhesh K. Koripalli, Yaoyao Jia, Joshua Acosta, M. S. E. Sendi, Yoonsu Choi, Maysam Ghovanloo
2018 Scientific Reports  
A new study with rat sciatic nerve model for peripheral nerve interfacing is presented using a fullyimplanted inductively-powered recording and stimulation system in a wirelessly-powered standard homecage  ...  The WINeRS-8 prototypes in two forms of battery-powered headstage and wirelessly-powered implant are validated in vivo, and compared with a commercial system.  ...  Texas Instruments for IC fabrication, and equipment funds from grant ARO-DURIP W911NF-17-S-0010.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-018-24465-1 pmid:29666407 pmcid:PMC5904113 fatcat:7z7cni4otvf7tcma3ejtgjh24y

A Fully Implantable Wireless Bidirectional Neuromodulation System for Mice [article]

Jason Wright, Jason Wong, Jose Mathew, Ibrahim Mughrabi, Naveen Jayaprakash, Theodoros Zanos, Yousef Al Abed, Stavros Zanos, Timir Datta-Chaudhuri
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
Here, we describe a fully-implantable neuromodulation system suitable for use in mice, measuring 2.2 cm3 and weighing 2.8 g.  ...  The device was successfully implanted (N=12) and a functional neural interface (capable of inducing acute bradycardia) is demonstrated with functional lifetimes exceeding to three weeks.  ...  The copyright holder for this preprint (which this version posted June 2, 2021.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2021.06.02.446797 fatcat:gcnwv53e7bdvjgjqpvkxxz4eb4

Challenges in Scaling Down of Free-Floating Implantable Neural Interfaces to Millimeter Scale

Kai-Wen Yang, Keonghwan Oh, Sohmyung Ha
2020 IEEE Access  
Presume a singlechannel neural recording system with required data rate of 100 kb/s (= 10 bit × 10 kS/s), the resulting duty-cycle ratio is 0.2%, indicating that the transmitter can be active for 0.2%  ...  Since the advent of implantable medical devices (IMDs) in the late 1950s, batteries have long been the major power source for IMDs [39] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3007517 fatcat:s2od2xcnnfe65ct5urcdgpt7yi

Thimot_columbia_0054D_16366.pdf [article]

Recent developments in implantable medical devices (IMDs) have created a need for communication systems integrated directly into the implant with feedback data for various sensing systems.  ...  The need for modern communication techniques, power delivery systems, and usable interfaces for smart implants present an interesting challenge for engineers trying to provide doctors and medical professionals  ...  10 8 SampleRate(kS/s/Ch) 30 30 20 12.9  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8-chv7-nd73 fatcat:kgoch64udvdexa7bnhazlffrmy

A Low-voltage, Low-power Intraocular Pressure Measurement Instrument

Caitlin Davis
With such a small instrument, achieving biocompatible operation during electromagnetic field exposure necessary for inductively transferred wireless-power requires very low-power, low-voltage operation  ...  For implantation, the instrument is desired to be on the order of a few square millimeters.  ...  Also for RFID systems, a 12 bit SAR operating with with 6.25 kS/s was reported using 0.85 µW from a 1.2 V supply [98]. on system-level constraints.  ... 
doi:10.7939/r3hq2h fatcat:725fbepiqrc35kmhg5ikx7imci

Learning-Based Hardware Design for Data Acquisition Systems

Cosimo Aprile
The SAR ADC has 8 bit resolution and a sampling rate of 45 kHz, in order to match the 5 kS/s rate of the input signal from iEEG dataset.  ...  The 8 bit resolution SAR-ADC with a sampling rate of 45 kHz requires an area of 230µm× × ×150µm, with a power consumption of 0.46 µW.  ...  Internship (July 2012 -March 2013) IBM research, high speed serial I/O circuits group -Zurich, Switzerland Design of a low power receiver in 32 nm SOI-CMOS able to efficiently remove far end crosstalk  ... 
doi:10.5075/epfl-thesis-8693 fatcat:qfr37gbzs5cg5haehs3rvotldi

Ultra-thin and flexible CMOS technology: ISFET-based microsystem for biomedical applications

Anastasios Vilouras
Also, transistors and other active devices on UTCs experiencing variable bending stresses will suffer from the piezoresistive effect of silicon substrate which results in a shift of their operating point  ...  Two chips were designed using a 180 nm CMOS technology.  ...  The amplified and multiplexed signals are then connected to a passive RC low-pass filter (LPF) with a cut-off frequency of 10 kHz and subsequently digitised at 90 kS/s by an on-chip 10-bit SAR ADC (adopted  ... 
doi:10.5525/gla.thesis.82122 fatcat:7pvyx4jpbvgodpka3hfmh5aklq

Advanced Interfaces for HMI in Hand Gesture Recognition Advanced Interfaces for HMI in Hand Gesture Recognition

Simone Coordinatore, Dottorato Relatore, Vanelli Alessandro, Coralli, Luca Benini, Simone Benatti
2016 unpublished
A Al lm ma a M Ma at te er r S St tu ud di io or ru um m-U Un ni iv ve er rs si it tà à d di i B Bo ol lo og gn na a DOTTORATO DI RICERCA IN Elettronica, Telecomunicazioni e Tecnologie dell'informazione  ...  A first comb filter decimation stage followed by a de-multiplexer and a second comb filter decimation and compensation stage provides 8 kS/s, 16 bit, high resolution sampled data at the AFE output.  ...  The presence of two independent 16-bit SAR ADCs (ADC0 and ADC1) and of a dedicated PWM output peripheral allows the control of the proposed prosthetic hand minimizing the need for external components and  ...