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A Low Power 3-Stage Voltage-Controlled Ring Oscillator in 0.18 µm CMOS Process for Active RFID Transponder

J. Jalil, M. B. I. Reaz, M. A. M. Ali, T. G. Chang
2013 Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika  
The proposed RVCO is designed in CEDEC 0.18 µm standard CMOS process using Mentor Graphics environment.  ...  This paper presents a 3-stage ring voltagecontrolled oscillator (RVCO), designed for active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) transponders.  ...  In this paper, a 3-stage ring VCO has been proposed in 0.18 µm CMOS process designing in Design Architect-IC of A Low Power 3-Stage Voltage-Controlled Ring Oscillator in 0.18 µm CMOS Process for Active  ... 
doi:10.5755/j01.eee.19.8.2524 fatcat:mj2m4svc7jfrthx7j4sagissa4

Design of Low-phase Noise, Low-power Ring Oscillator for OC-48 Application

Harikrishnan Ramiah, ChongWei Keat, Jeevan Kanesan
2012 Journal of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers  
A low-power, low-phase noise, high tuning range, and fully integrated inductorless RC-VCO (voltage-controlled oscillator) for OC-48 application is designed and simulated in standard 0.18 µm CMOS technology  ...  The proposed inductorless RC-VCO has a simulated phase noise of -141 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz offset from the carrier frequency of 2.4 GHz, with a bias current of 605 µA and voltage headroom of 1.8 V.  ...  In the motivation of integrating VCOs with low-power dissipation and low-phase noise, this work presents a three-stage ring oscillator designed and simulated utilizing 0.18 µm standard CMOS technology,  ... 
doi:10.4103/0377-2063.104161 fatcat:e3mav44eczeoze2wf7jpflpylq

A CMOS Frequency Synthesizer Block for MB-OFDM UWB Systems

Chang-Wan Kim, Sang-Sung Choi, Sang-Gug Lee
2007 ETRI Journal  
To evaluate the feasibility of the proposed idea, the frequency synthesizer block is implemented in 0.18-μm CMOS technology.  ...  The proposed frequency synthesizer adopts a double-conversion architecture for simplicity and to mitigate spur suppression requirements for out-of-band interferers in 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.  ...  0.13 µm CMOS 0.18 µm CMOS 0.18 µm CMOS 0.13 µm CMOS 1)  ... 
doi:10.4218/etrij.07.0106.0207 fatcat:lz7fz65tovcybceddbihxau5pq

Tradeoffs in Design of Low-Power Gated-Oscillator Clock and Data Recovery Circuits

Armin Tajalli, Paul Muller, Yusuf Leblebici
2007 Journal of Low Power Electronics  
A test chip has been implemented in standard digital 0.18 μm CMOS while the proposed CDR circuit consumes only 10.5 mW and occupies 0.045 mm 2 silicon area in 2.5 Gbps data bit rate.  ...  This article describes some techniques for implementing low-power clock and data recovery (CDR) circuits based on gated-oscillator (GO) topology for short distance applications.  ...  On the other hand, [11] uses the half rate ring oscillator to operate in 10 Gbps data rate in 0.15 µm CMOS technology.  ... 
doi:10.1166/jolpe.2007.145 fatcat:2sk4nukkprdo3giyc6g2kxi5jm

New 0.18-μm CMOS pulse generator for impulse radio ultra-wideband communication systems

Tung-Yuan Tzou, Fu-Chiarng Chen
2006 Microwave and optical technology letters (Print)  
The demonstrated FBAR filter and duplexer are also promising for integrated and miniaturized filter banks, RF FEM (Front-End Module), and RF transceiver module. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS  ...  The realized FBAR duplexer for CDMA PCS applications has compatible performance characteristics to the conventional ceramic components.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This research was supported in part by a grant of making chips from National Chip Implementation Center (CIC), Taiwan.  ... 
doi:10.1002/mop.22132 fatcat:t5oszgkuzfgp7ejaf2oc7x3dkm

Introduction to the December Special Issue on the 2015 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference

Makoto Takamiya, Jieh-Tsorng Wu, Jussi Ryynanen, Kenichi Okada, Jaeha Kim
2015 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
They describe an auto-zero and chopper operational amplifier with a 4.5-60 V supply voltage range using a 0.18 µm CMOS process augmented by 5 V CMOS and 60 V DMOS transistors. Kim et al.  ...  The 65 nm CMOS prototype senses a frequency span of 1 GHz ranging from 2.7 to 3.7 GHz with a resolution bandwidth of 20 MHz in 4.4 µs, which is 50 times faster than traditional sweeping spectrum scanners  ... 
doi:10.1109/jssc.2015.2496978 fatcat:ojgyufq7bzdf7olye4lhxiqvvi

A Novel Dual-Band Six-Phase Voltage-Control Oscillator

San-Fu Wang, Yu-Wei Chang, Chun-Yen Tang
2018 Sensors  
The maximal power consumption is approximately 6.4 mW at a supply voltage of 1.8 V in a United Microelectronics Corporation 0.18 μm RF CMOS process. The area of the chip is 0.195 × 0.208 mm².  ...  The paper presents a novel dual-band six-phase voltage-control oscillator.  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors would also like to thank the National Science Council, National Nano Device Laboratories and the Chip Implementation Center of Taiwan for project support, chip implementation  ... 
doi:10.3390/s18114025 pmid:30463182 fatcat:eqeqzrwlo5gl7ja2a6jedvfw3a

2020 Index IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits Vol. 55

2020 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
I Ida, M., see Nagatani, M., 2301-2315 Im, D., see Kim, D., JSSC Jan. 2020 167-177 Iotti, L., see Zhao, B., JSSC Feb. 2020 249-260 Iotti, L., Krishnamurthy, S., LaCaille, G., and Niknejad, A.M., A  ...  P., JSSC Feb. 2020 282-297 Jahromi, S., Jansson, J., Keranen, P., and Kostamovaara, J., A 32 × 128 SPAD-257 TDC Receiver IC for Pulsed TOF Solid-State 3-D Imaging; JSSC July 2020 1960-1970, see Qi  ...  ., +, JSSC Dec. 2020 3157-3168 An Ultra-Low-Noise Swing-Boosted Differential Relaxation Oscillator in 0.18-μm CMOS.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jssc.2021.3054535 fatcat:rfm7shuowvakfgzumgtqzlod5i

Table of contents

2010 2010 IEEE Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting (BCTM)  
A fully-monolithic 3-element array of coupled voltage-controlled-oscillator (VCO) network was fabricated in a 0.18μm SiGe BiCMOS process for potential use in a Rx/Tx modules.  ...  This paper also reports burst-mode optical receiver ICs fabricated using 0.25-μm SiGe BiCMOS technologies for a 10G-EPON system, which is a promising access network for a next generation PON system.  ...  Buckwalter A fully integrated Q-band (40_45 GHz) bidirectional transceiver is demonstrated in a 0.12-µm SiGe BiCMOS technology.  ... 
doi:10.1109/bipol.2010.5668095 fatcat:4pe4n4q5lvf5zcnur667hnxcje

10-Gb/s limiting amplifier and laser/modulator driver in 0.18-μm CMOS technology

S. Galal, B. Razavi
2003 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
Fabricated in 0.18-m CMOS technology, both prototypes operate with a 1.8-V supply. Index Terms-Broadband amplifiers, inductive peaking, laser drivers, limiting amplifiers, T-coils.  ...  A limiting amplifier incorporates active feedback, inductive peaking, and negative Miller capacitance to achieve a voltage gain of 50 dB, a bandwidth of 9.4 GHz, and a sensitivity of 4.6 mV pp for a bit-error  ...  With GHz in 0.18-m CMOS technology, first-order stages are incapable of realizing such an amplifier.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jssc.2003.818567 fatcat:4bzj3lkzjbbitiq6nmndza7uh4

A Comprehensive Survey on Antennas On-Chip Based on Metamaterial, Metasurface, and Substrate Integrated Waveguide Principles for Millimeter-Waves and Terahertz Integrated Circuits and Systems

Mohammad Alibakhshikenari, Esraa Mousa Ali, Mohammad Soruri, Mariana Dalarsson, Mohammad Naser-Moghadasi, Bal S. Virdee, Caslav Stefanovic, Anna Pietrenko-Dabrowska, Slawomir Koziel, Stanislaw Szczepanski, Ernesto Limiti
2022 IEEE Access  
These features make such antennas a prime candidate for mmWave and THz on-chip integration. This review provides a thorough reference source for specialist antenna designers.  ...  Antennas on-chip are a particular type of radiating elements valued for their small footprint.  ...  His training during the Ph.D. included a research stage at Swedish Company Gap Waves AB.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3140156 fatcat:uwsrpnzxznhvto7gj24suhwnje

Heterogeneous Wafer-Scale Circuit Architectures

Linda Katehi, William Chappell, Saeed Mohammadi, Alexandros Margomenos, Michael Steer
2007 IEEE Microwave Magazine  
An IBM 0.18 µm CMOS technology has been used for the implementation of the low-power RF.  ...  is striped and the wafers are placed in TMAH for an additional 10-µm etching, resulting in a 450-µm depth and a 10-µm gap for the post; (e) a 400/800 Å of Cr/Au seed layer is deposited via sputtering in  ... 
doi:10.1109/mmw.2007.316255 fatcat:pdj4kurt6bcbvmhrebzzujwzrm

Widely-tunable, narrow-linewidth III-V/silicon hybrid external-cavity laser for coherent communication

Hang Guan, Ari Novack, Tal Galfsky, Yangjin Ma, Saeed Fathololoumi, Alexandre Horth, Tam N. Huynh, Jose Roman, Ruizhi Shi, Michael Caverley, Yang Liu, Thomas Baehr-Jones (+2 others)
2018 Optics Express  
This is also the first experimental demonstration of >250 Gb/s coherent optical transmission using a silicon micro-ring-based tunable laser.  ...  The demonstrated packaging method requires only passive alignment and is thus suitable for high-volume production.  ...  Fig. 5 . 5 (a) Optical image showing the Vernier ring reflector. The left ring resonator has a radius of 20 µm (R1), and the right ring resonator has a radius of 16.3 µm (R2).  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.26.007920 pmid:29715766 fatcat:dlnfzfbnwvgyhbc5dq7ewucnsm

Topics in circuits for communications - Design and implementation of an all-cmos 802.11a wireless lan chipset

T.H. Meng, B. McFarland, D. Su, J. Thomson
2003 IEEE Communications Magazine  
For example, a popular processor choice for performing the 802.11a/b/g MAC functions is the ARM922T implemented in 0.18 µm running at 200 MHz.  ...  POWER CONSUMPTION The analog RF transceiver has been integrated in a 0.25 µm, single-poly, 5-metal CMOS technology.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mcom.2003.1222734 fatcat:oqcgxivjjja7zj6pucl6ea4i7m

Review of CMOS Integrated Circuit Technologies for High-Speed Photo-Detection

Gyu-Seob Jeong, Woorham Bae, Deog-Kyoon Jeong
2017 Sensors  
This paper introduces a brief review of silicon photonics first and subsequently describes the history, overview, and categorization of the CMOS IC technology for high-speed photo-detection without enumerating  ...  In order to overcome this challenge, it is necessary to introduce optical communication technology, which has been mainly used for long-reach communications, such as long-haul networks and metropolitan  ...  A DWDM optical transceiver is monolithically integrated on a 0.18-μm bulk CMOS process with all the optical devices implemented using polysilicon without relying on the epitaxial crystallization of silicon  ... 
doi:10.3390/s17091962 pmid:28841154 pmcid:PMC5620527 fatcat:gcp52mk7cnaj5ean5nnahmvzra
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