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Multi-Domain Parallel Computing for Strength Analysis of Whole Aircraft Model

Xiuhua Chen, Hai Wang, Yubo Ding
2011 Journal of Software Engineering and Applications  
With the large commercial finite element software MSC.MARC and employing two kinds of domain decomposition method (DDM) respectively, realized the parallel solving for the static strength analysis of the  ...  In the Windows XP 64 bit operating system environment, several common PC were used to build a cluster system, establishing the distributed memory parallel (DMP) computing system.  ...  Figure 6 . 6 Meshes after vector decomposition.  ... 
doi:10.4236/jsea.2011.49063 fatcat:milt664jefdmdnauomr3cjmotq


Darius Markauskas, Arnas Kačeniauskas, Algirdas Maknickas
2011 Information Technology and Control  
The paper presents the development of dynamic domain decomposition applied to hopper discharge simulation by the discrete element method (DEM).  ...  Parallel speed-up analysis is performed solving the complex hopper discharge problems containing 100000 and 300000 particles.  ...  Conclusions In this paper, the development of parallel DEM software based on dynamic domain decomposition is described.  ... 
doi:10.5755/j01.itc.40.4.978 fatcat:l4shahlx7ngjzd5nhnj3lntkym

Computer Assisted Parallel Program Generation [article]

Shigeo Kawata
2015 arXiv   pre-print
The P-NCAS is one of the PSEs; The PSE concept provides an integrated human-friendly computational software and hardware system to solve a target class of problems  ...  Large-scale scientific computing, huge data analyses and precise visualizations, for example, would require parallel computations, and the parallel computing needs the parallelization techniques.  ...  Figure 5 . 5 Input and visualization of domain decomposition information. Figure 6 . 6 Visualization of MPI functions designed for a domain decomposition information in P--NCAS.  ... 
arXiv:1503.04501v1 fatcat:b6xa2sxt65bjhakgmsqahvecri

Using SBASCO to Solve Reaction-Diffusion Equations in Two-Dimensional Irregular Domains [chapter]

Manuel Díaz, Sergio Romero, Bartolomé Rubio, Enrique Soler, José M. Troya
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Domain decomposition techniques are used to solve a system of two non-linear reaction-diffusion equations.  ...  In addition, the use of software components facilitates the development process and allows the creation of more flexible and adaptable software.  ...  Eq. (1) has been previously studied in [6] , where a comparison of several numerical techniques for tackling domain decomposition problems in irregular domains is presented.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11758525_121 fatcat:r2psr3ln6jcjbm5mvkx6snmrsu

sbPOM: A parallel implementation of Princenton Ocean Model

Antoni Jordi, Dong-Ping Wang
2012 Environmental Modelling & Software  
Two-dimensional data decomposition of the horizontal domain is used with a halo of ghost cells to minimize communication between processors.  ...  This paper presents the Stony Brook Parallel Ocean Model (sbPOM) for execution on workstations, Linux clusters and massively parallel supercomputers.  ...  Model description The procedure for the parallelization of POM is the implementation of a messagepassing code using two-dimensional data decomposition of the horizontal domain.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.envsoft.2012.05.013 fatcat:m4b7wogra5hs5niirg3nm6ikzi

Hybrid Iterative-Direct Solution Strategy For Improving The Scalability Of Nuclear Waste Management Simulations

Emmanuel Agullo
2017 Zenodo  
The enabling numerical tool is a domain decomposition solution strategy for the sparse system of linear equations resulting from the spatial discretization of the underlying PDEs (Partial Differential  ...  A concrete application is considered for assessing the benefits of using a domain decomposition sparse linear solution strategy as compared to the originally used approach, which is based on a more classical  ...  MaPHyS (Massively Parallel Hybrid Solver) [5] - [6] is a parallel linear solver, which implements this idea.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.826134 fatcat:hqymvtg4kbchhme2lt5a5m6hii

Parallel (‖) ELLPACK: an expert system for parallel processing of partial differential equations

E.N. Houstis, J.R. Rice, T.S. Papatheodorou
1989 Mathematics and Computers in Simulation  
The software infrastructure includes i) a PDE problem oriented language processor, ii) a geometry processing tool which is capable of generating fixed meshes and domain decompositions automatically and  ...  Ahstract We are developing an expen system environment for solving elliptic partial differential equations(pDEs) defined on two and three dimensional domains on MIMD type parallel machines.  ...  Their usage is driven through a software geometry tool that generates automatic domain decompositions or allows their definition through an interactive mode.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0378-4754(89)90143-2 fatcat:vgbqwicvangmjknom3wvpcsvwa

DD-OceanVar: A Domain Decomposition Fully Parallel Data Assimilation Software for the Mediterranean Forecasting System

Luisa D'Amore, Rossella Arcucci, Luisa Carracciuolo, Almerico Murli
2013 Procedia Computer Science  
We describe computational efforts aimed to design a fully parallel OceanVar software, based on Domain Decomposition (DD), which involves modification of the variational scheme on each sub domain.  ...  OceanVar is a Data Assimilation (DA) software which is being used in Italy within the Mediterranean Forecasting System (MFS) to combine observational data (Sea level anomaly, sea-surface temperatures,  ...  The software will be therefore named as DD-OceanVar (Domain Decomposition OceanVar).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2013.05.290 fatcat:rlutngvmxra5hp45ytnudqxzgm

Object-oriented software for domain decomposition methods with local adaptive refinement [chapter]

S.P. Kopyssov, I.V. Krasnoperov, A.K. Novikov, V.N. Rychkov
2004 Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2003  
The main objective of this work is to reduce development costs when high performance domain decomposition software is implemented.  ...  Object-oriented analysis and parallel distributed middleware are applied to design the software model aimed at solution of fluid-structure interaction problems.  ...  INTRODUCTION Practical application of domain decomposition (DD) is limited by considerable software development costs.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-044451612-1/50054-8 fatcat:ywrfay2irvbqlje4wkdqpnsirq

Increasing the Simulation Performance of Large-Scale Evacuations Using Parallel Computing Techniques Based on Domain Decomposition

A. Grandison, Y. Cavanagh, P. J. Lawrence, E. R. Galea
2017 Fire technology  
This paper presents the development of a parallel version of the rule based evacuation simulation software buildingEXODUS using domain decomposition.  ...  Parallel processing is a method of reducing run times for very large computational simulations by distributing the workload amongst a number of processors.  ...  evacuation software.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10694-016-0645-8 fatcat:bv5mio4qunhdnpfgbnmfdewh3y

Parallel DEM Software for Simulation of Granular Media

Algirdas Maknickas, Arnas Kačeniauskas, Rimantas Kačianauskas, Robertas Balevičius, Algis Džiugys
2006 Informatica  
The novel algorithm combining link-cells for contact detection, the static domain decomposition for parallelization and MPI data transfer for processors exchanging particles has been developed for distributed  ...  The paper describes the development and performance of parallel algorithms for the discrete element method (DEM) software.  ...  In the present research, parallel DEM software based on the spatial domain decomposition strategy has been developed for simulation of granular material on the distributed memory PC clusters.  ... 
doi:10.15388/informatica.2006.134 fatcat:nh7n654nbbgd3fvmhqgzvkbbmq

Agent Architecture for Mesh Based Simulation Systems [chapter]

K. Banaś
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In the whole system, the capabilities of agents should be complemented with less flexible but more efficient software organization.  ...  The paper presents an analysis of requirements for building simulation systems with tightly coupled components, such as typical mesh based PDE approximation software.  ...  in the proposed architecture Domain Decomposition for FEM Core For parallel execution the extension shown in Fig. 2 has been proposed [1] , that uses a centralized management based on domain decomposition  ... 
doi:10.1007/11758532_97 fatcat:4rezeumctbbcxju2zigaf46gcy


Norma Alias, Nadia Nofri Yeni Suhari, Hafizah Farhah Saipan Saipol, Abdullah Aysh Dahawi, Masyitah Mohd Saidi, Hazidatul Akma Hamlan, Che Rahim Che Teh
2016 Jurnal Teknologi  
Therefore, the parallel algorithm development is based on domain decomposition of problems and the architecture of difference parallel computing software.  ...  This paper proposed the several real life applications for big data analytic using parallel computing software.  ...  Figure 4 4 Domain Decomposition Design Figure 5 5 PVM Parallel Algorithm Figure 6 6 MDCS Parallel Algorithm Figure 7 7 Parallel Algorithm for CUDA Figure 8 8 Visualization of melting and molding  ... 
doi:10.11113/jt.v78.9552 fatcat:ibmfxjuu4vevhkxmgqrfcw6pqm

Page 1488 of Automation and Remote Control Vol. 53, Issue 10 [page]

1992 Automation and Remote Control  
Kamowitz, "SOR and MGR[V] experiments on the Crystal multicomputer," Parallel Comput., 4, No. |, 117-142 (1987). Kang Li-Shan, “Parallel algorithms and domain decompositions," Lect.  ...  Keyes, "Complexity of parallel implementation of domain decomposition techniques for elliptic parallel differential equations," SIAM J. Sci. Stat. Comput., 9, No. 2, 312-326 (1988). P. W. Hemker, R.  ... 


2008 Journal of Environmental Science for Sustainable Society  
In this paper, we present object-oriented software concepts and parallelization methods for serial/parallel runs and coupled/non-coupled schemes on single or multiple processes.  ...  A comprehensive and continuously developed scientific software concept is required to treat the aspects of parallelization.  ...  Processing Time CONCLUDING REMARKS Software structures and concepts of parallel finite element methods were presented to explain a partitioned parallelization using domain decomposition as well as domain-independent  ... 
doi:10.3107/jesss.2.35 fatcat:ks5hdujmone37fztdim5y5uboy
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