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Network Slicing for TSN-based Transport Networks

Sushmit Bhattacharjee, Kostas Katsalis, Osama Arouk, Robert Schmidt, Tongtong Wang, Xueli An, Thomas Bauschert, Navid Nikaein
2021 IEEE Access  
After 7 years in IEEE 802 Ethernet standard research and development, her current research focus is on network latency guarantee and optimization, and she is now the editor of IEEE P802.1 DF TSN profiles for  ...  Also responsible for perflow QoS handling, including transport level packet marking for uplink (UL)/downlink (DL) traffic and rate limitation. 5G-RAN & Disaggregated RAN: In 5G-RAN, the base station called  ...  NETWORK SLICING IN THE 5GS: CONCEPTS AND TECHNOLOGIES 1) 5G Architecture The core components of the 5G system (5GS) are the 5G Core Network (5G-CN) and the Radio Access Network (5G-RAN). 5G-CN: The 5G-CN  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3074802 fatcat:757t6rdlwzd2thooahm2k4vd7e

5G Infrastructure Network Slicing: E2E Mean Delay Model and Effectiveness Assessment to Reduce Downtimes in Industry 4.0

Lorena Chinchilla-Romero, Jonathan Prados-Garzon, Pablo Ameigeiras, Pablo Muñoz, Juan M. Lopez-Soler
2021 Sensors  
However, 5G network slicing capabilities might not be enough in terms of degree of isolation for many private 5G networks use cases, such as multi-tenancy in Industry 4.0.  ...  Moreover, its built-in network slicing capabilities allow for the support of the traffic heterogeneity in Industry 4.0 over the same physical network infrastructure.  ...  [17, 18] This paper derives statistical E2E delay bounds for network slicing considering Gaussian traffic and deterministic service.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s22010229 pmid:35009771 pmcid:PMC8749764 fatcat:6ul6fnrbyzbsneon6vtuwf37qy

5G Non-Public Networks: Standardization, Architectures and Challenges

Jonathan Prados-Garzon, Pablo Ameigeiras, Jose Ordonez-Lucena, Pablo Munoz, Oscar Adamuz-Hinojosa, Daniel Camps-Mur
2021 IEEE Access  
Next, we provide architecture proposals for single site private networks, including the scenario in which the radio access network (RAN) is shared.  ...  Afterwards, we address mobility and multi-site private 5G network scenarios. Finally, we identify key challenges for private 5G networks.  ...  ENABLING AND VALIDATING 5G NPNs WITH E2E DETERMINISTIC QoS SUPPORT One of the primary drivers behind 5G NPNs is the support for private critical services with stringent deterministic latency and reliability  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3127482 fatcat:tuz3iutlkza4xmh3n4cwpb3fda

Demo: Slicing-Enabled Private 4G/5G Network for Industrial Wireless Applications [article]

Jaya Thota, Adnan Aijaz
2020 arXiv   pre-print
It shows that network slicing is crucial for performance guarantees in multi-service co-existence scenarios.  ...  This technology demonstration highlights the importance of network slicing in private 4G/5G networks.  ...  Such bi-directional traffic must be handled with low and deterministic latency.  ... 
arXiv:2008.04866v1 fatcat:ymwjh3pjfrgy5i2tjg3ghbjohy

A Novel Virtualised EAST-WEST PON Architecture Supporting Low-Latency communication for Mobile Functional-Split Based on Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)

Sandip Das, Frank Slyne, Aleksandra Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, Marco Ruffini
2020 Journal of Optical Communications and Networking  
Furthermore, our results show how an efficient migration strategy for ONUs can be chosen depending on the traffic load, different functional split configurations, and the PON capacity.  ...  In addition, using protocol level simulations, we show how this architecture can maintain low-latency (≈ 100µs) in varying mobile traffic conditions by offloading ONUs (i.e., where remote units of Cloud-RAN  ...  MEC is an emerging technology for 5G, which extends the concept of edge cloud and can be used to assist C-RAN meeting the above 5G requirements.  ... 
doi:10.1364/jocn.391929 fatcat:gjps6rgb7bdhlk7putqqgm37ti

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Resource Management on Network Slicing: A Survey

Johanna Andrea Hurtado Sánchez, Katherine Casilimas, Oscar Mauricio Caicedo Rendon
2022 Sensors  
Network Slicing and Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) are vital enablers for achieving 5G and 6G networks. A 5G/6G network can comprise various network slices from unique or multiple tenants.  ...  This paper identifies the relevant phases for resource management in network slicing and analyzes approaches using reinforcement learning (RL) and DRL algorithms for realizing each phase autonomously.  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors thank the University of Cauca and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, Colombia, for supporting this investigation.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s22083031 pmid:35459015 pmcid:PMC9032530 fatcat:ibv767jl3nh27iu27vfn2t7z7m

Private 5G: The Future of Industrial Wireless [article]

Adnan Aijaz
2020 arXiv   pre-print
It also discusses design aspects of private 5G along with the key challenges. Finally, it explores the emerging standardization and open innovation ecosystem for private 5G.  ...  It introduces the concept and functional architecture of private 5G while highlighting the key benefits and industrial use-cases. It explores spectrum opportunities for private 5G networks.  ...  Broadly, there are two approaches for achieving network slicing in the RAN.  ... 
arXiv:2006.01820v2 fatcat:nfeqw65ydjfh3fzkxhrmfs733y

Network Slicing to Enable Scalability and Flexibility in 5G Mobile Networks

Peter Rost, Christian Mannweiler, Diomidis S. Michalopoulos, Cinzia Sartori, Vincenzo Sciancalepore, Nishanth Sastry, Oliver Holland, Shreya Tayade, Bin Han, Dario Bega, Danish Aziz, Hajo Bakker
2017 IEEE Communications Magazine  
We argue for network slicing as an efficient solution that addresses the diverse requirements of 5G mobile networks, thus providing the necessary flexibility and scalability associated with future network  ...  We elaborate on the challenges that emerge when we design 5G networks based on network slicing.  ...  The user plane anchor (UP-Anchor) is responsible for distributing the traffic according to the configured slice policy, and for encryption with slice-specific security keys.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mcom.2017.1600920 fatcat:hwlwlclphjckvb3gtli6cufwt4

Network Slicing to Enable Scalability and Flexibility in 5G Mobile Networks [article]

P. Rost, C. Mannweiler, D. S. Michalopoulos, C. Sartori, V. Sciancalepore, N. Sastry, O. Holland, S. Tayade, B. Han, D. Bega, D. Aziz,, H. Bakker
2017 arXiv   pre-print
We argue for network slicing as an efficient solution that addresses the diverse requirements of 5G mobile networks, thus providing the necessary flexibility and scalability associated with future network  ...  We elaborate on the challenges that emerge when we design 5G networks based on network slicing.  ...  Particular focus is put on the basic architectural principles for accommodating network slicing in the 5G ecosystem as well as on RAN and core network (CN) aspects.  ... 
arXiv:1704.02129v1 fatcat:3vpg4mkdejakxaglxangawmheq

For Mobile Networks Too, Sustainability Is Key [Mobile Radio]

Claudio Casetti
2022 IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine  
The end-to-end 5G TSN deterministic network can effectively solve the network latency and jitter problems caused by traffic conflicts.  ...  5G Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) deterministic network at the PT/EXPO China 2021.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mvt.2021.3130398 fatcat:otbjpn5enndb3lwqgn7fy2fzwa

Cloud-Native Network Slicing using Software Defined Networking based Multi-Access Edge Computing: A Survey

Syed Danial Ali Shah, Mark A. Gregory, Shuo Li
2021 IEEE Access  
We investigate MEC and network slicing for the provision of 5G service focused use cases.  ...  A cloud-native microservices architecture, along with its potential use cases for 5G network slicing, is envisioned.  ...  NSSIs represent a group of VNF instances. • RAN Slice, also known as RAN Sub-Slice, consists of customized and independent RAN network functions such as eNB and Next-Generation node B (gNB) for each E2E  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3050155 fatcat:u3l3rh7mlnbnbaz2xipcbppmdm

Series Editorial: Network Softwarization and Management

Walter Cerroni, Alex Galis, Kohei Shiomoto, Mohamed Faten Zhani
2021 IEEE Communications Magazine  
Slicing across access, core and edge networks, multi-domain networks, and cloud would  ...  "Network Softwarization" advocates for network architectures that separate the software implementing network functions, protocols and services from the hardware running them.  ...  a RAN slicing model with an AI-driven closed-loop for automated service management for an automated RAN orchestration and control for Service Level Agreement (SLA) assurance. 5G is a crucial enabler for  ... 
doi:10.1109/mcom.2021.9422333 fatcat:jn2wrljnqfebrcf2v27sgzuadq

Review of 5G capabilities for smart manufacturing [article]

Joachim Sachs, Krister Landernäs
2022 arXiv   pre-print
The 5G radio access network functionality is described and discussed for practical deployments. The paper provides an overview of the current state-of-the-art of using 5G for smart manufacturing.  ...  This paper provides an overview of the use cases and requirements for smart manufacturing that can be addressed with 5G and which are validated in three industrial 5G trial systems.  ...  This information reflects the consortium's view, but the consortium is not liable for any use that may be made of any of the information contained therein.  ... 
arXiv:2207.00417v1 fatcat:gvpb75cglvakbdglfg7di2wlza

A Data-Driven Multiobjective Optimization Framework for Hyperdense 5G Network Planning

Beneyam B. Haile, Edward Mutafungwa, Jyri Hamalainen
2020 IEEE Access  
Furthermore, the quest for network programmability and automation including the 5G radio access network (RAN), as manifested by network slicing technologies and more flexible RAN architectures, are also  ...  The trials and rollout of the fifth generation (5G) network technologies are gradually intensifying as 5G is positioned as a platform that not only accommodates exploding data traffic but also unlocks  ...  The interworking approach for multiple RATs (pre-5G, 5G, beyond 5G, non 3rd generation partnership project (3GPP) etc.) is embedded in the NG-RAN specification, allowing for continuity of support of diverse  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3023452 fatcat:w2kfxzy445eqdasmpygjaioiua

5G Framework for automated network adaptation in Mission Critical Services

Elisa Jimeno, Jordi Perez-Romero, Irene Vila Munoz, Begona Blanco, Aitor Sanchoyerto, Javier Fernandez Hidalgo
2018 2018 IEEE Conference on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks (NFV-SDN)  
This paper presents an on-going work on utilising 5G technology for Mission Critical Push To Talk (MCPTT) services.  ...  It describes some design elements and evaluates 5G ESSENCE architecture that enable mission critical applications.  ...  The research leading to these results has been supported by the EU funded H2020 5G-PPP project 5G ESSENCE under the grant agreement no 761592. X. REFERENCES  ... 
doi:10.1109/nfv-sdn.2018.8725679 dblp:conf/nfvsdn/JimenoPMBSH18 fatcat:7tfyxhbtoje3bknctjnnzlcp24
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