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Hyperspectral image compression using three-dimensional wavelet coding

Xiaoli Tang, William A. Pearlman, James W. Modestino, Bhaskaran Vasudev, T. Russell Hsing, Andrew G. Tescher, Touradj Ebrahimi
2003 Image and Video Communications and Processing 2003  
bit stream and therefore provides progressive transmission.  ...  The structure of hyperspectral images reveals spectral responses that would seem ideal candidate for compression by 3D-SPECK.  ...  The proposed 3D-SPECK is completely embedded and can be used for progressive transmission.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.476516 fatcat:lzyf7aiwmvgb3ljllrzyttmjfi

From 2D Images to 3D Tangible Models: Autostereoscopic and Haptic Visualization of Martian Rocks in Virtual Environments

Cagatay Basdogan
2007 Presence - Teleoperators and Virtual Environments  
We propose a robust and computationally efficient method for progressive transmission of multi-resolution 3D models of Martian rocks and soil reconstructed from a series of stereo images.  ...  Our scheme for 3D reconstruction of Martian rocks from 2D images for visualization on Earth involves four main steps: a) acquisition of scans: depth maps are generated from stereo images, b) integration  ...  Bunny scans used in this study are also courtesy of Stanford University. The progress reports submitted by Prof. Isaac Cohen (USC) to JPL on 3D reconstruction and the class notes of Prof.  ... 
doi:10.1162/pres.16.1.1 fatcat:6ajbh246lzeezld4ck4pe5kdne

Volumetric medical image compression using 3D listless embedded block partitioning

Ranjan K. Senapati, P. M. K Prasad, Gandharba Swain, T. N. Shankar
2016 SpringerPlus  
As the amount of patient data increases, compression techniques for the digital storage and transmission of medical images become mandatory.  ...  Further, it is highly competitive with some of the state-of-theart 3D wavelet coders for a wide range of bit rates for magnetic resonance, digital imaging and communication in medicine and angiogram images  ...  The Karhunen-Loueve transform (KLT) is an optimal method for encoding images in the mean squared error (MSE) sense.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40064-016-3784-y pmid:28053830 pmcid:PMC5174017 fatcat:u6jkbjv6srhfbjfy5zza64naba

Distributed Coding of Multiresolution Omnidirectional Images

Vijayaraghavan Thirumalai, Ivana Tosic, Pascal Frossard
2007 2007 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing  
The proposed method can further be extended to the decoding of multiple Wyner-Ziv images using one single reference omnidirectional image.  ...  This paper addresses the problem of compact representation of a 3D scene, captured by distributed omnidirectional cameras.  ...  As they give a full view of the 3D scene, omnidirectional images are very suitable for scene representation.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icip.2007.4379163 dblp:conf/icip/ThirumalaiTF07 fatcat:d65ml73uibcmtahj2ch3c24qri

Spectral Geometry Image: Image Based 3D Models for Digital Broadcasting Applications

Boon-Seng Chew, Lap-Pui Chau, Ying He, Dayong Wang, Steven C. H. Hoi
2011 IEEE transactions on broadcasting  
In this paper, a new image format for the representation of 3D progressive model is proposed.  ...  For SGI, the connectivity data of the model is implicitly encoded in the image, thus removing the need for additional channel bits allocated for its protection during transmission.  ...  For the purpose of progressive transmission, the input spectral geometry image is decomposed into image layers to support the reconstruction of partial bit-stream from coarse to high quality 3D models  ... 
doi:10.1109/tbc.2011.2151590 fatcat:of6uucyvorhuvhdna4vejawgne

Progressive resolution coding of hyperspectral imagery featuring region of interest access

Xiaoli Tang, William A. Pearlman, Zia-ur Rahman, Robert A. Schowengerdt, Stephen E. Reichenbach
2005 Visual Information Processing XIV  
The structure of hyperspectral images reveals spectral responses that would seem ideal candidates for compression by 3D-SPECK.  ...  We propose resolution progressive Three-Dimensional Set Partitioned Embedded bloCK (3D-SPECK), an embedded wavelet based algorithm for hyperspectral image compression.  ...  CONCLUSION An embedded, block based, image wavelet transform coding algorithm of low complexity has been proposed. The algorithm has excellent performance for hyperspectral image compression.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.604634 dblp:conf/spieVIP/TangP05 fatcat:tnqg24awbngxthxtaiudn5nlby

Front Matter: Volume 11763

Junhao Chu, Qifeng Yu, Huilin Jiang, Junhong Su
2021 Seventh Symposium on Novel Photoelectronic Detection Technology and Applications  
for compressed satellite remote sensing images with high quantization bits Influence of MCP open area ratio and secondary electron emission layer on noise factor of image intensifier tubes Downloaded  ...  for single photon detection 11763 19 Camera model and image rectification method for imaging through water-air Snell's window from underwater 11763 1A 768×576 bit interline transfer EMCCD sensor 11763  ...  method of battlefield entities for parallel simulation xiv Proc. of SPIE Vol. 11763 1176301-14 Image fusion localization algorithm based on SIFT and 3D model 11763 6I Chaos synchronization in optically  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2592610 fatcat:zkgo4tuwiffmrle2gymou4iulq

Video coding of dynamic 3D point cloud data

Sebastian Schwarz, Nahid Sheikhipour, Vida Fakour Sevom, Miska M. Hannuksela
2019 APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing  
Unfortunately, such representations require a large amount of data, not feasible for transmission on today's networks. Thus, efficient compression technologies are in high demand.  ...  Volumetric video data is projected on 2D image planes and compressed using standard 2D video coding solutions.  ...  A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S The authors would like to thank 8i and Technicolor for providing the test content and GBTech and CWI for carrying out the subjective quality assessment.  ... 
doi:10.1017/atsip.2019.24 fatcat:zcwhrsjj2bhxpalh3kxh4x23ha

Performance Evaluation Of Wavelet Based Coders On Brain Mri Volumetric Medical Datasets For Storage And Wireless Transmission

D. Dhouib, A. Naït-Ali, C. Olivier, M. S. Naceur
2007 Zenodo  
The second step consists of evaluating the robustness of 3D SPIHT and JPEG2K coding algorithm over wireless transmission.  ...  In the first step we achieve an objective comparison between three coders, namely 3D SPIHT, 3D QT-L and JPEG2K. For this purpose, eight MRI head scan test sets of 256 x 256x124 voxels have been used.  ...  Block truncation points associated with each layer are optimal in the rate distortion sense. Each bloc is coded in progressive way in bit plane. They are divided into 16x16 sized sub-blocks.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1056768 fatcat:3fgtvzpzufffpgtarwtzejisby

Region of interest access with three-dimensional SBHP algorithm

Ying Liu, William A. Pearlman, John G. Apostolopoulos, Amir Said
2006 Visual Communications and Image Processing 2006  
level, number of filter taps and target bit rate.  ...  One interesting feature of image compression is support of region of interest (ROI) access, in which an image sequence can be encoded only once and then the decoder can directly extract a subset of the  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Office of Naval Research under Grant No. N00014-05-1-0507.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.647501 fatcat:vtazomgzqvfitj2hieugjv7v6u

Lossy-To-Lossless Block-Based Compression of Hyperspectral Volumetric Data

Xiaoli Tang, William A. Pearlman
2006 2006 International Conference on Image Processing  
Results show that 3D-SPECK, in addition to being very flexible, retains all the desirable features of compared state-of-the-art algorithms and is highly competitive to 3D-SPIHT and better than JPEG2000  ...  Three-Dimensional Set Partitioned Embedded bloCK(3D-SPECK) efficiently encodes hyperspectral volumetric image data by exploiting the dependencies in all dimensions.  ...  However, none of them generates embedded bit stream, and therefore cannot provide progressive lossy-to-lossless transmission.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icip.2006.312756 dblp:conf/icip/TangP06 fatcat:mfpmetsgjbhn5k2xmouokk4caq

3-D Scalable Medical Image Compression With Optimized Volume of Interest Coding

Victor Sanchez, Rafeef Abugharbieh, Panos Nasiopoulos
2010 IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging  
We present a novel 3-D scalable compression method for medical images with optimized volume of interest (VOI) coding.  ...  The background information with peripherally increasing quality around the VOI allows for placement of the VOI into the context of the 3-D image.  ...  We compared the performance of the proposed compression method to that of 3D-JPEG2000 with VOI coding, using the MAXSHIFT and GSB methods. 3D-JPEG2000 is the extension of JPEG2000 for compression of 3-  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmi.2010.2052628 pmid:20562038 fatcat:kk4lhexhe5hi5gywqzkh4tv27e

Lossy to lossless compressions of hyperspectral images using three-dimensional set partitioning algorithm

Jiaji Wu, Zhensen Wu, Chengke Wu, Chung-Sheng Li, Minerva M. Yeung
2005 Electronic Imaging and Multimedia Technology IV  
Besides the high compression performance, AT-3DSPECK supports progressive transmission. Clearly, the proposed AT-3DSPECK algorithm is a better candidate than several conventional methods.  ...  According to the distribution of energy of the transformed coefficients, the 3DSPECK's 3D set partitioning block algorithm and the 3D octave band partitioning scheme are efficiently combined in the proposed  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This paper is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 60371020).  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.575437 fatcat:o6eqq33ge5gixjc45zylcni7i4

Compression of Point-Based 3D Models by Shape-Adaptive Wavelet Coding of Multi-Height Fields [article]

Tilo Ochotta, Dietmar Saupe
2004 Symposium Point-Based Graphics : [Proceedings]  
We propose a compression scheme for coordinate data of point-based 3D models of surfaces.  ...  In order to efficiently archive and transmit large 3D models, lossy and lossless compression methods are needed.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank the workgroup of Pointshop3D for providing software and fruitful discussions.  ... 
doi:10.2312/spbg/spbg04/103-112 fatcat:wrzgkkdmnrb55d2qbguq7fpy5m

A Hardware Model to Measure Motion Estimation with Bit Plane Matching Algorithm

Shaik Asif Hussain, Chandrashekar Ramaiah, S. Javeed Hussain
2018 TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control)  
The proposed approach is an adaptive control system to measure the motion from starting point to limit of search. The motion patterns are used to analyze and avoid stationary regions of image.  ...  The motivation of the work is to maximize the encoding speed and visual quality with the help of motion vector algorithm.  ...  Measure Motion Estimation with Bit Plane… (Shaik Asif Hussain) (a)Figure describes projection of 3D real world from projection.  ... 
doi:10.12928/telkomnika.v16i5.7672 fatcat:3ya77gb545d3zie6qszla63mce
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