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3 dimensional hydrodynamic analysis of concentric draft tube airlift reactors with different tube diameters

S. Moradi, Z. Rajabi, M. Mohammadi, M. Salimi, S.S. Homami, M.K. Seydei, Saeed Shirazian
2013 Mathematical and computer modelling  
The hydrodynamics of a concentric draft tube airlift reactor in a three dimensional simulation operating with an air-water system have been investigated for series of superficial gas velocities.  ...  Investigations have been done with a model using computational fluid dynamic with Eulerian descriptions of the gas and liquid phases.  ...  equation is unsteady state flows in an airlift reactor with concentric derived as following: draft tube.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.mcm.2012.10.021 fatcat:6n7fflenazblvariz63uopgexq

Prediction of gas holdup in a combined loop air lift fluidized bed reactor using Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids

Sivakumar Venkatachalam, Akilamudhan Palaniappan, Senthilkumar Kandasamy, Kannan Kandasamy
2011 Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly  
Many experiments have been conducted to study the hydrodynamic characteristics of column reactors and loop reactors.  ...  In this present work, a novel combined loop airlift fluidized bed reactor was developed to study the effect of superficial gas and liquid velocities, particle diameter, fluid properties on gas holdup by  ...  and draft tube 1.54 m in height with 0.084 m diameter.  ... 
doi:10.2298/ciceq110401024v fatcat:7kwv25xvonbv5hhci56lpu4cei

Experiments and modelling of a draft tube airlift reactor operated at high gas throughputs

D. Colombet, A. Cockx, P. Guiraud, D. Legendre
2013 Chemical Engineering Science  
This research was carried out within the framework of a CIFRE-ANRT contract in collaboration with the FERMaT federation.  ...  Authors would like to thank RHODIA, member of the SOLVAY Group, for supporting this work and especially E. Cotton, D. Petitqueux and Dr. C. Daniel.  ...  Conclusions In this work, one-dimensional modelling of hydrodynamics and mass transfer is applied to study an annulus sparged draft tube airlift reactor of a semi-industrial size.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ces.2013.08.044 fatcat:dkspvtkcnngvpdccwlz4zedmeq

Bubble-column and airlift photobioreactors for algal culture

Asterio Sánchez Mirón, Francisco García Camacho, Antonio Contreras Gómez, Emilio Molina Grima, Yusuf Chisti
2000 AIChE Journal  
This work L L characterizes the rele®ant hydrodynamic and mass-transfer parameters in three airagitated reactors: bubble column, split-cylinder airlift de®ice and concentric draft-tube sparged airlift  ...  Under the conditions tested, all three reactors attained a biomass concentration of about 4 kg ؒ m y 3 after ; 260 h.  ...  The internal diameter of the draft tube was 0.144 m. The draft tube and the baffle were located 0.091 and 0.096 m from the bottoms of the reactors, respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1002/aic.690460915 fatcat:sinfk5hlcfaanoff7b6e6hydom

Focusing on the Optimization for Scale up in Airlift Bioreactors and the Production of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii as a Model Microorganism

Suphi Oncel
2014 Ekoloji  
As the first step, the effective parameters (draft tube diameter and height, water level over the draft tube, volumetric flow rate of air, and sparger-draft tube distance) in the 1.1 L airlift bioreactor  ...  A draft tube with a 38-250 mm dimension was selected resulting in a mixing time of 9.94 s with a 1.05 L min -1 air flow rate.  ...  Fazilet Vardar Sukan, head of the Ege University Bioengineering Department for her help and suggestions throughout the study.  ... 
doi:10.5053/ekoloji.2014.903 fatcat:34aalzf26ve7hdybkgpb7x3uuu

CFD Modeling of UV/H2O2 Process in Internal Airlift Circulating Photoreactor

Minghan Luo, Fan Zeng, Taeseop Jeong, Gongde Wu, Qingqing Guan
2020 Water  
airlift circulation photocatalytic reactor to improve the efficiency of the reaction.  ...  Results show that with the increase in gas flow rate, the turbulence intensity and internal circulation effect of liquid in the reactor can be enhanced under the condition of constant baffle spacing.  ...  The inner part of the reactor is composed of a 60 cm long draft tube and a 50 cm long UV lamp.  ... 
doi:10.3390/w12113237 fatcat:fqkw2xwq3vdbhfd6gazvcfi6ke

Cfd Simulation Of Hydrodynamic Behaviors And Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer In A Stirred Airlift Bioreactor

Sérgio S. De Jesus, Edgar Leonardo Martínez, Aulus R.R. Binelli, Aline Santana, Rubens Maciel Filho
2014 Zenodo  
eG and kLa; however, by increasing air velocity, the impeller effect is smaller with the air flow being greater, in the region of the riser, causing fluid recirculation, which explains the increase in  ...  During the simulation it was verified a prevalent impeller effect at low speeds, propelling a large volume of fluid against the walls of the vessel, which without recirculation, results in low values of  ...  Bioreactor and Fluid Measurements were made in a concentric draft-tube stirred airlift bioreactor ( Fig. 1 ) agitated with a Rusthon impeller of 0.040m in diameter with six blades.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1336567 fatcat:sjwob3uui5ajnncgctl3tkrpkq

Gas–liquid simulation of an airlift bubble column reactor

M. Blažej, G.M. Cartland Glover, S.C. Generalis, J. Markoš
2004 Chemical Engineering and Processing  
EXPERIMENTAL Experimental investigations were performed using a 32-litre concentric draft-tube airlift reactor, with the riser in the draft-tube and the downcomer between the draft tube and outer cylinder  ...  The draft tube was positioned 0.046 m above the gas sparger with a tube height was 1.710 m with an internal diameter of 0.106 m 3 and an external diameter of 0.118 m (i.e. 6 mm wall thickness).  ...  EXPERIMENTAL Experimental investigations were performed using a 32-litre concentric draft-tube airlift reactor, with the riser in the draft-tube and the downcomer between the draft tube and outer cylinder  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0255-2701(03)00010-2 fatcat:3askgiogpfab7czyf4fcjpr6eu

A Detailed Hydrodynamic Study of the Split-Plate Airlift Reactor by Using Non-Invasive Gamma-Ray Techniques

Laith S. Sabri, Abbas J. Sultan, Hasan Shakir Majdi, Shadha K. Jebur, Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan
2022 ChemEngineering  
This study focused on detailed investigations of selected local hydrodynamics in split airlift reactor by using an unconventional measurements facility: computed tomography (CT) and radioactive particle  ...  1, 2 and 3 cm/s with various six axial level z = 12, 20, 40, 60, 90 and 112 cm.  ...  We would also like to thank Al-Dahhan, who developed the (CT) and (RPT) techniques, for help with setting up and conducting the experiments.  ... 
doi:10.3390/chemengineering6010018 fatcat:mbakcd5syzcj5oftlsvwsklfby

Airlift Bioreactors: Hydrodynamics and Rheology Application to Secondary Metabolites Production [chapter]

Ana Mara Mendoza Martnez, Eleazar Mximo Escamilla Silv
2013 Mass Transfer - Advances in Sustainable Energy and Environment Oriented Numerical Modeling  
parameter obtained by dimensional analysis [1] as: M = D S 4D (4) where D is the diameter of column and D s the diameter of gas separator.  ...  It consists of two concentric tubes of 4.0 and 5.0 cm of internal diameter with a settler. The air enters the bioreactor through the inner tube.  ... 
doi:10.5772/53711 fatcat:hrireunfb5f77cjeusmg2wcxbi

The Effect of Hydraulic Conditions in Barbotage Reactors on Aeration Efficiency

Sebastian Kujawiak, Małgorzata Makowska, Jakub Mazurkiewicz
2020 Water  
The structure consisted of a barbotage column of 50 mm in diameter, used to transport a water–air mixture outside the reactor (so-called external loop).  ...  Barbotage reactors such as airlift reactors (ALR) and bubble column reactors (BCR), due to their two-phase flow systems, were investigated in many research papers.  ...  Acknowledgments: The publication was co-financed/financed within the framework of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education program as "Regional Initiative Excellence" in years 2019-2022, Project No  ... 
doi:10.3390/w12030724 fatcat:ivul7bgzyvdaroqhdpdwhefsoe

Hydrodynamics of an Airlift Column for Aeration in Molten Sulfur

Junjie Wang, Xiao Xu, Wei Wang, Yudong Li, Shihan Wu, Haiqiang Yang, Qiang Yang
2021 Applied Sciences  
The simulation shows that at a constant column height of 15 m, an increase on gas holdup can be obtained with the increase of the superficial gas velocity, while the bubble diameter remains almost constant  ...  The airlift column is a promising technology for the removal of volatile gas from high-viscosity molten sulfur.  ...  heights of the column were considered. The inner diameter of the concentric draft tube D1 D2 D3 was 1150D4mm.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app12010117 fatcat:qgyeo6ojujedfc2o3v7glypmje

Mass transfer, gas hold-up and cell cultivation studies in a bottom agitated draft tube reactor and multiple impeller Rushton turbine configuration

Petri Tervasmäki, Marko Latva-Kokko, Sanna Taskila, Juha Tanskanen
2016 Chemical Engineering Science  
In addition, pneumatically agitated reactors such as bubble columns and airlift 12 reactors have been studied and used by the industry. 13  ...  8 Gas-liquid mass transfer is an important phenomenon in aerobic microbial cultivations, and the mass transfer 9 performance of an industrial reactor strongly affects the overall process economics.  ...  The outer diameter of the draft tube was more than 30% 262 of the tank diameter and, therefore, the volume occupied by the draft tube was removed from the 263 reconstruction mesh.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ces.2016.07.048 fatcat:cnt6qgv56rfunctqbjn7kc4nye

Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer Performance of Annulus-Rising Airlift Reactor — The Effect of Reactor Scale

Mei Han, Arto Laari, Tuomas Koiranen
2017 International journal of chemical Engineering and Applications  
Hydrodynamic and mass transfer characteristics of an annulus-rising airlift reactor (AR_ALR) were investigated with experimental and CFD simulation methods.  ...  The simulated averaged liquid velocities in AR_ALR with different scales were compared and accounted for the influence of reactor scale on gas holdup.  ...  For IL-ALR, two operating modes can be used which are the gas-feeding in the draft tube (center-rising airlift reactor, CR_ALR) and the gas feeding in the annulus (annulus-rising airlift reactor, AR_ALR  ... 
doi:10.18178/ijcea.2017.8.1.629 fatcat:gw5gfrrbcvh7bjmjiqt4r47mti

Numerical modelling of a three-phase internal air-lift circulating photocatalytic reactor

Minghan Luo, Qiuwen Chen, Taeseop Jeong, Jing Chen
2017 Water Science and Technology  
The distance between the draft tube and wall of the reactor and changes in the superficial gas velocity (U g ) were found to be influential factors in reactor performance.  ...  Analysis and modelling of hydrodynamics in the three-phase flow system can provide useful information for process design, operation and optimization of the three-phase flow photocatalytic reactor, which  ...  A three-dimensional CFD module was developed to calculate the local hydrodynamics of the gas-liquid-solid flow reactor.  ... 
doi:10.2166/wst.2017.477 pmid:29210690 fatcat:cnev6sditfccngum5yn7j6cqzi
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