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Triple-clad photonic lanterns for mode scaling

Bin Huang, Juan Carlos Alvarado Zacarias, Huiyuan Liu, Nicolas K. Fontaine, Haoshuo Chen, Roland Ryf, Francesco Poletti, John R. Hayes, Jose Antonio-Loppez, Jian Zhao, Rodrigo Amezcua Correa, Guifang Li
2018 Optics Express  
A 10-mode photonic lantern with insertion losses ranging from 0.6 to 2.0 dB across all the modes and a record-low pairwise 4-dB mode-dependent loss at C-band was demonstrated.  ...  We propose a novel triple-clad photonic lanterns for mode scaling. This novel structure alleviates the adiabatic tapering requirement for the fabrication of large photonic lanterns.  ...  In this paper, we demonstrate PLs using novel triple-clad micro-structured preforms fabricated by drilling, which not only ease the fabrication complexity for mode scalablity but also alleviate the adiabatic  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.26.013390 pmid:29801363 fatcat:c6dwx7e7dvdurpghobnmn5aw7q

Sixth International Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and Their Applications (WSOF 2019): Conference Digest

Liang Dong, John Ballato
2019 Sixth International Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and Their Applications (WSOF 2019)  
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS IV Conclusion We have shown that using tomography, it is possible to image a relatively complex structure in a transparent polymer coating with a very good precision.  ...  Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under Grant EP/P030181/1 (Future Photonics Hub) and the ERC LightPipe project (grant agreement n° 682724).  ...  II Higher-order mode-selective photonic lanterns For mode-selective photonic lanterns the adiabaticity of the transition is critical.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2557110 fatcat:jtbftehuzrbi5lupddv547q24m

Three-dimensional femtosecond laser processing for lab-on-a-chip applications

Felix Sima, Koji Sugioka, Rebeca Martínez Vázquez, Roberto Osellame, Lóránd Kelemen, Pal Ormos
2018 Nanophotonics  
The undeformative processing preforms internal refractive index modification to construct optical microcomponents including optical waveguides.  ...  Additive processing represented by two-photon polymerization enables the fabrication of 3D polymer micro- and nanostructures for photonic and microfluidic devices.  ...  The scale bars equal 10 and 20 μm. Reproduced from [99] with permission from Nature Publishing Group. Figure 7 : 7 Schematics of, and structures made with two-photon polymerization.  ... 
doi:10.1515/nanoph-2017-0097 fatcat:hhyatg6d4rdp7hewribjaicehy

Spaceborne laser instruments for high-resolution mapping

Anthony W. Yu, Michael A. Krainak, David J. Harding, James B. Abshire, Xiaoli Sun, Susan Valett, John Cavanaugh, Luis Ramos-Izquierdo, W. Andrew Clarkson, Norman Hodgson, Ramesh K. Shori
2010 Solid State Lasers XIX: Technology and Devices  
The gain mirror was grown using a molecular beam epitaxy reactor and comprised 10 GaInNAs QWs and a 27-pair GaAs/AlAs distributed Bragg reflector.  ...  Thermal management of the disk is provided by an innovative active heat sink with ultra-low thermal resistance.  ...  In this work we demonstrate, to the best of our knowledge, the first high port count low loss photonic lantern.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.843191 fatcat:6ouzsdkdknh63ordfsktdz3lqq

Proceedings of the World Molecular Imaging Congress 2020, October 7-9, 2020: General Abstracts

2022 Molecular Imaging and Biology  
Objective: To assess the feasibility of imaging HGGs using panitumumab-IRDye800 (pan800) in mice bearing orthotopic HGG xenografts with modest EGFR expression, and characterize EGFR protein expression  ...  While imaging in dual mode with B-mode and contrast mode side-by-side, clinical grade KDR-targeted microbubbles (MBKDR, BR55, Bracco, 0.03 mL/kg of body weight) were manually injected over 10 seconds followed  ...  A single ~1.5 mm diameter well was drilled at half the radius of each; these were filled with capillary tubes containing 10 µM of fluorescent IRDye-800CW to represent metastases.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11307-021-01691-0 pmid:34982363 pmcid:PMC8725637 fatcat:ipn7hwekzzh6nbsk6dr2mzuhhm

The Age of Plastic: Ingenuity and Responsibility, Proceeding of the 2012 MCI Symposium

Odile Madden, A. Elena Charola, Kim Cullen Cobb, Paula T. DePriest, Robert J. Koestler
2017 Smithsonian Contributions to Museum Conservation  
The authors propose that we are entering a new wave of economic development in cleantech and sustainability, aimed at returning us to a low-carbon world.  ...  FIGURE 10 . 10 FIGURE 10. Hydroxyl index (A3450/A1850) of PUR-ether foam as a function of years in aging. FIGURE 11 . 11 FIGURE 11. Zuccaia by Piero Gilardi as it appeared in 1993.  ...  At the processing point, plastics consist of granules, preformed tablets, powders, syrups, or pastes.  ... 
doi:10.5479/si.19492367.7 fatcat:2kslcrlnzrec3hm2eewzp3toa4


Jono Generolo, Žemaičio, Jono Generolo, Žemaičio
skri éjantis lowland n žemumà low-level a 1 že mo ly gio, nea ukštas 2 nedi delis, nežymùs (apie spinduliavimą) low-powered a mažajė gis; mažalitra žis; mažo s ga lios, ma žo galingùmo low-pressure  ...  vehicle ~ vikšri ǹių maši ǹų pri éžiūra ir remòntas unit ~ of military materiel agregãtinis kãro tèchnikos remòntas KEnc a eksploata cinis make n 1 gamy ba, dárbas; gaminy s 2 (gaminio) ti pas, mòdelis  ...  žénklas "že nklo galio jimo lai kas" ~ "traffic lane" kẽlio žénklas "ei smo ju osta" ~ "two-way traffic" kẽlio žénklas "dvipu sis ei smas" ~ "uneven road" kẽlio žénklas "nely gus ke lias" ~ "use  ...