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6. 08102 Working Group – Requirements for Network Monitoring from an IDS Perspective

Lothar Braun, Falko Dressler, Thorsten Holz, Engin Kirda, Jan Kohlrausch, Christopher Kruegel, Tobias Limmer, Konrad Rieck, James Sterbenz, Georg Carle, Richard A. Kemmerer, Hartmut König
Detection of malicious traffic is based on its input data, the information that is co-ming from network-based monitoring systems.  ...  Best detection rates would only be possible by monitoring all data transferred over all network lines in a distributed net-work.  ...  From the security perspective, the introduction of NAT routers is a good idea, as hosts inside these networks have a better protection.  ... 
doi:10.4230/dagsemproc.08102.6 fatcat:tf76l6jcerh5bonrb3uwkripqe

Dagstuhl Perspective Workshop 08102

Georg Carle, Tanja Zseby, Tobias Limmer, Marc Dacier, Pavel Laskov, Anja Feldmann, Joachim Biskup, Michael Meier, Peter Herrmann, James Sterbenz, Christopher Kruegel, Stephan Wolthusen (+5 others)
Executive Summary From March 2 nd to 6 th , 2008, the Dagstuhl Perspective Workshop 08102 Network Attack Detection and Defense was held at the International Conference and Research Center (IBFI), Schloss  ...  The objective of the workshop was to work out a manifesto that identifies past shortcomings and future directions for the field.  ...  The topics considered were• Early warning systems • Situation awareness • Attack taxonomy • Measurement requirementsRequirements for network monitoring from an IDS perspective • Intrusion and fraud  ... 

8. 08102 Manifesto – Perspectives Workshop: Network Attack Detection and Defense

Georg Carle, Falko Dressler, Richard A. Kemmerer, Hartmut Koenig, Christopher Kruegel, Pavel Laskov, Hartmut König
The participants of the workshop represent researchers from Austria, France, Norway, the Switzerland, the United States, and Germany who work actively in the field of intrusion detection and network monitoring  ...  This manifesto is the result of the Perspective Workshop Network Attack Detection and Defense held in Schloss Dagstuhl (Germany) from March 2nd – 6th, 2008.  ...  Requirements for Network Monitoring from an IDS Perspective Detection of malicious traffic is based on its input data, the information that is coming from networkbased monitoring systems.  ... 
doi:10.4230/dagsemproc.08102.8 fatcat:rguuh46yyvhjjflfqfyytowvum

Society for Development Biology 64th Annual Meeting

2005 Developmental Biology  
was required for accumulation of the scnRNAs and sequence elimination.  ...  In addition, we show that an intact actin cytoskeleton is essential for this transcriptional repression.  ...  Previous work from our laboratory demonstrated that MMP2 was required for primary invasion in vivo.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ydbio.2005.04.040 fatcat:jj63lzrujnfx7pt3uxl57spp4i

Digital society and the politics of youth in Guinea

Clovis Bergere
In recent years having a page on social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, has emerged as a key 'marker' of youth in Guinea.  ...  Emergent digital practices such as correcting errors made in French by older politicians on Twitter, hashtag campaigns such as #GuinéeVote or #TaxeDeSuivisme for instance or the introduction of a new Internet  ...  What is more, for most official purposes, such as applying for a passport, ID card or registering for university for instance, ascertaining one's 'official' identity requires more than residence.  ... 
doi:10.7282/t3n58q3s fatcat:shmeof7c2jemvp2bby67bmxebu

Acquiring federal disaster assistance

Jason David Rivera
Through the administration of focus groups, an online-survey instrument, and key informant interviews, I find no evidence to suggest that FEMA approves individuals' disaster assistance applications discriminately  ...  Policy recommendations are presented as means for FEMA and other bureaucratic organizations within American society to reduce perceptions of institutional racism among various domestic populations.  ...  monitor home inspectors or the companies they work for.  ... 
doi:10.7282/t3mw2k5p fatcat:nmw2pihrvvg53oiw7sd5sh3wie

Economic Commission for Africa Africa on the Intemet: An annotated guide to African web sites SlIt

E Ecnadf
1999 unpublished
The web site also provides general information On Egypt from a business perspective.  ...  The site is dedicated to the sale of African handicrafts supplied from Ghana. An online shopping mall for the sale of products from Africa is under construction.  ...  The web site is used for advertising its business.  ...