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The Vatican and the Making of the Atlantic Order, 1920-1960

Giuliana Chamedes
It draws on newly released archival material to show how through diplomatic activism, theological innovation, and the centralization of Catholic associational life, the Vatican helped unite the fates of  ...  Following its loss of the Papal States in 1870, the Vatican fought to regain influence on the European continent by pioneering a new form of treaty diplomacy and launching a transnational anticommunist  ...  Pizzardo," Bu (1 October 1930), 680. 34 Mons.  ... 
doi:10.7916/d82n58gp fatcat:xtjqfhvvj5c5fp3i2hydsjmriu

VIII. Bußbücherstudien

Walther v. Hörmann
1913 Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte Kanonistische Abteilung  
(can.  ...  (Vatican.) 485, f. 73, a. 0. S. 661), zu diesem Bußbuch.  ...  Brought to you by | New York University Bobst Library Technical Services Authenticated Download Date | 5/23/15 6:22 PM Konsequenz in den vertretenen Anschauungen, ferner die auffallende Tatsache, daß der  ... 
doi:10.7767/zrgka.1913.3.1.413 fatcat:yjotgdf3ujg4vkkjs5hh2x6ywe

Automated border control e-gates and facial recognition systems

Jose Sanchez del Rio, Daniela Moctezuma, Cristina Conde, Isaac Martin de Diego, Enrique Cabello
2016 Computers & security  
In this paper, a review of the most important face recognition algorithms described in the literature that are invariant to these non-idealities and that can be used in ABC e-gates is presented.  ...  The three microstates, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican, are also included.  ...  Here, the verification takes place after the document authentication only if the authentication is successful.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cose.2016.07.001 fatcat:66gvociowffihdov4ivzihokmm

Occupational Stress: Perceptions of Teachers in Catholic Schools

Robert Solman, Melinda Feld
1989 Journal of Educational Administration  
validate the lived reality of people by being authentic (with ourselves, relatives, and friends) We can witness to love in a new way through our lives We become the exceptions to the rules, especially  ...  us and silencing parts of ourselves Queer teachers find that they remove themselves from groups, conversations, and activities in order to deal with discomfort We are always cheating ourselves of our authentic  ...  When I was with the others, the benefit became ours and the knowledge that was revealed was more authentic, more vetted, and more trustworthy because of the transparency that only genuine relationships  ... 
doi:10.1108/eum0000000002466 fatcat:htderytzwjhp5lnrkqj3hjhhwu

Page 1 of Episcopal Recorder Vol. 20, Issue 24 [page]

1842 Episcopal Recorder  
i is nut Christianity ; the Jiindit.s can do tiii.s, and they do it.  ...  Indco'l I can never for'^et, nor i ****'^'**' the subscrih.irs lor the reprint-!  ... 

Bibliography [chapter]

2021 We God's People  
to try to win Vatican approval.  ...  Commodification can take several forms.  ... 
doi:10.1017/9781108554466.009 fatcat:6r6laey4v5csfdfijxanf5c6rm

An Essay on the Art of Conveying Secret and Swift Intelligence

Richard Lovell Edgeworth
1797 Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy  
C' METHINKS I can hardly forbear to blufh when I confider " how molt people will look upon this, but ,vet again I have C' this encouragement, though thefe things be never fo much " derided by the generality  ...  The hands that can execute are in every hate more eafily found than the eyes that can obferve.  ... 

Page 2 of New England Farmer, and Horticultural Register Vol. 58, Issue 49 [page]

1879 New England Farmer, and Horticultural Register  
This is the fastest-selling book ever published, and the only complete and authentic History of Grant’s Travels.  ...  He subsequently served under Rosecrans, and rendered other important service, being bre- vetted major-general of volunteers and briga- dier-general in the fegular army.  ... 

Page 7 of Evangelist and Religious Review Vol. 41, Issue 41 [page]

1870 Evangelist and Religious Review  
Corn quiet hut firm ; sales 49,000 bus' els at 83@ 85c. for Western mixed, with yeBow and white unsettled. Groceries —We quote Rio coffee 14^®18o, and Java, 20|@23c gold.  ...  The several speakers—and one of them was a vet¬ eran missionary of thirty-six years of ser¬ vice several of whose children were already in the field or preparing for the work—show¬ ed a good degree of  ... 

Bibliographie des Jahres 1896

1897 Indogermanische Forschungen  
A slight emphasis punctures the placid function of a certain sound-element, and the ripple extends, no one can say how far". Zwei Haupt-1. ahd. ganz aus *ja-mta-z, griech. μ€ετόο (vgl. IF.  ...  -Zu trennen pro-bus wie abg. pro-slh 'extensus'. Wie dieses Komp. von pro und Wz. stä-, so jenes Komp. von pro und Wz. bhê-. -ήπεροπεύο ist mit idg. oq zusammengesetzt. 4) lat. caelebs, caecus.  ... 
doi:10.1515/if-1897-0168 fatcat:4dn5zlwcg5dujgoek6qllkpwpm

Page 5 of The Independent Vol. 21, Issue 1082 [page]

1869 The Independent  
Tijaty| the Apollo, also in the Vatican!  ...  Letters bave been received from Major Powell which bring authentic dates from his Colorado expedition down to the 28d of June.  ... 

Page 2 of The Watchman-Examiner Vol. 32, Issue 32 [page]

1851 The Watchman-Examiner  
Shetiiarks, F* bu 7 1m) fr tT ses * head 0. .4@ - “ Dhie ¢ ry | alice awards are not to be iis ule un- Chestnuts. e bu...6 0). .@ ..0 ww} inmaere _p peck i2..@...... til October.  ...  ‘The Committee are | >: : ( wit i Nerth bu. @ . @. 0 00 i, . . tle wi! 3 at “ Wl I> Shivtal Poort ?  ... 

Page 1 of The Watchman-Examiner Vol. 33, Issue 33 [page]

1852 The Watchman-Examiner  
Bu justice to Granville College requires that) statement. hmade in your paper ot duly 22d, should be corrected.  ...  1eae’ 88a sr thtdtraa Foe tae Wakil u ie ‘enomnation, and vet, af the denomination could states bot perhayer Apes its Wants toon Lii¥, and offer rerest prs of sone perae 1K al value.  ... 

Page 2 of New England Farmer, and Horticultural Register Vol. 59, Issue 8 [page]

1880 New England Farmer, and Horticultural Register  
He accordingly secreted himself until they came very near him, then started for them with nothing bu‘ a stick for a weapon, and succeeded in killing the trio.  ...  ., can be hired at low prices—a few during the winter for their board. Send postal card to Epw.  ... 

Page 1 of The Watchman-Examiner Vol. 30, Issue 40 [page]

1849 The Watchman-Examiner  
The Journal of this city ity is authentic ? The Whigs of New York held their State Con- aor J 4 ash- | the State of New kk.  ...  It cannot be |that can be conceived.’  ... 
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