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Dagstuhl Reports, Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2019, Complete Issue [article]

In such a setting, the query is a symbolic encoding of the theme's melody, and the database is a collection of classical music recordings.  ...  Does Bayesian learning/inference have anything to offer in this context? The demand for and research into explainable AI is increasing.  ...  References There are a few possible reasons why the task has not received full attention in the community.  ... 
doi:10.4230/dagrep.9.1 fatcat:m3grhk5hanccbg7oxkhos7kv4e

Screaming When There is Sound in Space: Unrealistic Science and the Reception of Narrative Fiction [article]

Jarrod Green, University, The Australian National, University, The Australian National
Qualitative data drawn from focus group discussions and interviews with 55 participants were used to explore why the realism of science in fiction can be personally important to the audience, when the  ...  This thesis reports on the outcomes of an audience research project investigating the role of unrealistic science in the reception of narrative fiction.  ...  Acknowledgements My first thanks go to my research participants. This thesis is indebted to your contributions.  ... 
doi:10.25911/5d70eecbbe207 fatcat:7omtdvlzw5gofbynl2ivmnz6iy

Slaves of Christ : Caesar's household and the early Christians [article]

Michael A. Flexsenhar
For over a century and half many biblical scholars and church historians have looked for and to Christians in Caesar's household in the time of Paul and in the following centuries to explain the social  ...  This process of course would eventually culminate in the conversion of Constantine himself in about A.D. 300 or so." 4 This author's explanation of the 'process' is not an anomaly.  ...  My examination focuses on thematic groupings of this early Christian literature. Some of these textual groupings I have aligned in chronological order to show a theme's evolution and revisions.  ... 
doi:10.15781/t2kw57j46 fatcat:oyixbg44a5b5hevsbxzxwokbre

Europe at 6pm: Images of the EU on New Zealand Television News [article]

Jessica Margaret Bain, University Of Canterbury
Contributing to the broader debate on the nature and identity of the European Union (EU), this thesis is a study of the EU from the outside looking in: an examination of how this novel process of integration  ...  These findings were then compared against corresponding research from Australia, South Korea and Thailand, as well as to the perceptions of New Zealand's leading newsmakers, in order to account for the  ...  The theme's relative prominence in the Pacific television news media pointed to its significance, and yet, the virtual absence of any domestic connection to the event indicated a real failure on the part  ... 
doi:10.26021/4431 fatcat:y72zhq2qefgideunfjttspasdy

'On the Shoulders of Giants': The Black Petty Bourgeoisie in Politics and Society in South Africa, 1924 to 1950

Alan Gregor Cobley
The advantages held by the black petty bourgeoisie over the black working class were largely marginal throughout the period 1924 to 1950.  ...  social networks and cultural practices (using forms borrowed from the dominant classes) as a means of entrenching and reproducing its class position.  ...  It is not clear whether this is the same body as R. V. S. Thema's 'African National Business Men's League' formed at about the same time:-P.  ... 
doi:10.25501/soas.00033865 fatcat:w5zy6kmgqfcqrbfmttpooasafu