About Internet Archive Scholar

See also: User Guide which lists some bugs and known issues

How It Works

Content in this search index comes in one of three forms:

This 2019 FORCE11 conference presentation gives an overview of the technical infrastructure and goals of the project overall.

Content Sources

Metadata comes from fatcat.wiki, an open user-editable catalog of scholarly work. It should be possible to track and attribute the provenance of content and metadata in all cases. Please contact us if you have questions.

Text and Data Mining

We intend to provide researcher access to the full corpus for text and data mining purposes. Derived datasets may also be posted publicly for analysis, for example a citation graph or N-gram frequencies by year. If you are interested or would like to see specific datasets made available, please contact us.

Currently snapshots of the full fatcat metadata corpus and upstream metadata sources are uploaded periodically to the Bulk Bibliographic Metadata collection on archive.org. Read more in the Fatcat Guide.

Contact Information

The organizational contact information for the Internet Archive is listed at https://archive.org/about/contact.php. Queries about this search service and the fatcat catalog can be directed to webservices@archive.org. There is a public chat channel at https://gitter.im/internetarchive/fatcat.

Support and Acknowledgements

Work on Internet Archive Scholar has received support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation through multiple phases of the "Ensuring the Persistent Access of Open Access Journal Literature" project (see original announcement).

See additional acknowledgements on fatcat.wiki.